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Corruption in the Dungeon 11

Corruption in the Dungeon 11

Chapter 11 – Episode 11 Ariana, Master of Adventure

“Ugh, Master?”

Favre felt his whole body lose strength.
A trap that even Master couldn’t detect was triggered, and I tried to escape somehow, but to no avail.
No matter what he tried, it didn’t work.
There is too little information.

“Heh, heh.”

My head is dizzy and my eyes are heavy.
What kind of gas is it?
It must be the kind that weakens those who fall into the trap.

My body gets tired, but my breath quickens.
It’s not easy to breathe because I’m short of breath.
My head was spinning.

I think Master is still fine.
I was a little relieved to see that he was still looking around every nook and cranny to see if there was a place he could break through.

If Master is okay with it, he’ll be able to get away with it.
He was a master who easily broke through any dungeon.
If you still believe in him and follow him…….


The side profile of Master inspecting the trap while wearing goggles looked enchanting.
Why do I keep falling with my eyes fixed on me?
Her face kept sticking to her eyes.

“Whoa, whoa.”

Breathing becomes more difficult

That she was beautiful, she knew long ago.
Most of it was covered with goggles, but the eyes were large and deep, the bridge of the nose was high, and the lips were red even without makeup.
Skin that does not stain even in long adventures.

To her surprise, her adventure group and guild men must have been targeting her.

Maybe even Master knew about it, I deliberately hid my curves with wide pants and a jacket. However, Master’s beautiful legs could not be easily hidden.
Look at it now

Her hips pierced her baggy pants as she bent down to investigate her…….

If you bury your face between her hips, you’ll probably smell the scent of adventure.
The sweat from walking mixed with her body odor would create a sweet smell.
Even if she just breathes, she can feel everything about her.

I want to take it.
I want to taste it.
Everything about her.
That I adore her.
She wanted to show that she admired everything about her, not just her fame, but her looks, body, and personality.

Strength entered her stretched body.

The strength went into my legs, which were so loose that I couldn’t get up.


Favre got up from his seat.

“Favre, are you okay? Her face is red.”

Master’s voice worried about me.

‘Am I crazy?’

How dare you feel sexual desire for Master.
This person is not like that.
Go to a higher place and be admired…….

“It’s okay. Master.”
“I think you have a fever in your head. I don’t know what this gas is right now, but at your level you shouldn’t move too much.”

Master put her hand on my head.
Her hands are soft

Her body odor stung her nose as she came closer to put her hand on my head.
My head is dizzy.

Unknowingly, my eyes went to her jacket.

The chest bone visible through the open jacket.
I could see the sweat from the flesh-colored hill running down the valley where the two masses of flesh met.

That moment.


I heard something break.


I can’t stand it.
No, you don’t have to be patient, do you?
If it’s the last anyway
I’d rather not get out of here.
I want to tell you my heart.

“I like.”
“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”
“Master, I like and respect you. So…….”

Favre untied Ariana’s jacket.

“What are you doing?”
“Master, can you understand? I like Master.”
“Aww! You now…….”

Ariana pushed Favre’s hand away from her arm.

The eyes of her lovely disciple were open.
She took a deep breath, her pupils dilated as if she had been poisoned.
Rough and weird

‘No way.’

Is it because of this gas?
I didn’t know what effect the gas had.

Is it an aphrodisiac?

‘It’s annoying.’

Favre was already insane.
Favre, who was glaring at her with her wide-eyed eyes, attacked her as if she had already lost her temper.

“Master would be fine too. My heart touches you like this!”

If I had been in normal physical condition, I would have thrown him off right away.

‘It doesn’t work.’

I tried to raise mana to escape her, but it didn’t flow as if her meridians were blocked.
Favre, on the other hand, held her mana in her grasp.

No matter how much she was a B-class mercenary, she couldn’t defeat Favre, her C-class adventurer, without mana.

“Wake. What are you doing……. Ugh!”
“Be quiet. Master will feel better too.”

The eyes tasted
Favre forcibly removed her jacket.

“Ah, Master’s chest…….”

The nerdy disciple, admiring her undress, took off his jacket.
And the naked body of a man with many scars.

“It’s great…….”

Could it be because of the aphrodisiac?
Just seeing the man’s chest made my heart race.
Perhaps it was because of the love she secretly had for Favre.

I didn’t know it would turn out this way.

“If you are comfortable with that…….”

It would be the attitude of a teacher to embrace the inferior parts of a disciple.

If an aphrodisiac can be resolved with action, there might be a way out somehow.

Ariana was also unable to fully escape the effects of the aphrodisiac.
Her hair was also wet with gas.

Incapable of normal judgment, she spread her legs on her own.

And then.

“Until there.”

The unfamiliar voice sent goose bumps down Ariana’s spine.

“Favre B…….”

But her words didn’t follow through.



Favre flew to her side and rolled on her floor, her thick hands gripping her neck.


Who the hell…… ?

Blue skin completely different from that of humans.
And two horns rising from its forehead.

“Oh, the devil?”
“It was an interesting spectacle, but that’s why players are being taken away.”
“Wait, what the hell…….”
“The prey caught in the carefully crafted trap came in right away because it was so delicious.”


“You are in this dungeon…… Whoops!”

My breath was choked by the tightly gripped hands that made it difficult to breathe.

Ariana saw.
She had the numb gaze of a demon looking down on her.


The aphrodisiac effect appeared sooner than expected.
The man, who was unable to move because of the excitement of the gas, was the first to activate it.


A state of being unable to make rational judgments and moving only with desire.
The female side was also gasping for excitement, but the fascination was different.

If the status abnormality [Excited state] Is simply a heightened sensitivity of the body and easily excited.
[Charmed] Becomes a beast that only moves to satisfy desire, like a beast in heat.
He was nothing more than a dick-rubbing beast.

‘I thought the men’s side would be first, but I didn’t expect it to be this fast.’

“Would you like to rush in?”

I shook my head at Yulia’s question.

“Wait a little longer.”

Let’s wait for it to ripen a little more, it’s still too early to eat.

It was then.

Let the man who has become fascinated attack you.

[Excited state]

The woman’s status ailments accelerated.
The status ailment letter floating above her head gradually turned a deep red color.


Does this woman also have feelings for a man?
The number of status ailments rose rapidly.

“Then I don’t have to wait any longer.”
“I will open it.”

That’s right!

The huge stone gate opened with a loud noise, but it didn’t seem to be heard by them, who were already immersed in the world of two people.

Kicking a man


He grabbed the woman’s neck.

Let’s touch the body of two people.

[Ariana – Class B Adventurer]
[Current status: excitement]

[Favre – Class C Adventurer]
[Current Status: Charmed, Stunned]

A simple state emerged.
Name and occupation.


“That’s a nice name.”
“If you are a B-class adventurer, will you be able to endure it?”
“What is that…….”
“You will know when you see it.”

I tore Ariana’s clothes.

Ji profit!

Her jacket and her clothes were ripped apart, revealing her pink bra.

“Compared to her hairy outfit, she’s wearing cute underwear.”
“This, son of a bitch…….”

Are you still not strong enough?
He couldn’t even properly clasp her loose fist.

“I’ll make you get stronger right away.”

If you go a few times, the power you didn’t have will come back.


A look of despair began to creep over Ariana’s face, as if she had glimpsed her own future.

“Are you asking the devil for salvation?”
“It’s great.”

She forcibly undressed her, admiring her top and bottom pink set of underwear, clutching her breasts in her hands.

Her large breasts protruded through her fingers to the extent that I wondered if it belonged to an adventurer.

“This place is not trained.”

Ariana let out a coquettish moan whenever she touched her body, which had been sensitized by the aphrodisiac gas.

“You seem to be good at dungeon raids, but is this person inexperienced?”
“Shut up, shut up…….”
“Your mouth is strong. But I think your body has become a little more honest?”

I massaged my breasts and took off my pink bra.
Then, the fully erect nipples swelled up with a pop.
As if asking to be touched, the nipples revealed their presence.

“I think you’re just screaming to be harassed?”
“Oh, no.”

Let’s flick her nipples with her fingertips.

“Oh clothes?”

Ariana’s panicked moans were heard.
She was taken aback by the sound of her own voice.

“If you let go of a female voice like that, you’re going to get excited too?”

I took her hand and led her down my lower back.

Her eyes widened as she grabbed my junior who was flapping under her pants.

“Uh, huh?”

Ariana looked down at her own hands.
It was the look in her eyes that reminded her of the size she touched.

“Better to see once than to touch ten times.”

I also undressed.
When Yulia took off her special suit made for the Demon King, her hard muscles revealed her curves.


Ariana couldn’t take her eyes off my body.
Take off the top
I slowly took off the bottom too.
Let’s take off all of her underwear.


When Ariana saw my item, a status ailment was applied to her head.

[The adventurer is resisting charm.]

Look at this

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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