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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 2

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 2

Chapter 2 – Hunter Has Been Appointed Manager of Libido (2)

After making up my mind to become a Hunter. The time of choosing a school to go from elementary school to middle school.

I decided to go to Chungwoon Middle School, a middle school specializing in hunter training, despite the dissuades of my aunt and homeroom teacher.

Until then, I knew it would work out somehow.

As long as I decided to become a hunter, of course I didn’t skip market research.

In the process, I was also naturally aware of the fact that the number of male hunters was overwhelmingly less than the number of female hunters.

The conclusion accepted from that information was the conclusion that there are male hunters anyway.

Although this world I was born into was not the type of world where I could use the knowledge of my previous life to my heart’s content.

He came to his senses as quickly as he had lived more years than others, and he was sure of himself to make an effort earlier.

So, at that time, I thought that if it were me, I would definitely be able to overcome a certain amount of penalty and proudly make my name known as a male hunter.

Those expectations had already been shattered by the time I spent three years at Chungwoon Middle School.

When he realized the reality that almost all of the few male hunters are D-class hunters, and that only a handful of people can go up to C-class hunters.

I couldn’t help but despair at the stupid judgment I had made.

Even among the small number of male hunters, there was not a single person who actually succeeded in awakening their abilities.

At least, he is a man with ridiculously good physical abilities among men. People who are strong in themselves are just doing hunter activities while forcibly overusing their bodies.

It was the reality of this world that no matter how much exercise or training you did, you wouldn’t be able to bite a fist to an awakened female hunter.

In addition, Chungwoon Middle School boasted an extreme female gender ratio of 1:999, as it is a middle school specializing in hunter training.

As the only male middle school student out of all the students in this world where the concept of chastity is opposed, I became the target of all sorts of sexual harassment.

Like ignorantly touching the buttocks or breasts while walking through the hallways or classrooms.

Like suddenly thrusting his butt on top of me sitting in the seat and getting on top of him.

Or asking which one of them had the bigger breasts, pulling my hand and forcing me to touch my breasts, etc. There were countless acts.

Okay. It’s true that I enjoyed it at first.

Although the world I was reincarnated into is a world in which the concept of male and female chastity has been reversed.

The place where my spirit has lived longer is the existing Republic of Korea, so of course I had a gender concept similar to that of men in the original world.

Even the body was that of a middle school student who could not control sexual desire for a long time.

That’s why whenever girls play pranks on me, I secretly get an erection under my desk. The number of times he went back home and recalled the scene and masturbated was not that small.

But damn, no matter how good it is, it should be once or twice a day.

To me who still can’t awaken and have to make up for the lack of grades in practical skills with notes.

The women who came to me every break and took up my time were nothing more than a nuisance.

Among the girls who started awakening one by one, my strength was getting weaker and weaker.

Around the time when the mischievous pranks of the girls are gradually raising the level.

“Hey! I told you not to bully Taekyung!”

Kang Hye-eun, my childhood friend and the first to wake up among my peers, actively protected me.

“Kang Hye-eun is floating, jump out!”

“It was a lot of fun~!”

As well as the difference in ability between the awakened and non-awakened. At that time, Kang Hye-eun was pushing her head into the ranks of the strong among the awakened.

Since she announced me as her boyfriend, it was virtually eradicated.

Of course, even though she announced that she was a boyfriend, she wasn’t actually dating her.

For reference, the reason I say almost eradicated is that sexual harassment against me has not completely disappeared anyway.

“Tae Kyung, Tae Kyung. My breasts got bigger again this morning?”

“Yes, yes. I heard about that before.”

“Don’t talk so rudely, touch me once. How big has it grown compared to last time?”

“Child! Kang Hye-eun, don’t do this! Aren’t you ashamed to have your breasts touched by a man’s hand?”

“Why are you ashamed of Taekyung being touched by you? We haven’t even seen each other for a day or two.”

For a man, it feels similar to bragging about his pectoral muscles to his childhood friend.

To be honest, even a prank like this was annoying, but if it was a prank like this, it was within the permissible range.

First of all, dealing with one Kang Hye-eun was much less tiring than dealing with several other women at the same time.

If she was going to be a nuisance anyway, it would have been better for her to be a nuisance to Kang Hye-eun, whom she had known for a long time.

Hye-eun was the prettiest among girls her age.

Above all, including the fact that she had known her for many years as a childhood friend, she had a crush on her at the time, unlike her other girls.

Kang Hye-eun was the only person who agreed to go to Chungwoon Middle School, where everyone else was against it.

From a young age, she must have had a fairly good impression of her.

Of course, dreams are dreams and reality is reality. Of course, I should have avoided the crazy thing of going to Chungwoon High School until high school.

Over the past three years, I’ve fully realized that there are things I can do and things I can’t do, so now it’s time to look at the reality calmly.

That’s why she initially decided to go to another ordinary high school instead of going to the automatic cascading high school.

As soon as I happened to hear the conversation between Kang Hye-eun and her other girls, my resolve was solidified in the other direction.

“Would you like Hyeeun? She also has a boyfriend who aspires to be a hunter.”

“Shh! How dare you tell Hyeeun-nim that you are an wannabe? After she enters high school, she is the one who will work as an apprentice hunter!”

“It’s okay, even if it doesn’t float like that. It’s not like I’m the only one who’s awakened.”

While returning home a little later than usual after a career counseling with her homeroom teacher.

I heard the voices of Kang Hye-eun and the other children from inside the classroom, so my steps naturally moved to the place where they were.

In order to bring out her words to go home together to Kang Hye-eun, who leads in the same direction as usual.

“But you know….”

The moment you pull the classroom door aside to call Hye-eun Kang. My movement instinctively stopped at the sudden sound of my name.

“Taekyung won’t be able to awaken the Hunter, right? To be honest, when I see her working hard, she is hard enough to the point of feeling sorry for her, but I’ve never heard of a male hunter awakening~.”

“Still, the effort itself was quite cool. It’s a little cute to roll around every day as if you were normal. Is Hye-eun dating Tae-kyung because she likes her like that?”

“Oh~. If it wasn’t Kang Hye-eun, Seong Tae-kyung would be raised by me! I wish I had done the Hunter awakening half a year sooner!”

“Hey, hey. Don’t cross the line Hyeeun will be angry again.”

“But Kang Hye-eun, are you really dating Seong Tae-kyung because you like her? Or are they just childhood friends, so after hanging out together, it became like we were dating?”

“That, that’s why….”

She thought she had no interest in eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.

Still, Kang Hye-eun was a member of the opposite sex who cared about me to some extent, so she was bound to carefully anticipate my evaluation coming out of her mouth.

Maybe she, like me, has feelings for each other. If that’s the case, I’d be a little happy.

However, as soon as I heard the words from Kang Hye-eun’s mouth, my heart started pounding in a different direction than expected.

“Mmm, cool, what’s cool! What’s cute about headbutting a rock without any meaning when you have no talent?! It’s not cute at all and it’s just foolish?!

I’m dating you because I don’t feel sorry for you if you leave me alone like that! If that’s the case, even if you die, you won’t be able to awaken as a hunter, and it’s obvious that you’ll end up as an old bachelor after listening to the voices of aspiring hunters for the rest of your life, right?

Well, if that happens, I’m pitiful, so I’m just trying to feed myself with the affection of a childhood friend! Friendship, not love… Oh no! It’s a pity, a pity! So, don’t ruin your life by looking at Seong Tae-kyung for nothing? Yes?! I warned you!!”

“Hyeeun hit the seizure switch again.”

“Every time he reacts like this, it’s really funnyhehe.”

After listening to Kang Hye-eun’s words to her friends from beginning to end, she was shocked as if she had hit her head against a brick.

Still, I thought she was constantly believing that I would awaken as a hunter one day.

Because she denied my life goal as it was, her heart began to bloom in her heart.

Regardless of whether it was realistically possible or impossible, I wanted Hye-eun to believe in my awakening until the end.

I know that she is childish, but even so, her feelings for her have blossomed.

Due to my irrational and useless pride, I eventually made a judgment that I shouldn’t have made.

After taking out the documents for entering another high school, which were originally scheduled to be submitted tomorrow, from the bag. I tore it up and threw it in the bathroom trash can.

The decision to leave the school gate without talking to Hye-eun in the classroom.

‘Taekyung’s hope for the future is to be a hunter? Really?’

‘Yes. It’s going to be hard, but somehow I’ll become a Hunter and make sure that people like my parents don’t happen again.’

‘Then, are you going to go to Chungwoon Middle School, which is nearby?’

‘Yes. Fortunately, they say they accept even aspiring male hunters as long as they get good grades. I’ll go in and find a way to awaken somehow.’

‘Then I want to be a hunter too! I have to go to Chungwoon Middle School and become a hunter accompanied by Taekyung!’

Like Hye-eun, I will one day finish my hunter awakening.

I was constantly working hard, imagining a future where we became partners with each other, breaking down gates and clearing dungeons together.

Hyeeun didn’t really think of it as important except for me waking up.

‘Let’s wait and see. Whether it’s for the first time or whatever, I’ll wake up somehow and make them watch it again unconditionally.’

In the end, I chose to go to Chungwoon High School, despite the dissuades of almost everyone, including my homeroom teacher.

Because somehow it occurred to her that once she had her awakening, she would be able to be confident with her.

At that time, I did not even anticipate that the impulse would become the worst judgment that I would regret forever in the future.

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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