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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 2

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 2

Chapter 2 – Episode 2. Ji Maeng-Ho (2) – (Revised)

Surprised by the sudden voice, I quickly turned the volume down and turned off my phone.

What? What was it? Who did this in the warehouse?

‘Fuck! It’s sex! Don’t you know what sex is like? ‘

‘I don’t even know that much!’

‘How many women is this! Turn it on quickly! You little yellow monkey!’

Rossby urged me on. Not even that. I haven’t seen anything like porn since the day I met Rossby.

Of course, I wasn’t a eunuch or lacking in sexual desire. Most athletic teenagers have a burning libido, and I did too. However, the ghost kept watching me, but I wasn’t an idiot to have a daughter-in-law.

‘Hey? Aren’t you going to see it?’

‘… I’ll think about it.’

However, the person in this video is clearly from our school. I’m a human too, so I wondered who it was. I didn’t mean to spread it, but I wanted to see it. Even so, it wasn’t here.

‘What are you worried about, you fucking monkey!’

‘I’m not an exhibitionist, how can you see that here! I have to go back to the dormitory for now.’

The battery is running low too. You should be comfortable watching this. Rossby seemed to agree with me, and he was quiet for a moment.

Unable to hold back my curiosity, I quickly returned to the dormitory. At the time, there was no one in the dorm. They will not come in for a while because they are doing self-training at night. According to my two years of experience, now was a chance for a daughter of a no-mark.

Oh, isn’t that a no-mark? There was a ghost that was looking at me insidiously.

‘Hey? What are you doing. Play it quickly.’

Rossby, who had been with me and had become somewhat familiar with modern culture, urged me on and on.

‘Wait. I need to charge it first.’

I plugged my phone into the charger and entered the gallery again. In the gallery, there were more than an hour of videos that I had seen before.

It wasn’t a dream either.

I quickly played the video.

‘What? Why isn’t it coming?’

‘Wait. A little.’

It took a while before that scene came out, so maybe it will take a little longer for people to appear, right?

I quickly flipped through the video. And I was able to find the scene I wanted,

Sigh. The warehouse door opens and light comes in. Since the warehouse is a place where sports equipment is placed, the person who has the key is a teacher or a sports club student.

The young guys are already taking it apart.

‘What’s wrong? When I was 15, everyone got a virginity tag.’

‘I’m not curious. I need to concentrate, so don’t talk to me.’

‘Do you concentrate more than when playing baseball?’


[Okay, there’s no one around.]

A familiar female voice is heard. Well…. How many times did you pass by while exercising? But it was something more familiar.

Is this voice…? Hyuna… ? Hyunah Choi?

The main character of the voice was Hyuna. No. Hyuna is masturbating here? This must be another child.

‘Heh heh. Face reality. Fucking Yellow Monkey.’

Footsteps are heard and a silhouette of a person is captured on the screen. I couldn’t deny it now. The woman on the screen was Hyuna. My first love, Choi Hyun-ah.

‘Fuck, there’s only one person. It wasn’t sex, it was masturbation.’

Rossby said something beside me, but it didn’t reach my ears. Because my mind was solely focused on my smartphone.

[Take it off quickly. I’m in a hurry.]

Hyuna closed her eyes and was talking into the air as if she were acting. She then started undressing herself. And Hyuna’s hand goes down to her. She’s hard to see because of the angle, but she was definitely masturbating.

Fuck…. Hyuna doing her masturbation.

[Wonho is good enough, right? Then, Wonho! Come!]

To think of him while masturbating while thinking of Wonho!

‘Even though I think so, my body is honest. Will he break through?’

I should have been the object that Hyuna would take as her daughter…. Fuck!

[Now suck me too.]

Saying that, Hyuna sat down on her jumping box and held her own breasts. This time in front of the camera. Hyuna’s precious place is captured on the screen as it is. Her hair was neatly trimmed, as if she had shaved her hair in line with her bikini line. Then he lifted her breasts and started sucking on her own.

‘Five! How long have you been watching?’

A sight to see forever.

Chest. Hyuna’s pure white breasts. Boobs much larger than what appears above her clothes. And a pretty pink pussy! Those two sights caught my eye.

‘Ooh shh! Fucking indented nipples! Taking it out and washing it is another delicacy.’

‘Please shut up. Please.’

‘What? Are you crying? Does the crying bastard keep moving his hands?’

Yes. As Rossby said, I was in tears. But my hand, faithful to its instinct, ran over my cock. My first love, Hyuna, thinks of my friend, while she masturbates!

Hyuna was sucking her big, white breasts with her mouth as she poked her cunt with one hand. That finger should have been mine…. Fuck. Fuck. But since when did Hyuna start liking her Wonho? Why?

‘Are you sick? Even if it were me, I’d prefer Ace over a 10,000-year-old bastard.’

‘Hyun-ah isn’t that kind of kid!’

‘If he’s not like that, then the bitch moaning over there is another bitch? Hem?’

Rossby is right. That’s Hyuna A slut who likes my friend.

‘A slut is a fucking slut, masturbating alone is also a slut?’

‘Shut up! Hyuna wasn’t a bitch masturbating at school!’

‘Heh. She acted like a bad girl to the girl Ji-gi liked, but to me….’

While I was talking with Rossby, the video continued. And I started to speed up my fingers. Hyuna thinks of Wonho while she masturbates!

Hyuna’s expression right before she left is vividly captured on camera. And Hyuna squirts out her cum and leans her back behind her. And I also squirted my cum all over her bottom.

Haha. This kid is a funny kid. Is this the one that sheds tears up and down? Hey Awesome. Awesome.’

And Hyuna went out of her warehouse.

‘Tsk. Not much fun. Having sex is fun. This isn’t even a snack.’

Why did Hyuna choose Kim Wonho? I would have known her longer….

She was about the same height as him and me. Face? It’s a little hard to say this, but I’ve never been fooled anywhere to the extent that I’ve been offered models while walking on the street. Fuck? I don’t know about Hyuna, but my cock was much bigger than the guy I saw in the shower.

It was well over 20cm, and the thickness was not good enough to fit into toilet paper rolls. I had a complex when I was young, but I feel proud of my size.

‘You still don’t know, fucking yellow monkey? What kind of woman would want to fuck a 10,000-year-old bastard?’

Rossby is right. Especially among us who exercise. Kim Won-ho is a special ace whose first nomination is reserved.

I am a candidate for ten thousand years in our weak school. In the eyes of Hyuna, who was from the national team, I was just a loser in life.

No, not just Hyuna, but no matter who sees it, I must be a loser in life. Forever like this

‘It would be simple if they signed a contract with me.’

‘… Can you take responsibility for that?’

‘Okay. Does the best second baseman in major league history look like a dick?’

Rossby was rough-mouthed, but his skills were unmistakable. Ever since I first saw him, I’ve looked up a lot about him.

Best second baseman in MLB history. Best right-handed hitter. He is a monster with a career OPS of over 1 while playing over 9000 plate appearances. Two-time MVP, two-time Triple Crown. 400 batting average three times. 7 times hitting champion.

Although it was a record from almost 100 years ago, it was a record that could not be ignored. He was a monster who was at least twice as far ahead of his contemporaneous hitters. If Babe Ruth was the monster that represented the American League, Horngers Rossby was the monster that represented the National League.

‘How exactly will it help me if I sign a contract?’

Rossby had explained many times before, but I wasn’t listening. Because it had nothing to do with me. But not now.

When I brought up the topic of baseball, Rosby’s frivolous expression turned serious.

‘For now, we can share our senses. You can feel the batting sense I’ve wielded for decades. You don’t have to worry about defense either. I played second base for over 10,000 innings.’

It will definitely be of great help. Batters swing their bats by predicting them through experience, because human eyes cannot react and hit the ball thrown by the pitcher.

‘That’s not all. I was a hitter with over 1,000 walks even in an era when walks didn’t really matter. I could tell if it was a strike or a ball just by looking at its trajectory.’

Certainly, there’s a legendary anecdote the other day, when I was looking up about Rosby, and the catcher protested the call, and the umpire said, “If it had been a strike, Rosby would have told you?”

‘And what do you think is the most important thing in baseball?’

‘It’s timing, right?’

‘Blowing is timing. And pitching is stealing that timing.’ As there is a saying, timing was the most important thing in baseball.

‘Okay. What does a pitcher do to steal the batter’s timing?’

‘I throw a breaking ball.’

Even if you throw a ball over 100 miles (160 km/h), if you throw only fastballs, all pro-level hitters can get the timing right. That’s why there is a ball of change.

‘What would it be like if the pitcher knew what ball he was throwing?’

‘Then I’m buying it?’

‘Heh heh. Look at me Who can see me but you? What if I looked at the grip behind the pitcher and told you which pitch to throw? Okay. It also tells you the direction of the catcher’s mitt. Is it the inner ball or the outer ball!’

It was literally a scam. If you know which ball to throw at what timing and where to throw it, you can hit 40%! I was much more attracted to this than the floating sound of sensory sharing.

But the little child in my heart tells me not to do that. That’s not baseball!

‘Hey, fucking yellow monkey! What are you going to cover now? If you’re good at baseball, you can meet such a bitch in one truck!’

I was awakened by Rossby’s cry. Okay. Conscience and what That wasn’t what mattered to me.

I want to make Choi Hyeon-ah, who abandoned me and masturbated thinking of another man, regret it!
I want to make me regret the coach who put me on the bench!

And… I want to succeed in baseball like my parents wanted!

‘Okay. You fucking yellow monkey! If you sign a contract with me, will it be successful? It’s nothing like that! I’ll engrave your name in history! And be the best second baseman in the major leagues! But….’


‘You have to listen to my conditions.’

‘… What is it?’

‘Sharing the senses with me during sex. I don’t know if you’re a bastard, but I’ve been poking women’s holes all my life, and if I haven’t tasted them in over 50 years, I’ll go crazyhehe’

If you can become the best baseball player, it’s about sharing your senses. Ghost anyway. No one knows that I made a contract with this demon. It was better than living the rest of my life as a loser.

‘It’s a good attitude. If you sign a contract with me, you will naturally learn how to share your senses. And….’

‘And what?’

‘Wipe up some of your cum on the floor.’


That day, I was a sex ghost…. No contract with the baseball ghosts.

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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