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Changed Body 8

Changed Body 8

Chapter 8 – Dojin Kim (2)

Even though he had already finished meditating, the sense of magical power deepened arbitrarily.

The magical power became clearer.

Now, beyond what you can see with your eyes, you can touch it if you concentrate and touch it with your fingers.

A feeling of being connected to all of the magical powers around me.

An intense sense of deja vu shakes my head.

“This… ?”

Just a few days ago, I had this sensation.

The day I got out of Son Si-woo’s body and settled in Kim Do-jin’s body.

This is exactly what I felt before I woke up.

A sense of dominance, as if you were holding the whole world in your hands, as if you were taking over the entire surroundings.

“I hope that time… ?”

It was definitely a feeling of being thrown off.

Maybe at that time, I was in a state of being sucked into Kim Do-jin’s body as a soul.

Could it be that she faced the magic that filled the world while she was in the state of throwing off her body and in the state of being a soul?

“At that time, he obviously struggled.”

I don’t want to forget that ecstatic feeling, so I still have memories of shaking my arms and struggling as I fell.

It may be that what was left with that struggle was the sense of the present.

“This makes no sense….”

It is not possible to demonstrate these abilities merely through spiritually accomplished experiences.

“This body itself is also a special place.”

Judging by the fact that the speed at which he felt the magic was very fast, this body itself was unusually sensitive to the magic.

An ecstatic spiritual experience and a body that is exceptionally sensitive to magical powers.

“Did this happen because the two came together?”

I waved my hand at the magic flowing through the air.

An amazing thing happened.

Pure magical power without any processing immediately became the wind, blowing through the shaggy hair before disappearing.


I never knew how to use a single spell, but I know how magic works.

When she wasn’t my wife, when she was just on good terms, she liked to chatter about magic with me.

Wizards want to appear stern.

That’s why magic is called a science.

Han Joo-hee was no different.

She said that magic is a very profound study, and that those who learn magic, which is a method of realizing miracles by causing various changes through certain spells with magic, the energy of nature, are called wizards.

“I’m curious.”

Once again, with determination, he waved her hand.

This time, a roaring flame rose above the palm of my hand.

The magic of profound learning that Han Joo-hee talked about so much.

If I could see right in front of my eyes processing and transforming mana with only willpower without any help from it.

“What kind of expression will you make?”

An unbearably intense curiosity scratched her whole body.

At that moment, the flame that had been burning in the palm of my hand went out, and intense dizziness came over me.


It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before.

A feeling of exhaustion and collapse, as if something precious in the body had been sucked out and disappeared.

It was a precursor to the symptoms of magical exhaustion that occur after drawing in and using up all the magical energy in the body.

Only then did I recall the fact that I had overlooked.

“This bastard… , No, I had 1 magic power….”

It is the magic in my body that is used to assimilate and change the magic around me.

He created wind and sparks with mana less than half of a bean, so it was only natural that this happened.


The vision begins to spin round and round.

Then, at a certain point, it suddenly cut off and the whole world was dyed black.

* * *

Seo Jeong-hee felt a little strange yesterday and today.

It started when Kim Do-jin, who had just rented the rooftop room, came to borrow a vacuum cleaner.

Three years ago, I felt sorry for not having anywhere to go, so I got a cheap monthly rent and let me live in a rooftop room.

Apart from the sympathy I personally feel, Kim Do-jin was very indolent, lazy, and messy.

Once locked in his room, he won’t move for days, and when he runs out of snacks, all he does is sneak into a nearby convenience store.

I heard that he makes a little bit of money through games, but I don’t know exactly how much.

When I made side dishes every week, I would be surprised by the scenery of the house beyond my bloated body.

It’s so messy that I don’t know if this is a human house or a pig pen.

Just like that, 3 years have passed.

Even Seo Jeong-hee, who has a lot of compassion, is trying to come up with a feeling that he won’t be able to do it.

‘Do-jin is cleaning… ?’

The messy kid wants to clean up.

‘Even he was reluctant to come to my house because of Yoo-jung….’

Every time they met, Kim Do-jin and her daughter, who were the same age as her, behaved ferociously and were so frightened that the child, who hadn’t been able to find her, came looking for her on her own.

‘What kind of wind was blowing?’

Suddenly, I remembered the moment Kim Do-jin collapsed yesterday.

Maybe then she even thought that she had bumped into something wrong and gone crazy.

“Either way would be fine.”

She is forever in a situation she can’t accommodate herself.

Kim Do-jin also has to leave this place someday and stand alone with her, but if she really decided to change, she should be congratulated more than anything else.

“Are you doing a good job cleaning?”

It must have been a lot of time to stay because I didn’t clean it.

It’s not an easy job for a kid who’s never cleaned before.

You may be blocked by the wall of cleaning and give up on change.

“I can’t.”

It’s a waste of days off, but since she’s a family-like child who’s been with her for three years, if she shows the will to change, I should help her.

Raising her body from her comfortable lying position, she headed straight for her rooftop.

Contrary to what she thought would come with a loud noise, the rooftop was quiet.

“Are you done already… ?”

It can’t be.

Even at a glance, it was a dirty room that required at least a day to clean.

Perhaps he has already given up and is preparing to return to his seclusion.

When the thought reached that point, she immediately knocked on her iron door.

Thump thump!

“Dojin student!”

There is no answer.

“Dojin student?”

She called again, but no sound came from inside.

With an ominous thought, she pulled the doorknob right at her.

As if she hadn’t locked it, the door opened right away.

“Student Dojin… ?”

She cautiously called his name and stepped inside.


She admired a little.

Cleaning was done quite well.

Although dust was piled up everywhere, it was worth giving a passing grade for the room floor, which was so dirty that the soles of her feet clung to it.

“Dojin student?”

While looking around, Kim Do-jin came into her field of vision.

She leans against a wall and closes her eyes.

“Oh my, are you asleep?”

I must have been tired because I would have swept and wiped the floor so clean with that heavy body.

She smiled lightly and approached him.

“Student Dojin, if you sleep like that, your back will get worse.”

She came closer and tapped her on the shoulder, but Kim Do-jin still didn’t respond.

It was then.

She sensed something strange about her.


She called again and shook her shoulder a little harder.



Didn’t Kim Do-jin’s body, which had been leaning against the wall, collapse on its side?

“Do, Dojin-ah!?”

Surprised, she hurriedly grabs her shoulder and pats her cheek, but she still doesn’t respond.

It collapsed yesterday, and it collapsed today.

Maybe it was a serious illness.

“What should we do… ! I should have taken you to the hospital yesterday!”

It felt like it was her own fault that Kim Do-jin fell.

Yesterday, I was supposed to call an ambulance and take her to the hospital and show her to the doctor, but I thought maybe I had collapsed again because I couldn’t.

“1, 119.”

She immediately pulled out her smartphone and called the fire department.

“Here is the rooftop of the Happy Villa, and a person has fallen! Send an ambulance quickly!”

As the paramedics were following the first aid instructions on the phone step by step, a loud siren sounded from outside.

She went straight outside and waved her hand at the ambulance in front of her villa.

“Hey, here!”

The paramedics, who were physically strong, came up and put the heavy body on a stretcher.

She climbed into the ambulance with Kim Do-jin, who had collapsed.

As Do-jin had no family of her own, she had to follow herself as her guardian.

As soon as she arrived at a nearby hospital, a doctor came and treated him as he collapsed.

The doctor, who had been checking his condition and tilting his head, brought a large machine and put the hooks on the machine on his hands and feet.

After a while, a sheet of paper was pulled out of the machine.

“Stop, sir. How is it?”

When she asked first, unable to wait for the doctor’s answer in her urgency, her doctor shook her head.

“It’s a symptom of magical exhaustion.”
“Yes… ? Eh, is it magic exhaustion?”

Her mouth jumped open.

Magical exhaustion, isn’t it a symptom that manifests when Awoken or Hunters who can handle magic excessively use the magic in their bodies!

“I think something is wrong. Do-jin is not an awakened person, sir.”

When she said that, the doctor showed me the paper that had been pulled out of the machine earlier.

“It can’t be. As you can see from this result, a faint magical reaction appeared in the body of patient Dojin Kim. If it wasn’t for the Awoken, this reaction wouldn’t have happened.”
“Yeah, it can be.”

In shock, she looked at Kim Do-jin lying on the bed with her bewildered eyes.

Was she hiding the fact that she was an Awakener?

‘No, that’s not it.’

If she had been hiding it for a long time, there was no way she would suddenly collapse like this from magical exhaustion.

If so, she’s saying she’s recently experienced an awakening.


Suddenly, the image of Kim Do-jin, who collapsed feeling dizzy yesterday, flashed through her mind.

It is said that the Awoken feel extreme pain and collapse when they engrave their characteristics on their bodies.

‘Could that be… ?’

Was it a precursor to awakening?

Then everything fits.

‘Yeah, that’s why it was like that.’

It is understandable that he came to borrow a vacuum cleaner as if he was suddenly seeking a change.

Now that she has become an awakened person, she must have made up her mind to make a fresh start somehow.

Her symptoms of magical exhaustion must have happened while trying to test her own characteristics.

The jumbled puzzles find their place one by one.

“Anyway, it’s not a very dangerous situation, so if you get hit with the magical sap, you’ll come to your senses right away.”
“Ah yes. Thank you.”

Following the doctor’s instructions, a nurse inserts a catheter into his arm and connects fluids.

Seo Jung-hee sat on the chair next to his bed and looked at Kim Do-jin.

‘I never thought Do-jin would become an Awakener.’

An Awakener is a person who has been given characteristics and a status window and is qualified to escape from human limitations.

Those who can protect themselves in an era overflowing with monsters of all kinds.

At the same time, it was also the minimum requirement to become a hunter who could attack dungeons appearing all over the world and obtain rewards.

The characteristics that the Awoken acquire are extensive.

There were characteristics suitable for battle, abilities suitable for rear support, and even characteristics that exerted greater power in life.

That’s why not everyone could become a Hunter.

Only a small percentage of Awakeners can become Hunters only if they pass the devastatingly difficult Hunter Test.

“Did you ever want to become a Hunter….”

Seo Jeong-hee gently wipes the sweat from his forehead.

It may have been.

Abandoned by my parents and being abused in an orphanage, I thought it would be the only way I could live my life.

His intentions are incomprehensible.

Although he had been living close by for three years, he was a child who did not give his heart to anyone, including himself, only to spend time alone in his room.

‘I’ll find out when I wake up.’

She sat in her chair and waited for Dojin Kim to wake up.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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