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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 1

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 1

Chapter 1 – Episode 1. Maengho Ji (1) – (Revised)

“Why did you call again?”

“Is it a sign that something must happen between us? Just calling.”

A few days after I had sex with Hyuna, Hyuna pretended not to like it, but she always came running when I called.

“Are you wearing a uniform?”

Hyuna in uniform. It was a look she had seen a lot since elementary school, but seeing Hyuna in her uniform always made her heart pound. A uniform top showing off her big ass and bottoms that fit her thighs and slick underarms.

She liked Hyuna in her school uniform or plain clothes, but she is also an athlete and shines the most when she is exercising. I liked Hyuna wailing under me, but the most beautiful was Hyuna wearing her uniform and commanding her volleyball court.

And to eat Hyuna in that uniform is to eat a superstar in the high school volleyball world who has a stature that cannot be compared to mine. Hyuna wearing a uniform was that special.

“… Because I was training….”

Certainly, as Hyuna said, the fact that her uniform was wet with sweat seemed like she was training hard. Drenched in sweat, Hyuna’s large breasts stand out. … Huh?

Didn’t you wear a sports bra today? It was big, but it wasn’t enough to stand out like that over the volleyball uniform, right?

“Was it good enough to come without training? And I don’t think I even wore a sports bra for that…. Wasn’t that what you expected?”

“Everyone, shut up!”

Pretending to like it and not to like it, Hyuna blushed and cursed at her, but she couldn’t be this transparent. Just looking at it, there is something expected from me.

Seeing that she came running even during training as soon as I called her, it seemed like she didn’t have to explain how much she was looking forward to it.

“Oops! What are you doing … Hey?”

As I approached and grabbed Hyuna’s butt tightly, Hyuna raised her voice and then lowered her tone, perhaps conscious of the fact that it was a classroom. Well, if it was a few months ago, the fight would have been flying right away….

“Why? I thought his ass was tight, so I was going to give him a little massage.”

“Ugh. It’s okay, it’s okay….”

Big and solid, yet soft, I feel the unique texture of the buttocks in my hand. It feels like you could bury your finger in it, but the feeling of it snapping off your finger if you go in beyond a certain point. Then, on the back of her hand, Hyuna’s soft but calloused hand was placed.

“That, stop….”

Hyuna said as if she was embarrassed as she wiggled his hand. But is there an idiot that stops here? Such a baby is not a man.

I move my hand little by little to Hyuna’s most embarrassing part. The warm heat you feel there….

“What? Are you already wet?”

“I’m wet! Sweat…. This is it!”

“Okay? Shall we check?”

This time, I put my hand between Hyuna’s uniform pants. Perhaps because of the exercise, the skin on her hips was also wet. Hyuna grabbed my wrist, but didn’t shake it off, until I felt the sweat on her skin and put her hand between his hip bones.

Gaining confidence in Hyuna’s attitude, I slowly and slowly passed through the gap and inserted his finger into Hyuna’s pussy. The feel of a wet, soft pussy. It wasn’t just sweat that wet my fingers inside it.

“Yes? Are you sweating here too?”


“Tell me. Are you sweating here too?”

“Mo, I don’t know!”

I took out my finger, and it came out with a thick liquid that was hard to say it was sweat.

“Look. Is this sweat?”

“Mo, because I don’t know.”

Hyuna let out her irritation with her face blushing. Cute. I wanted to embarrass Hyuna more, so I put her finger on my nose.

“Sniff, sniff,”

There was a sour smell of sweat mixed with the smell of her pussy, but it wasn’t particularly disgusting. At this moment, the smell, more fragrant than any perfume, stimulates my cock.

“Byeon, you pervert! Why are you taking that on!”

“Why? Sweat? Can’t you smell the sweat? But, it’s a bit disgusting. Should I buy some deodorant too?”


Hyuna looked up at me and raised her eyes. She was so angry that her eyes seemed to be watering. That her height of nearly 180 cm could bully Hyun-ah with her heroine style like this was something she never really thought of a few months ago.

‘Rather, I was hurt by Hyuna’s cold words.’

But, that is now a thing of the past. Right now, Hyuna was unable to move at my words. When she saw that, she felt like the sadism hidden in me was about to awaken.

‘How did you make this arrogant and arrogant bitch wail under me?’

It had only been a few months, but the memory of that day comes to mind vividly. The memory of the day I signed a contract with Rossby and started fucking girls….


‘You fucking fucking yellow monkey! Now stop bouncing and sign a contract with me! Are these fucking yellow monkeys deaf?’

Ever since I went to the WBSC 18U baseball World Cup as a batting ball pitcher, this goddamn ghost has been following me all the time.

‘Shut up! And what time of day is the yellow monkey taryeong?’

‘You shut up. Damn, how did this little monkey pick up my bat. Fucking! Monkeys are heavenly. It’s heaven and earth.’

This ghost claiming to be Honkers Rosby has been harassing me all the time. Even when you practice like this.

“Hey! Ji Maeng-ho! You bastard! Are you out of your mind?”

“Sorry! Director!”

‘I was criticized because of you!’

‘Heh heh. What do you know If you don’t listen to me, you’ll follow me like this for the rest of your life.’

Rossby’s argument is simple. He signed himself to become the best second baseman in the major leagues and free himself from this pain.

He said that signing a contract helps him become the best right-handed hitter and second baseman through sense sharing. It’s not a bad story from my point of view as a 10,000-year-old candidate. But the problem is….

‘When you have sex, you share your senses with me. Alcohol, gambling and drugs. I’ll forget everything else, but I can’t forget sex. Do you understand how I want to eat even a fucking yellow monkey after 50 years of starvation?’

Sharing sensations during sex. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m a person with very normal tastes, so I couldn’t stand it if someone watched and shared my sensations during sex. And I’m kind of reluctant.

Oh Why did you have such a ghost attached to you? How nice it would have been if Stan Musial, who was called the gentleman of the ground, would teach me baseball.

‘Stan Musial? That asshole was born well into the times. If I was a baseball player back then, Marilyn Monroe would have been my dickhehe.’

If I listened to this person, I felt like I would become shallow. At that time, a white object flew rapidly in front of my eyes.


“Ji Maeng-ho! What are you doing from now on! Aren’t you focused? You’re the 10,000-year candidate! Isn’t this bastard even in training?!”

“Sorry! Director!”

“Done. Get out!”

At the manager’s words, I had no choice but to leave the field after receiving a fungo. Of course, it was my fault for not being able to concentrate, but the director was especially strict with me.

Could this be because I became an orphan? Up until middle school, I was a fairly well-known shortstop in the area. That’s why I was able to enter Korea Physical Education High School, a prestigious high school in the sports world, even though it was newly established after receiving a scholarship.

However, on the day of the high school entrance ceremony, the car the family rode in to attend the entrance ceremony had an accident. Because of my injury, I only had to postpone my class for a year, but my parents passed away in that car accident.

And everything has changed. Lee Ki-cheol, the coach of Hanche High School (Korea Physical Education High School), was an outdated coach who revealed the village.

My family wasn’t particularly wealthy, so I couldn’t even buy baseball equipment as a legacy. In the meantime, there was no money to pay for the village.

After that, the hellish days began. When I got into the defense, the first basemen started making mistakes. At first, like the coach said, I thought there was a problem with my throw. In fact, I couldn’t show the performance I showed in middle school due to the aftereffects of a car accident.

Ah! The high school level was like this. I should try harder. … I thought so. But later, a senior first baseman who entered college came to visit me.

‘Maengho. Sorry. The coach said that if I get your throw, he won’t recommend it to the university. I couldn’t help it either.’

But it was already too late. I couldn’t even complete defense training, so the coach told me to improve my defense, and he harassed me with infinite fungo. At that time, my mental state had already collapsed and I was unable to defend properly. He had some talent for batting, but he couldn’t play in the game because he couldn’t defend.

That’s how I lost my sense of hitting and became a batting ball pitcher as a candidate for 10,000 years. After degrading to a batting ball pitcherheheard verbal abuse from his coach and was ignored by his juniors and classmates, and all of his confidence and self-esteem collapsed.

If my parents in heaven saw me like this, would they be surprised? Before the accident, I was a confident and lively son…. Did the accident ruin my life or did the director ruin my life? Or did I ruin my life by choosing baseball?

‘Ha, let’s not think like that. I still notice these days. It just makes me more depressed.’

These days, it seems that the school keeps paying attention to me, as if the scholarship given to me was a waste. If the next training is like this, he will probably be kicked out soon.

All I learned was baseball, so what should I do? Should I also listen to Rosby? But is it really fun to play baseball like that? If you say that contracts make you better at baseball, how is that different from using drugs?

My deceased parents always told me. Even if you live without it, keep your conscience in your heart.

‘What stupid things are you talking about? You play baseball to make money. This fucking yellow monkey. Baseball isn’t as sublime as you think!’

‘Mister, shut up!’

“Ji Maeng-ho. Are you messing around again? The baseball club is comfortable. You can rest like this.”

When I was sitting on a bench and contemplating my future career path, Choi Hyun-ah, the captain of the women’s volleyball team, approached me. She is 180 cm tall, has black straight hair tied in a ponytail, her fox-like eyes and fair skin. She was a woman with a tall nose. Besides, she was wearing a sports bra now, so she couldn’t see it, but her breasts were also at the level of a weapon.

It’s embarrassing, but should I say my first love? Since she was in elementary school, she went to the same school and took her elite athletic course, so she and I were talking to each other. Besides, she also had a one-year suspended salary due to an injury, so she had some things she could relate to.

“Hey! Won’t you answer me?”

No, I thought there was. But her cold tone makes me know the difference between her and me. She was the next superstar in the women’s volleyball world who was selected as a candidate setter for the adult national team, and I was a batting ball pitcher for later years in the weak Hanche High School baseball team.

Still, because she was there, I was able to endure this school life. Although it was cold to me, seeing Hyuna’s face was the only healing time for me.

“It’s nonsense. What’s going on here?”

“What is it? I just came to see how the baseball team trains.”

“Aren’t you here to see me?”

“What bullshit! Do some training! Since you’re fooling around like that, you’re a candidate for 10,000 years.”

“I was taken care of by the director to take a short break.”

“What is consideration?”

Hyuna left her words coldly and moved on.

‘That bitch looks fine. Good enough for a fucking yellow monkey. Fuck that bitch Then I’ll tell you all about me There was a bitch that tall among the yellow monkeys.’

‘Shut the fuck up!’

Does Ross-B intuit Hyuna and her sex scene?

‘Aang, aang, more!’

‘It’s Hyuna. How is it? Good mood?’

‘Okay. That’s the yellow monkey! Fuck a little more clay to stimulate this fucking perfa! And who is so ignorant of their strength? The bat, and the bat, and the technique! Technology is important, you fucking yellow monkey!’

… I can never let that happen. Imagining having sex with Hyuna made her lower body feel heavy.

Fuck. What are you doing imagining this? I have to train or something.

I took my bat and walked behind the lonely warehouse. If I practice batting in a place where I can see the baseball team, the manager scolded me for batting practice for a kid who can’t even defend, so this warehouse where no one visits was my only practice place.

I pressed the record video button with my phone on the window of the warehouse. Because there was no one to look after me, I had to check my form myself.

‘Look at the swing. So the director doesn’t use you. My shoulders open too quickly!’

‘Tsk tsk. Catch the ball all the way! Ahoo! Explode inside You cuckold yellow monkey! How long do I have to watch your fucking swing? If you sign a contract with me, I will teach you the best batting form for you. No, if you follow my swing form while sharing your senses with me, you’ll know that baseball you’ve played so far is just child’s play.’

‘This shit! I can’t fucking swing. My eyes will rot! If I had been alive, I would have gone off the hook looking at your swing.’

‘Ah! Shut up! I have to concentrate!’

‘Concentration sucks. If I practice in that form, only bad habits will increase and I will remain a fucking hitter forever.’

As I was distracted by Rossby’s curse words, I heard a voice calling me from afar.

“Brother Maengho! Maengho brother! Where are you?! The coach wants to come and clean the ground!”

If I practiced while listening to this human nagging, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to practice, so I quickly ran to the ground thinking it was going well.

“Ji Maeng-ho! You bastard! Did I tell you to rest? Get out Get the ball away quickly.”

“Sorry. Director.”

At the manager’s disapproval, I moved quickly and began putting baseballs scattered across the ground into the basket.

“Senior Meng Ho, I feel sorry for you…. This is what first-year students do.”

“Poor. I don’t have any skills, but it’s because I’m attached. People like that are blocking our way.”

“Still, he’s a senior….”

“What is a senior? I’m the one who will be leaving soon anyway. Whew, if I were that physical….”

I heard the gossip of my juniors, but I held it in. Because there was no side for me in this baseball club. If you say something for nothing, you will be punished for school violence. Even at school, they were eager to kick me out, so the moment I got angry, my life would be literally over.

‘Beau Woongshin. How can I play baseball with that kind of bullshit?’

‘What do you know? In the Korean baseball world, that moment is called expulsion.’

In addition, the coach, who did not train me well in defense training in my sophomore year, occasionally had me participate in defense training after the Youth Baseball World Cup last year. Perhaps he was afraid that I would quit baseball and expose him.

And since they said they would add me to the roster from this weekend, I couldn’t be expelled from here for school violence. How did you survive this far…. I can’t stop here!

As I held back my anger, I remembered my cell phone the moment I was about to go back to the dormitory after arranging the ground for about an hour.

Fuck. Isn’t the battery dead? Did you press record?

I quickly ran to the warehouse. Then, an unexpected person appeared in front of me and started talking to me.

“Yes? Fierce tiger? What’s going on here?”

“Ah. I think I left my bat.”

“Okay? Look for it.”

It was Kim Won-ho, the ace of our baseball team. A special ace who is likely to be the first choice for the son of a rich family. He had a good personality and was friendly to me, but I felt inferior every time I saw him, so I didn’t want to talk to him that much.

Besides, I said before that I liked my first love, Hyuna, so it was even more fucked up. Because I’m far less than him.

For reference, this guy also had a one-year delay due to Tommy John surgery. However, unlike me, who spent an entire year on the bench due to an injury, he boasts the same pitch even after returning from injury.

I didn’t have the confidence to face him, so I ran to the warehouse and met an unexpected person again in front of the warehouse.

“You, what are you doing here? This is a place where no one comes?”

“Huh? Oh, drop your bat.”

“Hey. Where are you really missing? Some baseball player left his bat.”

Hyuna’s cold words become a dagger and stick. But at the same time, I get a stupid feeling that it feels good to be able to talk like this. Is this love?

‘Because there is no such thing as a sick soldier. If it’s that good, why don’t you try to cut it? Whew. What does the cuckold yellow monkey know? Just looking at that bitch, is her contemplation a masochist? I mean, that year has made it clear. Try sleeping once. After that, he’ll come and kiss me first?’

‘Don’t say anything about Hyuna!’

‘Well, what would a bastard know?’

‘Shut up! A little! And I was pretty popular too! I turned it down to focus on baseball. Sometimes I even received casting offers on the street!’

‘Anyway, he’s a baby monkey.’

In the middle of a conversation with Rossby, Hyuna said coldly and left her shed.

“Under. No one took it.”

She picks up her cellphone, which is leaning against the warehouse window, and it heats up. The battery of the cell phone was less than 10% left, probably because it came back with the video recorded. I pressed the end recording button.

But since you practiced a bit, let’s check how your form is. Because revenge is just as important as swinging the bat yourself.

I picked up my phone and played the recorded video. Contrary to my expectations, however, the cell phone was not taking pictures of me, but of the inside of the warehouse.

“What? I was filming with the front camera. A. Fuck. Nothing works.”

I forwarded the video with the intention of deleting it. At that time,

[Ah! Ah! Harder. There! There!]

I saw something flesh-colored and heard a woman’s piercing voice.

This… What? Porn? Why is this on my phone?

‘It’s sex! Sex! Fucking! Sex!’

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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