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Corruption in the Dungeon 15

Corruption in the Dungeon 15

Chapter 15 – Episode 15 the Dark Priest Serving the Demon King

“Ah, Demon King…….”

Amy, looking lovingly at me with her red and black eyes, opened her mouth.
Opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, he longed for her kiss.

“Love to your little creatures…….”

I wondered if she was the same woman who had just been screaming at me to get away from me.

“Do you want to? Isn’t it enough to mix your body like this?”
“Yes. It’s not enough. I want to receive more grace from the Demon King.”

She ran her fingers through my body gently. Every movement of her fingers revealed the greed she harbored.
She was talking with her fingers.

How much she wants my body and loves me.
Her devout faith has been twisted, and she is communicating it to me in a new way.


Amy’s face as she shook her waist became more and more reminiscent.
I looked down at her silently, letting her body follow her movements.

As I lay on her floor, watching her try to embed herself as deeply as she could, I thought of the little puppy wagging her tail to be loved by me.

“Do you want to be favored that much?”
“Yes, Demon King.”
“Come here.”

As I flicked her hand, Amy gave me a hug.
Opening her mouth, she came closer.
Pickled in aphrodisiac magic, I felt her sweet breath.
I kissed Amy’s lips.


Her whole body became an erogenous zone, and she closed her eyes at the kiss and felt the climax once again.

Perfect love.
A direct love that could not be felt from a previous god.
Not just her metaphorical words that she will love you, but her own, stroking her, touching her, kissing her. It is this person who willingly allows her body to her.

‘My true god.’

The faint light remaining on her lower abdomen completely went out.
In the place where the light had been, the vulva engraved by Yulia was placed.
The vulva of a succubus engraved under her belly button like a black tattoo.
It means that her beliefs and common sense have completely changed, and at the same time, it is a symbol that proves that she has fallen from a priest to a dark priest.

“Demon King, Churup, I love you. Churrup, your lamb…… Chew. Please hug me.”

The devil’s love is hot.
I don’t know what to do with the gaze of the demon king watching over me.

But more than that.

“Demon King, I think I will go. I’m going away, I think…… Yo. This.”

The pleasure of the body was intense.

“You are free to go. ‘Cause now you’re dependent on me Allow me anytime.”
“Go, thank you! Excited! Go! Go! Aww!!”

As soon as her permission was granted, Amy violently shuddered and swam in her climactic waves.
The moment when the wave of her pleasure, which started in her belly, gradually increased in size and swallowed her.


Amy tilted her head back and stuck out her tongue.
Thick saliva flowed from her tongue as she stuck out.
Amy rolled her eyes and saw.

God’s grace.

She was moved and admired by this vivid grace she experienced again and again.
When Amy felt her fifth heaven.

“Take it well. Don’t spill a single drop.”
“Ah, yes.”

She saw Maou-sama’s cock wriggling and pouring out the energy inside her.
Her body reacted again to her holy grace.


When she ejaculated deeply into Amy’s womb, what she could spit out was an exclamation from her impression that she could receive the grace of her Maou-sama, and a moan that was already soaked with pleasure so thick that her mind couldn’t stand it. It was only


Pulling out his cock, he looked down at Amy.
Seeing her panting and wriggling on her floor.

“I can do more.”

Again things got erection.
I ejaculated three more times inside Amy, and she went away countless times.

“Demon King, I’m going again!”


I looked down at Amy, who was dripping my cum out of her cunt.
She squeezes her cunt, using a force to keep the cum inside, but it seems that the cunt enlarged by my cock will need some time to hold on to the semen.

“I will give you a present.”

Before hugging Amy, there was something made by Yulia.

Black choker to be exact.
The symbol of the Church split in half was drawn in white on the black choker.

“It’s something you’ll wear around your neck from now on. Wearing this will be a symbol to let everyone know that you are mine. And always my grace will reach you.”

A picture of the certificate of the denomination she believed in just before her was broken in half.
It was the devil’s symbol.
Even seeing such an ugly symbol, she looked at me with a rather happy face.

“Ah, Maou-sama, such grace.”

Amy, who received her choker with emotion, put her choker on her own body.

A situation where her last faith is completely shattered.
A black light leaked from the lower abdomen where the vulva was completed.
Magi covered her body, filled with my semen.

The magi that slowly came up began to take shape.
Amy’s body began to whiten.
At the same time, the part covered by Magi changed and became a set of clothes.

Black priestly uniform.
However, it was a priestly uniform with a design that barely covered only the chest and pelvis, revealing the breastbone.
It is a completely different direction from the priestly clothes that always cover the whole body.

This was the style she wanted.
The clothes she chose to be loved by me, the demon lord.

[Class C Adventurer – Priest Amy is subordinate to the Demon King.]
[Priest Amy (C) is corrupted to Dark Priest Amy (A).]
[Dark Priestess Amy – Class A Servant]
[Auxiliary magician specializing in curses and healing]
[Possessed Skills: Obscenity, Demon King’s Grace, Devastation]

Evolve from C-rank Priest to A-rank Dark Priest.

‘This is a jackpot.’

Amy, fully dressed, knelt down on her knees.

“My God Almighty. Always give orders. I will even give my life for you.”

Her voice is clearer than anyone else’s.
It was enchanting.
I gently stroked Amy’s hair.


Some time ago, strange rumors spread in the adventurer’s guild.

“Did you hear that?”
“I heard there is a strange dungeon on the outskirts of the continent?”
“A strange dungeon?”

At the guild cafeteria, the two adventurers who ordered drinks and food lowered their voices and had a secret conversation.
The blonde-haired adventurer sitting across from him pricked up his ears at the material brought by the big, fat adventurer.

“What dungeon is that?”
“I heard there’s a dungeon you can’t get out of without having sex?”


“Where in the world is such a dungeon? Are you trying to make fun of me for being a city nerd?”

The blonde-haired adventurer clicked her tongue.
No matter how many lies there are. Where in the world is such a dungeon?

“It’s an unheard of dungeon!”
“I heard it from someone I trust. I haven’t been able to see it myself.”
“I couldn’t go there myself, but you brought that sauce?”
“That’s right. The person who asked about the rumor…….”

After a brief pause, the fat adventurer licked his lips and continued.

“It’s Ariana. You know that B-class adventurer Ariana.”
“A master of dungeon raiding? Is that woman?”
“Okay. Is this the sauce she brought?”
“Suddenly, your confidence rises.”

It was certain that it was the sauce that Ariana had brought, not anyone else.

As far as information about the dungeon, her information was the best.

Even if it’s not an S-class dungeon, it was ridiculous for a B-class adventurer to attack an A-class and study the shortest route.

“Then, where is the dungeon where she can’t get out if she can’t have that sex?”

A shadow of desire fell on the face of the blond adventurer who waved her hand at her, saying that it was nonsense.

“That’s right. If she takes the opposite sex she likes……….”
“From the outside, it looks just like a dungeon…….”
“There is a room, and she says she has to press the trigger there, but what the trigger is…….”

Rumors spread by Ariana slowly began to spread throughout the adventurer’s guild.
Rumors spread little by little that started in a quiet rural guild on the outskirts.


Wearing a robe, Ariana silently watched the adventurers.
She was faithfully carrying out the orders given by the Demon King.

-Spread rumors about dungeons where you can’t go out if you have sex.

With her fame, rumors like this were fleeting.
Rumors were spread as ordered, but her face was distorted.

‘Not enough.’

I just had to spread it out a little more.
To make the Demon King feel good.
What he wants is more gossip.
Her heavy duty is to make the fire moths mistakenly attack them.

She had a relationship with the demon king and succumbed to him.
She didn’t have the bold and confident look she used to have.

Its bright appearance like the sun has long since disappeared.
She sat in a gloomy seat with the hood attached to her robe pulled over, and she forgot her goggles, her symbol, and was eating meat in her corner.

Ever since she was embraced by the demon king, she strangely developed an appetite.
As if the body wants more energy.
She ate twice as much food as usual.

I have enough money.
Because she has a lot of money.

‘If I go back to the devil anyway, all this money will be useless.’

Like money in human society.
I don’t need it anymore.

“What is it, Ariana?”

She turned her head and looked towards the sound of her voice.

Who was it?
I don’t remember her very well because her face is blurry.

Is it because I saw the Demon King?
The other men’s faces were now so blurred.

“Who…… ?”
“Have you forgotten because it’s been so long since I saw you? I’m mark Mark!”

Muscular male.
Ah, Mark.
He was a B-class adventurer who had gone on an adventure together before.

“What happened…… Hey?”

I don’t have time to talk to this boring guy.
I had to fill up my energy and spread the word.

“No, just. It’s awkward being alone. Why is Favre walking alone?”
“Green onion… Br?”

Who was Favre?
It was a face and a name I couldn’t remember.

Blurry image.
In her mind, Favre was already dead and gone.

“He is dead.”
“Ah……. Sorry.”

Mark comforted her and sat down next to her.

“He was a pretty good guy. There is a will Can he sit next to me?”

Ariana silently took a piece of her meat and ate it.

Energy fills up.
However, it was far from lacking.

“Still, if he had died as an adventurer, he would have been what he wanted too. If that friend was an adventurer, you liked it. Of course, he liked you a lot, but……. Oh, this is a mistake.”

My stomach throbs.
I can’t stand it.
Ah. I think I’m going crazy.

Demon King…….
The devil’s bed.
But Maou-sama’s cock is not there now.

Even if I wanted to get stuck, I couldn’t.
She wanted to give him pleasure by dedicating her body to him.
In order to do that, you have to spread rumors and bring more adventurers to the Demon King.
Men will die, and women will become the demon king’s energy.

If you’re lucky, you’ll receive grace like yourself.
Those who received grace become the Demon King’s hands and feet like this.

Very happy
You have to gather your energy.
We need to gather mana and strength to give to him.
Eating meat isn’t enough.

Ariana looked at Mark, who was sitting next to her.

This guy who develops her crush on her.
A man who gently touches his body and speaks out.
Let’s take this man for nourishment.

He’ll be a good nutrient.
Ariana grabbed her Mark’s wrist.

“Together……. Shall we sleep?”
“Uh huh?”

It was pretty good to see the confused look.

“Sleep together. Why do you hate this woman?”

Ariana tapped her finger on the back of Mark’s hand.

“Joe, good. Of course…….”

Grumpy face.
Because all human men are like this.
After all, we need someone like the Demon King.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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