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Corruption in the Dungeon 12

Corruption in the Dungeon 12

Chapter 12 – Episode 12 Fascinating♡


Ariana bit her lip.
Along with her exhilarating pain, fishy blood flowed and caught her dazed mind.


If she loses her sanity while possessed by the devil, she cannot escape.
With her adventurer theory, something she always emphasized to Favre.

Even if she is captured by the dragon, she will live as long as she comes to her senses.
There was always a way to survive if you held on to your spirit and endured somehow.

I overcame a dungeon that was said to be practically impossible to attack.

Even now, the life of her pupil Favre was in her hands.
If you give up here.

‘They both die.’

So, she had to come to her senses somehow.
Until the last blow to aim for the final blow.

“You bit her lip yourself and brought her to your senses?”

The devil’s eyes shone.
Her bastard was glaring at her, laughing at her, as if he had found her funny toy.

“By the way. What would happen if you were directly stimulated?”

The demon’s hand went to her lower legs.
Where she wouldn’t allow any man.
In the southern district.

Her fingers tucked in.


Blood pooled on her lips.

My mind went blank.
She lost her consciousness for a moment.


She took a deep breath.
Her air rushed into her body, reawakening her hazy head.


She took in more breaths to take in more air.
I feel like I’m coming back little by little.

But she didn’t know.
That the air she breathes is now polluted with a terrible aphrodisiac.

That her body was naturally getting accustomed to the increasingly strong aphrodisiac effect.
And the devil knows all about it.

No matter how desperately she was a mere adventurer, she could never escape from her current state.

“Why? Didn’t you say you would hold on?”

Her back bent and her toes lifted.
Her ass was full of strength, and she slurped her cum.

Every time you caress Ariana’s pussy with her thick fingers, squeezing her tits.

“Haaaaa……. Whoops!”

Ariana let out a pitiful moan.

The devil continued to tease her with only his fingers, as if he enjoyed making fun of her.


No matter how many times Ariana has gone.
He didn’t run over her.

How long has it been pickled in an aphrodisiac gas?

More saliva than blood began to flow from Ariana’s lips.
Suddenly, her chin trembled in excitement and her saliva dripped.
Even so, she glared at her demon lord and did not hide her hostility.

‘Even if I’m this hard…….’

This demon won’t be fine either.
It’s been quite some time since he came inside.

She drank her gas as she slowly said it would melt her.

Even the devil won’t be fine.

‘If you hold on a little longer…….’

“Do you think you can hold on?”

Ariagana was surprised to see the devil.

“You didn’t think I just came in, did you?”
“It’s a bit disappointing to think that such a weak aphrodisiac would work on this body. I don’t have enough eyes to see.”

She didn’t respond
Rather, it is swung around by him…….

“A moderate aphrodisiac seems to make me more aroused. So you better look forward to it.”
“You sure didn’t think this droopy cock was the end, did you?”

And the cock that had been limp until now.


Rose up
Really rose.
A pillar of fire hard and hot like a pillar supporting Mount Tai.

“Uh, uh…… Uh?”

To grow this far?

She thought.
Her fingers from earlier had already made her head dizzy.
But what if that stuff comes in?

She was terrified
I couldn’t guess.

What will happen
However, she couldn’t escape.
No matter how hard I struggled, it didn’t seem like I would be able to escape from this devil’s clutches.


But you have to be patient.
Have to be patient
Only then will the opportunity come back.

Whether she ambush him, or whether Favre, now downed, rises again.
Any chance you can…….


The moment the huge devil’s cock entered her, the pressure was on.

Be patient
Be patient


She lost consciousness for a moment.
Ariana took a deep breath in and woke up again.
It was a split second when she lost her consciousness.



Ariana’s body was free of her will and her arms and legs swayed wildly.
She bit her lip as she looked down at her own twitching body.

Although she again had blood flowing from her lips.


Push shot!

Ariana’s cunt was gushing with tides, and a wild wave of pleasure rose from her lower belly, riding down her spinal cord and hitting her head.



Ariana punches the demon in the chest with her fist.
But her fists, weakened by her climax, were unable to pierce the demon’s chest.
Just as strong as a cat giving a massage.

She tried her best to get free, but she couldn’t shake off the demon’s mighty arm.

“Stop……. That stop…….”

A woman’s instinct said.
I can’t do this.
If that thing violated her insides more.
That she can never go back

Ariana was able to intuit that even the pain that her cunt would tear was felt as pleasure.

This wasn’t a problem other than holding on.

“Now, wait a minute……. Wait.”

Ariana exclaimed urgently.

But the devil didn’t listen.

“Do you think there will be room for negotiations with you now?”
“Yo, please forgive me. Please forgive me. I will never come I don’t look at dungeons, and I’ll never tell you what they are. So…….”
“No. There is no need for that.”

Her giant demon looked down at her.

“I’d rather spread proper rumors.”
“…… ?”
“There’s a dungeon you can’t get out of unless you have sex.”
“That, like that.”

The demon’s massive presence weighed down Ariana.
She was her dream to become the greatest adventurer on the continent.
Even though she was a B-class adventurer, she made her able to skillfully clear A-class dungeons.

I took and pressed her just by her existence.

The moment the devil’s cock that had trampled on her came back inside her.
The moment when the tip of a huge cock knocks on the entrance to the womb.

“Oh oh oh ok!!!! 5 grains!!”

Ariana’s eyes rolled over.
Her mouth hung open, and her saliva dripped.
Her tongue sticking out, her body shuddered.

She couldn’t stand it

She didn’t have to hold out.

Why did she try to hold on?

It’s so good.

She was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt when clearing a dungeon.


A light flashes before her eyes.
Before she had time to raise her mana, she reached her climax.

It breaks.
Everything she has
Adventurer’s reputation.
The exhilarating feeling of attacking dungeons.
The thoughts of other people outside the dungeon.
Willingness to endure.
She even thought she wanted to live.

Her cock collapsed all in one blow of her.


‘It’s easier than I thought.’

She’s a famous adventurer, so I thought she’d last a little longer.

It was strange to hold on.
Pickled in an aphrodisiac gas for an hour.
I don’t know how much she felt, but for the whole hour she was caressed and inhaled an aphrodisiac gas.

She was opened to my dick as it is in that state.

It was strange to come to my senses.

I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up and down.

As if masturbating with a large ona hole.

“Huh! Whoops!”

I used her body as I wished.
Sex to gain experience anyway.
There was not a single word of affection left there.

It doesn’t seem like she has any useful powers like Amy.
You can absorb it in moderation.

Haha! Joe, good! Whoops!!”

She groaned as she rammed me with her legs apart, as if she hadn’t burnt the will to run away.

Every time the cock went in, I forced myself to exhale. I gasped as if my cock had poked into her empty space, forcing me to breathe.
It was her spectacle when she lifted her as she couldn’t breathe.


I missed the timing to catch her breath, shaking her ass wistfully and making a look on her face that made her cock want to be fucked.

And if you hit it again?


Gasping for breath
In the end, Ariana’s face turns red because her oxygen is low and she can’t breathe properly.
Then I lifted her up forcefully and helped her breathe.


Caring is short.
I want to go cheap too.

“Isn’t it too selfish to only like you? Tighten the pussy If you want to feel better.”
“Yeah. I’ll tighten it. Look.”

The shining adventurer teacher disappeared.
The woman in my hand now was just a bitch chasing pleasure.

It was pretty worth seeing.
It was delicious to eat.

When she was pickled in strong aphrodisiac gas, even a virgin she knew nothing about knew that she could become a perverted bitch.

It was then.

“Leave Master…… !”

Favre from behind glared at me with a sword while bleeding.
Is my judgment clouded?

Missing the most effective opportunity for surprise.

“Let it go……. I’ll take Master back, and we…….”
“Why should I?”
“You think you can defeat me with just one sword? Heartily?”

The difference between him and me is clear.
Even if you attack with all your might, you won’t be able to hurt me.

“There is no reason not to win…… Uh.”
“Well, I give high marks for staying sane even with this aphrodisiac gas. One willpower is great. However…….”

That’s it.

“You can’t beat me.”
“You son of a bitch!”

I turned to face Favre who was about to swing his sword after lunging at me from behind.
Ariana’s naked body naturally embraced by me turned towards Favre.


He changed his sword path and hit the floor.

“Isn’t it too foolish to attack Bell when he’s not prepared?”
“Let go……. Master right now…….”

The guy’s eyes were red.
Anger was palpable in his bloodshot eyes.
Hopelessness and helplessness.
Anger at yourself for not being able to do anything.

The guy who showed complex emotions revealed this.

This kind of anger doesn’t help.
You should have thought rationally.
Calculated probabilistically, attacking my back secretly had the highest chance of defeating me.

But the moment I gave up, he couldn’t beat me.

But is it cruel for me to personally give you more despair?

“Then let’s ask your master. Will you be here Or will I leave with you?”
“Cock, give me some more……. I’ll tighten my pussy…….”

However, she was already fascinated and fascinated to the extreme, and she didn’t listen to her.

“Demon, your pussy is tighter. Hmm! So please…….”
“Yes, devil…….”
“Do you want to go back? With a disciple.”
“Student…… ? Favre?”

For a moment, I wanted the light to return.

“I do not need it. I like this better. I like dicks better than dungeons…….”

She finally collapsed.
Her hailstones flashed, but it was too much to bring her back to her original state.

“You got it? So give up and accept it.”
“I can’t, I can’t……. I can’t do that!!!”

The moment Favre rushed at me, grabbing her sword.



Suddenly, Yulia appeared and twisted his neck.
Favre’s face turned 180 degrees.

“Isn’t that too loud?”
“He is the one who dared to point his sword at the Demon King. That’s enough for a quiet kill.”
“Hmm, got it.”

Ariana hugged me and screamed.

“M-King, sir? Maou-sama, please sleep…….”
“Okay. Weekend. Let’s see how long you can hold out.”

Raised and lowered her.
Unlike the first time, Ariana hugged me tightly.
Now she swings herself up to her waist.
Forgetting even her disciple, who was the last barrier in her heart, she had no reason left.
All he wanted was sex from her.

“Demon Lord, kiss……. Quiche…….”

She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, longing for her kiss.

She was realizing the power of [Charm ♡].

As he kissed her and beat her cock, her tremors became many times more intense than before.

“Kiss, okay. Great. Whoa!! Kishu, I think I’m going!!! Ugh!”

As Ariana’s cunt tried to squeeze the cum out of her, her cock tightened and thick cum began to squirt out from under her.

Does she know
That if this semen was injected into her body, she might be able to devour her whole body.

The moment you ejaculate thick semen.

“Turn it off!!!!”

My semen absorbed the mana from her body, and Ariana passed out.


Didn’t die.
I’ve never had my body turn to dust like Andy did.
I felt the power absorbed by the semen add to me.

The message that the experience level had risen popped up all over the place, but she was definitely alive.
Although the vitality is much weaker than before.

“Hmm, are you saying that at level B you won’t die?”

Maybe she could use it one more time.


I pondered for a moment.

‘I said he’s a pretty famous adventurer in the human world, right?’

I remembered what she had said earlier as if she were joking with her.

-I want you to spread a rumor that there is a dungeon that you can’t get out of unless you have sex.

Can we make good use of her?

It is not those who gather to attack strong dungeons, but rather those who are filled with dark hearts and selfishness.

That’s why they kill men and attack women.

Like now.

“It won’t be bad.”

I said as I stroked the fainting Ariana’s head.

“You have something to do. Ariana.”

Did she hear me even when she was unconscious?
Ariana’s body trembled.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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