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City Of Witches 6

City Of Witches 6

Chapter 6 – #01_The Slave of the City Of Witches (6)


“Do you know how that cake is made?”

Amelia’s long eyelashes grow slowly.
Beneath it, the beautiful blue sapphire-like eyes seemed to reveal all of her inner thoughts.


It was wrong
As if she hadn’t expected such a stupid answer to come back, Amelia put on a slightly puzzled expression.

“Caretaker, if I decide to kill the janitor, I can kill him right now.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”

Well, Amelia, who is not just a normal witch and has her title, wouldn’t have to bother with poisoning.
She tells Amelia that she has enough money to compensate even if she kills Siu.
Then why did you bring that up?

“Then why are you suddenly asking such a question…”
“Manager Shin Si-woo, it’s your 6th year soon, right?”
“That’s right.”
“Slaves belonging to City Hall are assigned to another after six years of service in one institution.”

Siu was still bewildered.
If it was, she knew it, even if Amelia hadn’t said anything about her mouth hurting.
But she said something else without further explanation.
She thinks so because she enjoys spinning around.

“This cake is made by a bakery called ‘Kipish’ in Taro Town.”

Amelia continued her explanation in a low pitched voice.

“Since Gehenna was created in 1338, Kifusi has been making this cake for seven centuries. Generation after generation, recipe after recipe.”

Poor beings who have to live confined to this narrow world for centuries and beyond.

“For sweeter chocolate, for fluffy whipped cream. I’ve lived to offer it all to our witches.”

In Gehenna, non-witch citizens were mere contraptions living for the convenience of the witches.

“That’s what a witch is.”

After that, Amelia raised her chin arrogantly.

She is talking
Witches are worshiped, and the inhabitants of Gehenna are meant to honor witches.
The privilege is natural, so he makes his claim without raising an eyebrow.
It is an extremely authoritarian and aristocratic way of thinking.

“Do you understand what I’m trying to say now?”

Amelia caressed Siu’s frowning forehead with her fingertips.

I knew right away.
That’s why I hate this city and the witch who reigns over it.
Even though she knows the famous adage that if you stay still, you’re half gone, she can’t help but say something.

“I understand. Are you trying to say that the witches are very arrogant, self-righteous, and egotistical? Or do you want to be told that you want to live more lightly?”

My voice suddenly rose.
I couldn’t agree with anything about her way of thinking.
Amelia calmly looked at Siwoo, who was frantic and exasperated.

“You’re not listening to my advice at all.”
“Advice? Do witches call it advice?”
“Sure, do you think you’re saying this for petty bragging?”
“It only sounds like that to me.”

Is there any other meaning to what she said besides witches are special beings and you, a slave, must follow my words?

Amelia put her hand on her forehead and closed her eyes.
When she opened her eyes again, they had changed into very annoyed eyes.

“That’s stupid…”

Amelia clicked her tongue and let out a deep sigh.
She hesitated for a moment, then she reluctantly continued her words.

“I don’t know how it sounds to you, but I’ve been lenient with the caretaker.”

Was it tolerance?

“Let’s go back. I will punish you for not meeting the appointment time. Please return to normal work tomorrow.”
“…All right.”

Shiu grabbed her cleaning kit and tried to leave Amelia’s door.

“Manager Shin Si-woo.”

The calmer tone than before made Siwoo stop.
Amelia’s words after that were very confusing.

“If you behave at the next assignment as you did at Trinity Academy…”

It was a small sound, like a whisper, but it reached clearly.

“You might die.”

Siu closed the door without replying and left.

On the way back with a trudging bucket.

My mind was complicated.
Just as Amelia said, a year later, Shiu and Takasho are assigned to different places of work.

What is surprising is that Amelia knows about it.
The schedule for Siwoo’s assignment, which is worse than the academy’s dizzying supply.

And undeserved kindness and advice that didn’t sound like advice at all.

A little while ago, the blood rushed to her head, and she thought only that Amelia was playing her mean.
Or, she thought, she was scaring her to make her do her bidding.

However, the last line Siwoo heard when he opened the door and came out.
That was clearly a word of concern.
It might be just an illusion, but it was definitely a different atmosphere from the usual Amelia.

“…No way, I’m crazy.”

It seems that he was too conscious of Amelia because he cared too much about what Takasho said.
Amelia, who is no one else but united with a sense of privilege, can’t care about the safety of her slave.
If you’re so worried about it, just make her your exclusive slave.
Siu organized his thoughts.

“As expected, it’s a bitch.”

A clear sky all of a sudden.
Siwoo, who was carrying heavy steps to the dorm, met Takasho by chance.
He had a gleeful expression on the back of his neck full of kiss marks.

“Brother, have you worked overtime yet?”
“I was 3 minutes late and they cleaned the research building.”

Takasho, who had withered away, opened his eyes as soon asheheard the word research building.
It must have been quite an interesting subject.

“No way, in the workshop? Just the two of us?”
“Uh, I want to ask you something about that.”
“Did you?”

Siu hit Takasho in the back of the head.
And he confided about what had happened in the research building.

“Why are you pretending to be serious? It doesn’t suit you.”
“No, it’s not like that.”

As soon as Takasho heard the words, his expression became very serious.
I thought he might be of some help, since he’s Takasho, a flamboyant womanizer.
As soon as I saw him caressing his mouth with his arms crossed, I wonder if he said it for nothing.

“From what I’ve seen, this is 100%.”
“Assistant Professor Amelia has a crush on Shin Si-woo, the academy manager.”
“That’s what you say every day.”

Takasho grabbed Siu by the shoulder.
The stuffiness he feels is conveyed intact through his grip.

“No, I was only half joking until now. I wonder how witches like slaves anyway. But I’m sure this is true. Amelia is obsessed with you.”
“You say it’s someone else’s business.”
“Haa, he’s a frustrating friend to the end. Listen to him.”

Takasho, who had been calling Amelia until just now, whispered in Shiu’s ear.

“Only you should know this? Is there a witch who loves me?”
“Head Professor Sophia?”
“Yeah, I heard from Sophie recently too.

I’ve never thought of it like that.

“You know that some witches call you to the bed when they think they’re a bit handsome? But do you know why the 12 professors at Trinity didn’t send you a love call?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Rumors have already spread among the professors. Associate Professor Amelia has his eyes on you.”

Come to think of it, Amelia was the only witch who chatted up next to Siwoo.
She just thought it was because she didn’t want to talk to a lowly janitor.
Wasn’t it?

“But doesn’t that mean a lot?”
“Because that’s not it! Only you and Amelia know what Amelia proposed to you during the night.”
“So what is it?”
“If Amelia showed off, she would have been noticed by the other witches, and she would have been taken care of.”

However, Siu, who suffered a lot from Amelia, could not sympathize with Takasho’s excited delusion.
Interpretation of a dream is better than a dream at best.

“Isn’t that you? Amelia says she’s never taken anyone to bed.”
“I sneakily asked the professor today. Amelia is said to be an orthodox witch who knows nothing but magic. She said she didn’t go to the Velvet window and only washed herself in Levana’s public bath. You still don’t know? Really? Did I tell you this far?”

Takasho pounded his chest as if to die of envy.

“Even though I’m called here and there, strictly speaking, I’m just a rattle that listens well. At best, it’s a pet dog. But aren’t you? Among the witches full of carnivores, Amelia is a chaste like a deer!”
“Even if Amelia is a deer, as you say, it must be a deer that eats her flesh?”
“Because it’s not! A person with a pretty face has a kind heart.”

Takasho half sobbed and put his hand on Shiu’s shoulder.

“I envy you Shin Si-woo, I envy you so much… If you really do well, you can hear Professor Amelia press the mating press while saying, ‘Magic is first-class, but Beau-Gee is third-class’.”
“I think your brain is third-rate.”

Takasho even mimics Amelia’s voice and shears the situation realistically.
Siu was startled.
If someone overhears this disrespectful conversation, it won’t end with overtime work.

“If it goes well, I’m begging you too. I won’t even want to go back to Japan, so please do something about second-class citizenship instead of being a slave. The pillar of the future!”

Excited as if it were his own business, Takasho slapped Shiu on the back and headed for his dorm.

“…Let’s listen to it halfway through.”

That Amelia likes herself as a mere slave?
There is a degree to full operation of the happiness circuit.
It was true that even though it sounded plausible with just words like that, it didn’t match at all when I recalled Amelia’s actions and images so far.

I pondered over it.
Amelia in unrequited love.
She was soaked in formalin and fell asleep for some reason, but her own figure came to mind as she stood tall.

Siu shivered.
Rather scary
At that time, Takasho, who was heading to my lodging in the distance, came back erratically.

“Oh, I forgot. I’m going to ‘Taro Town’ tomorrow. Are you going too?”

After all, tomorrow is Sunday.
In other words, it is almost the only personal time given to managers on days when there is only morning work.
The daily necessities distributed were very, very cheap, so the purchase of privately owned items was indispensable.

‘Lenormand Town’, where the academy is located, is a high-ranking town where many high-ranking witches gather, so daily necessities are expensive and luxurious.
Since the manager’s annual salary cannot afford the price, he has to shop in Taro Town, where prices are relatively cheap.

The problem is that it takes half a day to walk from Lenormand Town to Taro Town.
If it hadn’t been for Takasho, who received a lot of Sofia’s beauty.

“I had something to live for. Thank you every time.”
“Why are you doing this so strangely?

Fortunately, thanks to Takasho, who is called to the residence of Head Professor Sophia every weekend, I was able to get a carriage to Taro Town.

Just in time, the wire to draw the magic circle had fallen.

“But you keep going all the way to Taro Town to buy something? Actually, aren’t you going to Changgwan?”
“There are only men there.”
“What do you mean, there are many witches who enjoy lilies like slugs?”

Takasho is a good friend, but he still has to keep it a secret that Shiu can use magic.
I didn’t know where the eyes to see and the ears to hear were.
Still, at the moment of escape, I intend to take him with me.

…If it’s Takasho, I might be able to stay on my own.

“Anyway, I’ll take good care of you tomorrow.”
“Come to the fountain by 1 o’clock as usual.”

After roughly speaking, Siu returned to the inn, covering his head, which was pounding with fatigue.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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