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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 4

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 4

Chapter 4 – Hunter Has Been Appointed Manager of Libido (4)

『I have been appointed as Hunter sexual desire manager.

If you would like to know more details, please check the contents below.


I stared blankly at the LCD screen in a state of fascination until the absurd phrase that popped up on the smartphone screen changed.

Hunter libido manager? What is it?

All kinds of questions naturally popped up in my head at the strange name that I felt from the word.

First of all, it was a combination of words that made me feel quite violent when I first saw it.

… No, in the first place, what I was concerned with now was not this strange combination of words, but the more important phrase that preceded it.


If I hadn’t mistakenly looked at the phrase that instantly popped up on the screen, I remember that a dialog box with the same content had appeared, such as confirming the awakening condition.

Is anyone kidding me?

I couldn’t wake up even though I rolled at the hunter training high school for nearly 5 years, but I woke up while rolling around at home with a smartphone out of nowhere?

I almost got wet with futile sentiment, but I came to my senses and clicked the ‘Read More’ button on my smartphone.

What is the condition and what is important?

There was a possibility that someone was playing a prank or that the smartphone was hacked, but even considering those things, the temptation given to me by the two letters ‘awakening’ was so sweet.

As soon as I pressed the button, the 5-inch screen was switched, and the first thing that came to my mind was the description of ‘Hunter Sexual Desire Manager’ on a sky blue background.

『Most of these awakening hunters share the same worries.

Although she risks her life countless times on the battlefield, she awakens her instinct as a female countless times a day to leave behind offspring.

Because of their social position, they cannot easily satisfy their desires.

In South Korea, where prostitution is illegal, they are exposed to the media from time to time, so they cannot easily set foot in a brothel, and only clumsily relieve their sexual desire with insufficient self-consolation every night.

Please work on solving their sexual desire and relieving the hunters’ stress!

The Hunter Libido Manager will receive several rewards, including ‘Awakening Points’, whenever the Hunter’s Libido is resolved. Please refer to the next page for details.』

The long description told me something. In the end, to sum it up in one line, it was this.

Become a prostitute who solves the hunters’ sexual desire and receive ‘awakening points’ in return.

Depending on what this awakening point is, whether my ability is an ability that can be used as a hunter. Or it’ll just be decided if he’s an official prostitute recognized by the world.

I turned the screen of my smartphone to the next page and immediately checked where the awakening points were being used.

『Skill unlock 〉〉

Points Shop (disabled)

Current Sexuality Management Hunter Roster (Disabled)

Find nearby hunters 〉〉』

Some of the contents were still inactive, so I clicked one by one, starting with the parts I could enter.

『Skill Unlocked

※Skills can be unlocked using Awakening Points. Some skills can only be unlocked by completing prerequisite skills.

Currently unlockable skills: 3.

Swordsmanship lv. 1:0/100

Fire magic lv. 1:0/100

Recovery lv. 1 : 0/100』

Apparently, except for these three, it seems that the rest cannot be unlocked yet even if you collect awakening points.

Anyway, I wonder if there are really so many restrictions, and complaints began to rise in my head.

Even though it’s an ability that I’ve been working on since I was ten and finally awakened after 10 years in total, I didn’t feel much better at the word ‘disabled’ floating on the screen.

I immediately changed my thoughts and changed my mindset to where this is.

Compared to other male hunters who can’t even wake up for the rest of their lives, I’ve put the first button on anyway.

If you look at the content that all three skills can be unlocked with 100 points each.

First of all, collecting 100 points first would be the first thing I had to do.

After pressing the back button in the skill unlock window. Immediately, I clicked the ‘Find Nearby Hunter’ button to move to the next screen.

It’s probably a function made to find a hunter who can get points with this and solve the hunter’s sexual desire.

It seemed to fit just as I expected.

As soon as I clicked the Find Nearby Hunters button, a satellite picture centered on me appeared on the screen.

Along with several red heart symbols running around it.

『The number written on the heart means the estimated points you can get by letting go of your sexual desire.

This means that the more the opponent’s needs are met, the more they can acquire. You may not be able to earn points if your needs are not met properly.』

Checking a few hearts moving around my house, I was able to figure out that most of them would give me around 20 to 30 points for a single action.

“You’re acting so mean, really.”

In a world where the notion of chastity is reversed, isn’t 20 points at once too sleazy on the subject of telling you to be a prostitute who gives a fuck to any hunter?

You have to eat four or five people with strangers to unlock one skill?

Somehow, I barely succeeded in awakening the hunter, but what I actually got was such an inefficient ability.

Still, it’s definitely better than nothing.

“… I have no choice but to try it once.”

I decided to stop denying the reality and adapt to it right away.

No matter what the content of the ability was, it was an awakening ability that was so desired.

It is unacceptable to do nothing when you have strength.

While I was about to move to the 35-point hunter, the most points, a heart with a unique size suddenly began to appear on the screen.

“8… 80 points?!”

As soon as I saw the unusually sized hearts on the screen with only the numbers of people in their 20s and 30s floating around, I hurriedly started getting ready to go out.

You should never miss out on that.

Once you catch that one, even if you pick someone next time, you’ll be able to collect enough points to unlock the first skill.

So when I got out of bed to change into my street clothes after a long time.

The 80-point behemoth on the smartphone is starting to do something odd.

“… Are you coming into my house?”

The 80-point hunter who stopped for a while in front of the gate of the house was clearly stopped in front of our house on the map.

Eventually, Heart passed through the gate and reached the front door of the house.


Clap. Along with that, I heard the sound of the lock on the downstairs door opening.


Could it be that sexual desire manager is an ability known to other hunters?

So, the hunters who have accumulated sexual desire naturally move to the place where I am, and are they being taken turns?

An ominous image flashed in my head for an instant, but soon the question was put to rest by a voice coming from downstairs.

“Taekyung-ah, I’m here!”

What is it, was it Kang Hye-eun who stopped by my house regularly?

I almost misunderstood that someone had broken into my house.

Hye-eun also has a copy of our house key, and she usually visits me two or three times a week.

I immediately felt relieved at the thought that it was not a future where hundreds of hunters were being exploited 24 hours a day.

… For a moment.

“Kang Hye-eun got 80 points?!”

After coming to my senses, I hurriedly moved to the first floor in the real reality I faced.

I could never miss this heaven-sent opportunity.

⁕ ⁕ ⁕

When she moved her steps and hurriedly went down to the kitchen on the first floor, there, as expected, Kang Hye-eun, who seemed to have finished her hunter work, was there.

She puts the ingredients she bought at her mart into the refrigerator, and as soon as I meet her eyes with me who suddenly appears, she smiles softly.

“Are you awake? I thought you were lying on the bed today and not moving.”

“Ah, yes….”

It was the usual Kang Hye-eun I knew.

Except for the phrase ‘Estimated acquisition points: 80’ floating on the right side of her face.

It’s probably a side effect of my awakening ability.

Judging from this, it seems that the identity of the 80-point hunter must have been Kang Hye-eun.

“These days me and my mom are like that, you know that Taekyung worries about you a lot, right?

It’s unfortunate that Hunter’s awakening failed, but life isn’t over yet, so why don’t you give up already and end the life of shutting yourself in your room?

Well, even if I don’t have to say this, Taekyung, you will overcome and stand up someday….”

I could feel the faint affection for me in Hye-eun’s voice as she organized the things she bought.

Behind her, she couldn’t wake up and didn’t believe me when I was flustered, but the affection of an old childhood friend would still remain.

Whether it be friendship or affection.

“Isn’t it uncomfortable if I stay at Taekyung’s house for a long time? I’ll just sort this out and leave right away.”

“Uh, huh?”

That doesn’t work.

I didn’t know when an opportunity like this would arise again if I sent my 80-point childhood friend who had come in front of me whole like this.

Besides, she didn’t know that her needs would be satisfied the next time she met her.

If that happens, the only chance to get 80 points is wasted.

It would be the wisest decision to somehow end it today.

“Hey, Tae-gyeong asks if you come into my house! I was recently promoted to an A-class hunter, so Taekyung has enough ability to feed you alone….”

“Hye Eun-ah.”

“Mi, sorry! Talking like this would be a matter of hurting your ego! Even if you just didn’t hear what I just said….”

“Do you want to have dinner at my house tonight?”

“… Ugh, huh?!”

He was an outdated sex symbol, but now I couldn’t afford to argue about that.

Because she had to somehow make a connection with her before the day was over.

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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