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City Of Witches 58

City Of Witches 58

Chapter 58 – #14_Play Ball(1)


Odile tilted his head when he saw that Siwoo did not respond to the long-awaited proposal.
Siwoo’s voice full of confusion echoes in the room.

“Odile-sama, is it true that we are the only ones here?”
“Here? Where?”
“It’s latifundium.”
“There’s no one else. I told you, we chartered it because it was off-season.”
“Then what is that black thing?”

A black thing peering into the management building from outside the window.
There was one reason why Siu described it as black.

Other than that, it’s because I can’t describe it accurately.
A shadow crouching on a branch as if clinging to it.
Shadows flutter around it.

It was never a description or a metaphor.
Indeed, a ‘shadow’ covered its body like a haze.


Odile slowly turned his head in pursuit of the direction he was looking.
At the same time, its unknown body begins to move.

Device geek.
The neck bends deformedly, as if the joints are rusted.
The dark shadows dispersed like fog, and only then could Siwoo guess its shape.

The head of a huge black cat.
A body that is so huge that it cannot be thought of as a normal beast.
Its long, drooping, cold tail has a huge scythe at its tip.


Odile’s face hardened.

-Cutting in

With the creepy sound of scratching the blackboard.
It opens your eyes.
Blacker than the abyss,
From the head, which has no more three-dimensional effect than the swaying shadows.
Three red eyes like flowers blooming in hell.
I look at this side with pleasure.

A shadow that began to gather around an unknown monster.
As soon as the shadow began to create a distinct three-dimensional effect, Odile started singing.

“Cum sanctis tuis in aeternum! Quia pius es!”

Very fast and accurate singing.
Odil, who completes most of the tunes by humming and omitting them, also demonstrated perfect chanting this time.

At the same time.


The black window collided with the sound of grinding steel with a grinder, and the transparent film that covered the entire management building.

Clash of Magic.

Siwoo, who had been watching the monster for a fleeting moment, saw it.
The three spears woven from shadows flying into the management building and the transparent membrane unfolding from Odile crashing into each other.

I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden this was happening.
What is certain, however, is that the monster outside the window launched an attack using magic, and Odile countered it.

“I almost got fucked!”

Odile’s harsh words.
Siwoo narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Is that Jemonai by any chance?”
“It can’t be!”

It was a reasonable question, but Odile denied it as if he was full of energy.
Fortunately, it seems that my mother is not trying to find and eliminate her scoundrel who is harassing her own apprentice witch.

No I don’t know if i’m lucky

“So what?”

Before Odile can answer, another violent crash echoes through the room.
Unlike before, it was a vibration, not a roar.
A heavy quiver of air that echoes the air in your lungs.
The spear of the shadow shot again hit the Odile barrier.

Odile said while staring out with purple magic reflections in his eyes.

“I think it’s a homunculus. I heard from Master that there are no homunculi left in Gehenna…”
“Is that the Homunculus of the Witch of Creation?”
“It just looks like that!”

Siwoo felt that the situation was more serious than he thought.

An intelligent lifeform said to have been created by the Witch of Creation.
It is a ‘Guardian’ created by the Witch of Creation to protect her legacy.

They curl up somewhere in this world to sleep or wander quietly.
Every time witches who are crazy about magic find a homunculus, they turn on the light in their eyes and run to it.
If you kill the homunculus, you can get the legacy left by the witch of creation, artifacts, research materials, elixirs, and fragments of the magic circle.

If you interpret it a little more to fit the sensibility of modern people, you can call it a kind of event mob.
The Witch of Creation’s legacy was valuable enough to elevate any witch’s achievements.

“It’s a big deal. Assistant, take care of Odette.”

Odile looked at the window of shadows flying in succession from outside with undisturbed eyes.
Her soft cheeks are hardened like never before.

However, if you think about it a little, the expression event mob is an expression that contains excessive optimism.
The homunculus was too dangerous for that.

A homunculus is a creature created by the Witch of Creation.
The level of danger of the homunculus, each using various magnetic magic and struggling to protect the legacy planted in her body, was more appropriately described as a raid mob..

It is a monster that proudly takes second place in ‘the reason why witches unexpectedly disappear’.

Siwoo hugged Odette, who was stretched out even in the midst of this commotion, and moved away from her window.

“How do I do it?”
“I don’t know, I’m thinking… First, can you wake Odette?”

You could tell just by looking at Odile’s face how serious this was.
She laughed boldly at her pretty things, and now her face is as white as a sheet of paper.

Witches who specialize in homunculus hunting recommend that witches below the 15th tier do not attempt to hunt any homunculus.
So, what is the hierarchy of twins?

“Odile-nim, since you don’t have a brand yet, it’s impossible to calculate accurately, but roughly how many tiers of magic are you able to do?”

Odile raised her eyes as if surprised to see Siwoo, who was calmer than she thought.

“It’s good that you don’t shudder. If you use magnetism magic with Odette, it’s about the 8th rank.”
“First of all, it seems to be the first thing to ask for help outside.”
“I think so too.”

The minimum required hierarchy is 15.
8 ranks together.
Not enough chin
There are numerous cases in which a single witch cannot raise her rank even if she invests her entire life.


Siu carefully looked out of her window.
Odile’s barrier covers the entire research wing like a sphere.
And each time the spears fired by the homunculus collided with the walls and were scattered, the field of vision was getting smaller and smaller.

It was because the shadows were coloring the surroundings like paint spread on a canteen.
Thanks to that, the image of the homunculus that exists on the other side is gradually blurring.
The fact that only one side could not grasp the enemy’s movements accelerated the anxiety.

There was the sound of the building collapsing again, and magical sparks flashed outside the window.
Odette, who was diligently shaking Siu’s shoulder, wakes up in surprise at the sound.

“Hick! Heh…Ah, what is this?”

Odette looked around with a dreamy expression, and Siu briefly summarized the situation and delivered it.

“Well, then what?”

However, Odette’s reaction was not much different from Odile’s.
In the first place, there is no way that the twins would have any magical combat experience, and even if they did, it would be impossible for the two to hunt a homunculus together in the 8th hierarchy.
Now is the time to just run away and ask for help.

“Odile-sama, how many more times can I stop it?”
“The power is weaker than I thought. It’s about 3-4 attacks per minute right now, so I can endure it for 10 minutes.”

Fortunately, I had more time than I thought.

“Odette-sama, is there any way to ask for help from Zemonai-sama or another witch?”

For example, at the last inn, Siu asked for help from Sofia using the magic of the skyboard.
Perhaps Odile and Odette would know a much more efficient and better way.

“There is, but… I can’t use it here. The ‘Song of Rest’ that my sister is playing now blocks not only the magic from the outside to the inside, but also the magic from the inside.”
“So you’re saying we have to get out of here?”

Now, this research building is an air defense shelter.
Getting out of here would rival the risk of leaving an air-raid shelter and firing a signal flare during a bombing raid.

“Music box! There is a music box!

Odette took out the music box from her cloak.
At that time.

-Kikkiik! What a profit!


Along with Odile’s call, an unpleasant sound resounds from outside the window, like an iron frame being torn apart.
Siu involuntarily swallowed her breath.

A huge cat with a shadow all over her body was tearing away Odile’s magic.
It whipped up and down wildly with its sharp, scythe-like tail embedded in the transparent wall.


The homunculus opened its mouth with three red eyes flashing.
A sticky shadow drips like tar from the open mouth.
Even Siu, seeing the homunculus for the first time, could understand its feelings.
That one was laughing
It seemed like he couldn’t help but enjoy having three toys to play with.

“Yes! Sister!”

The twins communicated with each other.
The twins, who knew each other’s intentions, did not need detailed discussions.
At the same time as Odile withdraws the shield, Odette’s chanting begins with her arms outstretched.

“Requiem aeternam dona eis!”

Give them eternal rest.
Odette’s chant was a requiem dedicated to an enemy’s tombstone.

– Kwaaang!

As the chant says, the hazy light extending from Odette’s arm hits the face of the homunculus hanging from the barrier in the blink of an eye.

A high-temperature light that seemed to have raised the temperature in the room by 10 degrees just by existing for a short time and then disappearing.
The glass, which had only been passed by magic, was red hot and melting like sugar.


The twins muttered at the same time.
It’s such a powerful force.
I expected it to do some damage since it hit me directly in the face…

“Ki profit?”

The homunculus, tilting its head, was fine without a single wound.

An eerie chill shook the spine.


Siu reflexively hugged his twin and lowered his head.
In a short time difference of less than 0.2 seconds, something passes over the back and waist.

– Boo-woong!
-Kwaji Jijik!

It was as if a small storm had raged in the room.
The tail of the homunculus, whipped like a whip, cut across the inside of the research building.

Crumbling walls and crumbling furniture.
The dust that rose in an instant darkened the field of view.

“Run away… Let’s run away!”

What would have happened if I had stood still?
Siu, who turned around while pulling Odile and Odette by the nape of their necks, couldn’t contain his shudder as he saw the horribly smashed wooden beam.

-Kikii Iik!

The sound of tension, like a crossbow being loaded.
It was the friction that scratched my nerves whenever the monster threw the spear of shadow at the research building.
There is only one place to escape anyway.


Siwoo hugged his twin from the tall tree house and dived.
At the same time, with the sound of exploding, the two spears barely passed behind my back.

– Two bang!

The scene of the tens of meters of old trees supporting Latifundium falling down like Styrofoam being smashed is played in front of the falling view.


The magic of floating, not even flight, is a very easy magic for the twins.
Even so, bungee jumping without a rope at 30M is terrifying.
Siwoo screamed at the wind that fluttered his clothes and the road surface that approached in an instant.

Unlike the twins who succeeded in landing lightly, Siu rolled on the ground rather roughly.

“Assistant! Are you okay?”

Odette rushes in and Odile looks at the homunculus remaining in the tree house.

The huge cat strode forward, wagging its tail and looking down.
The hunt has only just begun.

“Take your assistant, Odette, and run away. I’ll stop you here.”

Standing tall on the ground, Odile looked directly into the three eyes that were shining red.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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