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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 5

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 5

Chapter 5 – Episode 5. Hyejin Park(3)

“You lasted quite a while for the first time?”

“Is that so? Because I don’t know….”

“Have confidence. Because my sister is the biggest person I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you.”

Hearing those words as I lay next to her naked body made me feel like my dead cock was about to swell again. Is it the feeling that the self-esteem that was cut because of baseball is filled? I wanted to fuck her like a dog in her cunt again, but the director might think it strange if it was too late, so I held back.

“By the way, Maengho. Why doesn’t Maengho do well in matches?”

“I was suspended due to an injury, and um…. In fact, isn’t it because you didn’t give the director a village paper? My parents died and I couldn’t afford to pay.”

I debated whether to tell the truth, but finally decided to tell it. Because she wanted to discredit her husband’s image in her mind.

Hearing my words, she hugged me. Her soft flesh and her hard nipples rubbed against her forearm as I made my cock stand up again.

“My Maengho, what should I do because I feel sorry for you?”

“What. I can’t help it.”

“By the way, even though our guy is a bit of a fucking idiot, he probably isn’t the kind of person who can be just that much of a candidate. It’s not like we don’t have money, right? I didn’t even get to see him get paid. And what time is it? Ho Ho. If you do, will you be arrested right away?”

What do you mean? If it’s not Chonji, what’s the reason for putting me on the bench? And why did you yell at me like that? So you’re saying I was pushed back because of my skills?

It can’t be. I was a fairly well-known guy in the middle school league, and a senior who graduated even confessed to me that he intentionally caused me to make a defensive mistake.

Besides, no matter how bad the defense was, the coach definitely didn’t give me proper training and discriminated against me.

Fuck. Taking sides with Gee’s husband. Will my husband like it for shielding me from the subject of cheating? I decided to just ignore her words as an adulterous woman.

“Still, I am very sorry. Until last year, I always asked if there were no fierce tigers. But since he didn’t come out, I thought he had transferred. What is it? But today I just saw you. Doesn’t it feel like fate?”

Last year? If it was last year, it was the time when I was bullied by the director. However, at some point in the second half of last year, the coach made me participate in defensive training. Moreover, they said that starting this year, they would add me to the list.

For a moment? For some reason, the time she mentioned me overlaps with the time the director bullied me. Perhaps… ? Was it because of this year?

“I’ve been spotting you ever since I came to training in your third year of middle school. But it stayed so well. After all, my eyes have never been wrong.”

Actually, what if it wasn’t because of Chonji, but because this bitch mentioned me, and the director like Jjompin was jealous?

Director Lee Ki-cheol was a kid who couldn’t be called handsome even with lies. I was pretty good looking. But my wife keeps referring to the handsome student? For some reason, it seemed that a director’s bastard could be jealous enough.

“He was always angry when I asked. How did you hide it so well?”

Come to think of it, the handsome senior who went to buy a drink with this bitch was also a candidate for 10,000 years, right?

… This year for sure She continued to rub her body against my forearm as she spoke to her. And with one hand, she was holding my hand and rubbing it against her own cunt.

“Oh, are you strong? Wouldn’t it be impossible to go on like this?”

I want to kill this bitch. My high school life wouldn’t have been this messed up if this bitch hadn’t found me. I want to strangle this bitch like this!

‘Then sleep.’


‘Do it while strangling your neck. Maybe you will like it this year too. Get revenge and release your sexual desire! Killing two birds with one stone? What, or are you really going to kill me?’

“Maengho. Cooper liquid is also coming out, but if I go back like this, my underwear will get wet. Right?”

She caressed my cock with her free hand. Her skillful and gentle hand movements stimulated me again.

“… Yes.”

“Then how do we do it one more time?”

“… Like. But this time back.”

“It’s cheesy.”

When she heard me, she smiled seductively and fell down. Her waist went down and her hips came up, showing all of her embarrassing parts. But her cunt and anus were wide open as if they were not ashamed. She lay on her back, reached behind her, grabbed my cock, and moved it close to her own cunt.

Now she looked like a very slut who didn’t even bother with condoms. This slut must be punished!

“Your sister will do everything for you today, so you have to find out for yourself next time? Understand?”


I see her slender white neck lying on her stomach.

This fucking bitch! If only it hadn’t been this year!

I poked her cunt in one go and pulled the back of her hair, putting it in a good position to strangle her. Then she put her hands on her neck.

“Ugh! Are you a fierce tiger?”

I feel the pulse in her neck. I cupped her neck with both hands. As I exerted myself, her cunt contracted, putting more pressure on my prick. I loosened my hand as I pulled the cock out, then tightened it as I pushed it back in.

“Ahaha. Throat, sore throat, loud, loud. Ahang.”

A gasping sound and a groan are heard at the same time. You son of a bitch! It’s revenge for my 3 years of high school that I blew away!

“Haaang! Whoops, whoops, whoops! Fierce, Fierce Tiger, Ahang! Throat, out of breath…. Ahang!”

Phut! Phut! The sound of my thighs slapping her ass forms an ensemble with her breathless sound. The more I strangle her, the tighter her cunt gets, and cunt wrinkles wrap around my cock.

At that moment, I shook her waist even more and strangled her.

“Aha! Whoops! Kuck, kuck. I’m sorry, save me, save me. No more, more, more ahang, more begging, kuck, kuhk. Ughhh.”

“Good. Ok I will die You motherfucker!”

“Great. It’s good, ugh. Haang! Kuck.”

She was begging me to save her now with her eyes closed. But her cunt didn’t stop tightening.


I ejaculated while strangling her neck, forgetting that I wasn’t wearing a condom. With the greatest power I’ve ever had.


She slumped on the bed, dripping water from her cunt. When the cock was removed, cum and cum flowed together, giving off a filthy smell. She looked like a corpse, limp and limp with her hips erect.

‘I’m sure he’s not dead?’

When I checked her face, I noticed that her eyeballs had turned. I got up and looked at her. Thankfully, she was shaking all over her body.

You were alive … Fuck. You were surprised!

I got angry and hit her on the butt hard with the palm of my hand.



As her voluptuous ass bobbed, she let out her grotesque. She seemed to be distracted by my spanking.

“Maeng, Maeng Tiger! Who wants to strangle me!”

“So you didn’t like it? I like it when you lick it.”

“… This guy has a habit of talking to his sister!”

His voice was loud, but he didn’t seem angry at all.

“Then I won’t sleep in the future.”

“… It’s not like that. I have to speak You were surprised.”

“It was good though!”

When I came out strong, she blushed. As she strangled her, it seemed that the pervert who was drooling wouldn’t hate it.

“… Right.”

Also. I gained momentum and continued my speech.

“Who was the first to strangle you?”

“… Yes. You are the first.”

She said ashamed. Shame on the subject of this bitch, cheating woman!

“Then it’s a guess. My sister also took my first, and I also took my sister’s first. From now on, my sister’s neck will be strangled only by me.”

“… Okay.”

When I came out strong, she responded like a shy girl. … Is it a crazy year? I was stunned by the shy cosplay. Thinking of my baseball life because of this bitch, I wanted to strangle her even now.

“Then can we look forward to the future? Actually, both the size and the thickness. Of all the kids I’ve tasted, Maengho, I think you’re the best. Aren’t you the type of person who talks empty-handed?”

Expectation? Okay. Look forward to it. This bitch, don’t bother me until the moment I die.


… Hiding my true intentions, I answered calmly again.

“Still, the technique is still lacking, so let’s practice more with my sister. Got it?”

“I like it too.”

“But what if I wrap it inside like this?”

“Your sister didn’t put a condom on.”


She sighed and began to scrape my cum out of her cunt. She almost fell for it again, but she endured it because it would be really late now if she did it one more time.

“But today is also a safe day. Don’t worry.”

I wasn’t even worried in the first place. Baby girl But if I said that, would this relationship break? I always wanted to bully this coaching couple.

“That’s fortunate.”

“Don’t worry. You can give birth if you have it, what. I’m having sex with him every week to begin with.”

“You don’t have kids for that kind of thing?”

“I was taking birth control pills without him knowing. How can you get such a seed? Honestly, how could I pass on such an ugly gene to my child? Ahaha.”

It’s a crazy year Crazy bitch for sure Well, that’s why you call high school students and have sex with them. I wouldn’t have been the first The director who was jealous of his student and tried to ruin his life, and this year too! I will punish these motherfuckers!

‘Eww. A married woman is a taste that she takes away from her husband, who she originally loves, but this bitch is a bit tasteless.’

Rossby seemed to be a bit disappointed with her appearance.

‘There will be another opportunity next time. Fucking a married woman who loves her husband.’

Did I assimilate with Rossby? Naturally, I think that I will be able to play with a married woman later.

“Still, a ferocious tiger would be enough to give birth to.”

“I like it too. But maybe… , You don’t want to marry me, do you?”

“Ahaha. He’s an adult, but he’s really still like a child. Sister, with you? He was short and ugly, but he had a lot of money. Why am I marrying you I like this life I eat the little kids, and I do my own shopping.”

There was no real start year.

“You’re not going to come back because I’m successful later, right?”

“Why are you worried? So you don’t want to do it with your sister?”

“It’s not like that….”

“Don’t worry. Because there is no such thing as My sister also has Gao.”

Still, just in case, I’ll have to be careful. I don’t know what this bitch is going to do.

‘Hey. Yellow monkey. What are you worried about? Can’t I just hit her and cause her to have an abortion?’

‘… What kind of bullshit is this?’

Hehe, it was like that back then, but has the method changed a bit these days?’

This kid was also a jerk.

‘To say goodbye to the eldershehe.’

Rossby gave me a satisfied laugh at my swear words. It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex, and it seemed like I didn’t care what I said.

“Sister. Then can I come over again?”

“Good sister. Isn’t high ginseng better than wild ginseng? Oh ho ho.”

“… I will ask you in the future.”

I want to get revenge on these bastards. How can I say I did well? Do you really get pregnant?

I can imagine a director raising a child without even knowing it is my own. Are you attracted to something? If this bitch doesn’t cling to me, I might give it a try….

This kind of crazy bitch was good for a fucking house, but seeing and living with it for the rest of my life was a refusal. Well, the face and body were worth looking at.

‘There’s nothing more crazy than living with a woman.’

‘Aren’t you married, too?’

‘So, after dying like this, couldn’t he become a ghost who couldn’t even go to heaven? A lifetime of being with one woman when it’s not enough to hang around with several womenhehe. Marriage is crazy.’

It was the most sincere of all Rossby’s voices I’d ever heard. Even more than when talking about baseball.

‘Then help me. So that I don’t get tied down by that bitch.’

‘Okay. I won’t help After all, we are partners. I like it when you eat a lot. It was a bit disappointing because it was my first time doing it, but I was satisfied. Fucking yellow monkey.’

Still, this human was a human who lived decades older than me. If the two of them put their heads together, wouldn’t they find a sharp way? How to get revenge, have sex, and not get in the way of the future.

While she was thinking about that, Park Hye-jin spoke to her.

“Then will my sister take me?”

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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