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Changed Body 9

Changed Body 9

Chapter 9 – Change(1)

I could feel the magic flowing from my left arm little by little.


When I forcibly lifted my heavily drooping eyelids, I could see the white curtains surrounding me and the sap dripping drop by drop from my arm.

An exclusive sap prescribed for those suffering from magical exhaustion.

“Ah, magic exhaustion….”

I remembered that I had collapsed after being caught up in the satisfaction of being able to control magic at my will.

Curiosity remains.

Who brought me I turned my head.


My aunt is asleep in her chair, her body propped up in the corner of the bed where I lay.

I don’t know how he came up to my room and found me lying there.

This is the second time.

After falling down twice, getting up and looking at the lady’s face, um.

“It’s strange….”

I feel like this is what it feels like to be taken care of.

“This is what I wished for.”

I just wanted to be taken care of and taken care of.

Sit next to him when one of them is sick, hold his hand tightly, pat him on the shoulder when it’s hard, and enjoy it twice as much while hugging each other when he’s happy.

As a married couple, as a family, was it such a big sin to wish for the exchange of emotions that can be shared?


The ajumma’s body, which had been sleeping in her uncomfortable position, slowly rises.

My eyes met with the woman who was rubbing her sleepy eyes and yawning with her mouth slightly open.

“Oh, Dojin. Are you awake?”
Haha… , Yes. Did she bring me to the hospital?”

Worried eyes look this way.

“Okay. She went up to help with the cleaning, but she was so surprised to see you collapsed….”

She must have remembered that time. Auntie sweeping her chest as she exhaled.

Then, all of a sudden, he looks at me with a new look.

“By the way, Do-jin, have you awakened?”
“Oh that….”

It was only a few days ago that Kim Do-jin, the original owner of this body, awakened.

It was natural that the woman did not know.

“Is it the last time you collapsed in front of her auntie?”

A good excuse was handed over first.

I hastily nodded.

“Ah yes! Right. Then the pain spread all of a sudden, and when I woke up, it said that I had awakened.”
“Also! I see.”

Before I woke up, I thought about it, and it seemed that I had set my sights like that.

Then thank you, what.

“Is that why you decided to change?”
“Yes. Because I can’t live like that forever.”

The reason is a little different, but it is true that I have decided to change.

Ajumma’s face is colored with joy.

“Yeah, really well thought out.”

A lady stroking her hair and looking at her proudly.

There is sincere joy in his tone.

Looking into her memories reveals how good Auntie has been to this body over the past three years.

I wonder if there are people like this in the world these days.

However, Kim Do-jin, this black-haired beast, lived an ungrateful life without knowing how to be grateful.

Can you star

The country should also be grateful.

I squeezed the hand of the lady who was stroking my hair.

“Oh, my. Do Jin-ah.”
“Thank you so much. Madame.”

A woman’s face mixed with surprise and joy.

Even though she had taken care of her so much over the past three years, she had never thanked her so sincerely and had never held her hand so warmly, so she deserved it.

“If she hadn’t been an aunt, she wouldn’t have been alive until now.”

It’s true.

Lazy Kim Do-jin, who doesn’t know the world and is far from diligence or sincerity.

If she hadn’t been accepted by her aunt, it seems that there is a 90% chance that she would have died while wandering the streets.

So, Ajumma is a benefactor not only to Kim Do-jin, but also to me.

If he had died earlier then, this kind of luck wouldn’t have come to me.

“In the future, I will be different. I will get out of the small room and go out into the bright world.”
“Do, Dojin-ah.”

The woman’s eyes turned red when she confirmed my decision.

As long as she fed and put her to sleep for three years, she wouldn’t know about this black-headed beast, but she would have thought of this body as a half-child.

She said that her new child is finally changing, so it was natural for her to be moved.

“Okay. Well thought out Now that Do-jin is also an awakened person, she should be able to live well.”

An awakened person who is endowed with characteristics has a wider range of career choices compared to ordinary people.

Because ordinary people who cannot handle magic can do things that only Awakened people can do.

Although the number of Awakeners has increased over the years, it is still insufficient compared to demand.

It is natural that the annual salary is high, and in terms of welfare, go away from most large companies.

So, the phenomenon that ordinary people experience to become an Awakener is also called the lottery phenomenon.

Of course, I will never stay as an Awakener or an office worker.

Because my goal is always a hunter.

“I will repay the kindness that Ajumma has given me for the past three years.”
“Ho Ho! Seriously, what kind of grace is grace? She got a full monthly rent.”

I received a monthly rent.

For a very ridiculously low price.

Ajumma’s villa is located on the outskirts of Seoul.

Compared to central Seoul, the monthly rent is cheaper, but this place is definitely Seoul.

Like Seoul, which has the best security in Korea, the monthly rent for a rooftop room alone is at least 500,000 won.

However, the monthly rent she collects from me is only 200,000 won.

Is that all?

They prepare side dishes every week, call people to install sunshades because it’s hot in the summer, and insulate every nook and cranny in the winter because it’s cold.

All of this was done for $200,000.

It’s just that the lady is nice.

You can tell just by looking at those huge breasts hanging hard on her chest.

All that is in there is the heart.


A serious error was found.

Even my wife had big breasts, but she wasn’t nice.

Then, when I was thinking about where that good heart came from, the lady suddenly started laughing.

“Ho-ho, if Do-jin is determined, the lady won’t be able to do much. Then she will be looking forward to it.”

I replied triumphantly.

He has plenty of confidence to make the lady happy.

Well, if it doesn’t work, you can pay it back with your body.

“Since Dojini has decided to change, she has something to suggest….”
“What is it?”

A deep smile was drawn on her aunt’s lips.

* * *

Bar- Bar- Bar bar bar- Bar bar bar bar bar bar bar-

I wake up from my sleep to the loud sound of the weather trumpet.


Anxiety soars at the same time.

I desperately want to change the alarm sound, but I can’t.

I set a different alarm a few days ago, but I can’t hear what happened to my body.

“Are you sleepy and sleepy….”

Excessive weight is adversely affecting health in many ways.

Originally, at the age of 20, even if you wake up after only 5 hours of sleep, your body should be fresh, but this body does not feel refreshed even after sleeping for several hours.

“Eww, I need to wake up soon.”

I forcibly lifted my heavy hips, stood up, and folded the blanket.

I was changing into black shorts and a short-sleeved tee when I heard a woman’s voice from outside.

“Dojin-ah, are you awake?”
“Yeah, wait a minute….”

I want to answer with a strong voice, but I can’t.

Her body is still crying out for her to lie down again.

After changing all of her clothes, putting on the pair of sneakers she had, she opened the door and went out.

There was an old lady standing there.

Wearing black leggings and a thin jumper that fit her legs.

“Oh, wait.”

Closed again

Then the aunt knocks on her door and shouts.

“Dojin-ah, what’s wrong?”
“Oh no! Wait a minute, go to the bathroom….”

Going crazy.

I came into a body full of blood, but my body reaction was out of control.

I only saw her in leggings.

“If you look at that and get bored, what are you going to do with your daily life….”

She stood up

It’s also very tight.


Until the waters of the East Sea and Mt. Baekdu dry up and wear out….

After singing the national anthem for up to three verses, my erection subsides.

She put on her pants again and went out.

Auntie must have been bored waiting for me, she stood to one side and she was warming up.

“Aunty, let’s go now.”

Let her aunt go down first, and slowly follow her down her steps.

“Isn’t the morning air so nice?”
“Yes, it is good.”

Her aunt’s offer to me at the hospital was simple.

It was about waking up in the morning and exercising every day.

The most urgent thing to not die right away was exercise, so I obediently accepted, and today is the first day of that exercise.

“Today is the first day, so shall we walk slowly?”

I started walking slowly, following her aunt.

“There are many good places to exercise here, so just follow me.”

The eyes shine bright enough to be burdensome.

It seems like he wants to get me back to health somehow.

After walking for about 10 minutes at a slow pace, sweat began to leak from my forehead.

“What can I do… , I will have to work hard in the future.”
“Yeah, I will.”

We walked continuously along the well-established promenade.

Naturally, the ajumma went ahead, and I struggled to follow.

“Huh, huh….”

I was out of breath, and even though I slowed down, I didn’t stop.

Everyone who works out says

I want to stop, and the moment I want to stop is the moment when I am losing weight.

“You’re doing well, Dojin!”

Even for the lady who walks ahead and looks back and sends a message of support.

Can’t stop

After walking for another 10 minutes with an exhausted body, we came to a small park.

Even though it is early in the morning, grandmothers and grandfathers are hitting a big tree or using various exercise equipment.

“Come on, let’s take a break here.”
“Huh… , Yes….”
“Would you like some water?”

The lady pointed to the drinking fountain installed on one side of the park and said.

Without saying a word, I took a step and immediately drank water.

It feels much more comfortable when moisture is supplied to the dry mouth.


As she drinks moderately and backs away, the aunt standing behind her also opens her mouth to the rising water, tilting her face to drink her water.


Why is drinking water so stimulating?

And do you want it to be a little more stimulating?

Suddenly, an interesting idea came to my mind.

Using the magic within the body, I move the magic around me according to my will.

The location is the negative fountain.

Let’s add magic power to the water that gushed out to make it easy to eat.

Push shot!


The stronger stream of water wets the woman’s face and goes down to wet the jumper she was wearing.

“Oh my, what is this all of a sudden!”

A woman taking off her wet jumper.

What she was wearing underneath was a tank top that revealed the curves of her body.

Leggings and a tank top?

“Long live magic….”

A wizard saves the world!

When you are staring at a combination that makes the world happy.


It is felt.

The eyes of the uncles around her and her grandfathers were all on her.


In the future, I will write when no one is around.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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