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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 3

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 3

Chapter 3 – Episode 3. Hyejin Park(1)

“Director. I will change my position.”

“I finally came to my senses. When you’re watching shortstop, you’re a nuisance to the team. Where are you going to change it? Are you a batting ball pitcher? If you change your position to a batting ball pitcher, you will be able to make a living even as an adult. Your ball is clean and slow, making it the best batting ball.”

The coach hurled abusive language as usual, but I didn’t care. Laugh it off now Now that I have the experience and sensibilities of Rossby, the manager is not very important to me.

“I’m second baseman.”

“Okay? Too bad. Still, if you’re second (second baseman), your weird throw will be useful to some extent. I’ll tell the defensive coach, so go.”

“All right.”

After saying that, I was about to leave the director’s office, when the door of the director’s office opened and a woman who appeared to be in her late twenties entered.


She was the wife of the director, Ki-cheol Lee. She is a former tennis player. When she got married, it was in the news that she was married to stars, and she remembered the director bragging about her at a drinking party. Did she say her name was Park Hye-jin?

Lee Ki-cheol’s wife was quite beautiful. I knew she was in her late 30s, but she looked like she was in her late 20s through steady self-care, and her body was basically solid, although she gained a little weight after she stopped working out.

Besides, her breasts, which seemed to pierce through her gray dress, caught my attention.

Sometimes her wife came to cheer her up with a drink, right? Every time she was the subject of obscenities. It was the first time I had seen it up close.

After all, Gicheol Lee is also a star director, so he must have married such a beauty, right?

‘Five. The monkeys in this country are pretty good. The Jax guys were dwarfs under 160, after all.’

“Hi? Who are you?”

“Hello. This is Ji Maeng-ho.”

“Nothing to worry about. What’s going on here rather than that?”

“Ah. Honey~ You said the refrigerator was coming today. But what are you doing here? Should I come over here?”

She moved up to the director’s side as she teased her.

“What are you doing? Should I even care about that?”

“Chi, there are a lot of kids, so why don’t you send one?”

“They all exercise…. Oh fierce tiger you go It would be useless even if I trained anyway.”

At the director’s words, her fist clenched itself. Who do you know as a slave?

‘Hey, hey! Fuck. Say go! Say you’re going!’

… Huh?

Rossby was unusually active.

‘Follow me. That bitch can fuck 100%. Follow me quickly I can’t get rid of that view without having sexhehe. My pioneering plan has never been wrong.’

Rosby told me that after the game he had sex unconditionally. Sometimes by calling a prostitute, sometimes by grabbing a female fan. The eye for the ball and the eye for the woman. Those eyes were top-notch, Rosby always boasted. Is it worth trusting?

“… All right.”

I didn’t say that I was going because I was interested in the horse. As soon as he changed his position, he said that he had no choice but to go because he could not be seen by the manager. Really.

“Yes? Did you say ferocious tiger? Ji Maeng-ho?”

She looked at me alluringly. Eyes drooping like a puppy and tear points under the big eyes. It seems that Rossby is right.


“Then. Honey~ I’ll borrow some~”

She moved away from the director and grabbed my forearm.

“Oh? Are you pretty strong?”

“Because I am an athlete.”

I couldn’t even participate in defense training, so all I could do was weight. So his body was confident.

“Thank god. I was worried that the refrigerator is quite large, but this should be fine.”

Even if it was lunch time on the weekend, my husband would come to work and take away a student. This woman certainly seemed insane.

“Yumma. Move and come right away. Don’t play around. Oh I’d rather be fooling around and get caught.”

“No. I will come right away.”

So me and her wife moved to the place where her car was.

“Uh? Aren’t these seat belts?”

“Okay? Sometimes I don’t listen to it, so my sister will take care of it.”

Sister? She was more than 10 years older than me, but she called herself my sister and then she leaned over to me and put her hand on her seat belt. She could see the white nape of her neck between her cardigan and gray dress and smelled of strong perfume.

There were times when I felt disgusted with the smell of a normal perfume, but it smelled good, probably because it matched well with her body odor.

And her voluptuous breasts touched mine. After her struggles, she finally succeeded in fastening her seat belt.

“Ugh. It didn’t work well in the passenger seat.”

“Ah. … Yes.”

‘Eww. First year. Look. I’m trying to seduce you now.’

Is it really like that? Up until now, it was a long story, but somehow Rossby’s words felt like the truth. Still, there’s no way something like that would happen to me, right?

“Then let’s go.”

The road to her house felt so short that I didn’t even know how to get there, perhaps because of her sweet scent in the car.

“It only took five minutes.”

“She found him a house close by because he was sleepy. Ho Ho.”

No, it was really short. It was only a five-minute drive from the school to the bishop’s house. About 3 minutes minus the parking time? It was a distance to get to school in 10 minutes if you ran. Could have been shorter.

“I said fierce. Come in.”

“Then, excuse me.”

Upon entering the house, a mini-fridge that could be used in a motel caught my eye right in front of the door. She said it was a refrigerator, so I thought of a big refrigerator, but I thought that it was a mini refrigerator.

Well, if it was a large refrigerator, the contractor would have come and moved it, right? It was fortunate.

“Sorry, Meng Tiger student. Originally, he was going to do it, but she went to work today, what is it? Then I’ll ask you a favor.”

“Yes. It’s okay.”

“Then I’ll ask you to go to the bedroom.”

I approached the mini-fridge and tried to pick it up.


“Oh? It’s okay?”

“It’s heavier than I thought.”

I thought it weighed around 10kg at most, so I tried to lift it lightly, but it seemed a bit overworked. I’m guessing at least 30kg?

“I’m sorry, ma’am.”

“What is Mrs. When it’s just the two of us, call me sister. Sister.”

“Ah. Yes. Who… Can I come with you? Sorry.”

“No no. Mangho is here to help. Of course you can join us After all, my older sister did some exercise in the past.”

She braced her biceps. Her muscles didn’t stick out, but she also looked a little cute.

“Wait a minute, I don’t want my cardigan to get dirty, so I’ll put some clothes on.”

Saying that, she hung her cardigan on her hanger. Her gray dress, close to sleeveless, was revealed.

‘Look at Gonyon’s body. Ughhh.’

Most of what Rossby said was pointless bullshit, but this time I had to agree with him.

“Did you wait?”

“Ah… , No.”

She went near her refrigerator and put her hand under her. I went across from her and put my hand under her fridge. As I positioned her like that, her eyes met hers and I, slightly embarrassed, lowered my gaze.

But that was my mistake. Her prone body and her arms trying to lift the refrigerator gathered her breasts, making her even more embarrassed. However, when I raised my face again, I thought I would see my blushing face straight ahead, so I decided to just keep my eyes on it.

“Then take it? One, two, three. Catchcha.”


Lifting her and her refrigerator together was also much easier than before.

“Ugh. It’s heavy, so hurry up.”

“Where should I go?”

“To the side, to the side. The door behind it is open, so go in.”

I followed her directions and moved on.

“Then can I put it down here?”

“Okay. Hana, Doul. Ugh. Aigoo, I thought your back would fall out.”

She was the one trying to look young, but her spittle sounded like her auntie, and she smiled slightly.

“Yes? Fierce tiger Why are you laughing?”

“No. Suddenly, a funny thought came to me.”

“Okay? Whew. I thought my older sister was losing her back. If I listened to this alone, I would have been resentful of Maengho for the rest of my life.”

“Yes? Why?”

“Why? A man’s waist is his life, but if he made a mistake, he almost went out. Oh, don’t you know about Maengho yet? Ho ho ho.”

‘Quickly tell that motherfucker to tell me! It’s not like I’m going to go out like that!’

Lightly ignoring Rossby’s words, I answered her.

“Ah, my back hurts from hearing that one thing. I am a sports person. Your back is strong.”

“Oh~. Ferocious tiger. Are you confident?”

“Because your back is important when you swing.”

“Oh ho ho. Girlfriends will love it. His face was also handsome. Ugh, but my sister stopped working out for a while, so her back hurts.”

Saying that, she collapsed onto the bed. She was unconscious, but she was here in the master bedroom, right?

“Maeng Tiger, could you give me a massage?”

“Ah, just a simple sports massage.”

“Then, could you massage my back for a second? I think my older sister’s back is out.”

‘Look. I’m sorry. Am I right?’

Rossby was right. If she doesn’t notice even after coming here, she’ll be an asshole or a eunuch. It will be either one. Wait a minute then… ?

Among the seniors, there was one handsome senior who often went out to buy drinks with his wife. So, was it like that then?

‘Fuck. I’m sure.’

However, you need to be careful because you haven’t clearly expressed your intentions yet. Because you can’t be metoo before you become a pro.

“Are you a fierce tiger?”

At her urging, I carefully climbed onto the bed and positioned myself next to her waist. I pinned her thighs with my knees and placed her hands lightly on her waist.

“A little lower than there. More, more, more.”

I put my finger down on her, giving her a slight boost. And my hand stopped between her hip and waist. I didn’t say anything, so I put strength on my finger and stimulated it.

“Yes, there. Ahhh. More. Ugh.”

“Are you okay with power?”

“Yes. Just fine Would you like to come up from there?”

At her words, I went upstairs while kneading from there. There was a bit of flesh on her body, but when I pressed it with force, I could feel the muscles on the inside. As I climbed like that, my hand went up to where her bra was.


Don’t you tell me to stop touching your side breasts and bra straps? Would you like to be more active?

This can be seen as a tacit agreement, but I decided to be as careful as possible. Again, I massaged my hands while lowering them. This time it’s a little lower than where we started. Buttocks and thighs.

“Oops. A little soft there.”

I massaged her voluptuous ass while listening to her grotesque hum. Although I was touching it over the dress, the soft touch did not leave my hand.

“Can I go up a bit now?”

This time I lowered my body a little while raising my hand. Her thighs were anchored by my knees, so I bent down a little and my stiff club touched her hips.

‘You fucking yellow monkey! Share your feelings! Fuck you! Hurry!’

‘It’s shutting up instead.’

‘I understand, so quickly.’

Wouldn’t it suck if you didn’t do it? I wanted to concentrate now, so I shared my feelings with Rossby on the condition that I shut up. Sense sharing was successful because I had done enough while practicing my swing. As Rosby quieted down, I could feel her body better.

“Yes? Are you a fierce tiger?”

She called out to me as my hardened prick touched her ass.

“Yes? Sister?”

What? Maybe I was thinking wrong?

“Would you like to come up a little more? No, don’t just raise your hands, the whole. Yes, try using your body as a whole like that.”

I wasn’t mistaken.

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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