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Corruption in the Dungeon 16

Corruption in the Dungeon 16

Chapter 16 – Episode 16 the Dungeon You Can’t Get Out Without Sex

“Turn it off…….”

Ariana looked at the man beside her, who was twisting and groaning at her.

It sucks.

“You are worse than you think.”
“You…… You…….”
“Still, wasn’t it nice when it sucked?”

She said, licking her lips.
Red blood was flowing from the corners of her mouth as she stole her mouth.

[Mo ■ga (■) Half Vampire (B)]
[Skills: Tam ■, ■Dog, Weave■ Fascination, Vampirism]
[Status Abnormality: Fascinating♡]

An adventurer, her job was as a half-vampire.
The skills she originally possessed, search, discovery, and intuition, had been replaced with the fascination and vampirism of a half-vampire.
As if something had been tainted, her status bar was out of order.

Exposed to the demon lord’s power, she had already become something other than human.
Half yet.
Originally, she was a fairly strong human, so her body wasn’t completely demonized.
If she, like Amy, had the devil carefully mixed her body, she too would have become a complete vampire.
It must be low class though.

However, half-vampires are also vampires.
She was enough to suck human blood and turn it into energy.

Haha, but it was better than meat.”

Ariana kissed the man’s cheek, now a skinny corpse.
What was your name
Mario? Martian? Anyway.

“Don’t worry. Sooner or later, you will become part of the Great Demon Lord.”

Ariana absorbed all of Mark’s last remaining life force.


That was it.
She didn’t do anything stupid like leaving a body behind.
She finished it off by burning the thoroughly dried corpse with her magic item, which she was holding in her hands.

“Huh~, where shall we go next?”

To solve her mission given to her by her demon lord, she had to travel faster than she thought.


[Rumors begin to spread.]
[Rumors: You can’t get out of the dungeon unless you have sex]

At the same time as the alarm, a small map appeared in front of me.

It was painted in pale blue on the map around the dungeon location on the outskirts of the continent.
Maybe that’s where the rumors started to spread.

“Ariana seems to be doing well.”

As if she was going to erase all of Yulia’s concerns that she might run away, Ariana was surely doing her duty.


It was perfect.
She was so good to me, it reassured her heart.

“Demon King, are you awake?”

Today Amy came into the room.
Black hair, dark eyes, contrasting white skin.
Even by human standards, her beautiful appearance was further maximized by the Dark Priest’s priestly robe that revealed her breastbone.
Now that she has become a completely dark priest, she has completely forgotten her previous appearance.
Her former self, always tidy with her upright posture and clothes that conceal her body, was twisting her body to appeal to me as much as possible.

“Did you have a good sleep?”
“Okay. Thanks to you, I slept soundly yesterday.”

Thanks to all of her energy in training Amy, she slept soundly for the first time in a long time.

“I couldn’t sleep last night because of the grace given by the Demon King.”

I saw a heart-shaped vulva carved under the navel.
A vulva with a heart drawn, the symbol of the broken church in the center of the heart, and bat wings on the outside.
It was a new vowel that symbolized the corrupted Dark Priests.

With an ecstatic expression, she held her hands together and trembled as she trembled. The vulva engraved on her belly glowed.

“Was it that good?”
“Yes, I want to feel the emotion of that time once again.”

Amy crept up to me and gently brushed my body.
As if sweeping my body was also impressive, I smiled ecstatically as if I was ecstatic.
It was as if he was directly touching God’s body.

“I’d love to, but I have a lot of work to do.”
“When the job is done……. Can you do it again?”
“If I have time, I will hug you.”
“Thank you.”

Amy answered in a voice full of joy.
I stroked her cheek wearing the dark priest’s black priest’s hat.

Amy, who closed her eyes and felt the touch of my hand.

“I’m excited!!”

Her legs gave way and she sat down.

“If I leave already like that, can I do it later?”
“I’m sorry.”

Amy rose from her seat shaking her body.
She wanted to hug her like this, but she didn’t reach out her hand because it looked like her back would fall off.

“Go out. Julia will be waiting for you.”
“Yes, Demon King.”

I went to her match with her Amy.

“You are awake.”

Yulia bowed her head.

“Did anything happen?”
“Yes, there are no intruders.”
“That’s a bit unfortunate.”

I clicked my tongue and regretted that the new experience toothache did not come.
I wish it came a little sooner if possible.
Now that word has spread, it will come sooner or later.
It wasn’t about raiding dungeons, it was about people with other dark feelings.

“Then, I need to spend some of the experience points I gained the other day.”

When the adventurer who came with Ariana died, there were dungeon experience points left behind.
In addition to the slightly increased fame, he gained experience to summon monsters and traps.

The body of a demon lord who gets experience points by hitting rice cakes with women.
And a dungeon that gains experience points by eating the corpses of adventurers.
Certainly, adventurers have nowhere to leave.

The amount of experience given by the dead adventurer this time was quite good.
His body, as well as the various magic items he possessed, became new experience points.

[Retained EXP: 10000]

Ten thousand.
If you create a monster, 100 goblins were the experience you could make. 150 skeletons were possible.

However, I wouldn’t just make a bunch of ordinary goblins.
Goblins were an adventurer’s experience point that was too easily caught by adventurers instead of requiring a lot of money to make.

There was no need to give experience bonuses to adventurers.

‘Still, I need a monster to do chores.’

A handful of goblins smart enough to manage the interior of the dungeon.

The feature of this game, 〈 Erotic Dungeon Master 〉, was that even if the grade of the summoned monster was low, it was possible to strengthen it by giving it a characteristic.
It was a game with a high degree of freedom, but there was little use for it.
It was because the Orcs with no traits were stronger than the Goblins with all the traits.

[Gives characteristics to the goblin to be summoned.]
[Intelligence (C) is added. – Required EXP 1000]
[Add language ability (C). – Required EXP 1000]
[1-Star Monster (C) Goblin Summon EXP 2100]

You take more experience than you think.

It’s not meant to be used for combat, though, so it’ll be fine.

Right now, we need a handyman to manage the dungeon, not a combatant.

“Spawn 4”

Then, the light that exploded from the tip of my hand split into four streams.


As the light faded, four goblins suddenly appeared.

“Meet the Demon King. Keruk.”

Is it because of intelligence and language skills?
As soon as they were summoned, they knelt at me and bowed their heads.
They’re the ones with eyes.

“From now on, I will take care of dungeon cleaning and other management. If you do it well, it will be rewarded.”
“I will follow your orders.”

The goblins bowed their heads and scattered to their respective positions.
One became the captain and led the goblins.

Are all males?
Goblins are so hard to tell the difference between male and female.
If there are females among them, they will call numbers on their own.

This is the goblin’s advantage.
It’s that I don’t have to make more, and the numbers are called on my own.

Of course, not all goblins have all intelligence and speech traits.
The goblins who can’t adapt will take care of their individual control.

Skeletons could be created with half of these points.
It has the advantage of not requiring separate food and being able to move around the clock as an undead, but in the long run, the fact that the number does not increase was applied as a disadvantage.

So I chose Goblin.

“Leave the minor chores to them now.”
“Thank you for the grace.”

Yulia bowed her head.

After leaving her behind, she summoned her 1-star monster Mimic with her remaining 1600 points.

[Attack Power Decreased (F) – Required EXP 50]
[Add a subtle aphrodisiac (C). – Required EXP 1000]

A total of 1150 experience was consumed, including 100 experience for 1-star monsters.

-Kiruk! Kiruk!

A mimic hiding in a wooden box stretched its tentacles from inside the box.
A mimic that adds an aphrodisiac effect without any attack power.
It was a monster that would increase the power of the aphrodisiac trap when I was away.

“I wish you well in the future.”


Mimick answered as he opened the box.

[Mimic 1-Star Monster]
[Offense power -]
[Skills: Attack Power Decrease (F), Minor Aphrodisiac (C)]

This mimic will terribly harass adventurers who are trapped in traps and have lost their strength.

I moved the mimic to the iron box.
Moving from a wooden box to a cast iron box, Mimic hid her body.
Now he won’t come out unless a certain signal is triggered.

Roughly all the necessary monsters were placed.

What do you want to do now
There was no need to change the dungeon layout right away.
If so too.

“It would be better to scout the area.”

If you are confined to the dungeon too much, your field of vision will be narrowed.
It was necessary to moderately scout the surroundings and expand the land we would use in the future.

“I will follow.”
“No. I’ll join you! Demon King.”

Julia and Amy stepped forward.

“It’s okay. ‘Cause I’m only going for a while You don’t have to.”

I wouldn’t know if an A-class adventurer suddenly appeared.
There was no one around here to threaten me.

“Don’t go away for a while.”
“Have a safe trip.”

I went out of the dungeon while being escorted by two beauties.

The blinding sunlight tickled my eyes.


Is this your first time coming out like this?
My heart felt refreshed as I walked through the dense forest.
Going out for a walk like this after being in a dungeon where all sides were blocked off every time was a change of mood.

‘It’s worth doing sometimes.’

I close my eyes and take a deep breath.


The cry of an animal was heard somewhere.
And that cry.


Got closer


The one that came out of the grass.


It was a big bear.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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