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City Of Witches 5

City Of Witches 5

Chapter 5 – #01_The Slave of the City Of Witches (5)


Associate Professor Amelia’s research building is located in the northeast annex of Trinity Academy.
Since there was no corridor leading to her annex, Siu stepped into her research building in the cold rain.

Amelia Marigold.
Although he is called an associate professor, you can feel something strange just by looking at this research building.
Amelia, who is neither a full professor nor a head professor, is alone in a building that can be used by five people.

“You know what to do.”

It’s probably because Amelia is a noble.
It wasn’t an important issue for Siwoo anyway.
I can only sigh at the thought of cleaning this filthy and spacious research building by myself.
I took off my raincoat and folded it at the entrance, and gathered cleaning tools from the storage room.


Unlike the splendid main building of the academy, the annex was a simple wooden building.
Because it had been built for a long time, every step made a creaking sound.

After going through the stairs on the second floor and entering the large door, I entered Amelia’s workshop, which seemed to be 20 pyeong.
As soon as you enter, you can smell the smoke of cigarettes.
Filling a large space tightly.

A glass bottle containing a liquid that emits mysterious light, magic books, scrolls made of parchment, a shelf where various reagents are sorted and listed with tags, a dream catcher arranged instead of a curtain by the window, and candles lighting up the research building where darkness has fallen. .

The atmosphere is like a mixture of an occult cafe that was popular in the past and a medieval alchemist’s laboratory.
It’s quite authentic, so if it was in a place like Hongdae, it would have been cult-like.

Amelia was sitting in the middle of the dark workshop.
With one hand on her chin and the other on her cigarette, her troubled eyes are scrutinizing something in her.
She was so deeply immersed in contemplation that she didn’t even seem to notice that Siu had entered.

It’s so damn pretty

Even though it’s a defenseless expression that you don’t think you’ll show to others, there’s no corner to blame.

Siwoo snooped in front of Amelia with a cleaning tool for no reason.
He started cleaning without a word, and ifheheard nagging, it seemed like he would be angry.

This is a complete aside, the cigarette Amelia smokes is a modern product called Lucky Strike.
As it is a long-established brand that has been on the market since 1847, it is also a favorite among smokers and witches.


It was only when Siwoo came 10 steps ahead of him that he was confused, Amelia opened her mouth in a daze.
An intelligent light returns to Amelia’s eyes, which had been blurred as if she was looking into the distance.

“Associate Professor Amelia, I’m here to help organize the research building. Where should I start?”

Siu asked, bending over as best he could.
I felt it from the time I entered the research building, but I think it would take 3 hours or 12 hours to clean it like a normal person.
For now, it was best to curry favor with Amelia and reduce her punishment as much as possible.

“When did you come?”
“I just arrived a little while ago.”

Amelia looked at Siwoo with a look of natural contempt.
Rolling up her sleeves to keep her ink from getting on her, she flicked her slender wrist and pointed with her quill, pointing here and there.

“Arrange the magic books by category. Don’t dust the shelves, wipe them with a wet rag, put the books with leather covers over there, sort the thesis files in order and put them on the bookshelf. Don’t touch the things on the table.”
“Take care of it quietly so as not to be disturbed. And again…”

Besides that, Amelia, who had lined up this and that, waved her palms without even looking at them as if asking them to go.
Siwoo held back a sigh and started cleaning the corner of the research building with a bucket and a broom.

It’s not like I’ve never had to clean her studio, but I’ve never seen anything so dirty.
It seemed that someone had deliberately messed up.

For a while, only the sound of Amelia scratching her pen and the sound of Siu cleaning sounded in the workshop.
I’m dying of sadness cleaning, but the appearance of having to hold my breath to make a noise…
I feel like I’m going to burst into tears because I’m so sad.

About an hour elapsed.
Just as the first bookshelf was being sorted out, Amelia’s voice was heard.


Trying to catch something again this time.
Siwoo held back his frown and looked back at Amelia with a smile on his face.
She licked her lips calmly, with an expressionless expression that didn’t make sense.

“Come here.”

At the unexpected call, Siwoo blankly pointed his finger at his chest and asked again.

“Yes? Me, me?”

It seems that Siwoo’s behavior was very annoying to Amelia, who likes to be snappy.
Amelia’s eyebrows curled slightly.
For reference, that body sign means about 25% of the hysteric gauge. If it exceeds 50%, the discord will fall, so we had to hurry.

“I’m going to clean this up and go.”
“That’s Okay.”

Siu sucked the mop in his bucket in a hurry.
Amelia shook her head and snapped her fingers.

– Right!

A wave of magical power that even Siwoo could feel shook the inside of the research building once.
And all things come to mind.
The objects that were dancing in the air began to be placed where they were supposed to enter without an inch of error.

Psychokinesis is a very basic magic, but it shows Amelia’s high level.
While interfering with hundreds of objects simultaneously with magic, there is not the slightest twist or mess.

The dust that rose up in the middle of the day was collected like a ball in the air and went into the bucket, and the cleaning was finished.

The workshop has changed so neatly that there is no sense of incongruity even with the semiconductor process.
Siu watched the whole scene half-emptily.

He wasn’t a ‘baron’ for nothing.
Siu, who understands the greatness of magic even in small pieces, can’t help but forget the old feelings and feel awe.

Siu crossed the dust-free research building and stood next to Amelia.
Maybe it’s because something like that happened this morning, so I’m conscious of her white hands.

Can not be done.
If you get an erection here, you are truly disqualified from being human.
With that mindset, Siu suppressed his sexual desire, which was about to stick his head out abruptly.

“Sit down please.”

As Amelia chinned her, her spare chair slid into her seat.
What kind of whim is this?
Amelia’s eccentricity, which had nothing to do with usual, made Siwoo very nervous.

Amelia sniffed out a cigarette from the pack of cigarettes.
As she sucked in her breath, a small spark rose at her tip.


Amelia turns her chair to face Siu.
She calmly crossed her legs and handed Siu a pack of cigarettes.
Seeing that the hem of her skirt was pulled back and her white thighs were slightly folded, Siu hurriedly looked away.

“Do you smoke?”

Here in Gehenna, modern tobacco is a very rare commodity.
At least, that was the case for Siwoo, who was a former slave.
I couldn’t bear to quit smoking while working as a slave. All I did was share smoke with Takasho from time to time.
Siwoo barely ignored the body’s clamor for nicotine and tar.

It’s a bit scary to be honest.
Amelia’s kindness, not anyone else’s.
I’d rather drink an open Welch’s on the bench.

“Oh, it’s okay. Thank you.”
“I can’t help it if I don’t like it.”

Amelia did not recommend it again.
He puts her pack of cigarettes back on the desk and sucks the smoke out of her looking very appetizing.

Amelia’s profile reflected on the stand in the gloomy research building is attractive, as if she had ripped out of a photo shoot.

She extinguished the half-remaining cigarette by rubbing it into the ashtray.
Leaving half of that precious thing behind.
Siu, who was aiming for secondhand smoke with sidestream smoke while breathing as deeply as possible, closed his eyes.

It shouldn’t be like this.
I don’t know what kind of trick it is, but if I fall for the witch’s trick, the only thing left is humiliation.
Why isn’t there a famous saying?
Don’t be a fat pig, be a hungry human being.

As if reading Siwoo’s thoughts, Amelia brought her words out at the clever timing.

“Are you hungry?”
“No, it’s fine.”

Like a new recruit with a strong military discipline, a fluffy plate flies in front of Siwoo.
One plate landed in front of Siwoo and the other in front of Amelia.
The cover that was covering it like a bell came off and a piece of cake appeared.

It is a cake called ‘Schwarzwalder Kirsch Torte’ or ‘Black Forest’ made with cherry brandy, whipped cream, and chocolate.
Whipped cream filled between the layers of the chocolate sponge, candied cherry filling that preserves the texture of the fruit, and finally, the cherry brandy syrup that wraps it sweetly tops it off.

Amelia took out her fork and cut up her cake and put it in her mouth.
Siu was greatly shocked.

If you are a soldier, you can easily sympathize with him, but what he lacks the most while living as a slave is ‘dang’, not meat or anything else.
In Gehenna, where both sugar and honey were traded at high prices, sweets were not something that slaves could easily put into their mouths.
As soon as his sense of smell, which had become sensitive to the sweet scent, detected the scent of the cake, his mouth was salivating.

“Come on, listen.”
“Are you really okay?”

How can you not eat this?
I couldn’t stand it any longer.
As Amelia did, she cuts the cake with a fork.
The heavy weight felt at the tip of the fork seems to represent the sweetness of the cake.


It tastes great.
The scent of cherries spreads ecstatically enough to make your head dizzy.
The moistness of whipped cream and the sweetness of chocolate caress the tip of your tongue.
I feel that each of the taste buds that have tasted sweetness in a long time wake up all at once and scream of joy.


Shiu hurriedly ate the cake, forgetting that Amelia was in front of her.
A palm-sized cake disappears in one minute without leaving any crumbs.

“I’m sorry.”

It seems that reason flew away for a while.
Seeing Amelia looking at him with a strange expression, Siu brought her to her senses.
Amelia licked the whipped cream off her lips and handed her portion to Siu’s plate.

“If it’s not enough, listen to this too.”
“Are you okay?”

Amelia gave a small nod of her head.

This is not Amelia!
Something is going wrong!

Apart from the inner consciousness that urged vigilance, Siwoo’s tongue and stomach wanted more sweet cakes.
After eating all the extra cake, Siu looked at Amelia.

I felt hot all over again.
Amelia was watching Siu until he ate all the cakes.

“Thank you very much.”

But why is Amelia acting like this all of a sudden?
Did she change her course with her appeasement when she did not come over even after being bullied for 5 years?
If she thought that she could make up for her sorrow with just a cake, she was mistaken.

You nasty witch! Don’t take care of the profit and benefit.
Around the time when he thought of Takasho’s advice and thought of something sinister.
Amelia opened her mouth.

“Do you know how that cake is made?”

In a quiet, quiet voice like teaching twins in a classroom.
Somehow, a very ominous omen passed Siwoo’s spine.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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