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City Of Witches 54

City Of Witches 54

Chapter 54 – #13_Latifundium(3)


It was as Odile boasted.
Most of Gehenna’s food goes into the mouths of witches, but the wine that Odile secretly hid was the very liquor itself.

I drank all the orange juice on the way back in the carriage and left my cup, so the three sitting around blew bottles around.

– Beep beep beep beep

Odile swallows wine with a good gulp.
As soon as she put her bottle down, her flushed face smelled of her liquor.


I know the scent and taste are excellent, but honestly, it was too sweet for Siwoo’s taste.
In fact, when she took the first sip, she thought it was grape juice.

“Odile, how about you stop drinking now?”
“Mousse is sooooo~, on such a pleasant day, you should drink a lot!”

She looked at Odile, who was becoming a drunkard by herself, with eyes full of concern.

“Can I not stop Odette-sama’s sister?”
“Sometimes she does that, but it’s okay, she sleeps cool anyway. Sister! Don’t hold her alone, give it to me too!”

As Odile rocked her body from side to side in her sitting position, intoxicated with the aftertaste of alcohol, Odette took her bottle and took a few sips.
She picks up a sandwich, munches it, and this time hands Siu her bottle of alcohol.

Even though they are identical twins and must have drunk similar amounts, the reactions of the two were completely different.
Odile stumbles, unable to control himself, while Odette sits very upright, even though she may have a little blush on her cheek.

“You’re drunk.”
“Yes, I’ve never actually been drunk. Here, assistant, eat too.”
“Thank you.”

At first, I drank it with my mouth completely open, but I wondered if I should hit it with an indirect kiss as well.
I’ve been through all sorts of things and I think it’s strange to be conscious of it, so I’m drinking comfortably from the middle.

“Um… It’s very sweet.”
“Honestly, the wine Master drinks is too bitter. Why do you drink that?”

Also, I’m a kid.
It’s because I live life so smoothly.



Then Odile fell from the sofa with a crack.
Her forehead hit the floor with the sound of stones splitting, but she only wriggled on the floor, not even thinking about getting up.

Is it dead


Siwoo ran away in fright.
I woke up Odile, who was sharing a hot encounter with the floor.
Although Odile is limp like cotton soaked in water, it is still light.

“Ugh… The floor is swaying…”
“Oh, you should have eaten that in moderation.”

Siu, who tried to put his hand under Odile’s arm in the most casual way to raise him up, was startled.
As he fell over, the front of his cloak was open, so he put his hand inside the cloak, and he touched Odile’s manicured armpit.

Haha…! What… What…! Don’t tickle me…”

Feeling tickled, Odile suddenly tightened her armpit, making it difficult to get her hand out.
Somehow, I thought I was wearing something comfortable today.
It looks like it was a sleeveless dress inside the cloak.

The temperature was strangely higher than in other places, and the flesh felt a little more wrapped around my hand.
Shiu tried not to be conscious of the feeling of something seductive in his armpit and managed to lift Odile’s limp body.

“Oh, how much did you drink and how did you get drunk?”
“I hate the sofa… That sofa is hard…”

When he tried to lay him down on the sofa, Odile grabbed Siu by the collar like a koala and refused to let go.
I feel like I’m 5 years younger than what I’m doing.

“Odette-nim, Odile-nim, is your drinking habit like this?”
“Yes, it’s similar. Can I help you? Huh?!”

Odette, who was approaching to help Siu, stopped in place and covered his mouth.
It was a similar situation to last time.
Suddenly, Odile pulled Siwoo by the neck and kissed him.
She came and kissed her so hard that her lips slit against her front teeth and tasted like blood.

“Haum… Chuup… Chuuuuung…”

Odile, who held Siwoo’s face and poured sticky kisses for a long time, collapsed onto the sofa as if that was the last force he had squeezed out.


She then begins to snore and puts her to sleep.
Well, I went back home late last night, and today I had to prepare for the picnic earlier than Siwoo, so of course I must have been tired.

Siwoo looked at Odette awkwardly, wiping Odile’s saliva from her lips with his sleeve.
Odette was looking at Odile and Siu, who had been knocked down on the sofa, with her eyes wide open.

“That, Odile-nim has a really bad drinking habit.”

Odette staring at Si-woo with her breathing stopped.
I didn’t know what he was thinking, so I was embarrassed.


Odette, who hesitated in place as if thinking for a long time, called Siu.
I am very worried because I have made a big decision.

“Yes, Mr. Odette.”
“Last night… Was her sister visiting the assistant’s quarters?”
“I know that an unexpected assistant has decided to accompany me. She also vaguely remembers that her sister disappeared briefly in the middle of the night.”

In fact, it was unknown how far he could tell Odette, but if he knew that far, he couldn’t escape.

“Yes, Lord Odile came to visit.”

Odette, who was fiddling with the hem of his cloak, walked carefully with his toes and walked towards Siu.

“By any chance… Did something happen with you yesterday?”

This was a more difficult question to answer.
I don’t know what kind of reaction Ni Odette would have if I told her the truth, and Odile didn’t dare tell her sister because she had her own thoughts.

For the sake of Odile’s honor, it would be better to keep it a secret.

“We just had a conversation about this and that.”
“It’s a lie.”

Although the twins are very sympathetic to Siu, the difference between the status of the three in Gehenna is the difference between heaven and earth.
Even if the possibility of that is slim, if Odette is openly sarcastic or sarcastic, the situation will become complicated with no room for excuses.


Perhaps that’s why Siu couldn’t easily tell a lie.

“Well, I know very little about her relationships with men… But I know her sister better than anyone.”
“Her sister’s way of treating her assistant today was different from usual. She must have had something happen last night.”

It was only then that Siu realized how the innocent and pure-bred had sensed a sense of incongruity.
No matter how unconcerned Odile is, she’s had an incident like that, and she can’t be the same as usual.
Odette felt a sense of incongruity in her sister’s change, which Siwoo could not notice.

“I didn’t hide anything from my assistant… But you lie to me…”

Siwoo opened and closed his mouth, but he could not find the right answer.

“My assistant and I are now committed to the future. I think lying between us is even more wrong.”
“Yes? Did you not hear me?”

Promise for the future?
I’ve never done anything like that.

“I, Odette-sama. You seem to be misunderstanding something.”
“It’s not an illusion! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time since that day.”

Odette was sincere in her voice, as if confessing her lifelong decision.
There is no laughter or playfulness at all, which makes it even creepier.
It was a sign that something was going wrong.

“I… Showed my naked body to my assistant. Besides, besides… The most embarrassing parts touch each other… And I always… Thought only of my assistant… And touched my body alone….”

Odette’s face was burning hot enough to be incomparable to the spirit of alcohol.
Now she can be compared to Odile, who is spread out on the couch drunk.

“Odette-sama, you’re very drunk.”
“I’m not drunk! Even though my assistant is a slave and I regret that I’m going to inherit the name of the great Earl of Zemonai… Anyway… I’m the one who showed me my naked body… There’s no going back now.” …”


Only then did Siu follow Odette’s accident a little.
It’s not that complicated or extreme.
Rather, it is so easy and simple that it is simply incomprehensible.

Her idea was simple.
It was a childish accident that a girl who kissed a boy she dated in elementary school thought, ‘I kissed ㅇㅇ, so I’m going to get married!’

As she got older and learned more, she naturally brushed it off saying, ‘I thought so at the time’.

Was it because she thought so that she suddenly jammed out?
Shouldn’t there be anything to hide while promising the future?
I was a little suspicious why he was saying such a thing, but now it feels a bit right.

Rather than revealing what lies she dared to tell, Si-woo chose to correct Odette’s false prejudices.

“Odette-sama, there’s something wrong with you. It’s true that it’s embarrassing to show your naked body to an outsider, but that doesn’t mean you have to get married.”
“Is this a lie again? I won’t be fooled by that!”

I knew she would react that way.
Siu leisurely continued her second period of sex education.
Still, I’m glad the topic is lighter than before.

“Then what about Odile? Didn’t Odile show me her naked body too?”
“Are you not satisfied with just my body and are aiming for my sister…?”

But I didn’t expect to react like this.

“No, not that…”
“Or are you saying I’m not good enough?”

Odette began to whine in a hushed voice.

“Everyone lies to me, and my sister went to see her assistant without saying anything to me. Please be as honest as assistant. I know everything I know.”

That’s a bit tricky
That’s why yesterday, after experimenting with Odette’s older sister to see if the back hole can make you feel better, I only put it at the end.
Shall I say

Odile’s momentum that comes from hopeless curiosity is also burdensome, but Odette’s recklessness that comes from innocence is too difficult to handle.

“Odette-sama, don’t think too hard…”

Odette opened her mouth before Shiu could speak.

” ♫ ~♪ “

And a soft song begins to play.
It was the exact same melody as the ‘Confession Poem’, one of the self-reflection magics Odile had used before.
It was a magic that brought such a shocking experience, so I remembered it clearly.

“Now, tell me. What happened to you and your sister yesterday?”

The danger of this magic was felt right away.
Siwoo hurriedly tried to cover his mouth with his hand.
However, the mouth opens regardless of the doctor.
The moment he tried to completely cover his mouth with his palm, the direction was twisted.
Siu’s inner feelings, which were brought out by magic, were conveyed to Odette.

“I put my finger in Odile’s back hole.”

Odette was startled, covering her mouth with both hands.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… You and I did that again… Tell me everything! What else did you do?”
“Keuh…Keuh… I also inserted my penis.”
“Like back then…?”
“Yes, but I didn’t.”

Odette continues to be astonished at whether or not she is weak enough to faint just by simply listening to her words.

“Why? Why did you do that?”

Siwoo gave up trying to stop him by covering his mouth.
I felt a little sorry for Odile.

“Odile… While masturbating, he realized that he couldn’t feel it alone and came to visit me. He said that even if you can’t feel anything alone, you can feel it with the two of us, and let’s verify that.”

Odette glared at Odile, his face red.

“It’s mean again, but alone…”
“I’m sure you’re worried about Odette-sama.”
“Okay! So, did you feel good, sister?”

Odette sighs, wondering what she is so resentful of, or whether it is just confusion.

“Yes, he didn’t show it, but… Even the drawers were soaked in love juice.”
“Drenched in love juice…?”

Odette sat down on the sofa as if she was dizzy.
Odette, who had been glaring at Odile spread out on the sofa for a while, looked at Siu with sparkling eyes.

“Please do the same for me.”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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