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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 18

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 18

Chapter 18 – Suyeon Kang, Editor of Woman Power Magazine (1)


For some reason, senior Yoon Hyuk, who was on fire alone, stayed behind after her regular training ended and practiced autonomous training together.

No To be honest, it’s more like sticking next to me while I’m doing self-training and explaining my experience or play method, whether it’s tactical guidance or know-how.

‘What. Why is this senior so ambitious?’

Looking at her curious mind, the senior smiled,

“Okay. Is this still not enough? Great. I’ll do my best to tell you.”

Isn’t that what he said happily, shaking his head?
What is it?

Although she was bothered by her seniors who uselessly burned her sense of accomplishment, her performance was surprisingly not bad. She rather wonders that she likes it so much.

“Hong Min-jun! Right! You can move like that!!”

It was to the point where I was praised by the coach, who always yelled at me during practice games.
What’s unfortunate is that his stats haven’t risen since that day. It would have been the best if only the stats had been raised. But well, it’s not bad since I’ve confirmed that I can upload it with my own efforts.

4 days like that.
Regular training during the day according to the team schedule, self-training with senior Yoon Hyuk in the evening, and harassing Ji-kyung at night, the day of the second game finally arrived.

“Move quickly! Pack your gear, don’t sleep on the bus. It’s not too late to get to the sanctuary. Don’t fall asleep and ruin your biorhythm. Listen to music. Okay?”

At the urging of the coach, I get on the tour bus supported by the school.
Today is the 2nd match of the league and the first away match.

The opponent was Sungsildae, an hour away.

* * *

Kang Soo-yeon moved and grabbed his cell phone.

“Put it on, Editor-in-Chief… That’s why… The Seongseong University Women’s Conference was also closed…”

Even though I was prepared, I almost dropped my phone at the moment when the screams pierced my hands and rang in my ears.

— Yaaaaa!! Are you calling it a horse now!? Who is the executive of the female student council over there! You shouldn’t have to contact the executive to hear how to revive him!!
“Ha, since it was closed down by student voting, there’s no chance of it reviving, they say…”
—This, profit… Profit… !!

Kang Soo-yeon seemed about to burst into tears at the sound of a pig wheezing over her phone.

‘Chi. I want to cry What to do when I see that it was shut down due to student voting!!

Tears well up in my eyes at the overwhelming resentment, but a woman’s weapon of victory, even the winning juice, does not work for a female boss. Soo-yeon silently waited for the disposition. Just hoping for a lenient punishment.

—Oh, otoke, otoke… I have to go into printing next week right now, but pick up even one tap! Okay!? Our readers who are anxious somehow, please come up with an article that can save us!!
“Pyeon, editor-in-chief! The Women’s General Assembly has been closed, so I’m looking for an article somewhere in this village. I’d rather go up to Seoul and get it.”

Despite Kang Soo-yeon’s earnest plea, the editor grumbles… No, she doesn’t stop wheezing and then she screams quite loudly.

—It’s a regional special, but what are you going to do with a Seoul article? No. Get one from there somehow!!
— Oh no! Is this tomorrow? Solve it anyway! If I don’t send it by tomorrow, I know how to get rid of the desk!!

The sound of otoke otoke faded away, and soon the call was cut off with a beep.
Kang Soo-yeon stared down at the screen of her cellphone, where the call was disconnected.

‘This fucking bitch… This is your job….’

It looks like a puncture in a magazine that is supposed to be printed from next week. Then why is the editor-in-chief attached? Because the boss’s nephew? … That’s right. That’s it.

Soo-yeon felt unfair.
Just yesterday Wasn’t it the editor-in-chief who urged me to go down quickly because there was an article about it?

I came down without any preparation at the speed of fire, and what was the story about? The female student council was shut down, so what kind of news would there be?

Oh there must be
Somehow, I found an executive and said, ‘The last remaining women’s meeting in the region has also been closed.

Of course, the moment you put it in a magazine, it explodes.
Bulletin board, homepage, company phone… In any case, it will explode in many ways due to the sound of grunting from all sides.
Both the company and Sooyeon.
No, I don’t know about the company, but it’s obvious that at least Suyeon’s desk will be closed like women’s conventions across the country.

Kang Soo-yeon stared at the darkened screen of her smartphone in dismay and trudged along.
Her shoulders felt as if they would fall under the weight of the bag containing the cannon camera, camcorder, and recorder she had prepared.

Getting scammed by an ex-boyfriend who was selling second-hand cars while taking his first step into society—no, the door of the old-fashioned Morning that he bought still makes a sound that he doesn’t want to hear today.

“Nothing really happens.”

You sit in the driver’s seat with a dejected expression and start the engine.
Only the start-up sound is loud.

As if her old favorite doesn’t want to work anymore, she continues her slowdown with more persistence than usual.

“This… Lee Ik, as expected Hannam’s shit tea! Take it, take it!”

She gritted her teeth and turned her keys a few times.
Payeeeeemmimimimi profit!

I feel like I’m about to cry, but I’m not kidding… I’m crying at the start that won’t start,

“Oppa oppa. Look at that. The car must be broken. How good.”
“Wow. That was a morning. It’s been a long time…”

Could it be that the couple passing by was snooping this way at the loud engine noise?
Soo-yeon met eyes with the man who had been snooping around for a moment.

“…Hmmmm. Can I help you?”

The man who saw Soo-yeon’s face tried to show her exaggerated kindness with a shy smile.

“Turn it off… Blood, no need.”
“Yes? What?”
“I don’t need a man who was prosecuted, uuuuu!!!”

Soo-yeon, her eyes bursting with tears, cried out as she slammed her head into her steering wheel.

“Kyaaak! That’s not a crazy bitch! Oppa, let’s go quickly.”
“Yeah, but it looks like she’s crying…”
“Hey! You speak straight! It’s me, it’s him!”
“All, of course—”

The man who couldn’t let go of his lingering feelings glanced at Soo-yeon, but made a quick decision when he saw that he was still burying his face in his steering wheel.

“Of course I’m crying~”


“Kyaaaaagh! I think I’m going crazy!! Oppa, let’s go quickly!”

After expelling a pair of cockroaches, Soo-yeon finally removed her face from the steering wheel and smiled with a liberated smile.

“…Fuck. Life sucks.”

Soo-yeon looked back on her life.
Where did it get so twisted?

Suyeon Kang.
Bang year (only) 29 years old.
The elite from Korea (female) University, where the best intellectuals in Korea gather.

There are unnecessary letters in the middle of something, but the truth is true anyway. Fact.

“I didn’t want to work for a company like this.”

Soo-yeon lamented.
Suyeon Kang, who has lived a life that is not enviable by anyone with her pretty face and her natural body, attracts attention wherever she goes. It was when she joined Woman Power Magazine, her current job, that her life began to go awry.

Suyeon’s company focuses on publishing newspapers and magazines, and although it was founded less than 10 years ago, it was able to grow significantly under the unfavorable government that poured out preferential policies for women with the motto of being a company for women.

The company, which seemed to continue to win as the spearhead and core of the women’s policy of the regime that had been defeated like that, was facing a backlash as the government changed and the social atmosphere changed. To the point where I have to worry about the closure now.

Just a few specs… Soo-yeon, who was very short-lived, was able to join the company through the female quota system when the company was at its peak. And now that the company is in decline, it is considered the number one layoff.

In fact, it’s not because Su-yeon’s ability is lacking.
In the first place, the only people who work properly are a few male employees with sound specifications.

The women who make up most of the company are Soo-yeon, who joined the company under the female quota system, and Doittoi… No, rather, those who are inferior to Suyeon are one truck.

Nevertheless, the reason why Soo-yeon was ranked first in her resignation…

“Emi is a fucking femme. I don’t do it because I’m dirty.”

Simply because it was pretty.
Suyeon was negative about feminism until she joined the company.

I was born pretty and lived a life receiving praise from men, but what kind of femme is this?

However, women are empathetic animals, and after living with her colleagues on Hannam Hannam Street in the company, ‘Ah! The Great Five Awakenings saying, “Hannam was bad!” More than that, she has been wearing a femme cosplay to escape from bullying in the dark, but now even that is useless.

After getting off the old morning that still didn’t start, Soo-yeon looked up at the sky.
Bright clear sky.

“I don’t know anymore. Let’s do whatever it takes.”

It’s been a long time since I trudged aimlessly.
After making up my mind to leave the company, I feel clear in my head and refreshed for the first time in a long time.

Okay. Let’s not live like this anymore.
Now I’m dating again, and I’m doing decorative work… No, I wear makeup properly… After walking for a long time, Suyeon’s vision opened up and a large plaza appeared.

“Be sure to stretch!”
“Warm up loosely, don’t get injured, and do it quickly.”

No. It was not a square.

“…A soccer field?”

It was a soccer field right before the game started.
Suyeon looked down at the soccer field in a daze when she suddenly found a sight that caught her eye.

A handsome boy laughing and chatting with the warm-hearted Hannam next to him.

“Come on, you’re handsome.”

He was so handsome that his face lit up.
Soo-yeon unknowingly took the cannon camera slung over his shoulder and snapped a picture.

“Ugh! My, what did I do? I’m not posting this precious picture to Yang-Nam, but to Han-Nam—”

I woke up belatedly to the sound of the camera… No, Soo-yeon, who still couldn’t come to her senses,

“…But he’s better than Yangnam. Aww, he said he was so handsome because he ate what he grew up with. Healing~”

With the power of 95 Charm, I was finally able to regain my sanity.

“Yes. As expected, Korean women are Korean men.”

She smiled and picked up the camera again and started taking pictures frantically.
And that was the first day that Kang Soo-yeon, a reporter dedicated to Hong Min-jun’s exclusive interviews, met Hong Min-joon for the first time.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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