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Corruption in the Dungeon 8

Corruption in the Dungeon 8

Chapter 8 – Episode 8 You Will Find Out Who the True God Who Protects You Is.


I saw Amy through the bars.
Amy, with Yulia’s vulva engraved on her belly, was lying on the floor, blindfolded and handcuffed, wriggling over her body.

“Huh, good. A little more……. Show me……. Your grace…….”

What kind of fantasy are you seeing in the blindfold?
She was shaking her waist in the air.

I forgot the prayers I had recited out of habit, and gasped for breath in the visionary scene.

Even if I let out a voice that I feel drunk with excitement and pleasure.

“Oh no, dear……. Please……. Stop……. Strange to me……. Don’t put memories in, don’t put them in…….”

I begged someone as if begging for it.

“What is the situation?”
“She is superimposing her primal desires on the worst thing she can think of. She was mentally stronger than I thought, but she must have matured enough by now.”
“Has it been a week or so since she possessed her?”
“You worked faster than expected.”

I never thought it would have matured so densely.

The floor of the prison was already thickly wet with the love juices from Amy, who was blindfolded by her blindfold.

“Because they have the highest rank among succubuses.”

Yulia said in a proud voice.
There was a strong confidence in her own magic.

At this level, she deserved confidence.
That the priesthood was ruined in such a mess.

“Is her divine power still dormant within her body?”

I felt the power of God in her lower abdomen, engraved with her vulva.

“It is her divine power that she gained from her memorized prayers during her torture. She is barred from using it as a vulva. Perhaps that power often returns her to her sanity.”
“It’s pretty annoying.”

I thought she was a newcomer with no presence, but she struggled quite a bit.
It doesn’t matter though.
Rather good.
Perhaps if you can absorb that power, it will give you quite a lot of experience.

“Can I take her blindfold off?”
“Yes, then I will get out of fantasy and return to reality. Her demon lord can also completely corrupt her.”
“May I help you?”
“Not required. Alone is enough.”

If you can’t capture a woman this ripe, her face as a demon lord will cry.
I also need her experience points, so I plan to corrupt her desperately in her own way.

It doesn’t have to be fast.
Very slowly until she is fully ripe.
It was her intention to melt her.
Like her ice melts in the warm sunlight.

Julia goes outside.

I removed the eyepatch that had covered Amy’s eyes.
The succubus’ enchanted illusion is dispelled, and Amy returns to reality.
Her out of focus eyes gradually returned, and her eyes met hers and me looking down at her.
She who was completely immersed in her fantasy.


The power of God was manifested, and he began to come to his senses.

“Ah, the devil!”
“I’m sorry. They even mixed their bodies, but to say that they are demons.”
“Ooh, don’t be ridiculous! That’s you!”
“Now that you’ve come to your senses, is this? On the subject of whining and pleading just now.”
“It’s because of your witchcraft…….”

Amy couldn’t finish her words.
Because it reminded me
The memories she saw in her dreams.

She said it was a dream, but she didn’t perceive it as a dream until she opened her eyes again.
She thought everything she saw was real.

It means that the hallucination she had was sophisticated.

‘Is reality still true?’

Isn’t it a new hallucination that the succubus shows?

She habitually recited prayers.

“Dad, my God. Your lamb…….”

A light shone from her belly.
The power of God is dormant.

‘The reality is right.’

I don’t know why they brought her back to her reality.

‘I can escape.’

If this place is real, there must be a way out somehow.
If only I could forget the sensation I felt in that hallucination.

‘Give me strength.’

I’m used to being humiliated.
It was tempered by the hallucinations they exhibited.
Rather, they made a mistake.
She’ll make her regret giving her a new chance.

‘I was lethargic back then, but I won’t do it twice.’

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s better to fold it.”
“You will not be able to bring me down.”
“You’ll know when you see it.”

I put my hand on Amy’s body.


As I touched her body, a light shone and burned my fingers.


The sound of burning skin was clearly audible.

“It will be useless. Because I have found the power of God again.”
“Is it? It’s definitely stronger than before.”

God must have accepted her desperate will.
It felt like I had grown one step, or at least two steps, from before.
Even so, it was lacking for a long time.

“Fun. Is this divine power?”

I put my hand on her belly.

Chii profit!

The light tried to burn my body, but I resisted by covering my skin with demonic energy.

“Uh, huh?”
“Let’s see how long you can hold out.”

Placing my hand on her belly, I made Magi resonate.


Magi’s heavy vibrations tormented her lower abdomen.

“You better hold on. If you can’t hold on, the same thing as the fantasy you saw will happen.”
“Bur, I will hold on. I won’t fall for your tricks!!”


Light climax.

“Wouldn’t it be better to be patient? Aren’t they going away too easily?”
“Oh, I didn’t go. Never go…….”
“I can’t be honest.”

He squeezed her belly a little more.


A deeper climax.

The body moved against its will and moved on its own.
Like a separate creature.

“Why don’t you just admit it now? It must be very difficult.”
“Oh, it’s not hard. I will never lose.”

Her voice was hoarse as she slurped her pussy juice.
The belief that God would protect her prevented her final collapse.

“I can’t help it. I didn’t mean to go this far.”

I put my hand on her lower belly and brought the already erect cock to Amy.

“Ha, don’t.”
“I wish you no luck. I hope you hold on.”

So it’s fun
Is not it?

As soon as he started teasing the mouth of her cunt, Amy’s waist instinctively swayed to the rhythm.
Her eyes widened as if surprised by her own movement.
She opens her mouth to deny it, but no words come out of her.

As if she’s refusing to tell her subconscious.

‘No. It can’t be.’

There’s no way I would want to

Amy denied it.
Because she couldn’t have wanted such an obscene act on her own.
As a sister who believed in God, this was unacceptable behavior.

But why

Is her back shaking to accept her cock?

Even if I go in, I will never groan.

Contrary to her united will, her mouth.

As soon as her cock was inside her, she let out a moan with her breath in full satisfaction.

Climax with orgasm.
Her iris opened and her pupils widened.

With her focus unfocused, she looked at me with gritted teeth.

“Never, never, never…….”
“I’m tired of that comment now. Anything new?”

Amy turned her head away from her gaze.
It doesn’t change anything.

I rapped her Amy, shaking only her pelvis while holding her hand on her belly.

Intense sex with thick cocks digging into her pussy.
Her cunt took my cock more gently than before.
As if it were my exclusive pussy, I even felt my own pussy move.
Like a succubus’ cunt.

“Aren’t you biting too greedily? If you drool like that, it makes me feel embarrassed.”
“It is not my will. You guys, because of the magic!”
“What is magic? You must be sane now The magic I cast on you has long since disintegrated. You know The reason you can use divine power is because you have already returned to reality and the magic has been dispelled.”
“Lie! Big, false, sooooo!”

The priestess panting below.
Her appearance alone gave her a sense of immorality.

The light of the bright divine power flowing from the belly was gradually becoming cloudy.

“You better not tighten it. If I ejaculate here, all of the divine power of the four years will disappear like last time.”

Can’t you hear me anymore
My mouth was open, and I couldn’t get the words out easily.

Instead of pulling her back, she tightened her cock even more.
A woman’s instinct for sperm was devouring her cock with her lower mouth, eager to get mine.

If you tighten it up like this.

Steamed. Steamed.

The country can’t stand it for long.

Puck! Puck! Puck!

The sound of skin-to-skin contact echoed through the prison.

“Don’t be cheap. Can’t be cheap me never…….”
“Then how about stretching your back?”

The face is loose.
She was already half broken.

The proof was that he felt pleasure and did not recite prayers.
She doesn’t know it, but her mental strength has already been pushed to the limit.

The strength in his lower stomach had already become muddy and he had no intention of returning.
That the priest’s divine power was contaminated.

It meant that her will was broken.

It was after she experienced the climax she had felt many times in her fantasy in reality.

“I’ll stay still, so move your hips and pull out the cock. Give you one last chance If you can pull it off.”

I offered a bet to Amy feeling my cock with her blushing face.

“I will stop ejaculating inside you and release you.”
“Really…… ?”
“Okay. No more torturing your cunt, no more hugging you.”

Biting her lip, she swallowed her saliva and slowly lifted her back.
The thick cock that had hit her at the entrance to her womb fell out, revealing her meaty pillars.
Does the cock glistening with love juice fall out?


Amy squealed and rolled her eyes when a priest shouldn’t.

Is it a limit

“Why aren’t you moving any more?”
“Huh, my back fell out……. Now wait…….”
“Wait. Pick it up anytime.”

The twitching pussy seemed unwilling to let go of the cock she had bitten.

Very minutely.
The length of the exposed cock began to decrease little by little.

“What? Are you going to put it in yourself?”
“No. Because I haven’t fully pulled it out yethehe, one more time to gather strength.”
“Did you think that would be an excuse?”

It’s funny.
If you eat the cock again with a face that doesn’t hide your lust already.

No male can stand that scene.

“Sorry. I could have pulled it out.”
“The moment you put it back in, you acknowledged it yourself. That you value this cock more than your life.”
“No. No, it’s not…….”

I grabbed her waist with both of her hands and thrust my cock into Amy’s cervix.


Did you say portico?
The pleasure you feel when you stimulate her cervix with your cock.

Amy felt extreme pleasure, and she accepted the devil’s semen ejaculating inside her.

It felt like her ego was disappearing.
Her body did not move according to her will, and her deep subconscious mind did not obey her will.
If you can’t control your body and will.
What am I?

Does the country really exist?

‘Father, please tell me.’

However, there is no answer from God.

In a distant consciousness.

“When the day comes to take off this blindfold again…….”

“You will find out who the true God who protects you is.”

In her eyes, I saw the demon trying to put on the eyepatch again.

Please don’t do it.
I don’t want to lose myself

As her eyes were blindfolded, she saw the light in her belly go out.
It finally knocked her unconscious.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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