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City Of Witches 4

City Of Witches 4

Chapter 4 – #01_Slaves of City Of Witches (4)


After inducing ejaculation by exciting the male organ with the hand, observe whether or not mana is generated.
In terms of what she said, in reality, there was no difference between her goddaughter and her goddaughter.
There was no way to guess what Amelia was thinking, but for the first time she felt her hand cold.

“It is important to make it big enough to hold it with your hand before starting the full-scale stimulation.”

A hand that I couldn’t even imagine in the hard look that I’ve shown so far.
Grabbing most of the bowels of her cock, she began to caress her, dancing with her fingers.

“Sweep gently like you would a child, and stimulate her glans like you push her thumb up.”

Siwoo hated Amelia.
And she doesn’t like to be seen being a bigot in front of other people.
What was undeniable, though, was that her hands were very pleasant.
Against her will, blood rushes to her lower abdomen. I vividly felt that the soft object was slowly inflating.

“The pendulum has moved! I haven’t even ejaculated yet!”

At the same time as the object was erected, the pendulum on the chalk board vibrated toward Siu.

“Did I explain that it triggers the creation of psychic cat magic? In this way, even when a man feels excitement, he generates mana. Even if it is an insignificantly small amount.”

While Siwoo’s stuff became completely large and showed off his majesty, Amelia rarely revealed her personal opinion.

“You get an erection under any circumstances. Men are pitiful creatures.”

Amelia briefly removed her hand from Shiu’s belongings.
Once erected, it was not easy to cool down.
Obviously larger than the average Asian size, Siwoo’s things were still standing upright and flailing even though they were out of her hands.

“Assistant Siwoo Shin, are you feeling sexual arousal right now?”

It’s been a long time since I’ve been dragged around for 5 years.
It would not be a mistake to say that teasing was mixed with Amelia’s quiet questioning voice.
She is asking now.
‘Are you so excited that you only touched me a few times with my hands when you refused to wait on me at night like that?’

It was a humiliation.
Amelia hadn’t set out to show me how to induce her to ejaculate for nothing.
Just as Siu knows Amelia well, she also knows Siu.
I figured out how he felt ashamed and intentionally created this situation.

“I have no words.”

Amelia, who would normally have followed her answer, pressed Siu in a completely different way.
Amelia’s hand, which had only been fetishizing her, firmly gripped the prick.
She began to wave her hand back and forth with her thumb and forefinger forming a ring with her cock sandwiched between them.

A dry sound of scraping flesh.
Amelia performed her goddaughter smoothly without her lubrication, with her delicate power control.
In addition, while watching Siwoo’s reaction, his back kept trying to bounce as he persistently stimulated the sensitive part.


While Siwoo tried to resist the pleasure by wearing a death costume, the twins continued to exclaim as if they were looking at something rare.
Perhaps because her posture was a little uncomfortable, Amelia put one hand on Siwoo’s shoulder and accelerated in earnest.

Every time her bright blonde hair gleamed, it tickled the tip of her nose, mixing with the scent of luxurious perfume and body odor.
At first, the pendulum’s vibration, which was insignificant as if it were shaken by the wind, gradually increased in amplitude.

Amelia looked up at Siwoo’s distorted face.
She slowly rolled her eyes as if she was appreciating his humiliated expression.
Her breathing had become steeper than before her handjob.

“Why are you not saying anything? Aren’t you feeling good?”

Bloodless and tearless, Amelia whispered again in a voice that rarely felt emotion.
Although it was very unfortunate for Siwoo that the emotion that came to his mind was a sense of superiority.

Even though she knew it was pointless to hold on, she had no choice but to hold on.
If you quickly get caught here, you’ll only end up playing around with her euphemistic ridicule.
Amelia clicked her tongue as Siwoo held back her ejaculation while biting her tongue.

“Stop doing useless tricks and pay quickly. Your arm hurts.”

Amelia’s grip rises as she whispers so low that her twin can’t hear them.
With her thread, her powers, exquisitely conditioned, pushed her irresistible pleasure.


In terms of time, it was only 15 minutes, but it was not enough to last two months without masturbating.
A great pleasure commensurate with what has been delaying her ejaculation makes her hair white.

“Wow! Wow!”
“Just coming out!”

– Push shot! Push! Push!

Siwoo’s cock wriggles in intense pleasure as a flash of light bursts in front of her eyes, causing her to vomit her semen.
Amelia watched him ejaculate her, but she didn’t stop her hand.
I felt the cruelty of trying to squeeze out every single drop of semen remaining inside her.

A feeling of dejection creeps into Siwoo’s chest after the dizzying ejaculation at the level of pleasure that tingles his tailbone. The sense of shame and shame was a bonus.

“You see? The moment you ejaculate like this, magic power is generated.”
“Yes Yes!”
“Professor Amelia, can we try this time?”

Siwoo, who wanted to sit down and soothe his sore throat, saw a pendulum shaking relentlessly in his eyes.
As a bonus, the twins want to cross the table and start the second experiment right away.

At the moment of her ejaculation, Amelia wipes the semen from her fingers clean with her handkerchief and pulls out her pocket watch.

“Today, due to time constraints, I will stop here. The janitor may return to work.”
“Where is that!”
“We want to try it too!”

Right before she ejaculated, Amelia, who spread her magic in the air and even collected her semen, calmed her twins and continued her class without looking back at Siu.
Siwoo, who had been standing there blankly for a while, calmed down and left Teacher 2 as if he were running away wearing a lab coat.

Siu headed for the library with a half-fazed look.
He didn’t expect public masturbation under the guise of semen extraction, but he didn’t know that he would receive Amelia’s goddaughter and even perform a disgraceful ejaculation show.

“Life is fucking… Empty.”

It was raining just right, so the cigarette smoked.
To tell you the truth, it felt good, and like Amelia said, there was a corner of excitement.
How many times would he hold the hand of a beauty who had never held her hand before?

However, no matter how hard she tried, she was only played by Amelia’s tricks, and how she had ejaculated in her hands in 15 minutes in an unsightly way, her face burned even now.
At times like these, I was envious of Takasho, the master of masochism.
If it were that friend, she would have boasted that Amelia, who is famous for visiting Si-woo’s room and even boasting, took care of her goddaughter with her own hands.

Even more disturbing is that this may be the beginning or the end of Amelia’s revenge.
I pray that Amelia, who was humiliated for being rejected a second time this morning, felt relieved when she saw Siwoo’s tartar.

It is possible for her to worry about trifles only when she has time to spare.
Shiu still had the task of organizing the library.

The magic library located south of Trinity Academy boasted the largest scale in the academy building. It is said that when it was first created, it was so crowded with people that there were no books on the bookshelves.

However, in the 21st century, few witches visited this magic library.
As time passed, the hierarchy of witches was leveled upward, and it was rare to find a library that kept basic magic books.
Thanks to that, only witches and apprentice witches who suddenly came up with confusing formulas could find this lonely library.
If it wasn’t for that, managing this large library alone would have been impossible.


Siu, who changed into work clothes, ate a late lunch with hardened bread in the corner of the library.
A slave’s meal was usually barley bread or thinly boiled oatmeal rather than a sponge.
It wasn’t even hopeless.
Meals were already nothing more than supplementary work for Siwoo.

“I have to clean it up.”

Siwoo, who finished her meal in less than three minutes, first organized the books on the table.
Although it is a library that is rarely visited, when the witches started to rummage through the books, dozens of books were jokingly scattered, so today more than 1,000 books were piled up on the table.

Still, cleaning the library is the time Siu likes.
She has no one to notice and no one to rush her. As long as the cleaning was done properly, I could have stood, curled up in a corner, and slept for a while.

Above all….

“Ah, that was the problem.”

She grabbed hold of the book she had read yesterday and hid behind the bookshelf to turn the pages.
The books in the library are basic books that are insignificant to witches, but to him, it is a sea of ​​information hiding all kinds of information.
I was able to evenly absorb the thesis and basic magical knowledge left by witches hundreds of years ago through the sorcery books I read in my spare time.
It is said that it takes 3 years from the beginning of Seodang to recite Poongwol, but even Siwoo, who did not even know the existence of magic until he was kidnapped here, can now interpret and draw the magic ceremony, albeit clumsily.

Siwoo took out a folded sheet of paper from the pocket of his work clothes, wrote it down quickly with a pencil, and put it back in his pocket in case anyone noticed.
There was a problem that bothered Siwoo for two weeks, but he was able to clear his head thanks to learning a new formula.
If it hadn’t been for this little joy of learning, I would have gone crazy.

Today, this level of income is enough.
After finishing work and cleaning Amelia’s research building, at home, based on the newly learned theory, break through the blockage.

“But there’s no guarantee that you’ll be as fucked up as your life.”

I’m depressed and I’m alone and I’m going to have a good time Nothing gets better.
Siwoo had only one goal.
Draw a magic circle that can come and go to the present day and escape this damn city.
It’s magic self-study for that.
When he thought about going back to Korea and eating chicken with cold beer, his depression seemed to go away even more.

I gathered the scattered books on the table, put them back in place, and wiped the bookshelves with a wet rag so that not a single speck of dust was blown away.
It is also Siwoo’s responsibility to inspect and replace the wizard stone with the preservation formula installed for the maintenance of the book.

When everything was over, the sun was already setting.
My back hurt when I climbed down the ladder provided on the bookshelf, returned the books to their original state, and finished cleaning.
Siwoo wakes up at 6:00 in the morning and starts the day by cleaning the garden. His daily routine ends at 6:00 in the evening.

If it was originally, I would go back to the dorm and write down the magic formula and fall asleep, but I had to go clean Amelia’s research building.
Siu left his gloomy heart behind and moved to the research building.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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