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City Of Witches 3

City Of Witches 3

Chapter 3 – #01_The Slave of the City Of Witches (3)


Amelia, in her standing position, began flipping through her twin’s assignments.
Are you looking at it properly? Even as I read at the speed I want, a red quill decorated with ruby ​​undoubtedly scrawls in places where I want to feel a little strange.
At that moment, the eyes of the two sisters also turned to Amelia.

In Siu’s opinion, the apprentice witch was a clear example of witches’ obsession and madness toward magic.
The Witch of Creation, who is said to have created something out of nothing.
Every witch lives to reach her magic, which is tantamount to godhood.

Even though 150 years have passed since her existence, she lives her eternal life since she was branded as a witch, as you can see by looking at Amelia, who boasts a flower-like appearance.
However, since she lives eternal life, it is not possible for anyone to develop infinitely.

Some are blocked by a wall that cannot be overcome, while others stagnate in eternal inertia.

After hundreds of years of failing so many witches, the stubborn witches eventually conceded.
That one individual’s achievements cannot match the feat of the Witch of Creation.
People with common sense would give up at this point, but witches were never common sense.

So they decided
If it’s a feat that can’t be matched in one life, let’s repeat it over and over again.
Let’s pass on our research to a being with a completely different mindset and talent and continue the research.

Magical research that witches have devoted themselves to over hundreds of years and generations.
The essence of that research is contained in the witch’s brand.
And it is the apprentice witch, like Odile Odette, who accepts her stigma and prepares to carry on her studies for the next generation.

Witches didn’t just look down on other people’s lives.
To them, even their own lives were nothing more than a tool to complete magic.

Scoring is over.

“Take it back.”

Amelia took less than 15 minutes and she returned both assignments.
Scores are not assigned separately.
It was because of Amelia’s theory that the study of magic was not something that could be graded differently.

“As I always say, my corrections are only a possibility. Don’t take it literally, constantly reflect and question.”
“”Yes! Professor!””

Even though Amelia was picky, she was a pretty good professor when she stood in the church.
She usually admits the possibility that another path exists other than her own thoughts, as long as she gives her lessons on the subject of finding fault with Siwoo.
Judging by the fact that witches have great pride in their magic, it was quite flexible.

The twins, who accepted the assignment again, eagerly checked Amelia’s corrections as if they were competing. The sound of paper turning quickly.
When you look at the speed, you are obviously not reading it right.
Even though the two girls are talented, they are only newbies compared to Amelia, a mature witch.

“71, Odette, how many do you have?”
“I have 59. Today I beat my sister!”
“Do not lie! There can’t be that much of a difference!”

Odette puts on a triumphant expression, and Odile takes Odette’s report in disbelief.

“This can’t just be calculated in numbers! Look at this, I only edited one line, but you have an entire paragraph. Both here and here.”
“Your sister definitely said to bet on the number of edited parts!”

I saw Amelia’s fingers twitch at the skit that suddenly opened in her eyes.
He looked like he was desperately looking for a cigarette.
But Amelia did not smoke in the church.
Instead, he ends the two girls’ trivial argument by knocking on the table.

“Be quiet.”
“Oh! I’m sorry, Odette, it’s because of you!”
“I’m sorry, Professor… My older sister is immature.”

Amelia waited for the chaotic atmosphere to subside without saying anything.
Then, without mentioning the assignment, she goes straight to class.

“I would like to ask you a question before going into a full-scale class. Can men have magical powers?”

Amelia always begins her lessons with a question.
Odile and Odette, confused, chattered about their thoughts.

“No, isn’t that why only women are witches?”
“I think so.”
“In conclusion, men also have magical powers. So why can’t men inherit the stigma?”

As soon as the topic of men came up, the twins became even more excited and began to immerse themselves in Amelia’s lecture.

“Maybe it’s because I’m stupid?”
“Oh! I didn’t mean to say that to assistant Siu.”

The twins giggling, and Siwoo, who puts on a sad expression.
Still, Amelia’s lecture itself was interesting.
As befits a high-ranking witch, she clearly pointed out her main point or point.

“As dealt with in many myths, the mother body that embraces the world belongs to the goddess. Symbols and systems that have lasted for a long time are naturally projected into magic. Magic is a set of symbol systems that have the substance of magical power and are conceptual at the same time.
A man gives birth to life, but he cannot bear it. Similarly, unlike women, she can generate magic within her body, but she cannot bear the stigma of having magic.”

Odile and Odette nodded side by side as if they understood.

“However, that does not mean that men cannot be completely excluded from the study of magic. If we witches can directly express magic within their bodies, it will be an innovative discovery that will overturn the scale of magic theory.”
“Then, is this lesson about the manifestation of magical power?”
“Yes, in order to do that, we first need to confirm the correlation between male bodily fluids and mana. Anything beyond that is difficult at your level.”

Siwoo felt that what was to come had come. Amelia commands in an emotionless voice.

“Assistant, take off your clothes.”

The hour of shame has come.
In fact, Siwoo’s handling in the horse assistant class was no different from a teaching aid.
It is also a Kyobojae that has to receive curious gazes with its genitals nakedly exposed.

When she took off her lab coat, Siu’s bare body was revealed. It took him less than five seconds to take off his clothes, which were so sloppy. It was originally designed to be easily taken off.


Even though they had already seen it several times, the twins scanned Siu’s naked body with sparkling eyes.
It is a one-of-a-kind sex education session for the sisters who grew up in a cage-like environment to become witches from birth.

It is the body of an adult man, not particularly fat or not very muscular.
It was so big that it could be put up anywhere as long as it was a heavy load.
Even when not in an erection.
Fortunately, there was no talk of katabuta about the size.

“It’s shiny whenever I see it.”

Not a single hair was left on Siwoo’s body.
This is because sometimes, when used as a training material, hair is removed from the body in a bathtub filled with a strange liquid for clear identification with the naked eye.
Siwoo cooperated with the experiment with his head down and his hands behind his back.
Even if they insist on the human rights of the test subjects, they are not the ones who will listen. They are the ones who say thank you for leaving your hair behind.

“Don’t leak the other way, focus.”

Could it be because I heard all kinds of things from Takasho today?
It seems that blush is on Amelia’s cheeks, which she thought were expressionless.

“Although men can express mana by their own will, it is during ejaculation that the most intense mana production occurs. It’s so easy to spot that you don’t need any precision instruments.”

Amelia lifted Siwoo’s limp object with a long, thin blade.
They treat other people’s dicks like siraegi.

“The generation of magical power is closely related to mental elevation. And the act of ‘sowing seeds’ engraved in men’s instincts evokes an instinctive uplift. Today, we will observe it with the naked eye.”

It’s hard to say, but what you’ll end up doing is simple.
It means to masturbate in public until you ejaculate. A true pervert like Takasho would probably like it, but Siwoo wasn’t.
The first day Siwoo collected semen to make magic reagents, he was overcome with a sense of shame and couldn’t sleep for a week.

Amelia set a silver pendulum and chalk board on her table.
She first drew a magic circle with chalk on a black chalk board.

The chalk she held was no ordinary chalk.
It is a manachoke made to draw a magic circle, and it is an item made by mixing lime powder with gold powder that enhances the conduction of magical power and a special reagent.
Of course, Siwoo couldn’t even look at the expensive items, and that small item easily exceeded Siwoo’s salary for a year.

The black chalkboard is instantly filled with runes, geometric shapes and lines.
Amelia, who drew straight lines and curves as straight as a ruler without any tools, placed a pendulum hanging from a tripod on top of the completed magic circle.

“It is a very simple magic circle that can detect the occurrence of magical power. You can see the structure, right?”
“Yes, Professor.”
“Do you ejaculate now?”

It wasn’t a very complicated magic circle, even from Siwoo’s point of view. Then there was no way his sister wouldn’t understand.
With this structure, the moment magic power is generated from the outside, the pendulum will begin to vibrate in that direction.
And the width of the pendulum motion will be determined by the amount of magical power generated.

As expected, the twins only glanced at the magic circle, but did not express their feelings.
It seemed that she wanted to see the scene where the semen of the man she had extramaritalized quickly erupted.

Put everything down
Tranquility descends on the mind that was so crowded.
Damn I don’t know It’s been hard so far that even her daughter couldn’t hit it, but she let the water drain for the first time in a while.
Thinking so, I waited for Amelia’s signal.
When she sends her cue sign she has to start masturbating to her in front of no less than three women.

“Yes, but we will proceed differently from the experiments so far.”
“100 million!”

A white hand suddenly stretched out.
Amelia rolled up her sleeves and grabbed Siwoo’s belongings herself.
Amelia didn’t care about her sister’s embarrassment, she silently tampered with her still soft cock.

“Until now, ejaculation was induced by the masturbation of the manager or assistant Shin Si-woo, but today I will demonstrate how to induce ejaculation myself.”
“Can we try it too?”
“I want to try it too!”

The twins exclaimed that they were dying of excitement and pushed their upper bodies forward with the momentum to climb over the desk.
Siu was dumbfounded. Aside from that, she felt the blood rushing to her lower abdomen at Amelia’s gentle touch.

“Please watch my demonstration first.”
“Um, Associate Professor Amelia…?”

It is Siwoo who has learned how to be silent about his absurdities.
But even for him, Amelia’s sudden action was unexpected.
As if it contained the sky, the blue eyes met Siwoo’s gaze.
As usual, he was somewhere indifferent, but deep down, he was a pupil of a subtle, unknown emotion.

“Is there a problem?”
“I-I can do it alone.”
“That is for me to judge.”

With just one word, Amelia’s objection was dismissed, and Amelia’s hand began to move slowly.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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