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Corruption in the Dungeon 14

Corruption in the Dungeon 14

Chapter 14 – Embrace Your Lamb

“Why is my body not listening?”

Said her bewildered Amy, looking down at her own body.
All her will can reach is the top of her neck.
Except for her eyes, nose and mouth, everything was out of her will.

No matter how much she tried to turn her head away from the demon lord, her body wouldn’t listen to her.

“Do you still not understand that it is useless?”

Seeing Amy in such a miserable state, the Demon King twisted her lips.
She couldn’t resist even the words of the demon king who laughed at her.

She just presses her lips tight and glares at him.

“Do you think staring at me like that will make a difference?”

I approached Amy.
I still felt hostility, but it was different from before.
At that time, if it was the eyes looking at the unclean enemy, now.

‘It’s mixed with fear.’

The fact that she couldn’t even control her own body was embarrassing.

Her “Get down on her knees. You have to be polite.”
“I told you……. Oh!”

Contrary to her screaming voice, Amy’s body meekly knelt down in front of me.
Her Amy’s face contorted in her humiliation as she saw her own body kneeling in front of her naked body.

“That, stop…….”

Her heels touched her white ass.
I admired her fully on her knees for a moment.

“Unlike her mouth, her body obeys meekly, which is cute.”

I could hear Amy screaming as she looked at the ground and bowed her head.
However, this is only for a moment.
Soon her mind will be subject to me.

‘It’s commendable that he didn’t fall no matter how many times he violated it.’

She seems fine now, but Yulia’s hallucinations and aphrodisiacs made her mind sane.
How do you know?

Because her lower belly’s strength has completely faded.
It was for that reason that her body obeyed me.

Because her light that guards her has now gone with all its might.

“Wake up.”
“Don’t do it. Please do not do that.”

I cried out to the body that obeyed my words against her own will.

Unfortunately, her body was candid.

Each time I commanded her, I could see her body heating up a little.
Her nipples stood stiff, and her cunt swelled red.
Beneath the heated body, water condensed and glistened.

She began to enjoy her body submitting.


And that feeling definitely affected Amy’s mind as well.
Her excitement began to make her tremble by her own body.
He closed her eyes and clenched her teeth.

“Now then, move according to your desires. I will stay still.”

Her body, now completely subjugated, came to me.

“Ugh, no…….”

Amy couldn’t stop her body from moving closer to me.
Even when she closed her eyes and recited her prayers, her powers did not manifest.

And Amy’s body came so close to me that I took off my pants.
The droopy lower leg was exposed.
Amy’s body gently rubbed the tip of her not-yet-ere cock, and she placed her hand over her mouth.

“You, what are you doing?”

Amy asked back, surprised by the behavior of her own body, but her body without her mouth showed her behavior instead of her answer.

She forced her mouth open, drooling her mouth full of drool into her hand.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Couldn’t she have thought that her mouth would be fucked by her own hands?
She opened her eyes and looked at her hand.

“Finger touching her own mouth, that’s funny.”

It was nice to see.
Her face, unable to accept the current situation, gave a new pleasure.


Amy’s body, her fingers soaked in saliva, began to run her damp hands over my prick.
She used her own saliva to make it a little easier.
She even realized her own desire as far as she could force her mouth open as she still had her will.
It was a part that showed how greedy her Amy nature was.

“Should a woman who claims to have turned to God be so lewd?”
“No! I am not this lewd.”
“Then what is this body?”


The sound of Amy’s saliva-stained hands running over my cock echoed clearly.
Her greedy movement to erect her cock was unstoppable.

“Hey, this is you…….”
“I was just telling you to be honest?”

The hardened cock jumped up and down.
Having carefully erected my cock, Amy’s body was begging for it.
Her body, trying to somehow serve my cock with her mouth, gathered her breasts as her consciousness refused to shut her mouth.
Her soft, warm tits wrapped around my cock.
Amy’s mind was completely distraught as she watched her gesture to somehow stand up with her two large watermelons.

The light in her belly began to dim.

Whatever happens to Amy, her body does.

I was trying to swallow my cock with her cunt.

As she held her cock in her hands, lifted her upside down and tried to insert it into her cunt.


I commanded her towards Amy’s body.


Amy, who had been sobbing with her head down, opened her eyes wide as she looked at the state of her still body.

“Hey, what are you doing?”
“I didn’t even ask you to fuck me, but it looks like you’re trying to fuck yourself.”

I asked, looking at Amy, who lifted her waist and gripped my cock.

“If you are a noble priest, you will be able to endure enough in that state, right?”
“Release now. It means leave me alone.”

Amy gritted it.
Even though her body was out of control, her mind felt the sensations her body was feeling as well.
Her inability to move on her own made her feel even more.
Even the slightest stimulation made her body tremble.

Because the hallucinatory body was reacting ten times more sensitively than the sensitivity felt by ordinary people.
In fact, her body had become so sensitive that she could feel it even when the wind brushed against her.
However, her cock just stopped by putting her mouth on the mound of her pussy.

‘I’m doing this on purpose.’

The damn devil knows.
What condition her body is in.
That her mind was not far behind.

And that, Amy herself knew best.

She tried reciting her prayers and casting divine magic spells to escape, but all to no avail.
The moment she saw her towering cock, she even thought that everything she’d been holding on to might be gone.


I just have to endure it.

Her body was moving to be fucked herself.

And that moment when her cock gently touched the entrance to her pussy.
Amy had a fleeting moment, anticipation.

I feel like I don’t have to be in pain anymore.
By the way.

The Demon King stopped as if he knew that.


I could vividly feel the heat of his cock passing through my pubic skin.

Attitude was also an issue.


Her untrained thighs did not last long in her sloppy posture.
Her thighs, her waist, went down.
Against her will.

Even her body wanted to be impaled, she kept shaking her hips.
As her glans slipped into her cunt, she felt the stimulation of his cock inside her every time she turned her back.

“Why do you keep coming down? Do you want to get stuck?”
“Oh, no.”
“My waist is too low for that.”

The tip of her glans plunged into her cunt.


Want to get off
I want to lower my back.
She wants to feel the pleasure she felt back then.

But when is that?

When viewed as a hallucination.
No, when it is violated by the demon king.

Which one was the hallucination?

It feels like heaven and earth have been reversed.
The feeling of being denied all the common sense she knew.
The front and back felt opposite, and the good and the bad felt different.

Her brown eyes were gradually turning red.

It took only a moment for Amy’s polluted mind to collapse.
It was a fight she could not win in the first place.
A fight that only decides when Amy will be defeated.

‘I can’t win.’

She obviously felt it before.
However, she was still in denial because she was seemingly fine.
However, Amy’s subconscious knew.
That you can’t win.

That must have been expressed as a body that moves by itself following her desires.
The helplessness of not being able to control her body.

She already felt the gap she couldn’t win, and involuntarily let out her moan.


It wasn’t a groan from her carnal pleasures.

The pleasure that comes when a corner of the mind collapses.
It was a pleasure that comes from the relief that I don’t have to suffer anymore, that I can lose.


She said to her demon lord, who still lay leisurely and looked at her.

“Please. Please allow her to lower her back.”

Want a dick
I want to get stuck more.
Want to fuck
I want to.
Forget everything.
Also running away.
Also struggling to live.
It’s hard now
You can let go
If you endured like this
Everyone is dead.
You know you can’t go back
Give up
Give up
Give up
Let’s have sex
Entrust your body to the Demon King.
You can relax
Get comfortable.
Demon King.
Demon King.
Lets do it. Lets do it. Lets do it. Lets do it.

“Let me drive, let me serve.”

The corner of her demon king’s mouth, facing her, went up.

“You give up easier than you think.”
“You’ve been hurting me so much. I’ll give up now. So please…….”

Had the last remaining reason melted away?
Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke.

“If you want, I will.”

I grabbed her by the waist.
There is nothing more satisfying than eating well-cooked food.

I poked my cock deep.
Like Andy did, like Ariana did, and like Amy who was not corrupted.

“Huge!!! Jay Johaha…….”

The current Amy let out a squeak that sounded like a scream.

Amy’s cunt pressed against my crotch.
Amy couldn’t stand the moment her cock stabbed her inside, and she was exhausted.


Her cunt water soaked my body.

“Oh! Ughhaha!”

Her depravity quickly caught on.


Let out a moan.
I saw hallucinations of a polluted mind.
What she saw was slightly distorted.

Magi began to appear as divine power.
Darkness felt like light.
Her conviction to protect people has changed to her will to protect the Demon King.

Amy, who began to receive the power of the demon king, began to change rapidly.

Amy in a distorted world.

“Ah, Demon King……. You are my god.”

The appearance of the demon king who mixed her body with her felt like a god.
A face that glows.
From him who seems holy just by his existence in a distorted world.
She felt a holy piety.

“Ah, my god.”

Like a hallucination I saw then.
With the same expression as himself in the hallucination, shaking his waist while calling the demon king a god.
She shook her waist on top of the demon lord.

Tears flowed from her eyes.
The feeling of being in touch with God.
As her priest, she held her hands together as if she had found the answer she had always been wandering about.

It was her will.
Her spirit, which had become honest, no longer had thoughts different from her body.
The assimilated body and mind praised the demon king together.

“Hold your little lamb.”

The whites of Amy who praised the demon king began to turn black.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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