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Corruption in the Dungeon 13

Corruption in the Dungeon 13

Chapter 13 – Episode 13 Up! Town! Town!!!

It wasn’t good for too many rumors about the dungeon to spread.
Like I said before, enemies who are too strong for my level may come.
If it was serious, didn’t they even put up an intimidating decoration at the entrance to keep the villagers out?

Of course, after growing to a certain extent, appropriate rumors spurred growth.
But why are you already using Ariana to spread rumors?


‘If you think of it as a dungeon that can satisfy your desires, rather than a dungeon to be attacked, the types of people who come will be different.’

They don’t come to clear dungeons, they come to clear their partners or to have a slightly different experience.
It was only natural that the armaments of those guys would be weaker than those who originally tried to attack the dungeon.

It was a choice I could make because this wasn’t a perfect game.

I said, stroking Ariana’s hair as she looked up at me with dimmed eyes.

“Spread rumors that there is a dungeon here that you can only get out of by having sex. If you complete well, I will reward you.”

He would know what the award was without even having to say it.

“Award……. All right.”

Ariana blankly nodded her head.

As if she got it right, she stroked her hair which kindled her will.

“Yulia will prepare clothes that fit you. Take your equipment and go back to the human village and spread the word.”
“All right. Demon King…….”

Ariana, wearing nothing, bowed her head to her me.

As if the afterglow was still left, she let out a moan even as she bowed her head.

There seemed to be no problem.
She is completely obsessed with pleasure.
Unless someone uses high-level purification magic, this condition will not be resolved.


Because the status ailment was still firmly attached.

Who will Ariana the Pied Piper bring?
I was looking forward to it.


Ariana, whose clothes were completely torn by me, was dressed by Yulia.
Wearing the enchanted underwear exclusively used by succubuses, she put on a few decent clothes and put on a hood hung from her robe.

“Maou-nim, I’m coming.”

Yulia asked, looking at Ariana’s back as she returned to her human world carrying a backpack full of her capture equipment that she would no longer use.

“Are you really going to send it that way?”
“I guess you don’t like it.”
“Yes. If she betrays and calls her army…….”
“There will be no such thing.”

It was natural to worry that Ariana might be betraying her by going down to the human world.
Yulia doesn’t see her fascinated ♡.
Her wings flapped wildly, puzzled by my choice.

That’s dissatisfying
Looking at her wings, where her emotions are revealed, I asked while looking at her.

“Do you want to bet?”
“I bet Ariana does her job well and returns to her dungeon. Yulia, you can bet against it.”
“What will you do if I win?”
“I will run the dungeon as you said.”
“Aren’t you dissatisfied? I guess she thinks I should make or absorb her completely into her limb.”
“As expected, you are the Demon King. You know all about me.”

You can’t tell by looking at those wings.
Depending on the mood, the fluttering changes, how can I not know?

“What are you going to do?”
“If I lose, what do you want?”
“Unconditionally carry out one of my requests.”
“Even without such betting conditions, I always follow the orders of the Demon King.”
“It’s not an order like that.”
“Do I have to say it with my mouth?”

Understanding her meaning, Yulia nodded her head.

“All right.”
“The bet is settled.”

I was sure of victory as I watched the fascination♡ floating above Ariana’s head as she was moving away.
At that time, Yulia spoke from the side.

“No matter what the Maou-nim chooses, just know that I will always obey the Maou-nim’s orders.”

Is it because I feel guilty for saying something against my opinion?
Yulia added that she would always follow my orders.

“Know. Don’t worry, I’m not questioning your loyalty.”
“Thank you. Demon King.”

It wasn’t until Ariana was completely out of her sight.

“Let’s go in. She still has a lot of work to do.”
“All right.”

Isn’t she still a woman that hasn’t been properly addressed.

Still holding on to the power of a god, she was enduring it with her last will burning.
It was necessary to completely capture her like that.


Her mind wandered, and Amy, who had reawakened after losing her consciousness, was seeing the same scene every day.

The image of her being violated by her demon lord and forgetting her reason and losing her consciousness.
The last of her self that she lost to that man in the end, and started to lose her own self.
It’s like watching a repetitive video.
She watched the scene over and over again.

The only thing that changes is the Demon King and her body position.

The image of her earnestly begging for more and the image of the demon lord harassing her by inadvertently inserting her cock didn’t change.

I saw the same thing today.

Haha. Great. I love it…….”

Seeing herself panting and delighting on her huge cock.
Tied up badly, she could do nothing but watch her other self swallow her cock with her cunt and shake her ass.

How many days have passed?
Already hundreds of times.
It was the number of times I saw the same scene.

She forgot to count from seven hundred, so in reality it must be much more than that.
Maybe a thousand times more.

At first, Amy knew that this scene was all fantasy.
The memories of what happened in real life were so vivid.

But as of now, I don’t know.
Which is reality and which is hallucination.
Could it be that I’m hallucinating and the woman I’m enjoying like that is really me?

Her head went wide whenever she thought about it.
Her head spins in her dizziness.

Her arms and legs were tied, her eyes were covered and her ears were plugged.

But why is the scene in front of her eyes so vividly seen and heard?
Rather, a mouth that does not block anything.

“Town! Town!”

Are there no words coming out?
As if her mouth had been glued together, even though she desperately opened her mouth, no voice came out.

“Town! Town! Town!”

That’s not me

Deny yourself and search for God.

God did not respond to her voice.

“Maou-nim, how are you? Doesn’t it feel good to see my priest’s pussy flapping around?”

The other self, who climbed on top of the demon king’s solid body, bit and sucked the demon king’s nipple with his mouth and shook his waist.

“Yes! Whoops. Alright, Maou-sama, sleeping is good.”

Eating her own cock with messy, vulgar words, she kept making obscene noises.

Squeak squeak.

Do not do that.
Please don’t do that with my body.

Now, I wish that was real.
If you are enjoying the body of the demon king like that right now, you are the one who likes it.
You won’t be in pain like me now.


Amy wanted to escape.

Amy’s will, which had been bit by bit, was already dirty with time.
She just doesn’t know


Heart juices began to trickle down Amy’s lower legs.
Her Amy’s ass twitched every time she shook her waist, as if the other Amy’s senses over there were connected.

“Hmm, Maou-nim, your nipples are delicious. Tight pectoral muscles are also sweet.”

Every time she opened her mouth to suck on her nipple in her fantasy, real Amy stupidly opened her mouth too.
Amy gradually began to assimilate to her fantasy self.

Just like in her previous dreams.
She began to change this very little as she served herself.
From god.
To the devil.

“Great. Great. I love it.”

Nice to sleep
Good pleasure If you give up everything, you don’t have to go through penance to become a priest.
In the first place, in the first place.

Is there no way to survive now?

Her mind sank deeper and deeper.


“Ah……. Ah…….”
“It’s almost done.”

Said Amy, who now lay almost motionless on her floor and let out only her miserable moans.
She was nowhere to be found alive.
Due to her exhaustion from her hallucinations, she can no longer even wriggle.
Now, she’ll be able to break her down completely.

What would you like to show off?

When I removed her blindfold, I looked forward to seeing what Amy would show me.

And I removed Yulia’s enchanted eyepatch.

Taking off her eyepatch that blocked out the light, causing Amy to swim in her hallucinations.
Amy’s eyes, which had been staring at her empty space with blurry focus, turned to mine.

“Devil…… Sir?”

An honorific word she spat without even knowing it.
Amy’s eyes widened.

“No, nonsense!”

It would be fun to play with
As she thought of the sex that Amy would hear, her cock hardened.
I didn’t know it, and I wanted to attack it right away.

“Are you awake now?”
“Hey dog…… Ceremony! Town!”

Amy’s hand covered her mouth as she spat at me.
As if you shouldn’t say that to me.

“What is this?”

Amy was surprised by the reaction of her own body.

“Funny. Are your body and mind different?”

Have fun playing with this.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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