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City Of Witches 2

City Of Witches 2

Chapter 2 – #01_Slaves of City Of Witches (2)


Inside the academy, there is no separate place for servants to wash themselves.
In other words, you can’t even set foot in an elegant bathroom equipped with water and sewage pipes.
In the end, Siwoo crouched down by the well and opened the crane by pouring ice-cold underground water on his body.
My bones felt cold every time the drying mud pack that clung to my body turned into stale water.

If I had had enough time, I would have made hot water by making a fire with the pot next to it.
My teeth gnashed at the thought that it was all because of Amelia’s venting her anger.

“Dog is cold, damn it!”

Five years have passed since he was captured by Gehenna and served as a slave.
To explain this absurd city, the description of the witch is indispensable.
While reading various anecdotes through books in the library and living with witches, Siwoo felt keenly what kind of existence they were.

Witches are an arrogant, dangerous, selfish, maddened race.
However, this is simply Siu’s impression of witches, and it is far from the definition or concept of a real witch.

Leaving out the more personal feelings, so to speak,
A witch means a person who has a ‘stigma’ engraved on their body and can use magic at the same time.
It was the slave trader who kidnapped Siu and brought him to Gehenna who first informed him of this.
The slave trader, whose face was full of thick scars, gave Siwoo advice, not advice.

‘If you want to preserve her life, never go against a witch.’

If you think about it now, it’s ridiculous.
In the midst of living his life well, it was not enough to be kidnapped, and the advice he received from the person he would sell it to.
However, Siu still vividly remembered the almost instinctive fear on the slave trader’s face.

It has been five years since he was sold to a city hall official at a slave auction and assigned as a custodian of Trinity Academy.
In the process of eavesdropping on Amelia’s lecture or looking through the books in the library, Siu was able to understand what the slave trader was saying.
The fear of witches wasn’t just because of their magic.
What truly frightens witches is their purpose and the way they achieve it.

All witches live to catch up with the great magic of the ‘Witch of Creation’.
Experimental ethics and morality are additional issues for a witch who pursues a higher level of sorcery.

In fact, it is said that sage slaves, not city hall slaves, are in charge of harsh labor close to forced labor, and in some cases, they die during secret human experiments.

I have a feeling it’s too difficult to say.
In short, they are crazy bitches who turn their eyes when it comes to magic.
The obsession of menopausal middle-aged people in search of energy food is nothing compared to the witch’s obsession with magic.

“Crazy bitches…”

What would have happened if the city hall officials had not bought Siu at the slave auction?
I couldn’t help but feel chills running down my spine whenever I thought of such a home from time to time.

Delayed too much time

After using it for more than 3 years and removing her hair with a towel with 3 holes, she wore loose white clothes without wearing underwear.
It is a dress-like design that barely covers the body in a stiff material that does not contain any synthetic fibers.

This garment, called a lab coat within Trinity Academy, was more appropriately described as a clean mat rather than a piece of clothing.
All I said was that I could clearly see the national wealth just by gently lifting the hem of the skirt that hung down like a skirt.
Wearing a lab coat that he was not used to wearing every time, Siu headed straight to the second teacher.

Trinity Academy located in Lenormand Town.
Here, the education of apprentice witches and the research of witches take place.
The academy’s buildings are arranged in the form of a cross in accordance with the north, south, east, and west. The building is a stone building in which Gehenna’s unique architectural style was added to the 17th-century Baroque style.

Among them, the most recently renovated North School No. 2 reminded me of the Palace of Versailles. It is because it is decorated so luxuriously and loudly.
Siu disapproved of everything when it came to Gehenna’s hierarchical society, system, and origin, but when he saw these aesthetic buildings, he would spit out pure admiration.

Upon entering the second teacher’s hall through the corridors extending like veins in all the teachers, Siwoo is greeted by crystal chandeliers, softly burning candlesticks, and ceiling paintings praising the magic tricks and beauty.

Beneath it stood Amelia Marigold, looking down intently with a worried look on her face.
Sometimes she was lost in thought alone like that.

Her pointed-toe shoes, poulenes, a mermaid dress that peeked out the silhouette of her body, and a cape wrapped around her shoulders.
The overall color is black.
Because it was a class for apprentice witches, it was difficult to put on and take off.

Each of the clothes Amelia had inherited from her ancestor, Marigold, was larger than her body.
Thanks to that, Amelia looked very small as she slightly frowned while holding a book the size of her upper body.


Siwoo forgot her situation for a moment and looked at her profile as if possessed.
While she hates her witches, she has to admit that all witches are beautiful.

The coveted blonde hair with her hair undone over the black cloak, the red lips like a forbidden fruit, and the soft curves on the top of her clothes.
It is so dazzling that it cannot be considered human.
Amelia, like a statue, was immersed in the scenery of this bright and luxurious hall.

“Assistant Professor.”

At Siwoo’s call, Amelia blinked slowly.
Less than 5 seconds later, she looks back at Siu with a cold expression.
Amelia takes out a pocket watch from her cloak pocket and checks the time.

“It’s been three minutes since noon. Did I look so free?”
“Arrived on time. However, I didn’t want to disturb the associate professor because he seems to be thinking deeply about the truth of magic.”

Actually, I was stealing a glimpse of her profile, but I think this was the wrong choice.

“Wrong, I should have called instead of standing still. The time when the manager confirmed that he had arrived was 3 minutes after the appointment time, that is, when he was late. There’s no way I can tell if the janitor is late or on time unless I’m aware of it?”

Siwoo’s apology was quick. It’s not like I’ve been caught by this kind of saengteu house once or twice.
Amelia is always preying on her, but surprisingly, she doesn’t say much if she apologizes straight away.
He seemed to think that it was degrading to criticize a lowly slave by grabbing his horse.

“That’s Okay. I would rather teach magic to a lab mouse than expect wise judgment from you.”
“I’m really sorry.”

But today, Amelia’s nagging was long.
Amelia’s stinging reprimand continued on the back of Siu’s head as she lowered her head.

“Until now, I think we have turned a blind eye to the manager’s mistakes. Even so, repeating obvious mistakes is because there is no proper punishment.”


“Please finish your afternoon work for the next week and clean up my research building.”

This was blatant bullying.
If she uses her own magic, she can clean up in 3 minutes. However, it takes more than 3 hours for Siwoo, who is just a human and not a witch, to clean the complicated laboratory.
Amelia ordered 3 hours of overtime because she was only 3 minutes late, and her 12-hour day was not enough.

“Are you going to refuse to listen even to the subject of breaking the appointment time?”

Siu couldn’t say anything.
Amelia ended her conversation by demonstrating by her actions that she was unwilling to accept any objections or complaints.
She unilaterally tossed a large book into Siwoo’s chest and then stepped up the stairs.
Siu, who was about to spit out a double voice due to the brutality beyond the limit, barely swallowed it.

Amelia’s back can be seen as she climbs the stairs, dragging her cloak, which is far too long for her height, to the floor.
She wanted to stomp and make her fall back.
It’s not difficult. But she doesn’t have the confidence to take care of it.
Shiu followed Amelia, dragging her shoulders, which had become heavier than before.

“Please take a seat.”

She was the word that Amelia brought up without greeting her as she entered the classroom.
The lecture hall, which does not fade even in gloomy weather and exudes elegant elegance, has a stepped structure with desks placed around a wide blackboard.
Compared to the structure that would be suitable for a large lecture, the space is small enough to fill with only 20 people.

But there was nothing to worry about.
There were only two apprentice witches waiting in the classroom to take her class.
The two girls, who were clinging to each other as if they were one body, sat down at the table with a smirk at Siwoo.
The atmosphere was a little chaotic, probably because they had been chatting until just now.

Siu put the heavy book down on his desk and stood up next to Amelia.
Then he couldn’t help but be startled by the purple eyes staring at him.
The identical twins, who seemed to have copied and pasted each other, focused all their attention on Siwoo from the moment Amelia entered.

Odette and Odile.
She is the only apprentice witch who has been taking classes at Trinity Academy since two years ago.
Purple eyes shining brightly in jet-black black hair.
She sits innocently as if she doesn’t know the world, but Siu knew.

Being naive doesn’t always mean being good.
The child presses the ant to death with an innocent face.
Undoubtedly, the innocence of these twins was close to such pure ferocity.

“Professor Amelia! Is class time with assistant Shin Si-woo today?”
“Professor Amelia! Is today’s class with an assistant?”

It starts chirping almost simultaneously in a clear, high-pitched voice like a bird chirping.
Even the voices were so alike that it was difficult to tell who was speaking unless you looked closely at the mouth.


Amelia secretly sighs as if she is already tired, and at the same time, Odile and Odette growl while facing each other. Even their appearance is the same as if they were mirrored face to face, to the point of creating an unpleasant valley.

“What kind of experiment is today?”

At the same time as an associate professor at Trinity Academy, she is the 15th Marigold Amelia who has achieved a high level of 22 paths.
She belongs to a ‘baron’, an extremely rare aristocrat even in witch society.
In other words, the twins, who were originally just apprentice witches, weren’t the right distribution to make fun of their mouths.
It was even less so that Amelia was an adult soldier who endured seeing such a situation.

“Men’s bodily fluids and…”
“Kyaaaaa! It’s so stupid.”
“Kyaaaaa! How can you be so manly!”

Odile and Odette tremble before they can finish their words.
Seeing Amelia biting her lip, Siu felt refreshed for the first time in a while.
It was almost exclusively when dealing with the twins that Amelia put on a look of bewilderment.
Siu did not know how Odile and Odette, who were mere newbies called apprentice witches, could elicit such a reaction.
Still, the rare appearance of Amelia under heaven was quite spectacular.

“…It’s a male reciprocal relationship.”
“Are you going to take it off?”
“You’re going to take it off again, right?”

Refreshment is short-lived.
The phrase that Amelia is an embarrassing opponent means, in other words, that Siwoo is an opponent who must be careful no matter what he does.

Having to play shame in front of such twins is yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow.
It won’t change until you escape this damn city.

“But before the actual experiment, I need to check how well Miss Odette and Miss Odile are following the class.”
“But theories aren’t fun, are they?”
“Right, right. The Jemani witch said that the theory of magic without practice is meaningless.”

But it wasn’t if Amelia was always at the mercy of her twin.
Amelia had the dignity of her associate professor, and when she started to set her tone, her twins were quick to follow her lead.
Amelia thumped her desk, completely ignoring the grumbling of her twins.

“Please submit the assignment you gave in the last class.”
“Yes! Professor.”

The twins took a quick glance and turned into obedient children, submitting a bundle of papers.
Even if she looks immature and immature, she is still an apprentice witch.
Even at first glance, it seemed that the complex magic formulas and formulas were scribbled in dozens of pages.

Siwoo, who was interested and tried to skim through the contents of the assignment, was startled.
It was because the eyes of the two girls were fixed on him even up to this moment.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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