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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 19

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 19

Chapter 19 – Suyeon Kang, Editor of Woman Power Magazine (2)


The time when Kang Su-yeon, who has finally come to her senses, is frantically filming Hong Min-joon in the home team room, in the staff room of the soccer team at Sungsil University.

Before the start of the game, each team submitted their lineup according to the rule that they must submit their lineup one hour before kickoff, and the whole coach brought a piece of paper with a confused expression.

If our team has to submit their lineup, it means that the opposing team must also submit their lineup.
As soon as the association receives the lineup from both teams, it makes it official if there are no problems.

If it’s a professional league or a popular team’s game, the media, which has been closely watching, will pour out articles about today’s selection, tactics, coach’s thoughts, and any injuries or discords from this point on, but it’s not like the college league at all. Irrelevant thing.

Even today, the college league was peaceful.

“Give me.”

In the case of college leagues, it is customary to receive the opposing team’s lineup when submitting the lineup.
Of course, if the coach who went out to submit the lineup is going to bring it, there will be only the opposing team’s lineup.

The eyes of Oh Sang-tae, coach of the soccer team at Sungsil University, who took the paper and looked at it, narrowed their eyes.

“Hey what is this? Is this right?”
“You’re right. This is the hot lineup we just received.”
“Are you sure? Isn’t that a typo?”
“I also asked the game supervisor, and he is correct.”
“Something is strange.”

Oh Sang-tae looked at the Hojindae lineup and frowned.

The Korean soccer world is narrow.
As the saying goes, whether you are a coach or a player, you can know everything by crossing one or two bridges. When you work in the narrow soccer world, relationships are somehow connected.

This is especially true when it comes to directors in regions tied to the same sphere.
Oh Sang-tae was familiar with Na Geon-seong, the soccer team coach at Hojin University.

“This kid isn’t the type to use first grade as a starting point.”

Because they were the same age, they went to elementary school, middle school, high school, and college side by side and constantly faced each other. After completing the training, I got my license at the same time.

If this is enough, the relationship is not an ordinary relationship, but after finishing the coaching life and being appointed as a coach for the first time, isn’t it that you have been appointed as a coach in the same area?

Since they belong to the same regional league, they have no choice but to fight jingle in one season.
It’s already been 3 years since I’ve been competing like that.

Oh Sang-tae was more confident than anyone else that he knew Na Gun-seong’s tendencies and tactics.

“Don’t you have any information on this guy? Where are you from?”
“I am from Myeongwoon High School. You said you were a bit sloppy when you were in middle school, but you said you went crazy after entering high school?”
“My name? It’s prestigious there. I guess I did a bit… However, there is no way that a guy who used to pick porridge in the high school league would suddenly fly around in the college league. Do you use a pit that has just entered as a starter? What is Na Geon-seong thinking?”

He would not have been a starting pitcher in his freshman year unless he was extremely good at the conservative and defensive style of Na Geon-seong. In addition, looking at the starting lineup table, a position is a position.

“I am worried about something. Hey, how’s your style?”
“It is a technique. He said he had an assist in the opening game as well.”
“Write. Okay? Is it Porok?”
“Aren’t you the one with something?”
“That’s right, it’s not the first year. Besides, he didn’t do much in the high school league.”
“Wouldn’t the fact that a conservative like coach Na Geon-seong use a blood clot that had just joined as a starter showed something certain? Besides, seeing as he even had an assist before the opening match, he seems to have some skills.”
“Write… Can you?”

Looking at Oh Sang-tae with a Gingaminga expression, the coach said with a determined expression.

“It could be that his potential has suddenly exploded, or that he is compatible with the current director.”

Oh Sang-tae did not overlook the advice of the coaching staff.
The reason why he was able to live a long life as a college football coach, not having a clear tactical view or excellent tactical views or knowledge, was because he was an excellent virtuoso in team management and a flexible person who could listen to the advice of the coaching staff.

“Then we should give them a taste of the college league. As soon as I went to school, I was selected for the opening game and assisted. Aren’t you completely arrogant right now?”

The coach responded with the same smile to the coach’s smile.

“Shall I call the captain?”
“Okay. If it’s Na Geon-seong’s style, this newcomer or the right guy will be in charge of the attack. But right, not this guy. If he had the knack for it, he would have written it last year. If so, this blood clot is the core of the attack. Let’s apply filial piety.”
“If it’s Jeong Hyo-gi, I’m sure… What about the space where filial piety is missing?”
“It’s okay. Anyway, even if Hyogi follows Shinpyeong around, there is no one to use that space, over there. Because tactics are tactics in the first place.”

The claim and core of sincerity.
As soon as he joined Seongsil University three years ago, he saw his talent and actively selected it even though he was a freshman, and he has been cherished and nurtured.
Oh Seong-tae felt reassured when he remembered Jeong Hyo-gi, who was a natural hard worker with excellent defense, space understanding, and decent passing skills.

* * *

Before the start of the game, when you stretch to warm up, various things come into your eyes.

“Why is your expression like that? Do you want to poop?”
“Ah senior. What a dirty shit.”
“It’s because your expression looks like a person who wants to poop.”

At the words of senior Yoon Hyuk, who was exchanging simple passes, I chinned my chin slightly.

“It’s not like that, but the eyes… “
“Yes? It’s Jeong Hyo-gi. Are you looking at me in a bad way?”
“So. Why are you like that?”

I get chills when I see Jeong Hyo-gi, a man with a half-skinned rice cake, smiling and looking at me. It’s not like the eyes of a hunter looking at prey.

“Why again?”

I try to ignore it and practice trapping, but senior Yoon-hyeok is shocked.

“No way… Aye, no.”
“Oh what is it?”
“That is… Under… Not.”
“Oh, what is it really!”
“What? Are you yelling at the seniors now?”
“No, it’s because the senior is talking!”

Senior Yoon Hyuk smiled mischievously and lowered his voice.

“Could that be gay? Is it just gay to smile at you?”
“Oh really! Don’t do that!”

When I say that, I giggle and laugh.
You’re talking really nonsense.

“Nope. But think carefully. It seems possible to me. You have a smooth face, you are pretty, and you have a delicate body, which is exactly what gay people would like.”

… Is it?
Come to think of it, there is no law that 95 charms will only work with the opposite sex.

I still am amazed every time I look in the mirror.
Because you are so handsome

Exactly… With this face, you have the ability to be king.

“… Why are you so serious all of a sudden? I was joking.”
“Senior. If you think of my face, there is a real possibility.”

Senior Yoon Hyuk stared at my face for a moment and said,

“I’m going to be a little scared.”
“I know. The more I look at it, the more I’m a bit clumsy… ”
“Ah really senior!!”
“Mmmm. You bitch, do it in moderation.”

The goosebumps jokes are serious and they argue, but before the start of the game, the coach calls the players together for the last time.

“Okay, finally the second match. Everyone has trained hard, so I believe this match will be easy. Especially Jinho!”
“As a captain, he controls the defensive line well. Yoon Hyuk!”
“Yes, Director.”
“The chemistry you showed with that bastard in the practice game, show it in real life too. Okay?”

Senior Yoon Hyuk, who took a picture of me in the practice game with good chemistry, nods his head with a calm complexion. Players shouting “Fighting” With the coach’s lead in a circle with the starting members and heading to the seats that fit their respective positions.

I, too, was standing on the left side, turning my ankles, when my eyes met a grim rice cake in the distance.

‘Birth number 5, Jeong Hyo-gi. Sincerity claim. A defensive midfielder.’

As I recalled the analysis data of the opposing team mechanically handed out by the coaching staff, something struck me.

‘Could this be it?’

Beep, beep!
The match started with the line of the faithful team along with the referee’s whistle.

Watching the opposing team build up step by step from the rear, I slowly climb up to the top, and isn’t one rice cake stick sneaking closer?


What was once familiar, but forgotten as the sluggishness continued.
It was a sticky mark.

“Senior! Senior Yoon Hyuk!”

While the enemy was still turning the ball in the defensive camp, he called senior Yoon Hyuk, who played as a central midfielder. The moment the senior’s gaze glanced this way while he was frantically looking back at the enemy and friendly camps and adjusting his position,

“You know? No.2!”

He shouted, showing two of his fingers spread out.

“What? Do you really do that?”

It looks like it’s absurd, but it seems that sighing as if it can’t be helped will move as planned.
I must have received the senior’s confirmation… All that remains now is whether the other person moves according to my thoughts.

As soon as our eyes met, Hyo-gi Jeong approached with a smirk, and it seemed that there was nothing to worry about.

‘Ah, this annoying feeling that someone is constantly conscious of me and following me around. It’s exciting because it’s been a while. In return, I’ll have to shake off everything.’

Seeing him face to face with a hearty smile, the ponytailed rice cake stand is startled.
… But why is your face red?

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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