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Corruption in the Dungeon 19

Corruption in the Dungeon 19

Chapter 19 – Episode 19 the Room You Can’t Leave Without Having Sex and Aphrodisiac Gas (2)

Appeared out of nowhere
Guys worth absorbing.

A dark-haired warrior standing in the vanguard.
And a silver-haired mage who comes in with him.

It seemed that the man did not know about this place.
It seemed that the woman came after hearing information about this dungeon.
That would be too.
The male side is showing the same behavioral patterns as adventurers who came here without information.

Maybe the woman didn’t tell me, it was like she was overly wary of the inside of the dungeon.
Like the look of looking around to see if there are any traps.
The act of constantly asking the woman for dungeon information.

It was all the behavior patterns of adventurers who had no information about this dungeon.

‘Did the woman come in to do something with the man?’

It was an interesting story.
Well, there were women like that.
They come in to try to find an attractive man or a man they like.
All returned with a happy ending.

A woman and a man had feelings for each other.

Those who greeted me with such happiness were only possible because I was not strong enough to retrieve them.
However, those two were different.

“Yes, Demon King.”
“Get ready. Now is the time to move.”
“All right.”


I squeezed the hips of the woman who was sitting on top of me on the throne, shaking her waist.
It was the woman who was forcibly attacked by the man from the previous party, the woman who had been sitting in the middle of a trap in vain, as if she had lost everything in the world.

[Class C Adventurer: Rihan]
[Status Abnormalities: Obscene, Confused, Excited]

He was an adventurer possessed by Amy while the aphrodisiac gas effect had not completely disappeared.
Bewitched by her, she came all the way to Daejeon at her behest.
As if I had forgotten all the worries of the world, I took off her clothes and climbed on top of me.

If you are a C-class adventurer, you will have the same ending as Andy, the adventurer I first embraced in the past.
As if she did not know the future that would come upon her, she was fully enjoying her pleasure and joy over me.

“Shut up!!!”

In the pussy of a female adventurer squeezing her pussy.


I just poured out my semen.


Having had a final orgasm, Rihan gazed at her into the void and disappeared with an expression of infinite pleasure and happiness.
She, who had become a handful of light, was naturally absorbed into me.
A feeble experience that cannot even be leveled up.

“Sister, you have gone to heaven.”

Seeing Rihan disappear, Amy’s face was filled with envy and jealousy.

“May the demon king’s blessing dwell in her soul.”

Amy cupped her hands and closed her eyes.

“Yes, Demon King.”
“Follow me too. Watch my fight.”
“I’m sorry.”

I moved with Amy and Yulia.
And that moment.

The two adventurers entered an aphrodisiac trap with a chest.
They mistakenly thought it was a room they could leave if they had sex.



Floa exclaimed as she looked at the box.

“Yes, according to Ariana, there is a reward in this chest.”
“Does anyone look suspicious?”

The jackal was suspicious of the box in the center of the room.
Clearly there is something.

His keen senses were speaking.
Now this room is a trap.

“Floa, this place is really…….”

Before the words are finished.

That’s right!

The door through which they entered was closed.

“Uh, huh?”

The jackal stuck close to Floa.
It’s natural for a wizard to protect you no matter what.
There was a possibility that Floa might have planned this trap, but that was ruled out.

“Floa, is the information I heard from Ariana true?”
“Yes. It’s true.”

Unlike Jackal, who was nervous that a trap might have been activated, Floa sang joy inwardly.

‘Done. It must be true.’

Fellow adventurer Jackal who has been together for 5 years.
Floa had feelings for him.
Her beastly appearance, her broad back that always guards her front, her firm determination to never let her monsters touch her.
And even the past that stimulates maternal love, which I want to protect for some reason.

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t have a rational mind the whole time we were together.
Sometimes I wanted to appeal to him in the middle of the night, but even when we drank together, I was the first one to get drunk. He was a bear-like man who silently let anything he tried.

‘Though that’s the charm.’

Now I wanted to be a little different relationship.
I didn’t want to continue a sluggish relationship forever.

Today, I have come this far with the determination to put an end to it.

‘There’s a dungeon you can’t get out of unless you have sex?’
‘Okay. It’s 100% effective if you go with someone of the opposite sex you like.’

When Ariana heard the rumor, she ran without looking back.
There was a strange change in her mood, but she didn’t take it seriously.

Because there was something more important than that.

Despite the trap being triggered, Floa couldn’t control her trembling heart.
How would you do it?
If so, what expression should I make?
Should I catch the atmosphere?
Jackal won’t do well.

I have no experience, what should I do?
I’m going to ask my other colleagues.

Unbeknownst to her, the aphrodisiac gas slowly consumed Floa’s body.

Unlike Floa, who is a B-class wizard and cannot detect it.

‘Aphrodisiac gas?’

The jackal noticed the presence of an aphrodisiac that started from the box and the walls of the room, and squeezed towards them.

“Floa, cover your nose and mouth with your sleeve right now and breathe…….”

The jackal warned Floa, who was behind him, but it was already too late.
Floa, who opened the box, had inhaled a significant amount of aphrodisiac gas.
She seemed oblivious.

Her face flushed, her breathing quickened and she couldn’t control her body.

“Hey, Jackal…….”

Looking at herself and facing her restless Floa, the Jackal thought that this trap was not her intention.

“Wait a minute. How to get out first…….”

Just as the jackal, who covered her mouth with her sleeve, tried to calm her down.


Floa wrapped her arms around the jackal’s neck and kissed his lips.
Her tongue forced the jackal’s mouth open and slipped inside.

Her lips were soft and hot.

It was the first kiss for both Jackal and Floa.
The first kiss tasted like an aphrodisiac.
If you have to ask what it tastes like.
It was sweet, warm, and dizzy.

“Fuha, Floa?”
Haha. Jackal, I don’t think I can stand it right now.”

He could still feel Floa’s breath hugging the back of his neck.

“How about you? Don’t you want to go further from here?”

After her words, Floa began to take off her top.
It was something she would never have imagined for her.
Because of the aphrodisiac.
It’s pickled in it and you can’t make a normal judgment.
Even now.

“Floa, it’s because you drank an aphrodisiac. I can’t break normally right now…….”
“No. I wanted to do this from the beginning.”

A pink glow flashed in Floa’s eyes as she looked at herself.
It meant that it was completely pickled with aphrodisiac gas.


Jackal was also dizzy.
Even an A-class adventurer could not be 100% fine as long as he drank it directly.

If it were a village, Jackal might have surrendered himself to this flow now.
However, this is a dungeon.
It was a dangerous place where you had to remain sane unconditionally.

“Look, they’ve grown so much…….”

The problem is that Floa is now rushing forward like a runaway carriage.

“I like you. I like you. Jackal. Am I the only one who likes you this much?”

Floa, now completely agitated, began to spit out gibberish.

“Calm down now and speak my mind…….”

At that time, Jackal’s spirits felt a new presence.
An evil energy that makes you instinctively frown.


There was a monster outside this trap right now.

Only then could he examine the walls and doors blocking the entrance.

‘I’m weak.’

It was a door he could penetrate.

“Floa, escape immediately.”
“What? What are you talking about? Never go out I heard that this place is like that.”

The jackal threw the robe he was wearing over Floa’s shoulder.

“There is a way out.”


Can be cut
Not so tight.

Jackal grabbed his sword and cut once from top to bottom.


And this time horizontally.


As the jackal’s sword passed, the door was cut open.


The door, which had been cut into four pieces, fell back as it was.


Floa looked at the broken door through his blank eyes.
It was a situation that I couldn’t understand at once with my head dulled by aphrodisiac gas.

“Let’s go Floa. It is dangerous here.”
“Uh? Jackal, how is that? Can’t you? I heard it’s not open…… What?”
“There is no way. I’m carrying Any complaints?”

Floa squinted her eyes.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to go out.”
“Come out. A fucking monster.”

Jackal saw the demon appearing before his eyes.
A blue-skinned demon with horns.
The demon, dressed in a black uniform to match his skin, was leading two female demons.

‘A demon with wings on its back looks like a succubus…….’

What about the other one?

It was the first type of demon I had ever seen.
He was wearing revealing clothes that exposed his waist, belly button, and even his thighs. It was black, but the form of the bishop’s priestly uniform was visible at first glance.
And the priestly cap she is wearing.

There was a pattern that would be regarded as disrespectful if someone from the church saw it.
The symbol of the Broken Church.
It was a symbol of the devil.

‘That woman is also related to the devil.’

I don’t know if he was human, but he was an opponent to be wary of.

“Floa, prepare for battle.”
“Ah, I see.”

Floa, who had a status ailment from the aphrodisiac gas, suddenly came to her senses.

‘Floa is not in a perfect state right now.’

In the end, it meant that he had to deal with him alone.


The jackal closed his eyes and kept his composure.
The mana in his whole body boiled over, and the remnants of the aphrodisiac gas flowed out of his body.

“I will kill you and return to the village.”

The jackal looked at the demon in front of him and said.

It won’t be an easy fight.
But you can win

Because it always has been.

“Is it strange?”

Discharging aphrodisiac gas along with mana.
He was a considerable talent.

Are all A-class adventurers this skilled?

[Jackal: A-class adventurer.]

Came sooner than expected
However, it is a mountain that must be overcome someday.
It would be necessary to take this opportunity to check the A-class level.

“Yulia, Amy, you guys just watch.”
“Yes, Demon King.”

I pulled out the magic sword Arubis.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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