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Corruption in the Dungeon 17

Corruption in the Dungeon 17

Chapter 17 – Episode 17 the Adventurers Come to the Sex Dungeon


Even in a prone position on all fours, it was a huge bear the height of a man.
It wasn’t an ordinary bear.

[Master of Dubel Forest – Grade C]

Is this forest his realm?
Before this dungeon was created, it seemed to me that he was the ruler of this forest before I was possessed.
Perhaps, it seemed that he came to me at the appearance of a competitor with a stronger energy than himself.

“You look pretty strong.”

Being the owner of the forest, he must be much stronger than most adventurers.

“Are you fighting over territory?”

The master of the forest growled as if answering my question.
You dare to show me your teeth.

“Are you baring your teeth at me now?”

Feeling pretty bad?

If it were me before, I probably wouldn’t have thought so deeply.
However, did it become a fairy tale to the body of the demon king?

It occurred to me that I had to properly educate this sassy bear who was baring his teeth at me.
He must be desperate to protect his territory.
However, so am I.
In order to grow the dungeon properly and strengthen my power, it was necessary to clean up these miscellaneous mobs around me.

“To sort things out, one of them has to die.”

I need to put an invoice away today.

I wasn’t good enough to have mercy on the guy who stuck his teeth into me.
And there.

‘I can’t miss an opportunity to raise my experience without raising my reputation.’

Killing outside the dungeon.
In particular, killing non-human monsters did not have a significant impact on reputation.
Risk-free rewards.
What could be better than this?

“It’s your fault that you caught my eye.”

I put my fist into the face of the charging bear.


“Keep it!”

Even bears make sounds similar to dogs when hit.
Even after getting hit in the face by him, I stretched out my two huge arms and swung them in order to somehow kill me.
A bear trying to tear me to death with its paws the size of a man’s face.

No matter how much bears tear people apart, I am not a person, but a demon king.

I grabbed him by the paws and passed him over.

The bear’s body floated into the sky for a moment.


The huge body was slammed to the floor.

“Keep it!”

Our gomtaengi let out a pitiful groan once again.
That said, I had no intention of letting the guy who had bared his teeth live.

“Be calm and experience.”

I kicked the bear that resisted until the end.

Wood deok!

There was the sound of his neck breaking.
The dead man’s corpse slowly rolled down the slope.

Bear Moon Bear Moon Bear Moon Bear Moon.

The bear completely disappeared.

[Dungeon EXP increases.]

It became the experience of our dungeon.

[Master of Dubel Forest – Killed Grade C.]
[The Demon King will control part of Dubel Forest. The forest around the dungeon can be reconstructed.]
[Congratulations. By removing the rulers around you, you have increased your sphere of influence.]
[Remove more rulers to make Dubel Forest completely yours.]

What else is this?

“You killed the ruler of the forest and gained leadership?”

The map popped up automatically, and parts of the forest around the dungeon shone blue.
Even the part marked now has become a place where I can customize it.


I checked the message in front of me.
A message saying that my sphere of influence has expanded after eliminating the rulers around me.
It was a system that did not exist in the past 〈 and Dungeon Master 〉.

‘Is it a new system created by being possessed?’

This also seemed to be a tool to grow the demon king and the dungeon, just like the devil becomes stronger when he eats a woman.

Master of Dubel Forest, Class C.
Then there must be B and A, and if I kill them all, the control of this forest will be mine.

There are a lot of things I don’t know about this game.
I thought I knew everything because he was a person from the dungeon breeding game.

‘I’m lacking discipline.’

Anyway, I gave this game a low rating.
It was arrogant. I was arrogant.

Perhaps that is why I was drawn to this world.

“I’m still at a low level, and there are a lot of ways to become stronger.”

You won’t be able to transform the forest right away.
The resources were not enough just to expand and remodel the dungeon.
Slowly here.
You just need to solidify your internal stability and then develop it.

Until then, the status quo is maintained.

I’m going to be busy in many ways.
Especially to welcome future guests.

After confirming the fallen bear’s corpse, I returned to the dungeon.

“Are you here?”
“Yes, Demon King.”
“There will be a bear carcass in the forest. Have the goblins bring it to you.”
“If it’s a bear…….”
“They say you are the owner of this forest. He wasn’t that strong, so don’t be too surprised.”
“…… All right.”

Yulia bowed her head.


A small village adjacent to the entrance of Dubel Forest.
Laurent Lebel.

It was a typical village where people hunted in the Dubel Forest in the west and harvested in the fields in the east.
Monsters don’t often appear in Dubel Forest, so it wasn’t a village that adventurers often visited.
Usually two to four times a year.
It was all party level adventurers who came to help patrol the town every quarter or to subdue any monsters that might be there.

The most recent adventurers came almost a month ago.
They were adventurers who had come to subdue a group of orcs that had appeared in Dubel Forest.
After subjugating the orcs, leaving their village and going into Dubel Forest to look into the forest, news was cut off.

‘I’m sure he went back to the guild on his own.’

The village chief, thinking that he went right away because there was nothing to do in such a rural village, did not take it seriously.

I thought I wouldn’t see any adventurers for months now.

“Lodgment…… Are you talking?”
“Yes, I heard rumors that there is a dungeon around here. I want a room for two nights.”

The village chief expressed disapproval when he saw a couple of adventurers, a man and a woman, who came to their village.

“I’m sorry, but we’re in a rural village, so we don’t have accommodation.”
“It’s okay to be at home. Because I need a place where it won’t rain.”
“That is…….”

He stuttered his words as if he was troubled.

“Are you out of money?”
“No. Not that.”

The village chief answered with a sigh.

“All the existing houses are now occupied.”
“A lot of adventurers have come to visit us in the past few days. They say that there is a dungeon nearby.”

Both men and women expressed disapproval at those words.


I never imagined that adventurers would flock to such an extent that the houses in the village were full.
It is a village with nothing special near the forest.
No matter how frantic the adventurers were in attacking the dungeon, I wondered if many would come this far.

‘What kind of dungeon is this?’

The village chief, ignorant of dungeons, couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Sheesh. Did the rumor spread already?”

The female adventurer clicked her tongue, revealing her regret.
If nothing else, she seemed to have an ulterior motive.

“Should we at least camp outside the village?”

A female adventurer who goes out of town.
She seemed full of her desire to clear the dungeon in Dubel Forest no matter what.

What was the intention to camp in this village even if they were forced to say that there was no room?
Doesn’t that mean there is something special in the dungeon?

I don’t know what called all these people.

This is your chance.

An opportunity for the village of Laurent Léble, which was just a rural village, to grow bigger.
A chance to earn more money.
Just a chance to become a local retainer in a rural village.

The determined village chief said to the two hesitant adventurers.
There was still one house left that hadn’t been visited by any adventurers.

“Well, if you don’t mind, stay at my house.”
“Is that okay?”
“Yes, there is nothing that cannot be done as long as the price is clearly paid.”

That is the village chief’s house.

In fact, he had no intention of letting outsiders into his home.
However, if so many people come.

‘It’s a different story.’

An amazing idea came to the village chief’s head as he watched the adventurers sigh in relief.

‘It’s going to be a short-lived boom, but if I use it well, I’ll be able to use it well for the development of the town.’

He was a village chief with excellent business skills.


-Ha-ha, ha-yeung! There, good!
-A bitch like a dog, how much effort did you put into trying to fuck your bitch……. Do you like this place? Do you like this place, bitch!
-Huhh!!! Joe, I like it!

I stared at the image reflected in the crystal ball.

Both C-class adventurers.
The man had feelings for the woman, so he brought the woman to see what he could do.
The naive woman followed him and fell into an aphrodisiac trap.

They mingled with each other, drinking a lot of aphrodisiac gas.
Gestures filled with strong and vivid desires were mixed here and there in the crystal ball.

“Aren’t you going to deal with it?”

Yulia asked me while watching the video.

“There is no need for that.”

They are only C-class adventurers. Those who don’t give much experience by killing them.
They were adventurers who didn’t even think about raiding the dungeon anyway and came with a desire to do something.
There was no need to kill them.
Rather, it would be beneficial to let these lame adventurers live.

They needed adventurers to prove that the rumors Ariana was spreading were true.

“They don’t need to be killed. Send it alive.”
“These are also experience points.”
“If everyone who visits this dungeon dies, you will know that there is something suspicious about the dungeon. I just let go of those small puppies, and only kill and absorb high-level adventurers.”

This is a way to maximize the validity period of traps.
Hearing those words, Yulia nodded her head.

“As expected, you are the Demon King. The long-sighted eye, the aesthetic eye that knows how to use human desires, the girl did not dare to think.”
“Right. Our Demon King is the one who will bring true happiness to this continent.”

Amy, sitting next to me on the throne, licking my toes and praising me.
Every time she licked my feet with hers, she became ecstatic.

“At least grade B. They attack as soon as they come.”
“All right.”
“Amy, watch closely. I’ll catch them.”
“Ah, Demon King……. As long as the girl is for the Demon Lord, she can do anything.”

Amy’s fingers, which had been sucking her feet, moved to her own lower legs.

Squeak squeak.

The sound of her comforting her cunt resounded throughout the battlefield.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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