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Corruption in the Dungeon 10

Corruption in the Dungeon 10

Chapter 10 – Episode 10 Is Slowly Starting to Ripen

“Whoa, this trembling that rises to the hair, it’s clear. This must be the entrance to the newly created dungeon.”

Ariana’s body trembled.
Her exploratory instincts began to awaken.

It was a new dungeon that appeared after a long time.
New dungeons did not appear, so I tried to clear the dungeons that have already been conquered so far more easily and conveniently.

More quickly, more easily.
I presented a strategy so that even a B-level adventurer could clear an A-level dungeon.
A B-class dungeon was presented so that even a C-class adventurer could clear it.
But that too has its limits.

No matter how old dungeon diggers create new content, can it be better than real new content?

‘What’s inside?’

Just imagining it made my heart race.
I wish it was a strong monster.
It would be better if it was a dangerous trap.
The maze was the trap she was most excited about.

“Boo, that’s ominous.”

Favre’s voice trembled after following him.
It meant that it was a dangerous place that even the inexperienced Favre could feel.

“Is it class B? Or grade A? I don’t prefer to designate it by rank, but I definitely want to do it here.”

I was already excited.

“Master, I think it would be better to go after finding a support team.”
“Hey Favre. How can you sound so weak? If you’re an adventurer, of course you need to know when to move forward. Now is the time!”

If she backs down, her career as an adventurer will be ruined.
It won’t be S-class.
A good grade.
If her skills were sufficient, it would be possible to attack up to the middle of the dungeon.
It’s not too late to send someone to the guild after that.

He couldn’t miss the honor of clearing the dungeon before anyone else.

“Let’s go in after servicing the equipment one last time.”
“All right.”

Ariana saw Favre packing his things.
She is frightened, but her own disciple, who hides her feelings under a determined expression, so as not to show off her.
She was still immature, but she was a child who could become a bigger lumber.

‘I think he’s become a little more trustworthy these days.’

I liked her in many ways.
Can you trust me now?

She has grown a lot in one year.

“Tie the rope tight.”
“The rope is the last lifeline. Right?”
“I know you well.”

Now, if you tell me one, you know two.

“Then let’s get going.”
“All right.”


2 in 1 pair.
It’s hard to gauge the level of the two with certainty, but at least the female one seemed much stronger.

‘Teacher and disciple.’

It seemed like a pretty interesting picture could be produced.

What would happen if a respected teacher and his beloved student entered the same room and inhaled an aphrodisiac gas?
It will be interesting to see how that desire to protect each other is gradually broken.

It would be fun to see you despair when you can’t protect your opponent.

I imagined the expression Favre would make when he lost his teacher to me.
How are you going to distort?

It would be nice if he would call out his teacher’s name and scream.

Just imagining it made my lower leg harden.
If she hadn’t been wearing clothes, she would have looked ugly.

Let’s calm down. Just wait patiently for them to set the trap.

I watched from the shadows as the two came inside.


“…… There’s nothing special about it.”

Ariana is angry.

She expected the presence, but she had nothing more than she expected.

A trap that will make her heart pound.
Even monsters to fight for life and death.
Even magic stones, a commodity that can be obtained in the dungeon, were not visible.

“Is the dungeon right for you?”

At Favre’s question, she nodded her head.

“Right. Dungeons for sure. Because my senses are telling me.”

Strangely, it was a cave with nothing there, but it was a dungeon.
This gloomy aura.
This ominous power that makes chicken meat grow.
And the stench peculiar to the dungeon that only she could smell.

“Why is there nothing?”

Ariana ran her fingers across her floor.
Dark red dirt soiled her fingers.

Dirt mixed with demonic energy that can only be found in dungeons.

“Let’s go in a little further.”
“Master, I think it would be best to go back and ask for support now. Confirm with the guild priests…….”
“No. I know This is a dungeon.”

Ariana was nervous.
He hated the feeling of his heart getting cold after being excited by the discovery of the dungeon.
Like withdrawal symptoms after smoking.
She wanted to quench her cravings just a little longer.

“Go a little further. Go back later.”
“… All right.”

Favre, who was stopping her, shut her mouth.

After some time has passed.

“Master, it is a box.”

There was a small room where Favre pointed.
With the iron box sitting right in the middle.

It was the first room I saw while clearing this dungeon.
Ariana’s lips went up in joy that she finally had something to attack.

Originally, it was just a basic room that would have been numerous in a dungeon, but it was important that it appeared for the first time in a dungeon with nothing.
From this, there will be hardships and adversities worth attacking.

However, going inside immediately after discovering it is something only sewers do.
If you were an adventurer attacking a dungeon, you had to be as careful as possible.

Ariana looked around the room.

Nothing was visible except the iron box.

“Trap… Is it the same?”

A suspicious room that looks like a trap to anyone.
Favre took out a small crystal the size of a palm from her backpack.

Footlights are now called a must-have item for adventurers.
It means to illuminate the footsteps, and it has the effect of brightening the radius around the crystal with light magic at the center.
Ariana’s specially made high-quality walking light has detection magic on it, so it was perfect for finding suspicious traps that were enchanted.

This light walk was one of the reasons she became her greatest adventurer.

“I will throw it.”
“Throw it right in the middle. Near that box. Because there may be monsters or traps.”

Favre threw the crystal.


Light spread from the crystal that was placed exactly in the center, illuminating the inside.

There were no monsters or demons hiding.

“Looks like nothing.”

There was nothing that was affected by detection magic.
Really nothing?


Clearly there was nothing wrong with it. But her senses were still dangerous in this room, she exclaimed.

“It doesn’t take anything.”
“Shall we go in and check?”
“There is no way. I don’t think I can go further inside if I don’t pass here.”

As long as you’re here to attack, you’ll have to produce results.
If she returned as suspicious, her reputation would not have risen to this point.

“Be as vigilant as possible.”
“All right.”

Ariana and Favre each drew their weapons.

The two went inside slowly.

It was an ordinary room.
Still infested with Magi.

I couldn’t feel the monster’s presence.
Really no enemies, only rewards?

“It’s strange.”

She picked up the light from her step that had fallen on her floor and pointed it into her box.

There was no reaction.
I thought this box might be a Mimic, so I looked at it, but there was no response.

“Are you sure you don’t have one?”

Are you so vain?
How much fun did you have when you came out of the new dungeon?
If there is nothing up to this point.

‘At most, it’s only about an E-class dungeon.’

The excitement has cooled.
If you go deeper, there will probably be a room where the boss is sleeping.
However, the hope was completely gone.
Let’s just open this chest reward and go back.
Report above and announce that a new dungeon has been released.

You should let them take care of it.

Ariana sighed and opened her box.
It was probably something she would never have done if she was her usual self.

Are you sure nothing comes out?
Or it may have been an impulsive act out of extreme disappointment.


A box that is not locked with a padlock opens easily.


The light of Ariana’s stride, which was worn around her waist, echoed loudly.


“Favre, get out of this room!”


But it was too late.
As soon as I opened the box, a door appeared out of nowhere and was firmly closed.


I was careless.
I acted too carelessly


Favre’s bewildered eyes turned to her.

“Let’s find a way out.”

There will be a way.

The two didn’t know it, but the aphrodisiac mist Yulia had installed started to cover the room little by little.


“It worked.”

It was confirmed that the two were caught in the trap Yulia had made.

An aphrodisiac trap that closes the room when the box installed in the room is opened and fills the inside with aphrodisiac gas.
In the end, it was such a trap that adventurers couldn’t get out and were pickled in an aphrodisiac gas.
It was characterized by neutralizing the enemy and making it delicious to eat.
However, the durability is a bit weak, so if you are an A-class adventurer, it is a flaw that you can break through the door.

I checked the trap.
There was nothing wrong with the closed door.

Certainly not an A-class adventurer.

Now, we just have to wait for the adventurers to ripen properly.

“This is inconvenient.”

In the game, information about the adventurers who invaded the dungeon was generally given.
I was able to know what the adventurer’s status was, what his job was, and what his grade was.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as an adventurer’s information like a game.

“Yes, Demon King.”
“Is there any way to check inside?”

I called Yulia, who silently followed me.

“There is a crystal ball that has been installed in advance. Would you like to see this?”

Definitely a good job.

“Thank you.”

I checked the adventurers who fell into the trap through the crystal ball.
It was a high-quality CCTV-like composition.
Looking down from above.

– Master, it’s hard to breathe.
-Calm down. There must be a way out. Contact the outside first.
– The communicator is out of order.
-Then add this to the communication phrase.
– It doesn’t work.

A total of 2 adventurers caught in the trap.
One male and one female.
After all, a picture led by a woman with a lot of experience was produced.
It seems she uses several tools to escape her trap.

‘I’m sure you know it’s useless.’

Her lingering skills will be impenetrable.
The durability of the aphrodisiac trap was weak, but the structure was more dense than that.
If you try to cancel it with magic, you will gasp for the aphrodisiac effect before that.

It’s a pity for her, but she wasn’t compatible.

‘He seems to be a rather skilled adventurer, but it’s unfortunate.’

Although it is good for me, of course.

“Are you going to wait?”
“Wait a little longer. It will take some time to ripen properly.”

The adventurers inside the crystal ball had noticed that an aphrodisiac gas was spreading.
However, they do not show each other and are enduring with mental strength.

It’s not a bad picture
If you fight desperately like this, the person who made the trap will be rewarded.

Perhaps the first to be knocked down is the male student.
The moment when you follow the teacher who was leading like that and get drunk with an aphrodisiac gas and cross the line.
I will go inside

And I saw

Knitted on the head of a male adventurer.

[Excited state]

Status ailments.

Now it’s slowly starting to ripen.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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