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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 4

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 4

Chapter 4 – Episode 4. Hyejin Park(2)

“I’m a little sorry for getting a massage like this. Fierce tiger Do you have any back pain?”

“… Waist? Oh no, it looks sick. Sick. It’s been a while since I’ve lifted something heavy, so it seems like it’s a bit too much for me.”

The timing to say it hurts even if your back didn’t hurt. At my words, the girl who was lying under her turned around and smiled.

“Okay? Then, should my sister give me a little massage? Isn’t the waist the life of an athlete again?”

“If you do, I’d appreciate it.”

“Okay? Then, would you like to lie down?”

After she woke up, I followed her instructions and lay down on her bed. The bed was soft.

“Maengho. Wouldn’t it be less irritating if I wore a uniform?”

“… Probably so, right?”

As soon as she heard my answer, she reached into my chest and began unbuttoning the buttons on my uniform top one by one. I flinched each time her fingers touched my breasts, but she didn’t mind and continued unbuttoning her buttons.

“… It’s solid.”

“Because I am a baseball player.”

“The belt will also get in the way when pressing on the waist.”

After undoing the top of her uniform, her hand ran down my waist this time. Her hand brushes against my erect cock.


“Five, … Is it big?”


“The belt is big. Could you lift your back for a moment?”

Again, at her request, I slightly lifted the waist. With a deft hand, she unbuckled my belt and removed it from my trousers.

“Then, my sister will massage you now.”


When I finished, her butt touched my thigh. It feels like it’s on clothes, but it’s soft, … It was warm.

“What do you think?”

She continued rubbing her crotch against my thighs and massaging me. Her touch on the thin cotton tee continued to stimulate me.

“It’s nice, but is it because the pants are thick? It doesn’t seem to work well.”

“Okay? Well, the uniform is a bit thick.”

The bottom of the uniform was a little thick to prevent injury when sliding. But the waist was never thick. This is so….

‘It’s an okay sign! 병신새끼야!’

‘I know! And he told me to shut up!’

I took off my uniform bottoms and down to my panties. The bottoms of my uniform hung from my thighs as she was sitting on my thighs.

“Oh! Isn’t it inconvenient to take off your pants when your sister is sitting here? Wait a minute.”

Whenever she woke up, I pulled my pants down to my knees. I tossed and turned to take off my pants and her eyes turned to my crotch. Her eyes widened when she saw my fat cock.


A low moan escaped her mouth. But then she changed her startled expression back to a seductive one.

‘You fucking monkey. Because one dick is big. You’re better than most bastards.’

“As expected, it has matured well.”

“… Yes?”

“I said it was well over. Meng-ho You don’t know, but I’ve been watching you since I entered school. You’re not going to come all the way here, are you?”

She put her hand on my body as she lay on her face and turned me over. Following her guidance, I surrendered my body to her. My erect cock lifted her head straight up towards the sky. She met her eyes with mine once, then smiled and brought her face to my cock.

After she brushed her hair behind her ear, her warm tongue licked my glans.

“Ugh… Town.”

“It’s cute. You can make a sound.”

Saying that, she covered my glans with her tongue. As I shuddered, she rather grabbed my cock and thrust it into her mouth. The inside of a woman’s mouth for the first time is warm and wet… It felt good.

“I know, I know.”


She pulled the cock out of her mouth and said, frowning at the interruption.

“Tell me if you think it will be cheap.”


My cock seemed to shrink from her force, but it stiffened as her tongue wrapped around the shaft of my cock again.

Side, side. Churrup. The sound of her sucking on her cock echoed through the room. Her mouth reciprocated and her hand stimulated the part of her mouth that couldn’t fit. Ugh. Her mouth and hands come and go freely with her dick.

I looked at her wall, trying to resist her ejaculation, and saw a newlywed picture of her and her director asshole. The director and her were smiling happily while making eye contact.

The manager who didn’t let me sit on the bench, no, not even on the bench. The woman the director was looking at with her lovely eyes was now sucking my cock on top of me.

Fuck. No matter how much you bully me, I’m fucking your wife. As the feelings of revenge and conquest were felt at the same time, the sense of ejaculation was maximized.

“Sister, sister. I think it will be cheap!”

As I spoke, I held her head tightly. As I held her head tightly, the suction power in her mouth grew stronger, and I ejaculated while feeling liberated.

She glared at me with my cum in her mouth. But her expression wasn’t straight, but it felt like a cute complaint. She pulled out the toilet paper on top of the cabinet and spat out the cum in her mouth.

It was quite a lot since I had only taken it off once since I met Rossby.

“Ah! Really! Well, kids should have this kind of cute taste.”

Saying that, she let out a coquettish smile. From her words, I could be sure that she had been like this more than once or twice. This woman…. How many people did you eat?

“… Sorry. Because it’s the first time.”

“Yes, yes. It can be. But isn’t that the end?”

“… I am still fine.”

“It’s nice to be young, too.”

At my words, she threw off her gray dress and put on her underwear. I also saw her undressing, took off her pants, cotton tee and panties and threw them under her bed.

“Would you like to take it off?”

She said, pointing to her bra.

“May I?”

“Be cute. Of course. Come to work.”

She took my hand and put it on the hook side of my bra. Instinctively, I undid the hook and took off her bra. Rocking. Freed from her bra, her breasts swayed, creating a beautiful afterimage.

“… Wow.”

A gasp of admiration came out of my mouth.

‘This is why Ada bastards….’

Ignoring Rossby’s disturbing words, I focused on her breasts again. Even a second of arguing with Rossby was wasted.


A moan escaped her mouth as I instinctively placed my hand on her chest. Her breasts were so full and soft that they would slip through her fingers if she squeezed them with one hand. A moan escaped her mouth once more as I squeezed her chest.

“Ahaah, softly, softly.”

Her hands relaxed, her thumbs rolling her nipples while her four fingers gripped her breasts. Her nipples were moderately hard and tangled. I flicked her nipples with her thumbs, and they immediately returned to their original position.

“Ugh. Okay. Like that.”

After playing with her breasts with both hands, he removed her right hand and placed his mouth on her breast. Opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, I felt her nipples on the tip of my tongue. The taste was more stimulating than anything I had ever eaten.

A high-pitched moan escaped her mouth as she rolled her tongue over the nipple and bit it with her teeth. Did it hurt

As I raised my gaze to look at her, she told me to go on with her excited face. I massaged her breasts with her left hand and sucked the rest of her breasts with her mouth.

“Ahang. Ahaang. Now, now. I can’t stand my sister.”

As she moaned, she removed my face and hands. While I was startled by her sudden action, she quickly got up and took out something that looked like vitamins from the closet. It was a condom.

“Still, my sister has a family. Should I wear this?”

“Yes Yes. Sure! I’m OK.”

“Do you know how to wear it?”

“… No.”

“I knew it. My sister will do it.”

She carefully opened the end of the package and pulled out the condom inside. Then she put her finger in the condom, pulled out the tip, and let the air out. And as it was, I put the condom on my cock and lowered the curled part.

Her series of smooth movements made her look like a master craftsman in her life.

“You understand?”

“… No. I don’t know.”

“Don’t worry. My sister will join me in the future.”

It’s a bit frustrating, but what can I do?

Then she sat down on the bed with her legs apart.

“Can you take it off here too?”

“Yes Yes.”

As I put my hand on her slightly wet white panties, she took her easy position. I just took off my panties. Her pink cunt was seducing me, and her cunt hair was neatly trimmed, as if I had expected someone to eat it soon.

In addition, the liquid that looked like a thin thread from her vagina connected to her panties and stimulated my optic nerve.

“Is this your first time seeing this?”

“… Actually.”

“Weird. If you had a face like a ferocious tiger, you would have walked around with women, right? Aren’t you pretending to be naive in front of your sister?”

“Oh, no. I didn’t have time for that because I was working out.”

At my words, she put on a more satisfied expression. Was it correct? Some women might like a good guy, but she seemed to prefer fucking a bad guy.

Well, that means she’s messing around with her husband’s disciples. … I’m good

As soon as her panties came off, she spit on her and rubbed my cock and her own pussy.

“Originally, a man has to do it, but can you do it from now on?”

“Next, next? Yes. I’ll do it next time!”

“First of all, I don’t have time today, so right away….”

Saying that, she grabbed my cock with her hand and pulled me along. I surrendered to that attraction. Her hand pressed my glans into the mouth of her cunt.

“Is it lower than I thought?”

“… I see.”

“Because kids of this age are really cute.”

She muttered softly, but I pretended not to hear and focused her attention on her cock. She now moved her hand from her cock to her side of my ass and pulled me in.

In one go, a third of it was swallowed into her cunt. Without even having time to get drunk with the ecstatic feeling she felt for the first time, she put strength into her hand holding me.

“Haaang, now, can you do it?”


Needless to say more.

“Aang! Come on, slow down a bit!”

She screamed in pain as my huge thing slipped into her mouth. But I couldn’t hear it because of the sensation in her cunt.


After stabbing her deeply, I followed my instinct and shook my waist like a dog. The docked cock came in and out, and the creases of her cunt were also tightened and loosened to my rhythm. Be careful not to fall, but strong.

“Haaang! Fierce tiger hard Harder!”

As if the pain had turned into pleasure, she was demanding more from me, and I also shook her waist to match her moans.

“Sister, sister!”

The feel of her soft tits in my hand and the firmness of her cunt on his cock kept my back moving.

“I’m so sorry.”

After a strong drive, he bites her nipples. As she exhales her moan, pulls her back back, then intensifies again as she inhales.

“Ha. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt full! Thicker than my husband! No, I think it’s bigger than most black people!”

“How was the director?”

“That bastard, ha, he only had a big body, he was a real dick, a hang.”

He lowered her hands from her breasts and caressed the flesh on her sides, which jutted out a little, and she felt ashamed as he squeezed her cunt tight. I shook my back once again, defying the pleasant pressure.

“Sister, uh, me! Me!”

As I moaned, she tightened her cunt once more and squeezed my waist with her feet. Her pussy creases wrapped around my cock like it was alive. I entrusted her body to her sense of ejaculation and laid her body with her.

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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