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City Of Witches 56

City Of Witches 56

Chapter 56 – #13_Latifundium(5)


“Quick, do it.”

If anything, I wanted to solve it amicably.
Siu slowly moved his hand to Odette’s hip.


As soon as Siwoo’s hands, which were damp and cold from the gel-like water, touched his hip bone, Odette trembled.
I feel goosebumps creeping up on my immaculate buttocks.

“Odette-sama, don’t you want to change your mind right now?”

If you think about it, it’s okay if you feel good after fucking Siwoo.
The achievement of being a slave who opened all the anus of twin witches might come out.
But I wasn’t too keen on it.

When I was doing this and that with Odile, I had a bit of a sexual desire, but Odette’s case is a bit different.
Odile had already overcome shame, embarrassment, and fear of the unknown purely to satisfy his own curiosity.

But what about Odette?
She just doesn’t know what to do and is clumsily copying her older sister. How can you do something bad to a kid who is trembling like this?
Siu carefully spread Odette’s hips apart.

“Will you stand with your legs spread a little?”

Look at this.
I’ve been threatening you with authority until just now, but I can’t move as soon as my body touches it.
Odette flinched and spread her legs shoulder-width apart.

“Take your back a little further back. Your butt too.”

Odette sticks out his buttocks in an awkward arch.
Her buttocks were as red as a ripe peach, whether it was because she drank alcohol or because she was embarrassed.


Come to think of it, I heard that the shape of the wrinkles in the anus is genetic.
Odette’s buttock wrinkles were exactly the same as Odile’s.
If Gehenna had back door locks, they could open each other’s doors.

Odette glanced behind him.
When Siwoo hesitated without doing anything, he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“La~ la la la la~”

Her mouth is open
What leaked out was a mysterious tune like a confession poem.
It was a mesmerizing and somewhat sensual tune that reminded me of a siren’s song.

“What, what is that?”

Siwoo felt an unusual portent somewhere.
Because as soon as she heard the song, her head spun as if she had been hypnotized.

My pulse quickened as if I had been hit by adrenaline.
The pupils are dilated and see clearly through the dark inside of the storage room.

“…I won’t tell you.”

After saying that, Odette stood looking forward as before.
There was not enough time for Siwoo to feel a sense of danger at her questionable reaction.

“I’m sorry…!”

In front of her eyes is Odette’s naked ass.
Without even realizing it, Siu’s gaze turned to Odette’s tight lower lip.

It was just an enchanting scene.
The arsenic of an innocent virgin who does not yet know the taste of men.
A narrow hole that seemed to be tightened just by inserting her fingers was visible through the chewy meat.

“Wh… What kind of magic did you cast?”

However, Siwoo was taken aback because the reaction of his lower body was obviously strange.
It’s natural to get an erection after seeing such an erotic scene, but it’s the first time the pepper has become so firm that it hurts.
Sexual desire to the point of a sense of crisis eats away at the hot reason.


Odette still said nothing.
However, there was not much grace in the time given to Siwoo in the first place.

The ever-increasing sexual desire clearly exceeded reason.
Rape the woman in front of you, make her pregnant, ejaculate inside her, sow her seeds.
It seems like someone is whispering in my ear.

Siwoo was about to leave the storage room immediately.
He no longer has the confidence to hold on to his spirit.
It was the first time I felt such a big and intense sexual desire.
And perhaps this arrow of sexual desire was directed at Odette, who was standing cross-legged in front of him.

You have to run away.
As Siwoo turned toward the door like that, Odette’s buttock was caught again in Siu’s field of vision.

Siu looked down at his lower body.
A cock that stands upright with blood vessels protruding to the point of being hideous.
And there are two holes that feel good when you insert a cock.

Why do I have to get out of here
Go slow.

“Whoa… Whoa…”

He ran his hand over his cock, applying plenty of gel.
Actions close to instinct, not conscious.

“Did Odette-sama start it first?”

It’s absurd to think that I was manipulated as I please by such a small, insignificant kid.
Siu opened Odette’s hips, which were shaking like pudding.

“Get down more.”

Startled by the growling voice, Odette looked away for a moment as if cheating, but listened to Siu obediently.
He lowered his upper body and pulled his hips further back.

“It’s okay…!”

Siu grabbed his cock and rubbed it against the crease of Odette’s buttocks.
Even Odette’s shrunken groans are not heard by Siu.
It’s a pity that I can’t open the hymen, but the back hole is enough for now.
Consideration, concession, concern.
I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about such troublesome things until now.
There is an ona hall in front of me that says to relieve my sexual desire like this.

“Kyaagh…! Black…! Black…!”

Like Odile’s, he slowly thrusts his cock into his firm and chewy ass.
The most important thing is to insert the glans.
Since the thickest part of the penis is the glans, it doesn’t take that much effort to move it once it’s in here.


The only difference is that Odette, unlike Odile, did not even caress her with her hands.
An act that is dangerous enough to leave permanent aftereffects if it wasn’t a reflection body.

However, Odette’s body was excellent.
Even though he swallowed the painful saliva, he received Siwoo’s cock at once with his anus without any difficulty.

At the same time, steamy pleasure is transmitted to the lower half of the body.
Like Odile’s sister, it was a very tenacious ass.
Perhaps Odette was one step ahead in terms of tightening, as if there was no trick to loosening up.

– Right!

Then Odette snapped his fingers that he had barely lifted.
At the same time, his head clears as if the writing had disappeared.

“New… It’s tougher than I thought…”

Odette took a deep breath and then managed to get his words out.
It was only then that Siu clearly grasped his situation.

He had already plunged his cock halfway into Odette’s back hole.
The small ass, which made me wonder how it had managed to get this large object, was tightly packed in the shape of half an apple, whether from pain or irritation.

“Is it magic again?”

Damn self-inflicted magic.
The most unfortunate thing is that I can’t even deal with it properly.

“Uh…But, assistant-sama wouldn’t have done anything if he didn’t do this…Hah…”

It seemed obvious that Odette’s body was the limit.
It is a stiff erector muscle that is clearly exposed and a tightly united buttock muscle.
Even so, Odette never said anything about removing things.

“Huh… Put in a little more… It’s okay…”

On the contrary, he slowly pulled his back back and began to swallow Siwoo’s cock through his back hole.
I could feel the sphincter muscle that stimulated the cock like a ring slowly descending through the middle of the cock to the hem.
Seeing that dizzying pleasure, Siwoo awkwardly grabbed Odette’s pelvis.

“Hee… Hee… How… It’s a strange… Feeling…”

Odette accepted Siwoo’s cock with a strange voice, not knowing if it was a moan or a sigh.
It felt like it was getting hotter the more I pushed it in.
I’ve never penetrated this deep before with Odile…


The buttocks finally touched the pubic bone.
Odette’s dainty hole had swallowed the penis all the way to the root.

Odette is sweating profusely.
However, a smile that seems to be satisfied somehow goes to Siwoo.

“How is it…? Assistant, has your sister ever put it this far?”
“How is it? Unnie feels better, I feel better…?”

Having said that, Odette bit his lip and began shaking his waist slowly.
Like a slave serving his master.
Odette’s ass, which was as tight as Odile’s, stimulated his cock with a firm but intense force.

“Even my sister… Ah..Haha… Couldn’t… Like this… Huh… Haang…”

Although it is clear that he is not feeling full-fledged pleasure yet.
Odette never stopped moving.

“The way to please a man… I’m… Studying… I’m..Hehe…! It’s all… Written in the book… Dancing like this… Dancing… If you give…”

Odette, still lodged in the object, begins to make circles with his waist.
The ecstasy that the eyes will return.
The inner mucous membranes full of elasticity rotate and start biting the cock in various places.


It seems that Siu is not the only one who feels pleasure from this movement.
The unusually strong body of a semi-spiritual body caught a clue of pleasure even with a cock that stirred widely in the back hole immediately after the first opening of the anus.

“Oh… It felt… Haa…! It was…!”

Only my sister knew.
The joy of being one with a man.
For the first time in my life, the feeling of pleasure that came to mind while dispelling the pain in an instant made me feel so much better that it could not be expressed in words written in a book.

“Assistant… How is your assistant…?”
“I-I’m fine too.”

There is no room for denial.
It was the first time I moved with such intense movement, but it feels better than I could have imagined.

It was on a different level from simply inserting and taking out the cock at the level of dipping it into Odile’s back hole.
An obscene mucous membrane that can be felt widening each time it is stabbed.
The pleasure of anal ring, which roughly moves the cock up and down, was more than 100 times more ecstatic than masturbation.

Haha..Haha… I feel… Strange… I feel like I’m going to pee…”

Odette, who had stiffened her waist like her older sister, let out a quick breath and concentrated on feeling the sensation.

“Now… Now, assistant… I just need you to grab my waist and move me around… Hah… Uhh…”

Odette’s voice, now heard, overlapped with memories.
His voice was the same as when he drank the potion and begged Siu for a baby.
A mixture of nasal sounds and an ecstatic sigh squeezed through the throat.

Unstoppable temptation was flowing from Odette, who threw off her shame as if she was completely immersed in the situation.

“Like this… Please hold me tight…”

Odette’s slender hand leads Siu’s hand to my waist.
Siwoo caught the boundary between her pelvis and waist without even realizing it.

“All right.”

And started moving slowly.
The pleasure that I feel every time I move my waist that I feel almost for the first time.

Odette’s small asshole, which was afraid of breaking, began to reciprocate the cock.

“It’s so… It’s so… It’s weird… It’s so… It’s so embarrassing, so it’s strange…”

And Odette’s reaction was great enough to stimulate even Siu’s instincts, her sympathy.
Every time she thrusts her toes up, her whole body trembles, and when he pulls her out, he pulls her ass back to the end and follows the cock.

I want to shake it
I want to eat more of the cunning Odette.
The urge for greater pleasure arises, as in the case of the strange spell earlier.

The strange sense of unity between comrades who are learning new things helps them to match the beat.

“It’s the first time in my life… I feel so, so good… It’s strange… Until now… Only my sister..Haha..Haha…”

– Squeak squeak

Siu’s waist, holding Odette’s pelvis like her handle, began to grow more and more violent.
Even though her movements have sped up, the tightening is no different from the first time.
Even with the cock almost all the way out, the pressure was enough to make her head spin.

If it was an ona hole that could give him such pleasure, he wanted to buy it even with all his possessions.


Odette recalled a line from the deliveryman in the midst of a wave of pleasure she felt for the first time in her life.
When I see him shaking his waist and liking him, I feel proud and want to make him feel better.

So, he recited the vulgar lines that he would not have been able to say normally, and that made his head dizzy just by reading them.

It was an unimaginable obscene language that prompts Siwoo’s situation immediately.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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