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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 3

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 3

Chapter 3 – Hunter Has Been Appointed Manager of Libido (3)

Chungwoon Hunter Training High School.

Among the numerous hunter training high schools famous for having more than 90% of graduates awaken hunters, this is one of the most prestigious high schools.

There are three main reasons why Chungwoon Hunter Training High School became a prestigious hunter high school.

One, a high-end hunter awakening facility where you can test all kinds of ability awakening.

Two, the best practical training staff made up of current and former hunters who graduated from Chungwoon Hunter Training High School.

Third, the curriculum for students who have completed solid basic education since middle school and then progressed in a cascading fashion.

Because these three things are perfectly equipped, the private hunter training high school is called a prestigious high school.

In case of any injury during training, recovery hunters are also stationed there.

There is only one thing to learn in this high school.

By completing as many as a thousand hunter awakening trainings, somehow focusing on only one ability awakening.

Training in close combat, such as swordsmanship and spearmanship.

Training in occult powers such as magic and witchcraft.

Training in handling sniper weapons such as guns and bows.

Training to bloom recovery abilities while serving Gaia, the god of the earth.

Training in handling vehicles. Training to strengthen physical abilities. Training for effective underwater combat. Training to bring out the power that is dormant inside. Training to manipulate universal gravitational force or electromagnetic force. Mental attacks and training to develop resistance to them. The ability to manipulate the power extracted from animals. Training to use power extracted from monsters. Training to recombine the components of objects. Even the ability to treat a mysterious being called from another world as one’s summoned beast.

Truly, the conditions are in place to awaken all kinds of hunter abilities to the extent that any ability can bloom. The expression that it is a department store of all things awakening ability really suits it.

Of course, you don’t have to complete over a thousand awakening training. If only one’s ability is awakened, the rest of the curriculum will not proceed.

During the remainder of the school year, it is okay to act as a probationary hunter recommended by the school, or to apply for early graduation if desired.

Even if you didn’t awaken during the school year, if you were a graduate, you could use the awakening facility for the next two years, so it was an impossible environment for you to not be awakened if you had your own will.

My decision to go to higher education was partly based on the mindset that I would do well in this environment.

‘There are over a thousand types of training, but I can’t awaken at least one of them?’

Although there is a difference in physical ability between men and women, there must be a degree.

It is true that the possibility of a male hunter awakening is slim, but it is not impossible.

In the worst situation, I entered with the mindset that I would try to bloom somehow even if I had completed all over a thousand types of training.

Of course, reality did not flow as loosely as I thought.

The girls who have been in the same class since middle school are gradually awakening to find their own fields.

Students who are delayed in blooming abilities are somehow awakened by teachers’ intuitive intensive training.

Even around the time when the people around me were ahead of me one by one, and later, even the juniors who entered the school later ended their awakening before me.

I was just rolling the hamster wheel that still wouldn’t move out of place.

… I’d rather be happy if that’s all.

The secret sexual harassment of girls that has been going on since middle school started to raise the level little by little after coming up to high school.

From some point on, when it reached the point where it was impossible to resist with force even against a single woman.

Girls literally started using me as a pseudo sexual object.

A few girls suddenly jumped on me and groped me all over my body, pretending to tickle me.

During the training session when changing into gym clothes, he was sometimes called an ice riddle and had his pants down.

I also took a lot of voyeur shots. It seemed like they knew they hadn’t heard.

The corners of my desk wore out exceptionally quickly compared to other desks.

A lot of things are also gone. Mainly based on writing instruments such as pens.

Even if I made up my mind and focused only on hunter awakening training, I would not have enough time, but these kinds of events were unpleasant events that interrupted my concentration.

Of course, since I’m a guy too, I was quite annoyed at high school girls’ dirty pranks, to be honest.

But no matter what, it has to be in moderation.

Even if it didn’t matter because they had already awakened or were likely to wake up soon, they were a waste of time in many ways for me, who didn’t even show signs of awakening.

After crossing a certain line, it was to the point where reason dominated sexual desire.

Even when all the teachers saw this kind of behavior, most of them tolerated it or even encouraged it.

Maybe I just let it go because the achievement rate of the whole class goes up when I sacrifice myself.

It would have been much more efficient to use me to manage students’ stress so that other girls could awaken better than to focus on an aspiring male hunter with no possibility of awakening.

For me, it was overwhelmingly advantageous for me to remain at this high school for my Hunter awakening, so I had no choice but to remain silent against all kinds of harassment and harassment.

Since the whole school was involved, there was a high possibility that I would be transferred if I reported the damage.

More than anything, I didn’t want to waste my high school days, which is a good time to wake up, in a dispute.

Of course, in return, I almost had to accept the shady witchcraft of the women approaching me.

As a result, at first, the number of people who bullied me like a toy increased from a few to the entire class.

It didn’t take long for it to spread throughout the school year and throughout the school.

Fortunately, did the girls have a minimum conscience, or did they not have the determination to commit crimes that would leave evidence?

It didn’t happen that I was forcibly raped in front of everyone, or that my clothes were taken off and my naked body was shamefully shown.

This kind of bullying almost disappeared around the middle of the second semester of the second year, and somehow stabilized.

She stopped around the time Kang Hye-eun, who had been working almost outside the schedule while working as a trainee hunter, started to come to school faithfully.

In my heart, I thought it was fortunate that the children had lost interest in me by then.

If I showed this kind of appearance to Kang Hye-eun, not to anyone else, I would have been sold and couldn’t even carry her face.

Hye-eun, who is always worried about me, might hear the news from her mother.

Of course, just because there are no people blocking me doesn’t mean I’ve awakened my abilities.

3 years while attending the academy. Even 2 years after graduation.

Attending school every day without a break, even on holidays and weekends. Despite trying all kinds of hunter training available at the hunter training high school.

I didn’t have any ability awakening until March of 2077, when I turned 22 years old.

Now, he has become an unemployed insectivore who only consumes the inheritance left by his parents in the house.

“Ha, what life really is like.”

Lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, silently regretting the wasted years.

That day in the 2nd semester of the 3rd year of middle school.

If I hadn’t overheard Kang Hye-eun’s conversation on the way home, would my life have been a little better than I am now?

To Hye-eun, she didn’t get the psychological shock of not believing in my hunter awakening, and she didn’t even go to the hunter training high school because she came.

At least I wouldn’t have fallen into a corner of a room like this.

I don’t really blame Kang Hye-eun.

It was by chance that I overheard her conversation. It was entirely my choice to decide to go to the Hunter Training High School.

And most of all, Hyeeun still treated me well in front of me.

I don’t know what people think of me behind the scenes, but once I see it, it’s always Kang Hye-eun, a childhood friend I liked in the past.

She also found out that there are countless women in this world who are worse than her.

I didn’t develop a phobia of women because of that experience, but at least I developed a habit of being unconditionally suspicious of women who approached me without hesitation.

I also found that, more than men in the original world looked at women, women in this world tended to see men as objects to satisfy their raging sexual desires.

Especially among them, female hunters were unable to control their sexual desire more than ordinary women.

Superiority in physical strength through awakening, instinct as a female that deepens the more you risk your life in a dungeon or gate.

Perhaps what these various environments created was the female hunters’ abnormal sexual desire.

I didn’t know that, and I spent 3 years in the demon cave infested with such female hunters and aspiring hunters, no, 5 years including post-graduation.

What he gained from doing so was not the awakening of hunter abilities, but the natural fact that his instinctive distrust of female hunters and money only diminished the more he used them.

The property my parents left behind for me had already run out while I was doing something stupid for 12 years.

Seong Tae-kyung, a 22-year-old unemployed, wasted time in his room helplessly flipping through his smartphone under the blanket today without achieving anything.

『The awakening conditions have been confirmed.

Object: Seong Tae-kyung has been appointed as the Hunter’s sexual desire manager as of now.』

“………… What?”

On top of my smartphone, which I had been absentmindedly flipping through, until this phrase came to my mind all of a sudden.

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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