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Changed Body 10

Changed Body 10

Chapter 10 – Change(2)

“I’ll follow you, really.”

With wobbly legs, I managed to climb onto the roof.

As soon as I opened the door and entered, I took off all the clothes I was wearing.

My pants were so wet with sweat that I couldn’t even wear them.

I went straight to the bathroom, poured cold water, came back, turned on the old fan, and lay down in front of it.

Hairy hairy hairy

The wind blows with a loud noise.

“Uh uh, I’m going to live for a while now.”

She cooled off somewhat and got up.

She picked up an old fan and sat down in front of the computer.

There are three big challenges facing me right now.

First is diet.

If you can’t get rid of the lumps of flesh attached to your body, will you become a flower-like 20-year-old youth? There is nothing like that.

There are women who like men like bears, but no women like men who are like rolling balls.

It’s not just a woman’s problem, it’s directly related to health, so it’s an issue that needs to be dealt with first.

“How should I exercise?”

I’ve done a lot of exercise.

However, I don’t know how to exercise when it’s not zero and it’s negative.

“Should I quit the gym at least?”

I wish I could get a PT, but there’s no way I’ll have the money for that.

So here comes the second challenge.

As I said before, it’s money.

“It’s embarrassing.”

Even if you don’t have money, you don’t have too much.

This bastard makes very little money, but she spends even less than a hundred won for a month.

I don’t know why.

If you leave it, someone will take it away.

I opened the bank app on my smartphone and looked at the balance in my account.

“33,000 won….”

In this era of high prices, even if you order and eat just one chicken, you have to worry about the next day’s meal.

“For now….”

No matter how much money you have to make.

So, Do-jin Kim connected to an RPG game, a means of making money that he had been living with.

A character that has been flooded with fancy equipment.

Looking back in my memory, this guy put more effort into his character than his body.

It’s not that playing games is bad, but did I have to do this while giving up on reality?

When I look into my memories one by one, I end up swearing at him without even realizing it.

“Ah, you shouldn’t do this to your benefactor.”

Let’s stop.

I am able to be in this body now because he lived so loosely.

I decided to think so.


The reason I logged on to the game was to earn money through the game like him.

Of course, the direction is slightly different.

I took off the equipment the character was wearing one by one and put it on the auction house.

At the same time, numerous chats began to flow.

[King God Road: What are you? Equipment why farm?]
[Warlord Jjangjjangman: Hacking?]
[Long live Shu Shire: No brother;; Why are you suddenly selling your equipment ;;]
[Yepigondyu: Oppa… Are you giving up the game…? I thought I would give you a bus ride tomorrow… ㅠ]

“Look at your connections.”

I don’t have a single saved number on my smartphone, but there are dozens of them in the game friends window.

In real life, he’s a waste of money, but he’s popular in games.

This gap is also probably what made me fall in love with the game.

Raising the specs of a game character would have been easier than raising the specs of reality.

It’s a personal network that this body has cultivated in its own way, so I sent the same reply to everyone with minimal courtesy.

[VV Strongest Road Vv: Going to live now]

Equipment was sold one by one, and gold piled up.

I turned all my gold into cash using my favorite trading site.

[Balance: 3,633,300]


Is it true that the balance goes over 3 million won right away?

“Well, it’s a game that I’ve worked hard on for years, but it’s rather frustrating when it doesn’t come out to this extent.”

It’s a game I’ve been working hard on for three years, locked in this room.

If it’s worth 3 million won for 3 years, it’s actually a ridiculously low price.

“I’ll be able to hold on to this for quite some time….”

If you live while properly using the chance of ajumma, wouldn’t it last for about a few months?

“Once the money problem has been temporarily resolved….”

The third task remains.

Increase magic power right away.

The current magic power level is 2.

After experiencing magical exhaustion and filling it with sap, it went up by 1 when I was discharged.

“Either 1 or 2 are doggingae, but….”

There are several ways to increase magic power.

Elixir, equipment, procedure, etc.

These are very effective in increasing magical power in the early stages of awakening, but a large amount of money is required to purchase them.

For me, who has a total of 3 million won, these are things that are hard to even dream of.

“I have no choice but to roll hard.”

The only way for me now is training.

The training to increase the total amount of magic power is simple.

Use your mana until you are exhausted, then recover through meditation.

In the process of recovery, more than the original amount is absorbed, so the total amount naturally increases.

If you have heard this far, you may wonder if you have to do the above, but the problem is that the amount is very small.

It’s literally just a speck of dust.

“I have to collect dust, whatever.”

Gathering dust? There is no such thing.

Collecting the dust is just a bigger dust.

Even that is urgent for me now, so I have no choice but to do something and find another way.

“It’s fun, though.”

Depending on my will, I can freely convert and process the magical power around me.

It was more fun than I thought.

To the extent that I almost fell into magical exhaustion after using it at random again.

“No, no.”

The more often you experience magical exhaustion within a short period of time, the more severe it becomes.

In the beginning, it’s just a level where you simply lose your mind for a while and then wake up right away when you recover, but later on, the entire circuit is broken and you can end up with a body that can no longer use your magic power.

So, it was more important than anything else to manage it well so as not to burn out as much as possible.

I put out the flame I lit up like a lighter at the tip of my finger.

The amount of magic power that has been increased for a while.

He immediately leaned against the wall and absorbed the surrounding mana into his body while concentrating.


Because of the insignificant amount of magic power, charging was also very fast.

The number hasn’t changed, but it’s a little bit, but I can feel the body has grown.

There, I felt the specialness of this body again.

“You can feel it only once.”

As I said before, if you use mana and fill it up again, the size will increase little by little.

However, emptying and filling it once does not make it big enough to feel it, but this body is now experiencing it with only one filling.

Even though it is at a very weak level, it means that it can increase the amount of magic much faster than others.

“It’s fun.”

After becoming an S-class Hunter, I started to feel the fun again from the training that was only done out of a sense of duty.


[The magic power level has risen by 1.]


After meditating, slowly open your eyes.

I checked the pleasant message that floated in front of my eyes.

The result of working out with a lady in the morning and only clinging to magic power after that.

Height/Weight: 160cm / 117kg

[Muscle: 5] [Agility: 2] [Stamina: 3] [Magic power: 6]

Do you see

This dazzling change.

Of course, it’s weak if it’s weak, but it’s the first result obtained with this body.

“Train to this taste.”

It’s been a week since I started exercising while suppressing my appetite.

I managed to lose 3 kg.

Compared to the weight you need to lose in the future, it’s just a speck of dust, but it’s half the start.

“This is not what matters.”

Weight loss is also weight loss, but what is more thrilling than that is the change in ability level.

Once your stamina has risen.

I only climbed 1, but… , The number feels very large when you consider that you are one step away from death.

Then magic power.

I can proudly say that this is a huge step forward.

I ended up surpassing the strength that I was forced to grow to support my fat body!


The amount of magic power that was the size of a pea has grown to the size of a thumb.


The flame, reminiscent of a cigarette, has now grown in size to the extent that it covers the palm of your hand.

“It will keep getting better.”

All abilities are like that.

The difference between 1 to 1 and 10 to 1 is large.

The higher you climb, the more desperate you are to raise a number, but the amount you gain is also enormous.

“At about 10, it’s possible to try.”

He leaned against the wall and raised his body.

As I repeatedly sit down and get up, I feel that the laziness attached to my body along with my flesh has been diluted just a little bit.

She went into the bathroom, took off her top, and stood in front of the mirror.

Unknowingly, I am frowning.

“This is not it.”

An ugly body.

It’s not because I’ve gained weight, it’s just that the muscles attached to this body aren’t good enough.

He had the best constitution as a mage, but he was not very good as a warrior or a man.

Wizard is the most popular job in the hunter industry along with healer.

As long as the tanker protects it, it is a dealer machine that draws out the best firepower as if in return.

Moreover, the number is very small compared to the demand, so wizards can always raise their ransom to the fullest before entering the party.

Probably everyone except me does.

If you have the optimal constitution to become such a mage, you can endure that much.

“What is the feeling?”

Other people don’t know, but I don’t want to risk it.

I lived a life of enduring this and that, and then I ended up living a life that was so clogged up.


If there was no way to change my natural constitution, I would have lived as I was given, but not me.

I have

A method that can change even the natural constitution, which only a few people, including myself, know about, and among them, only I can do it.

Changed Body

Changed Body

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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