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City Of Witches 57

City Of Witches 57

Chapter 57 – #13_Latifundium(6)


Odette let out a heavy breath.
It’s definitely different from when you masturbate alone.
Even back then, I was sure my heart was pounding and my back was floating, and I was out of breath, but compared to now, it was a pleasure that was nothing more than hemostasis.

Every time I look behind me, I see Siwoo shaking his waist with a face he doesn’t normally show.

That somehow stimulated Odette’s greed.
He was greedy to give him greater pleasure.
So what her Odette chose was a line from her devil’s courier who showed her a new world.

She was the first witch to get real pleasure, following the milkman’s instructions, half out of her mind.
The delivery man is very excited and delighted by her witch’s line, and ejaculates into her witch’s back hole.

Odette’s panting grew louder.
Every time Siwoo moves his waist back and forth, I feel a tingle of electricity running from his heels to the top of his head.

Is it okay to do such obscene and embarrassing lines?
Such doubts had disappeared in a storm of pleasure.

“Hey…! Odette’s ass hole…Is a semen receiver for the assistant…!”

Odette’s remarks were stimulating enough to make even Siwoo pause.
Who is Odette?
Although she looks immature, she is an apprentice witch in name.
Besides, she is an apprentice witch of the Countess of Myrnai.
The difference in status between Siu and her is the size of a grain of sand and a lump of gold.

“Deep inside… Please give me your assistant’s baby…! Wrap it up sticky… Until the end… I’ll squeeze it out… Heh…!”

Such Odette claims to be Siwoo’s semen recipient and urges her to ejaculate.
In her innocent appearance, she is delighted with her waist trembling every time Siwoo drives her with a lewd voice that can’t be recalled at all.

She made this herself.
A sense of conquest.

In an instant, a sense of ejaculation rushes in.
Siu held Odette’s waist tighter.
Tender skin dented by gripping force.

As he shows excitement and accelerates the movement of his waist, Odette also begins to recite passages from the book.
I even added a little arrangement just because I tried it once.

“Joe…Assistant…Odette…Is a perverted child… Who makes her feel good with her ass hole…! Every night thinking of her assistant.Haha…Heh…! Masturbating… A naughty child…!”
“Whoops! Whoops!”

Do you feel pleasure just by spitting obscene words?
Or is it because Siwoo’s movements became more intense?
Odette’s asshole twitched and intermittently began to tighten.
As additional tightening is added to the already stiff hole, the pleasure is so tight that it is difficult to move his waist.

“So… With a cock… Punish me… Strictly… I have to punish you sternly…! Whoa…!”

And Odette’s back began to burn like a bean worm.
As if the wagon that was climbing the ridge started to run downhill, an ecstatic and overwhelming sense of liberation wrapped around the whole body.

“I think I’m going… I’m going… Is this… Is this going…? It’s an orgasm… Isn’t it…? Haaaaang…♡”

The climax finally reached.
Siwoo felt the pressure comparable to when he squeezed his cock with his hand.
As Odette had requested, he ejaculated deep inside her, so close that the hole in her ass came down to the bottom of her balls.


Rough breath.
Awesome sleep.

– Gulleong! Gulleong! Gulleong!

The semen that spurted out with fierce force began to paint Odette’s belly.
Odette’s delicate shoulders twitch and digest the pleasure.

“Haaaaa……In the stomach…..”

It was a dizzying situation.
It seems like tinnitus is heard in the ears.
Even at the moment of ejaculation, Odette’s ass reacted to the bouncing of the cock and tightened the pole of the object, so it felt like she had ejaculated coolly until the last drop.
It was the most ecstatic feeling I’ve ever felt.

Odette’s ass hole was still firmly contracted, and she squeezed her cock tightly, flinching from time to time.
It was terribly detrimental to an extremely sensitive cock.


– Pong!

Siwoo carefully grabbed Odette’s buttocks, who had fallen on the desk, and took out the object.
It seems that the semen remaining in the urethra is squeezed out because of the persistent tightening until the end.


Was it because it was so rough from the start?
Odette’s ass hole was wide open towards the sky even after the object was removed.
Inside, you can see droplets of hazy semen bubbling up.


A single strand of semen patted down between Odette’s legs.
Odette’s hole is restored to normal while she is slightly concerned that this might be a big deal.


Siwoo, wiping the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, looked at the scenery he had created in a daze.
Odette, lying face down on the desk and not moving, gave up the flower garden she had to hide secretly.
The folds of the skin around her are slightly swollen, as if the constant coming and going of things has stimulated her.

The tightly closed buttocks flinched at the afterglow of pleasure.
Below that, the wet pussy flesh dripping with honey water continued to urge her sexual desire.
Even after ejaculating once, it is attractive enough to want cheaper.


There must be some kind of reaction.
Odette just chooses to lie on her desk.
Siu cautiously approached her and shook her shoulder.
Is it dead
I’m breathing properly for such a thing, and I can feel my pulse thumping down my back.
Up until now, I was clearly active, but maybe I was just pretending to be asleep because I was embarrassed.

– Squeak!

After looking at Odette for a while, Siu heard the door open behind him.
Frightened, she turned around to see Odile standing there holding her head with a frown on her face.

“Josu-nim, what are you doing in the dark? Ugh, my head hurts. Where did I put it?”

Her forehead, which had hit the floor earlier, was slightly red.
Odile’s recovery was much faster than expected.
The situation is very bad.

“Where is Odette? What, what?”

Odile’s gaze finally reached Siwoo’s lower body.
With the pants off, the erection is not released yet, and it is a big deal.
Even the sticky, white semen that was buried there.

Odile beckoned, and the light in the storage room came on brightly.
Odette’s face hidden in the shadows is clearly revealed.

Odette passed out on a desk with her dress rolled up over her hips.
The white and transparent bodily fluid flowing from her orifice would be a sign of sexual intercourse even to an idiot.

“Did you do it? The two of you? While I was sleeping?”

Odile was shocked.

“Ah, there… That’s it…”

Odile rushes over Siwoo, who is standing awkwardly, and checks on her sister’s condition.
Watching the area around her genitals, she seemed worried that Siu might have crossed her line.


Odile cleans up after Odette without saying anything.
Her bodily fluids that had been smeared on Odette’s buttock disappeared and her buttocks were covered again by the hem of her dress.

While contemplating what excuse to make, Odile opened her mouth with her twin wicks raised.

“Explain it. Everything.”

Siwoo recounted everything that had just happened.
Odile, who brought Odette from the storage room and put her on the bed, listened to Siu’s explanation with a serious expression.
I feel like I’m in some kind of hearing, so I’m blind
To sing

“…That’s how it happened.”

Odette seduced her first.
She tried to refuse but was blackmailed.
Even under duress, she tried to refuse, but was enchanted.

I could honestly say this, but…

“It’s true that I continued to have intercourse because I lacked self-control even after the magic was released.”

Her face all lit up when she said this part.
If it was the same man, there would be room for extenuating circumstances, including empathy, but Odile is a woman.

“So you fucking fucked Odette, who didn’t know anything? Besides, a drunk kid? Until he passed out?”

Odile’s reaction was firmer than expected.
An angry voice, as if he didn’t understand at all.
Siwoo asked back with his heart sinking?

“Drunk a lot! Odette-nim is very well!”
“Keuk… Did Odette ever say that she’s never been drunk since she was born?”
“How did you know?”

Odile sighed heavily.

“Odette has a tendency to get sick quickly even if she looks fine. Maybe she won’t remember anything when she wakes up?”
“How could I have known that…”
“That’s right. It’s my negligence.”

Odile’s momentum softened a little…But there was still something unsatisfying about his expression.
I waited for Odile’s judgment with the feeling of sitting on a cushion of thorns.

“Odette wants to imitate anything I do? I really can’t stop her.”

Fortunately, I didn’t think it was that serious.

“Odette-nim seems to follow Odile-nim a lot.”
“What? It can’t be. It’s just a copycat, a copycat.”
“Anyway, I’m sorry it turned out this way.”
“It’s okay, Assistant-sama, there’s nothing to be sorry about. But if there’s something you don’t like…”

Odile crosses his arms and glances between Siwoo’s legs.

“Assistant, what exactly did you do with Odette?”
“…Is it important?”
“It’s not important, but I’m curious. It doesn’t seem like you just put it inside like I did.”

I hope this
The atmosphere to inform the 2nd phase?
There was an uncomfortable silence for a while.
Siwoo swallows his saliva.


Suddenly, Odile gets up from his seat and walks towards Siu.

“Can you do it one more time?”
“No, you know that. Last night I moved around and it was over… Actually, I was curious about what happened after that.”
“I won’t mind what happened with Odette today. Do it with me instead.”

Her twin sister, with whom she had just had hot anal sex, begged her to insert her too, but could she not be okay?
She thought it was cool enough to last for about a month, but soon the stuff inside her pants swelled up.

Odile said, awkwardly twirling her hair with her fingers.

“It looks like Odette will be lying down for a while… Let’s move. Don’t you hate your assistant?”
“It’s not that I hate it… I’m not sure if this is right…”

It is a relationship to satisfy curiosity without love anyway.
I don’t feel any moral reluctance to fuck both of the twins.

“It’s okay to say it with my mouth, but I learn faster than Odette. Maybe you’ll feel better with me than with her?”

Today may be the day when all the sorrows of the past are compensated.
To think that she could put the cock that had just been fucking her sister’s ass into her sister’s ass.
The pounding in the chest grows with a strange sense of immorality.

At that time.


Siu looked out of her window.
She didn’t look that way.
The reason she looked toward the window as if a thorn had suddenly caught on her consciousness was because she felt a piercing gaze.

What you see outside is still the beautiful scenery of Latifundium.
But something else happened.

A ‘black thing’ clinging to the branches of a large tree.
It was staring through the window inside the management building.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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