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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 20

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 20

Chapter 20 – Suyeon Kang, Editor of Woman Power Magazine (3)


I first started playing soccer when I was in elementary school.
I remember probably being in the 2nd grade.

The elementary school I attended at the time was quite famous for its talented soccer team, and perhaps because of that, all the kids in the soccer team had high noses.

Among them, Nadaegi was the top of the top, and there was a particularly proud Jinsang in our class.
At the time, I saw the soccer team training back and forth, but… It didn’t look very great.
Unable to understand what the soccer team was so good at, I just brushed off the usually annoying guy with soccer during PE class learning about soccer.

Isn’t that what this guy who learned soccer before entering elementary school is crying like a child after being ridiculed several times by me, who was teasing me as a clumsy hobby?

… Oh well, I was a kid back then.
Anyway, as if that was a rumor, a person called the soccer team coach came to me and asked me to try a practice match.

Then, as soon as the game is over, the coaches and coaches ask if you have learned how to play soccer, do you practice regularly, do you like soccer, and so on, and then sugar-coat the genius of the century or the best talent in the country… To be honest, I didn’t like that, but when I heard that girls would like me if I was good at soccer, I jumped in and joined the company.

Even my childhood friend, who could be my first love, told me bluntly at first that she was cool and that she could get married to me. When I mustered up the courage to confess to him when I was in middle school, he coolly kicked me with a look of contempt on that bitch.

… Thinking about it makes me angry again.
Anyway, while living in the soccer club, one thing I became convinced of is that ‘talent’ has a big impact on anything in the world.

So is football.
2nd year of elementary school. It was also because I entered the soccer club only after half a semester and learned soccer for the first time, and before the year ended, I became an ace, overtaking the kids who were rambunctious, and soon became the best prospect in the province.

How is the center of gravity, how is the balance, how is the line of sight… Even though others are talking blah blah, if you just do what you can’t do properly and do it like that, can’t it be a competition?

What I was particularly good at was breaking through.
At the time, the acceleration and body balance were decent, and the ball handling skills weren’t bad… There were a lot of guys who were at the same level as me.

But why I could be overpowered.
It was just ‘feeling’.

Oh, this guy is going to run right now
If he hits left, he won’t be able to catch up?
I was upset and stiff.
You can fake it a bit pretending to pass here.

Things I could instinctively know even though I hadn’t learned it.
An innate talent that cannot be explained theoretically.

I became the best youth prospect with just that, and from elementary school students who stood out in earnest to middle school days, I listened to the sound of ‘Messi’ and played an overwhelming role.

Of course, the team’s response to a technician who plays such an active role is to focus on defense.
The methods were varied.

Whether it’s making a player run around, not giving them space by sitting down, isolating them by cutting off a pass path, or even attaching two marksmen.

And the most common and frequently used method among them is the adhesion mark.
A player with good defensive skills was closely marked and interfered with, which was the defensive method he suffered throughout elementary and middle school.

… Well, that disappeared after going to high school and falling into sluggishness.

‘Has it already been two years since the last time I was hurt?’

As soon as the friendly defender’s pass was handed over, who stole the ball from the enemy, the forgotten sense of the 5th, Hyo-gi Jeong, who rushed like a winner, revived.

When I was doing well, the defender who was dealing with me showed two reactions.
One is that the body is stiff because it is so tense. The other is to show excessive aggressiveness while burning excessive enthusiasm.
Except for a few outstanding players, the guys’ reactions are these two.

But Jeong Hyo-gi is none of that.
This guy…

‘If you’re so careless… It makes me want to play around.’

It’s clear that they think of me as a simple freshman.
So, without thinking, he stretches out his foot.

Each movement of Jeong Hyo-gi enters through the slowing vision.
Eyes bent as if laughing were fixed on the ball, and the corners of the mouth soared.

What? Smile?
The guy’s center of gravity is on his back foot, and his body is leaning forward. Twitching thigh muscles.

The signs that tell you it’s all reaching for the ball.
And to the unwary ones against me, I always—

“Ah, do you know!?”

Hyo-gi Jeong, who hastily stretched out his foot, takes the ball between his legs and runs.
The slowed time returned to normal, and when Jeong Hyo-gi, who was gasping for breath, passed by, excitement soared up his spine at the cry of astonishment.

‘Let’s go like this.’

How much did these guys believe in Jeong Hyo-gi?
When Jeong Hyo-gi broke through, the field opened up. Digging in between them without hesitation.

With the instep of his soccer boots, he pushes the ball gently and moves forward, and the panicked opponent defenders apply disorderly pressure.
A defender who panics and rushes ignorantly is a perfect prey to break through…


He put his stepping foot in and kicked the ball accurately into the inside.

The ball, fired at high speed, curves widely, leading defenders to run to the empty space and to the player running through it…

Beep, beep—!!
As soon as he received the ball, senior Yoon Hyuk connected it with a powerful shot, and the first goal came out.

“Wow, whoa!! This, this is real!!”

Senior Yoon Hyuk, who was calm even in the starting lineup, ran up to me with a very encouraged expression, hugged me, and answered as if it were natural.

“Absolutely. It is a proven method.”
“Verification? What verification?”
“Yea! Why do these bastards post something as soon as they start!”
“Did Yoon-hyeok take medicine? What is it all of a sudden!!”

Congratulatory baptism from the team members who rushed in without even waiting to answer senior Yoon Hyuk’s question.
Senior Yoon Hyuk, who scored the goal, and I, who provided a decisive chance, were swept away by the excitement of the teammates and were able to celebrate without hesitation and return to the friendly camp again.

‘As expected, it works well.’

It’s not a big deal to say that it’s a verified method that I told senior Yoon Hyuk.
It’s the method I used right away when I was in middle school.

The better the skill of the player who marks me, the more trusted he is by the team. If you run past such a player, and that happens as soon as it starts, the back defenders will panic and rush out.

My opponents aren’t fools either, so after using it three or four times, rumors spread that I couldn’t use it after that… How many years ago was that already? Besides, after entering high school, he fell into a slump and collapsed, so he couldn’t even use it in the high league.

Of course, it was in the middle school league, so I thought it would be different in the college league, but it’s the same here.

“Kyaaaaa!! Fighting number 15!!”
“It’s fucking cool!!”
“No. 15! Look here! Here, here!!”

Is it because it’s the weekend?
A few women who looked like students from this school were screaming in the audience, so they smiled happily and waved.

“… Yes?”

And in the corner of the field of view, in a place hidden behind an iron pillar, a woman wearing sunglasses and a ball cap pressed down was sitting.
Write… What. How is it not unfamiliar? Where did you see

“Hey, hey! Take a picture over there!”

But think for a moment.
One of the seniors who was sneaking around next to me in the focus of the women’s attention made a fuss about her, and I saw a woman with a cannon camera laughing.


A camera like that would do just fine.
She smiled bitterly

* * *

“Mmm, crazy.”

Oh Sang-tae opened her mouth wide.
It can only be.

Who is Jeong Hyo-gi?
The captain and ace of the sincerity team, which is considered to be in the middle of the college league.

He has been active as a semi-main player since his freshman year, and now, in his fourth year, isn’t he a player who is highly likely to advance to the K-League upon graduation?

He could never have imagined that the pride he had been assigned to Seongsil University and recognized cotyledons since his freshman year and cherished them would be played by a freshman pit bull.

When Oh Sang-tae, who had a headache, turned his gaze to the bench at Hojindae without knowing it, only his lips licked.


I could see Na Geon-seong, the director of Hojindae, grinning at this side.

“This, profit… That kid… !”

Competitors who have gone through similar careers since their active days, and have similarly followed leadership training, coaching, and even coaching careers.

If this happens, you can’t lose even if you die because of your pride.

“Jeong Hyo-gi!! Hey dude! Get out of your mind!!”
“… I have no face.”

Oh Sang-tae, who confirmed the burning eyes of his beloved disciple, spoke quietly.

“Don’t be alarmed. I see that baby kick. “
“Of course. No more vigilance”
“Great. Go and fuck him.”

Pang the back of your favorite disciple! Oh Tae-tae, who had been hit, shouted out loud.

“Referee!! Celebration until when will you let go!!”

Oh Sang-tae, who turned around and approached the bench after seeing the referee nodding his head in agreement, ordered the game to continue, frowned at the loud noise.

“Oh my gosh! Oh my god! How can you not only have a great face but also good skills!! Aww, pretty. Where was this treasure hidden? I have to film this!”

A young woman holding a large camera and trembling and snapping.
Oh Sang-tae clicked his tongue.

“A cannon camera? Ji is a reporter, what is it? It’s very diverse, really. Mr. A.”

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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