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City Of Witches 55

City Of Witches 55

Chapter 55 – #13_Latifundium(4)


When Siu also first saw her twin, it was difficult to tell them apart.

No wonder, the two are exactly the same, from the sparkling purple eyes to the length of the flowing black hair.
Even the slightly raised mouth, even the dimples that appear when smiling, are exactly the same without a single error.

Is that all?
The twins did not have the slightest mark to distinguish them from each other.
As if someone said it would be confusing, everything from the dress to the ribbon decoration and accessories were completely matched.

However, recently, while running into twins, I found a characteristic that distinguishes the two.
That’s enough to tell them apart at a glance.

The easiest is the presence or absence of honorifics.
Odile gives her the title of assistant, but usually treats her in a friendly manner.
Odette is not a complete honorific, but she tends to use honorifics quite often.

Here is the difference in attitude.
Odile is active and has great action.
Being full of curiosity is what the twins have in common, but Odile was the first to put it into practice.

On the contrary, Odette is a bit introverted and timid.
Should I always say that after my sister acts, she moves along?

It was the same even when he recalled the time when Siwoo first caught his weakness and took part in sex education.
It is because Odile himself led Siu into a trap while Odette waited patiently at her villa.

Other than that, there are some differences, but there was a stark difference that I was convinced of at this moment.
Odette is a coward.

“Please do the same for me.”

Odile came to the room and even suggested anal sex, with the intention of satisfying his curiosity.
She too was very shy, but her fear of her unknown deeds was hard to find.

But Odette is the exact opposite.
Both of them are dressed perfectly and have not done anything yet, but they are crying as if they would shed tears if touched.

To the point where I can’t imagine how he could make such a bold and on the other hand a request.

“Odette-nim, you don’t have to overdo it.”

Since the confession poem was still valid, everything Siwoo said was in his heart.
If you’re a dyssexual who likes rape, you don’t know, but it’s strange if you have a sexual desire in front of a child who trembles like a lamb being eaten.

“It’s not just a request out of anger.”

However, despite Siwoo’s dissuade, Odette’s determined will did not seem to be broken.

“My sister always did that. If anything happens, she goes ahead of me and intercepts it, doesn’t give in, and learns magic faster than me…”
“It’s not like Odile stole me. There’s no way that I, a mere slave, had any other thoughts.
In fact, isn’t Odette-nim asking me just out of curiosity? This magic really sucks. Still, it’s nice to be able to say something cool.”

In the aftermath of the confession poem, Odette was startled as to whether Siu’s way of speaking was unfamiliar to him after he had wiped away all pretense.

“No, my sister always takes something I like.
No! I’m not saying I like you, but if there’s something I’m interested in… No! It’s not even this… It’s not like I’m interested in your assistant.
Anyway, unnie is one step ahead of me every day and intercepts everything.”
“Originally, siblings grow up fighting fiercely. I think Odile and Odette-sama have a strong friendship.”

In fact, even though they bicker at all times, Odile’s admirable mind for Odette is clearly visible.
Still, it wasn’t once or twice that she looked dignified as her older sister for several hours.

“It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I always lag behind her sister.”

It’s not that Odette hates or hates Odile very much. Just looking at her next to her, you can feel the strong love and affection between her sisters, but that can’t be the case.
Then, what really made Odette rush?

“Odette-sama is just impatient.”

This was a build-up to convince Odette.
You are just anxious.
It was a paving stone to convince Odette by saying that she is also attractive enough and that one day she will become a wonderful lady different from her sister.

“Yeah, I’m nervous. So I want the same thing as her sister.”

It seems to have been self-inflicted.

“You see how wild… I’m timid and say everything I want to say. Oh, I’m sorry… But this is all because of the confession poem, right? Actually, I’m not sorry.”

In addition, a lot of nonsense was leaked, as if her heart was in a hurry.
I was filtering her head as desperately as possible.
It’s ruined.

I could see Odette’s pupils tremble as she overheard Siu’s true intentions.

“Can you solve this a little faster?”
“Gwa, it’s okay. Everyone has various thoughts inside… I can’t solve it on my own, it will be solved with time.”

Odette cleared her throat and said,

“Ah…Anyway, I know that I’m inferior to my sister. That’s why I don’t want to fall behind even more… In terms of capturing snacks, in magic skills… And various experiences…”
“Odette-sama, stop it… I’ve never thought of Odette-sama rationally. To be honest, what you’re doing is so childlike that it’s just like looking at your little sister.”

Coogu palace.
Behind Odette’s back, there was an illusion of a landslide collapsing.
It was as if he had hurt her unintentionally, and at the same time, it was a provocation like magic that allowed her to overcome Odette’s timidity at once.

“Uh, secretly doing naughty things with my sister… That’s why you weren’t interested in me…?”

My older sister also came to visit, so she couldn’t help it.
Of course, I thought that kind of answer would come out, but before I knew it, her mouth was tightly shut.
The poem of confession was solved in a much faster time than Odil’s time.

“No…! I wasn’t too interested in Odile. I just explained to you that it wasn’t something I wanted to do!”
“Lie, I know that the poem of confession has just been released! Is it a lie as soon as it is released?!”
“Call me again! It’s real!”
“That’s Okay!”

Odette, now almost on the verge of crying, fluttered and threw off her cloak.
A pure white sleeveless dress and boots flutter wildly in the winter.

“I don’t want to lose to my sister, nor do I want to fall behind.”

I had a strong feeling that something was fundamentally screwed up.

“Follow me.”

Odette clenched her teeth and glared at Siu with burning eyes.
Odette pulls Siu by the arm without even having time to talk to him because he has a face full of resentment.

The place we arrived at was the corner of the tree house.
It was probably an alcove that was used as a storage room.
Well, no matter how determined Odette was, it must have been a burden to do this or that in front of her sleeping sister.

“I’m going to do the same as my sister did. My assistant has to cooperate with me too.”
“… Mr. Odette.”
“Just try to deny it more than this. At that time, I won’t stay still either.”

Odette, who seemed to be tightly pouting.
Clinging close to Siwoo, he started taking off his overalls pants.
Odette’s small head swayed from side to side in front of her eyes.

Should I dry it or not?
If it’s Odette, it seems like she’ll get scared and give up everything the moment Siwoo gets a little aggressive.
He seemed to be trying to get what he wanted somehow, no matter how hard he tried to stop him now.


Odette pulled down Siwoo’s pants and took out an object and grabbed the object tightly.
Warm hands knead his cock.
Odette hesitated on his cock for a while with his face flushed, then looked up at Siu’s face.

I also felt it when I was O’Dil, but when I saw it up close, my head was really small.
Even though ordinary people can have plastic surgery to follow actors, they say that the size of his head and body proportions are innate.
Odile or Odette’s proportions were fantastic enough to believe that they were dolls.

“Will you do it? I heard that men get excited when you touch them like this?”

I wondered why he took off his pants and touched it all of a sudden, but it must have been that he was putting out insurance to prevent Siwoo from hitting an iron wall.

Looking up at it with such earnest eyes, I thought that it would be really bad for me to reject it, saying, “I won’t do it coldly.”
On the contrary, I thought that it would be a little… To open Odette’s back hole as if she was taking advantage of that naivety.

“Are you not going to answer me?”

Odette bit her lip at the still hesitant look of Siu, and he said resentfully.

“Assistant, listen carefully. If the assistant does not listen to me here, I will tell the whole truth to the master. I will also tell Professor Amelia that the assistant is studying escape magic.”

The reason for not trying to go against Odette’s planting as much as possible finally appeared.
Siwoo’s weak point is the twins.
Even if an appropriate agreement was reached with Odile, if Odette had a different opinion, it would be a joke.

The fact that Odette, who was much more concerned about Siwoo’s situation than Odile’s, comes out like that, is probably because she is concentrated in her own way.

Siu sighed deeply.

“Yes, but if you feel like Odette-sama is a bit out of line, feel free to tell me.”
“I will do more than my sister.”

Odette looked at Siu’s things, which had become hardened by repeated stimulation, nodded as if it was all right, and then slowly rolled up the hem of her dress.

He slowly lowered his underwear, covering his knees, thighs, and pelvis, exposing his lower belly with the bowl drawn on it.
Like Odile’s, the mound was pretty and thick like a camel’s hoof.

I’ve seen it a few times already, but every time I see it, I think it’s really pretty.

“Uh, what should I do?”

With small impressions, Siwoo made a new plan.

“For now, I will do as Odette-sama asked. I emphasize once again, but if you feel it is difficult, stop.
Could you please hold on to that for a moment?”

What Siu pointed to was a desk piled with trifles.
Odette nodded his head with a spleen expression and put her hand on the desk.

Perhaps because the drawers came off, the hem of her dress revealed the round shape of her hips.
Even if you lift that up a little, you’ll see her lower half with nothing on.

“Could you roll up the hem of her dress just a little bit?”

The strategy Siu decided on was not to persuade Odette.
Waiting for her bashful girl to fall out on her own.
Judging by the reaction, I don’t think it will take that long.

Odette nodded her head and with her stiff movements slowly retracted the hem of her dress.
The dress that covered her buttocks like a curtain lifted up, exposing her clear back.

“I did…”
“I need a lubricant, can you make one?”
“No, of course.”

Moisture in the air gathers as Odette recites the chant.
The collected moisture turned thick and smooth like aloe gel.
Being able to use such magic without a simple alchemy catalyst proves that Odette’s magical skills are by no means lacking.

Siu spread the gel that Odette had made on her palms evenly and then she stood behind her.
Her shoulders were trembling slightly.
To the extent that it is clearly seen that he is overdoing it.

Odette glanced back at her.

“Quick, do it.”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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