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Corruption in the Dungeon 9

Corruption in the Dungeon 9

Chapter 9 – Episode 9 New Adventurer Favre, Veteran Adventurer Ariana.

I looked down at Amy, who had put the patch back on her eye.

Unlike before, the vulva engraved on Amy’s lower abdomen was clearly showing its presence with a black light.

Her divine power, which had been protecting her, was still growing in size again little by little, but it was very different from before she woke up.
That’s also true, all of her divine power that protected Amy until just now was absorbed into my spirit and became my experience.

Because her divine power protected her instead of her, her body was able to remain intact without collapsing.
What is unusual is that part of her divine power turns black and seeps into her vulva.

The power of the now shining vulva was all that power.

‘Did the vulva of the succubus become active due to the contamination of the divine power?’

What caught my attention more.

The power imprinted on the vulva was not absorbed by my spirit.

‘Rather, the light has become stronger.’

I guessed that perhaps Magi, similar to me, worked in a different way.

I was watching Amy, who fell into fantasy again, when Julia opened the door and came in.

“Why didn’t you completely corrupt it? She will be a great power.”

She asked, watching Amy procrastinate lying on the floor.

“Because it’s funny how the priest, who is called God’s creature, can’t help but fret over his desire.”

I said that, but my true intention was elsewhere.

‘The experience is quite good.’

[Level up]

One step stronger.
Well, there wasn’t a noticeable big change with one level increase, but it was important that I gave enough experience points to raise the level.

‘Every time she succumbed to her instincts, the color of her divine power changed.’

The color of her divine power changed as she fell, as if her paint was smeared on her drawing paper.
Her power, which had become much more muddy than before and shone almost gray, had not yet turned completely black.

You should be able to absorb one more time.

The power that permeates into the vulva doesn’t seem to be absorbed by me, so I have to play with it in moderation and extract it as much as possible.
I had to move efficiently.

Isn’t it the basics of strategy simulation to make the most of the limited goods you have?

Yulia, who was listening to me, lowered her head.

“If that is the will of the Demon King.”

She bows to her own emotions and obeys the orders of her superiors.
It was a part of her loyalty.

“Go up. Amy will be corrupted in a few days.”
“All right. Then I will wash her for a while and go back.”

It was Amy, soiled with sweat, juice, and semen.

I wondered how it would be washed, but I was in the way anyway, so I went upstairs.

The demon king rises up.
Yulia, left alone, saw Amy sobbing in her pleasure.
She no longer uttered prayers and became more honest with her heart.


I envy you.

Watching Amy sob and making her jealous, she was amazed at herself.

Why did you think this way?
The subject of using magic to avoid being attacked by the Demon King.

‘Wake. Julia. I’m not qualified.’

No matter how surprised she was, she had once rejected the Demon Lord.
He even dared to approach him more than necessary and misunderstood him, who had no personal feelings for his subordinates.

The moment he saw the naked body of the Demon King, he deserved to be punished for failing to reject the instinct of a succubus.


-If you’re not sincere, don’t bother to appeal. Because I don’t intend to see my subordinates easily.
-I won’t bother asking what kind of relationship I had before I was sealed. However, if you approach me in the past with feelings of admiration for me in this way, then I cannot have you as my subordinate.

Demon King’s eyes looked very sad when he said that.

No. Demon King.
I did not serve the demon king while thinking of the former king.

However, I didn’t say it because I was afraid it would sound like an excuse.

She was no different from the demon lord before her and the demon lord now.
A lord to be loyal to.

You don’t have to look at me with those sad eyes.

It was the truth that I couldn’t convey yet.
When the Demon King’s anger subsides, I will tell you then.

Until then…….

Haha. Demon King…….”

Unbearable, Yulia licked Amy’s body with her tongue on her blindfold.
She filled Amy’s body with the body fluids of the succubus, licking the Maou-sama’s semen that splattered on her body.

“I want to receive the devil’s semen.”

By consoling yourself.


I wiped the dust off the shoulder of the gargoyle in front of her boss room and picked her moss.

“I need to make a 1-star monster to do chores quickly.”

They needed goblins and kobolds that reproduce quickly and have their own intelligence.
Yulia and I couldn’t do this forever.

For that to happen, adventurers must come often.

It’s already been a week since the first adventurer party.
No news yet.

It’s about time to come

Whether it was the guild that belonged to the party that attacked our dungeon, or the adventurers wandering around the area.
Whatever it was, it was time to visit the dungeon.

If there are no new visitors after two days.

‘I’ll have to go out and bring him back.’

My growth was important, but more than that, the growth of the dungeon was also important.
Balanced development was essential.

-That’s right.

After wiping away the dust, the gargoyle bowed its head in gratitude.

“I want you to give me performance as much as the sincerity I put into you.”

-That’s right.

The gargoyle thumped her chest as if he were confident! Knocked
Then, a number of stone fragments fell from his shoulder.

“I’ve been cleaning it up until now, but who will clean it up if it’s messy?”

At my words, the gargoyle scratched his head.

Done. It wouldn’t be for you to clean up, but you couldn’t entrust it to Yulia, who was washing Amy.

I have to

-That’s right.

The gargoyle’s shoulders drooped as he thought that my work had increased because of him.
Contrary to his hideous appearance, Gargoyle was honest in expressing his emotions.

It was like having a pet.
Although the size is huge for an animal.

‘Because there are many different animals raised in the world.’

This isn’t bad enough.
Except for the fact that a lot of dust fell, the best part was that I didn’t have to worry about rice or bowel movement.

‘In the future, monsters like this will overflow.’

Then even a quiet dungeon will be a little lively.

I want to make a junk mob soon.

I want to take a break after handing over work to a 1-star junk mob.

In my eyes clearing away the stones.

[An adventurer is approaching.]

The alarm went off that a new prey was coming.
You’re finally here.
My experience.


“Master, is this path right for you?”

Favre, a fledgling adventurer, asked after Master, who took the lead in front of him.

“This way is right. I checked my clear several times. I could feel the signs that a new dungeon had appeared!”

The woman he called her teacher stepped in front of her, her long hair flying with goggles on her head.

“The blood of adventurers is calling! If you climb this mountain, you will surely have a new experience that I did not know!”

Favre, a new adventurer, serves as his teacher, and she is a B-class adventurer.
She was famous for finding new adventures and using strategies to attack those adventures. She even suggested a new strategy for dungeons she already had, and she once created a sensation in dungeon raids.

Class B adventurer Ariana.

Even though she was B-class, her ability to clear dungeons that A-class couldn’t, was already famous among adventurers and mercenaries.

If nothing else, her knowledge of dungeons and adventures was unmatched by anyone.
If she’s right then she’s right, if not then not.

I don’t know what kind of dungeon lies ahead, but if she is there, it must be there.
As her disciple, he just needs to follow in the footsteps of her master and assist her.

‘As expected, he’s cool.’

She was short, but her back was wide.
She was broader and stronger than any adventurer’s back.
I can’t say she never had a single crisis in her 1 year of following her around, but at least she was able to survive because it was with her.

She is a newcomer who knows nothing, and it was thanks to her that she was able to survive for a year without a guild.

“Master, I respect you.”
“Suddenly, what are you talking about? Ashamed.”

Ariana straightened her goggles on her head, averting Favre’s eyes.
It was something she would do whenever she felt ashamed.

“Just. I just wanted to say something.”
Haha, kid. Are you nervous because the dungeon is nearby? I understand. I’m a little nervous too. A new adventure always comes with tension. Hot hot!”

As if relieved, she put her hand on her waist and laughed as the forest went away.
There might be monsters near the dungeon, but he didn’t seem to care.

‘He’s sure that there are no monsters nearby.’

Ariana’s senses were on a different level from her normal counterparts.
Laughing so loud means that she didn’t catch the monster in her intuition.

You can be a little reassured.

“Favre! Come on, take my hand! If you cross this hill, there will be a dungeon! A new adventure awaits!”
“All right. Master.”

Holding his master’s soft hand, Favre felt his face turn red.

Master wouldn’t know.

That her heart beats like this every time I hold her hand.
Falling in love with this confident figure, she vowed to become her disciple and follow in her footsteps.

With no knowledge other than adventure, she would not know.

‘If one day I become an adventurer who is not ashamed of her.’

I will confess
I wanted to say I liked it by reciting the names of the dungeons I had conquered.
Let’s attack several dungeons together.

After spreading such a good imagination.

“It’s a dungeon!”

Arrived in front of a new dungeon.

It was the entrance to a cave where an ominous huge bust was carved.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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