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Corruption in the Dungeon 18

Corruption in the Dungeon 18

Chapter 18 – Episode 18 the Room You Can’t Leave Without Having Sex, and Aphrodisiac Gas (1)

Adventurer Jackal arrives at the village.
He came to a small village on the outskirts of the continent to attack the dungeon that Ariana had newly discovered.
Jackal, who is often told that he has a fierce impression because of his short-cropped black hair and scars across his eyes, still covers his face with a mask.

“There are more people than I thought.”

He honestly expressed his impressions of the small mountain village of Laurent Léble.
It was a new dungeon, but already there were more than 20 parties of adventurers.
All of them came to raid the dungeon.
What’s peculiar is.

“Why did everyone come as a couple?”

That was weird
The jackal’s sharp senses sensed something strange.

“That, well? Why, why?”

Floa, the wizard of the Mage Tower who brought Jackal to this place, avoided Jackal’s gaze.

“Do you know anything? Floa?”
“Isn’t it a two-player limited dungeon? Jackie, it’s a problem because you worry too much.”
“Is it.”


But his intuition kept warning him of this strange situation.
Something is wrong.

It seemed like I needed to take a closer look.

It was then.

“Ah, a new adventurer has arrived. Nice to meet you.”

An elderly man greeted Jackie and Floa.

Is it the village chief?

“Nice to meet you. My name is Jackie.”
“Heh heh, I am the village chief of this Laurent Léble. Do you both need a place to stay?”
“Well, that’s right.”
Haha, there’s only one room left right now.”

Then there is nothing you can do

“Heh heh, follow me.”

The two of them followed the village chief to their lodgings.

“Recently, the town is changing a lot because of the sudden dungeon. They are building here and there.”

As the village chief said, workers could be seen building new buildings all over the village.

“You must be busy.”
“Heh heh, but it’s better than before when there was nothing. It is better to be rich while busy than to be in need.”

And the place the village chief guided us to was a building that looked like a family home.

“I don’t think this is an inn.”
“The formal inn is in the process of being built, so now the house is open here and there for outsiders.”
“Jackie, let’s go in. I am heavy.”

Jackal, who took Floa’s luggage, put it down in her room.

“By the way, is there really a dungeon here?”

Jackal, who was packing up his belongings, asked Floa.
The atmosphere in this town was too light to be a place with a dungeon nearby.
Like the attitudes of the adventurers, most of the people who came here were talking about something.

“Oh, of course! I bet you said there was Ariana. I heard about it at the guild the other day.”
“Okay? Then can you tell me what dungeon it is?”

It was necessary to investigate.

“Yeah, that’s a secret. I’ll let you know when tomorrow is the day we clear the dungeon.”
“…… Okay.”

It was Jackal’s basic style to know the preliminary information before attacking, but judging from how he didn’t want to say that.
Must have a plan
It’s been 5 years.

It was the time she raided the dungeon with her.
So I believe
There was something suspicious, but I trusted that Floa would have checked it well and entrusted it to me.

“Here Jackie.”
“Hey, would you like to sleep here?”

To Floa, who blushed and said.

“No it’s okay. I don’t want to disturb your rest.”

Jackal gave him enough space to rest.

Even if it is suspicious, it is enough to overcome it.
Because it always has been.

Because he, an A-class adventurer, didn’t have much to be afraid of.


“It’s already the twentieth party. Are you going to let it go like this?”

As planned, in the beginning, I plan to send them unless they are really good adventurers.

For a week, over 30 groups of parties came and went to this dungeon.
On average, three teams came and went per day.

The appearance of the men and women returning was different.
There was also a man who smiled and said he had finally eaten it.
There were also men and women who were subtly shy and conscious of each other.
Drunk with an aphrodisiac gas, the woman who lost her chastity after mingling with her body without knowing who it was was praying without being able to leave the center of the dungeon for a long time.
It was a dungeon that ended physical relationships marked by pleasure, giving some people primordial joy, someone an unforgettable shame, and some people a relationship improvement effect.

What they all have in common is that after escaping from an aphrodisiac gas trap, they returned without incident.

“But that woman is still not leaving. She must have been shocked that she was beaten by a man, right?”

The man who came with me also left coolly, as if he didn’t care about the comfort of the bitch he had already eaten.

“What should I do?”
“…… You can take something like that. Amy.”
“Yes, Demon King.”
“Bring that woman to Daejeon.”
“All right.”

That he was leaving the woman he had already eaten, he was a rude guy.

If it’s in such a broken state, it won’t matter if I take it.

“When are you going to catch it in earnest?”
“Yes, Demon King.”
“Are you dissatisfied with my plan now?”
“That, that’s not it.”

She bowed her head.
As if embarrassed, the wings on her waist flapped.
I really wanted to grab that winged waist one day and hold that coveted butt in my hands.
Also a succubus.
The more I looked at it, the more I admired it.

If I touch her while she is lacking in ability, I’ll die.

“Then why do you keep throwing up?”
“Sorry. But I don’t think it’s good to be exposed to dungeons often.”
“It is not wrong. However.”
“Sometimes it’s much easier to camouflage looking ridiculous than not knowing at all.”
“The moment the opponent loses their guard and sticks their necks into the blade we are holding. That moment is the timing for me to plant my sword.”

At least the Ariana-class adventurer who was caught in the trap for the first time had to come out to taste it.
Eating adventurers with little experience would be delicious, but eating too much would make you sick.
Something very tasty
I will mainly swallow those that are rich in nutrients.

Just like that

“Looks like someone worth eating is finally coming in.”

I said while looking at the masked man with black hair and the silver haired wizard following him.


“Are you really not going to tell me?”
“Okay, I’ll tell you when I get in. Jackie It’s not a dangerous dungeon that you’re worried about. I heard that it is a D-class dungeon at best.”
“Class D? Why would you go to a place like that?”

Jackal swallowed his doubts as he looked at Floa, who was perplexed.
He was a wizard who received the nameplate of an A-class adventurer himself, and a B-class adventurer as Floa.
The vanguard himself and the battle mage Floa.
It’s not a standard party of two front-line, two rear-level dealers, and one healer, but the combination of the two is quite good, so we raided a lot of A-level dungeons together.
They were the two who killed countless monsters on the battlefield.

But suddenly a D-class dungeon?

“It’s so out of the blue.”
“D-class is low, but it’s a new dungeon. Aren’t you curious?”

Floa’s eyes shook as she spoke.

Jackal looked at her carefully.

“What are you up to?”
“Hey, are you kidding me? What are you talking about?”
“Are you decorating something?”
“Huh, huh. Don’t you know?”
“It’s a new dungeon, so it’s strange that there is a separate entry order, and it’s strange that the adventurers can change the order. Everyone seems to have goals other than attacking…….”

Jackal pushed Floa against the wall.

“What do you mean? Floa.”

Still believe
That a long-time colleague will never betray you.
No matter how much I searched the surroundings, there was no strange sign.
Something like an assassin trying to assassinate himself, or something like a strange magic sign.

Jackal, who had been frequently exposed to assassins’ killings since he was a child, could confidently say that he felt such a change in the air better than anyone else.

“Cow, what a ulterior motive. There is no such thing! Are you sure you don’t believe me?”
“It’s not like that, but if you don’t tell me like this, I can’t help but think it’s strange.”

Floa looked at herself.

“Jackie, trust me just once. I never lied to you Have you ever had one?”
“So trust me. I just came because I thought the two of us would have fun clearing the dungeon.”

Jackie looked at Floa for a long time.
To find out if there is even a handful of lies in her words.
We’ve been together for 5 years.
Her way of speaking and her actions were understandable.

Although it was clear that she was hiding something.
That word

It just seemed like the two of us could have fun clearing the dungeon.

There was no lie in that word.

‘If there’s an ulterior motive.’

She just needs to get through it herself.
As I thought yesterday.

‘I backed out too.’

Five years ago, when she first met Floa, she would never have followed her if she had been her own self who always insisted on her solo.
I guess this is camaraderie.

“…… Sorry for pushing you so hard.”
“It’s okay. It’s my fault for not saying it. But don’t worry. Jackie.”

Turning her back, Floa’s ears turned red.

“You will like it too.”

Turning her back on Jackie, she had a determined expression.
I will definitely perform a gig today.
Such a look.


“It’s fun.”

The Demon King was watching the two of them with interest.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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