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City Of Witches 1

City Of Witches 1

Chapter 1 – #01_Slave in City Of Witches


The autumn rain was cold.
The water droplets bouncing off the skin and the chill clinging to the salty blue overalls do not adapt to it no matter how much time passes.

“It’s filthy heavy. Fuck.”

Shin Si-woo, who was scooping out a pile of mud clogged in the drain with a poor shovel, spat out a low curse.
Those who do not have the courage or strength to disobey the system will only rebel in a small voice like this.
The rain-soaked raincoat that weighed down the back had a musty smell that I had only smelled from ponchos when I was serving.

As they merged with the fallen leaves to scoop out the lumps of mud that had clogged the drain, the stagnant water drained out. Rainwater flowing from Trinity Academy’s magic library gathers in a huge drainage canal over 20 meters in a straight line.
Thanks to that, I became the face of a bout of rolling around in the mud.

When I put down the shovel and straightened my back, there was a loud sound.
Fortunately, this morning’s work is over with this.
After that, I can lock myself in my closet until two o’clock in the afternoon and sleep for about two hours chewing on dry bread.
For Siwoo, who has to work more than 12 hours a day, it was a nap like a sweet rain.
First of all, Siwoo, thinking what to do with this dog-like raincoat, crawled out of the drainage ditch.

His feet were visible.
Pretty little feet.

“Concierge. Can’t you work a little neater?”

All cadets, professors, and researchers at this academy called Siu the janitor.
It’s an appropriate title that doesn’t even have a last name or given name, but surprisingly, this is a very humane treatment.

What an honorific title for a slave belonging to the Central City Hall who is no different from an animal!
It may be different depending on which institution they are assigned to, but it is common for slaves to be called ‘hey’, ‘hey’, ‘there’, and ‘slave’.

“Yeah, sorry.”

After a heartless apology, he managed to climb up the waist-high drainage ditch and back away slightly from the woman’s side as if it were unclean.
It’s a reaction that’s nothing special now.

“What are you doing?”
“Today, there is a class on the relationship between male bodily fluids and mana. Change your clothes by 12:00 and wait in front of the second teacher.”

Even if you live as a slave for 5 years, you will notice faster. In fact, Siu was feeling uneasy when she, her associate professor, made her way to the filthy place herself.
And, as always, forebodings are sure to hit.

“It would be noon even if I just washed and changed my clothes…”

Siu looked at her associate professor with a pensive look.
The coveted blonde hair is tied up with a hair tie and neatly trimmed, and the lips giving off an alluring look are closed disapprovingly.

At first glance, he looked very annoyed, but Siwoo knew it.
That her eyes, shining like blue sapphire, are permeated with the joy of gihak.

“You’re not even complaining, are you?”

Associate Professor ‘Amelia Marigold’, who flips her attire as soon as her hard labor is over, was a witch who was obsessed with craving Siu.

One fact that should not be mistaken here.
The reason Amelia is called her witch is not because she has a particularly hysterical and irascible personality.
At first glance, it is because she is a beautiful young lady who has just turned 20 and is literally a ‘witch’.
In other words, she is a real witch who inherited her witch’s brand from her ancestor ‘Mary Gold’ and has lived for decades.

“No. I will be ready soon.”

Siu hurriedly lowered his head and apologized.
Witches are a special class in this city.
Even if a slave like Siwoo was killed just because he didn’t like his words and actions, no one would dispute it.


Amelia, her long eyelashes raised under the umbrella, calls Siu to stand.
An enchanting atmosphere, perfect proportions and beauty that seem to have been created with great care by God.
I don’t think she’s a vicious witch, just because she looks like that doll.
After a moment’s pause, Amelia pursed her lips.

“Have you changed your mind yet? Five years is probably enough time to renew your mindset.”

He pretends to be businesslike in his usual voice, but with the slightest hesitation.
It was also an invisible, subtle gesture of seduction.
Siu’s expression went blank for a moment.
It is because she was slow to understand the hidden meaning behind her words.
At that moment, Siwoo felt fragments of emotions that should not have remained.

It was just pride and arrogance.

“No work. I’m running out of time, so I’ll go first.”

Siwoo roughly pulled out the shovel that had been stuck in the muddy mountain and ruthlessly turned around.
Amelia’s eyes narrowed again in her heavy rain, inappropriate for autumn.

“Bitch like a dog.”

After a long time, anger rose to the top of my head. Even when I saw the results of my work and made unnecessary mutterings, my heart, which had been silent, was beating loudly.
Somehow she had been bullied so persistently that Amelia still remembered it.

All witches are like that.
In addition to his immortal body, he wields the mysterious power of magic and relentlessly takes revenge on the smallest things despite enjoying all kinds of privileges.
Siwoo did not like witches. Especially Amelia!

In the midst of not being able to swear as much as he wanted to hear someone eavesdrop, a rough hand was placed on his shoulder.
And the smirking voice that followed.

“Oh brother, why are you so dead?”
“Who is your brother, you bastard.”
“You talk a lot today. If something bad happens, tell me.”

There is only one person in this academy who can hold onto his shoulder without hesitation in a situation where his whole body is so dirty. My name is Takasho Mimaya, a Japanese from Hokkaido.

“Where the fuck have you been?”
“The six-story, seven-story Tower of a boy from Hokkaido does not discriminate between morning and night.”

Takasho made a sullen expression and snapped his little finger. In short, while Siu struggled in the rain all morning, Takasho was lying on the bed of some researcher or professor.

Shiu and Takasho had many similarities.
Both were brought from Earth to this damn witch’s city, ‘Gehenna’, are slaves belonging to City Hall, are the same man, and are 28 years old, the same age.

Meanwhile, the difference between the two was stark.
Shiu has been living an honest and miserable slave life for 5 years, while Takasho is guaranteed various conveniences by offering sex to some witches in the academy.
Siwoo’s face is painted with anger again.
The deep anger he had felt for Amelia a moment ago was aggravated when he saw Takasho.

“You don’t even have a ball? Whose fault is it that we became Lee Ji-kyung, but do you want to sleep in the same bed?”
“Yeah, I’ve always dreamed of being a pillar book. Besides, all the girls here are the most beautiful girls in Tokyo! Compared to the time when I went between the crotches of ajummas, this is success. Stop being stubborn and gear in moderation. Even if you throw away your insignificant pride, you become a Mureungdowon?”

Takasho smiled so brightly that his gums were showing.
He’s a needlessly cool baby.

All modern people captured in the witch’s city, Gehenna, become slaves.
At this time, the position of slaves is divided into two, one is the ‘communal slave’ belonging to the city hall, and the other is the private slave owned by the individual.

In this classification, the joint slaves who were treated like human beings were those who each had their own strengths.
It was thought that he had a smooth face like Takasho, or that he had exceptional abilities like Shiu and could contribute to public affairs.

Although they say this, neither Shiu nor Takasho know the exact standard.
The only thing that is clear is that Takasho is realizing himself in a faraway country by making use of his experience working at a host bar.

“Associate Professor Amelia is interested in you, huh? If you look at what you’re doing, are you saying you’re an adolescent girl? I can speak quietly I’m going to have to bake it well and try it. Also, if a woman who is picky like that melts once, she is devoted.”

I knocked out Takasho who clung to me and whispered in my ear.

“No, fuck.”
“Siwoo-kun, a young man living an upright life, in Korea, your attitude may be regarded as that of a noble scholar, but in Japan they call it stubbornness.”
“Because I don’t! Why are you so persistent today?”
“Uh huh, I’m trying to lighten the mood, but I wonder if that’s too much.”

As a former host, Takasho seems to have noticed why Amelia is harassing Siu.
Well, it’s been a long time since Siwoo had forgotten, but she remembered how she had refused to wait on Amelia’s night when she was first assigned to the academy.

At that time, she didn’t know much about the world and was very embarrassed, so she refused…
I never thought I would still harbor a grudge and bully people. Now that I know that, I intend to keep an upright incision even if there are mistakes.
Can we say that being unable to give up your last pride even though you know it is useless is a pride?

“I’m busy, don’t block the road.”
“In addition? It looks like you’ve just been working on it. Seonbi is hard.”

Takasho is a good friend, even if he gets angry when he cries next to him in order to comfort him.
I have received a lot of help from Takasho, who is in a much more affluent environment, and even if that is not the case, I am the only one with whom I can talk openly.
Needless to say, a friend who spent 5 years as a slave in the yard where a military classmate who lived together for 2 years became a best friend.

“What is it? Assistant?”
“The horse is the assistant. Fuck…”

Unlike Shiwu, who dropped the crane, Takasho had an excited expression.

“Is that… Class?”
“Yes, that class.”

Unlike Shiu, who drooped his shoulders and was discouraged, Takasho asked back with an expression of incomprehension.

“Then why are you so depressed? I like it.”
“A guy like you would like it.”
“You have no idea how comforting it is for my life to see apprentice witches fresh and green.”
“I’m saying this out of the old woman’s heart, but you know that if you touch an apprentice witch, you know it’s a shame, right?”

If you do that, your neck will fly off without any analogy.
It’s not like they’re trying to reach out to a taboo topic that’s already buried in forests.
Seeing Shiwu’s half-horrified appearance, Takasho laughed heartily and replied.

“There are times when just looking at a flower makes you happy. Anyway, so, can’t I go instead?”
“I really want to do that too. It’s a call from Associate Professor Amelia, so it can’t be helped.”
“You must be having a hard time buying it too.”

Takasho expresses regret by clicking his tongue.
From his point of view, who has been crazy about women ever since he was born, it may be a full-blown complaint.
However, for Siwoo, who has a very normal sexual shame, it was a more arduous time than any other labor.

“Then let me go too. You look busy too. See you later.”

Takasho patted Shiu on the back to cheer him up and then disappeared to the end of the hallway.
To borrow his expression, it must be because another nominee is waiting.

Time was delayed.
Even washing his body and changing his clothes seemed to be tight. If she disobeys the time that Associate Professor Amelia has instructed her to, she never knows what kind of fault she will be caught and will eat her nagging.
After quickly changing into a lab coat, you must be on standby at the meeting place 5 minutes before.
Only a long sigh came out.

“It’s a fucking city.”

There was nothing else to say other than this.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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