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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 6

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 6

Chapter 6 – Episode 6. Maengho Ji (3)

I left the director’s house, refusing to say that Park Hye-jin would take me there. It was because the director could have been jealous again if we went to school together in a car.

‘A dog -like cub. You haven’t been able to compete for just that much for two years? It was a public toilet boy who had already visited several babies. Fuck. Dog fucking baby! ‘

If you mention me before you come out, the director might suspect our relationship, so I asked you to refrain from mentioning me as much as possible, so you won’t mention me in the future?

How can I get word out that I got my revenge on these two bastards?

‘Are you sick? It shouldn’t spread rumors.’

‘It’s just an idiom. Of course, it can’t be rumored!’

Just as I was about to ignore Rosby’s rude intrusion, Rosby spoke up again.

‘You yellow monkey. I’ve been thinking about it.’

‘What is it?’

‘No matter how much that bitch said that, don’t you think he’ll get tangled up with you if you have more money?’

Well…. I kind of felt like that too. It’s a bitch who knows my husband as a dick, but when I become famous and have a lot of money, I think I’ll stick to him right away.

‘Okay. This bastard wasn’t a complete idiot.’

‘So what’s the conclusion?’

I didn’t want to get close, but I still wanted revenge. … And the taste of the rice cake was good. In fact, my legs still tremble even now. Is this what sex is like? I could understand why Rosby was so into sex.

She wanted to run back and fuck her cunt like a dog.

‘Heh. That’s why it’s dangerous for a bastard to indulge in sex.’

‘Not anymore. Tell me something quickly.’

‘As long as I am, you become famous. And if I become a major leaguer, I will make a lot of money.’

It was great confidence. However, Rossby is a genius hitter who can be said to be the best second baseman in major league history, which is close to 150 years old. Faith has gone

‘It’s true.’

‘Okay. So, if you can’t avoid it, why don’t you enjoy it?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘If you do 99 good things and do one thing wrong, you will become trash. But it doesn’t matter if the guy who did 99 bad things does one more bad thing, right? If I teach you consistently, you can break through the controversy head-on.’

‘Yes? So….’

‘Okay. It doesn’t matter if you’re crazy about sex in the first place and eat this girl and that girl, right? Are you afraid of others’ criticism?’

Thoughts on what Rossbigie could do. He was like a human who had been criticized for being human trash all his life.

‘Heh. Once is hard, twice is easy. Especially, she said, there’s nothing more enjoyable than fucking the reporter who was swearing at me. My pussy was chewy that year too.’

‘If that’s the case, I’ll take medicine too, right?’

The absurd idea made me sarcastically at Rossby.

‘No drugs!’

However, the reaction was unexpectedly intense. He is also a veteran of the baseball world. You’re against drugs.

‘If you take medicine, your cock will get smaller! I need a big cock to really enjoy her pussy.’

Then it is. In fact, isn’t the monkey this human who thinks of sex all the time?

‘What are you saying? Baby monkey In my time, monkeys like you didn’t dare to say anything.’

‘Yes, yes. That’s right.’

‘Anyway, think carefully about what I said. When I was a player, I also caused all kinds of problems, but the owner of the team begged me not to leave. He didn’t even know he ate his wifehaha. As long as a baseball player is good at baseball, he doesn’t care what trouble he causeshehe.’

There was no real human garbage.

‘Hey. You only live once, but are you going to live it by only paying attention to others? If you live like that, you will be on the bench for the rest of your life. Are you going to keep an eye out for the rest of your life like a candidate on the bench?’

Bench position. I hate that. And it was now a specification to live only by looking at others.

‘Or did you have perfect control with your dick?’

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘I mean to make her into a body that can’t live without your cock.’

Yes… ? It was a story I saw a lot in porn. But is that actually possible?

‘There is a living witness here, so don’t worry.’

For some reason, Rosby seemed trustworthy today.


“Five. Ferocious tiger. Are you good at defense? After all, going to second base (second baseman) made my throwing better.”

It was a position I had just practiced, but perhaps because of Rossby’s experience, second base felt like the perfect fit for me. My debut as a second baseman was perfect except for the fact that my legs were a little wobbly from having sex with Park Hye-jin on the first day of training as a second baseman.

“Thank you.”

The defensive coach praised my defense. The defensive coach had always thought I was unable to throw at shortstop because Ips* came. So the defensive coach has been recommending me to change positions all along.

However, I had rejected the offer of the defensive coach until now because I had a dream of becoming a pro. There was little chance of a second baseman being drafted.

Second baseman is, in a way, the tomb of infielders. All infielders except first base start as shortstops as amateurs. And if the shortstop judges that he is not qualified, he changes his position. 3rd baseman if the defense is a little disappointing even though it hits. Neither one nor the other becomes second baseman.

Even if you look at professional baseball players, it is difficult to find an infielder who is not a shortstop. In the first place, people with excellent athletic ability play shortstop, but there was no reason to pick a player from second base. And it was not easy for infielders who were born as shortstops to succeed in the pros.

So, in order for an amateur who was a second baseman to be selected in the draft, he needed a special guy who could offset that weakness. Just like me now

Now, through Rossby’s training and sensory sharing, I’ve gained that distinction. Even if he was the designated hitter, he was confident that he would be selected.

“After all, defense is fundamental. The defense has not been good so far, so the hitting has become ambiguous. Look. You’re doing well in training these days, so your hitting is also coming up, right? Since you are physically good, the clubs will probably pick you up if you do well this year. Good thing you changed it to second. Under. It would have been nice if it had been changed sooner.”

“Sorry. I’m just being stubborn.”

“No. Well changed now Our team has a weak second. In this state, the director will write you. No matter how bad it is, I have to go to college.”

“Are you going pro?”

“Confidence is good. Do hitting training with the confidence you showed now. Good job.”

Defensive coach. The people were good, but the ability was not good. To think that Ips has come to me, who is not even a dog’s eye. My defense has had no problems so far. It wasn’t my problem that I couldn’t throw, it was because of the director’s oppression.

You can’t even notice that. And if you were thinking of me like that, why don’t you stop when he’s batting ball pitcher. Even if people are good, a coach is a coach. That bastard must have thought that I would be more helpful to the team if I was a batting ball pitcher.

‘Heh. A kid like that is coaching. Fucking Yellow Monkey. You don’t have to listen to other people. If you just listen to me and follow me, you will be able to become a star. Hurry up and quickly become a star and eat all the girls in the worldhaha.’

I ignored Rossby’s words lightly as usual and headed to the batting cage. Shortly after I switched to second base, I was on special fungo, so the other students were already doing batting drills.

When I arrived, everyone looked at me. The gaze contained a complex emotion mixed with various emotions such as jealousy and surprise. Most of the infielders were jealous, and the catchers and outfielders were surprised.

Even if they were on the same team, they were competitors competing for seats. I have no choice but to be happy with my sudden improvement in skills. Besides, after changing my batting form like Rossby, my batting skills were not very good, so I had no choice but to be like that.

‘You have better power than me, so have confidence. If I had the same physicality as you, Ruth’s place would have been mine.’

‘Still, Babe Ruth is a little….’

‘What do you know? Baby boyhehe. You should thank your parents. It’s because it’s a body that doesn’t need to overcome with technology like me. No, should I be resentful because I inherited my fucking skin color? If my baby had been born with yellow skin, I would have strangled him right awayhaha.’

Now, I thought I was going to make such racist remarks. What would a human with nothing but sex in his head know? No, I play baseball quite a bit, so I have to put up with it.

Rosby’s batting skills were so great that he could tolerate such remarks. Rossby’s batting form was a close stance* that allowed him to deliver strong power to the ball. A batting form that Rosby, who was not naturally good at, made to survive in the major leagues.

And thanks to the sense sharing, it fit me just like the batting form I’ve been doing all my life.

‘Originally, if it were me, I would have done a leg kick*, but with your physicality, you wouldn’t have to do a leg kick. So it will be easy to adjust the timing for the changing ball. But keep in mind. No matter how much you share your senses, you learn how to improve your skills in actual combat. Keep playing.’

When you say this, you look like a normal person.

‘That way, I’ll be able to eat this woman and that woman quicklyhaha.’

It was also the best garbage-like idea in major league history. I put Ross B aside and focused on his batting machine.

The ball flew from the machine and flew quickly. The speed is 140 km/h. It was a familiar pace. I crouched down and spun the bat with all my might at impact.


Hearing the sound of the ball splitting, it flies away and crashes into the net.

“At this rate, it must have flown 180m? This baby. Why haven’t you been doing well until now? Are you rebelling?”

“… No.”

“That’s why I would have written some if I had been good at defense.”

The coach, who was watching me batting practice, spoke to me with a vicious smile. In the past, I would have wanted to break that bone marrow, but I just felt sorry for myself after I ate the director’s wife.

“Still, it seems to be going well after changing positions.”

“How nice it would have been if it had been changed a long time ago. It would be impossible to become a professional, but I think I can go to college.”

“If only you let me compete.”

“This bastard. Anyone who sees it will know that I have ill feelings toward you and won’t let you participate. How can you bring a kid who can’t even throw to the field!”

“… Sorry.”

“Okay. I will be starting second in this practice game, so prepare well.”

It seemed like it would be hard not to use me when I was showing this level of performance in training. Besides, our team had a weak second baseman. It’s probably because it’s been months since Park Hye-jin, that bitch, didn’t mention me.

‘Hey. When are you going to fuck that bitch? It’s already been a week.’

‘I’ll think about it once the practice game is over.’

Even without Rosby’s urging, text messages from Park Hye-jin were piling up on my cell phone. I didn’t go after that day because I fell out of love, but sometimes I think of her pussy. Especially, on the day when I talked with the director like this.

“Try it well. If we do well this time, we might even use it as a starter in the weekend league. I’m still in my third year, but I have to go to college.”

“Thank you. I’ll do my best.”

“Okay. Keep practicing.”

The coach said that and moved to the other players.

Ten cubs. Wait and see Please make me not able to use it.

‘And also fuck and eat my wifehehe.’

‘Oh, little! Stop talking to me!’

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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