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Corruption in the Dungeon 20

Corruption in the Dungeon 20

Chapter 20 – Episode 20 Try Resistance.

The jackal’s eyes burned as he drew his sword.
The momentum felt by the A-class adventurers was different.

It was on a different level from the mediocre B-class.
Even though Floa, the sorceress in the background, was already stunned by aphrodisiac gas, the jackal’s eyes still harbored firearms.


Not only was he able to discharge aphrodisiac gas with mana, but he was also very quick to grab his weapon and stance in an instant.

‘I can’t be careless.’

The level was different from the adventurers who first entered the dungeon.
Weren’t they C and D class?
They died so quickly that it didn’t even feel like a fight.

“You’ll have fun fighting.”

Arubis whined in his hand.
The guy who absorbed my demonic energy as soon as I pulled out the sword was anxious to unleash his power.

If you want to show off your skills like that, you should let them do it.


Jackal quickly approached.
A speed so fast that it disappears from sight for a moment.


I saw a light shining out of my field of vision.
I instinctively raised the sword.

Arubis and Jackal’s sword collided and sparks flew.


If I had reacted a little too late, I would have left a deep scar on my face.


It was a blow full of mana.

“You’re doing quite well.”

He doesn’t seem to be the talkative type, so he didn’t show much reaction to my words.

And the jackal, once again out of my range, disappeared from sight again.
And again, a blow aimed at a vital point outside the field of vision.


Once again sparks flew in all directions.


It disappeared from sight again before it could hit the 3rd.
This time he hid in the dark.

“Are you an assassin type?”

This seemed to be a plan to distract the woman as much as possible.
Jackal’s fierce struggle to get away from Floa, who couldn’t even fight properly.

Is it affectionate toward party members?

It’s not a good way to show off like this.

I picked up a piece of stone that had fallen on the floor and threw it at Floa.

Wedge liquid!

A piece of stone that Margie hated flew towards her head.


The jackal emerged from the darkness and glared at me with terrifying eyes.

“It’s because you’re hiding and it’s going to be difficult if the fight goes on too long.”

I have some time limit.
Because of this Arubis.

“This bastard.”

The gaze of the man glaring at me was full of poison.

“From now on, I won’t go after women. You’d better stop playing around.”

Anyway, that woman is my partner.
There was no reason to kill her.
Unaware of that, the jackal nodded her head as if accepting my offer.

“Okay then let’s start over.”

As soon as I finished my words, the jackal again aimed at her throat, extending her sword.
Resist the bastard’s attack.


This time I aimed for his heart.


Sparks fly.
The silver arc bends, and the black arc bends.

The jackal followed the devil’s movements with his eyes.

She used all the skills she had.
He rolled on the ground and kicked up walls, even utilizing the memorization he had in his arms. He used every skill he could.

However, it didn’t work.
As if that demon would ignore damage below a certain level, he didn’t even care.
If you don’t put mana, it’s impossible to hit.
After realizing this, frontal breakthrough was everything.

Every time the swords collided, fatigue accumulated in the bodies of the two beings.
Muscles tremble, bones ache.
There were times when I wanted to miss it because of convulsions every time I encountered his sword.


Every time he fought, his demonic energy was eating away at his body little by little.

Now I can feel the muscle pain just by the wind.

However, the opponent will be the same.
Just as humans are vulnerable to demonic magic, it is said that demons do not benefit from being exposed to human mana.

A fight that lasted over 30 minutes.
I wondered if I had ever fought such a long time with one opponent.


She still couldn’t control her body.
She was aware that there was an enemy in front of her eyes, but her body didn’t listen, so she still sat down.
Concentration is essential for wizards to use magic.
Poisoned by her aphrodisiac gas, she won’t be able to use her magic right away.

‘I have to protect it until the end.’

Otherwise, both he and she will face a tragic end.

‘I have to finish it while the demons behind me don’t participate in the battle yet.’

Jackal’s body has already reached its limit.

‘It’s the final blow now.’

I’m going to take care of him with this and kill the remaining female demons.

Gathering his momentum, the Jackal prepared his final blow.


I swung my sword with the determination to be the last.

A blow aimed at the top of the devil.

“No way…….”

She again raised her sword to block her head.
But soon this will be false.
The jackal twisted her sword pretending to aim for her head.

I dealt with many enemies, but only a few made me use this skill.
A simple but deadly blow that always aims for standard attacks and makes them only recognize frontal attacks, then mixes irregular moves as the final blow.

Those who believe in their own strength have always been subjected to this technique.
She is the reason why the jackal survived even against her opponents who were one step stronger than her own.


The devil missed his sword.
There was a moment of excitement in the boy’s eyes.
It was a fleeting moment, but it was visible.

I can win
If you win
If you really win

‘I have to confess to Floa.’

Realized as of today.
That she herself was feeling her unusual feelings for her.

Did that lead to distraction?


Jackal’s right hand wielding a sword.


It was rotting black.



Suddenly, his right hand rotted away, and his strength was not working properly.

Jackal saw a female demon wearing a priest’s cap behind him.
She held out her hand to herself, her black eyes shining.

It was that devil’s curse.

‘I overlooked it too much.’

There is no strength in her hands.
It was the strength he poured out until the end with the conviction that he would already kill him.

“It was not enough.”

The demon looked at him and twisted her lips.


That was Jackal’s last will.


The demon king cut off the jackal’s head.


His body collapsed as it were.


‘It would have been dangerous if it had been a little stronger.’

Would not have died
However, it was clear that he would have suffered fatal injuries and suffered greatly.

“I was careless.”

I didn’t realize that the real game was different from the game.
I didn’t realize that simply because I had better stats, I couldn’t win unconditionally.

Even though I had the mindset to somehow grow this dungeon and clear the quest, I was complacent.

“Damn it.”

If you fight with this demonic sword, you’ll win even if ten A-class mercenaries come?
It is an arrogance and an illusion.

I almost lost to one person, but what the hell.

If you simply attack a woman and raise her stats, you won’t be able to break it.
You can’t win just by strengthening the dungeon.

I had to make myself stronger.

Anger rose up.

Because I feel stupid for my lack of self.

I almost got embarrassed in front of my subordinates.

I looked down at the jackal’s corpse.

One arm had turned black from a curse.
It must be Amy’s Curse of Desolation.
I could tell without asking.
Because her energy awoke at the last moment.

I turned her head and looked at her.

I approached Amy, who was waiting, twitching the corner of her mouth as if to ask for a compliment.

“Demon King, I helped you. Did I do well?”

It’s like a puppy.
Very small puppy.
A dog that only looks at the owner, follows only the owner, and longs for affection from the owner.

I slapped Amy’s cheek as she looked up at me and smiled.



Amy’s head jerked back after being hit by me.
The cheeks were swollen red.

“Eh, Demon King?”

Tears welled up in Amy’s eyes.
He looked up at me with an expression that didn’t understand why he was the one who helped me.

It is true that she lived thanks to her. If it hadn’t been for Amy, it was clear that she would have suffered quite a bit.
In terms of time, it is true that her help has helped me.

However, I clearly gave her ‘order’ to her.

Please don’t get into my fight.

“Didn’t I order you to keep an eye on me?”

Hiccuping, Amy gulped down her saliva.

“But you disobeyed my order and moved on your own. Is not it?”
“No, that’s right.”
“Was I not that trustworthy?”

Amy shook her head.

“I was counting on you.”
“Then why did you intervene?”
“Even, I wanted to help.”

Her heart understands
It seems like I’m suffering, so my body must have reacted first.

Still, I had to set the standard for sure here.

“Yes, Demon King.”
“You are a subordinate body to me. It is a body that has to do what I want to do and even pretend to die if I want to die. When you can do as you please, only when I command you to do as you please.”

I said looking into her eyes.

“Did you understand?”

Amy nodded her head.


Punishment is here.
Now it’s your turn to praise.

“It was good though. I was good at it. The attack on her right arm was great.”

I stroked her cheek.
The reward must be made for sure.

Magi seeped into her cheeks, which had been burning red just before.
It was all I could do to make the wound heal a little faster.

Her expression softened a bit.

“From now on, only move when I command.”
“Yes, I understand.”

After informing Amy of the importance of her order, I approached Floa, who was shocked by the death of the jackal.

“Oh, no. Oh no baby!!! Because of me, because I asked to come here…….”

She was crying and screaming and hugging the jackal’s corpse.


The funny thing is, even while Floa is sobbing, her body is already soaked in her aphrodisiac gas and indulged in pleasure.

“At least resist.”

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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