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Changed Body 11

Changed Body 11

Chapter 11 – Change(3)

Son Seo-yeon, the daughter born to me and Han Joo-hee.

From the time Seoyeon was born, she was born in the wild expectations of many people.

How great would the talent of a child born to two S-class hunters be?

Contrary to their expectations, Juhee and I just wanted our daughter to be born healthy.

I did.

After waiting for 10 months, Seoyeon came out of the world and was born with a weak constitution.

It’s not that there’s a problem in one place, but all of the bodies are born with a level that is far below average.

To what extent was that, she was said to die in the hospital even from minor illnesses.

“At that time, Joo-hee and I had a really hard time.”

Thinking of that time, her wry smile came out.

If there were things that could improve my body, I would find them even on the other side of the world and feed them.

“It was only then that I fed them.”

After eating, that moment seemed a bit comfortable, but it came back soon after.

It was crazy.

She hoped for nothing else and hoped that she would simply grow up healthy.

“He also raised real pampering.”

When Seoyeon was young, her reputation in Korea was at its worst.

When her daughter told her she wanted to go somewhere, she took her, even if it meant canceling all of her schedules for the day.

As this happened several times, there were quite a few bad articles about me.

So, when Seo-yeon passed her death ordeal and reached the age of seven.

While my daughter was lying in the corner of her room, watching the other children play vigorously, I made up my mind.

I would do anything to change my daughter’s sickly constitution.

It was impossible on my own.

However, if both the couple stand up, there is no one to look after the daughter.

I went to meet and talk with anyone who would be helpful in my research.

After five years of doing so, I succeeded in creating two secret techniques.

The secret technique ‘Rapid Growth’ and the secret technique ‘Hwangol Metamorphosis’.

“Her sickly constitution can never be undone.”

There was no way to reverse the innate weakness.

So, I changed my research method.

By endowing her with her growth power several times greater than that of others.

Children grow up year after year.

As they grow taller, their weak organs and muscles become stronger as they grow older.

I touched that growth force.

When an ordinary child grows by a total of 10 in a year, my daughter will grow by 40 and 50.

The name given to me by the researcher who helped me to continue this research is the esoteric ‘rapid growth’.

“No matter how you think about it, it’s a childish name.”

Apart from the childish name, one effect was certain.

As her fragile constitution was followed by overwhelming growth, Seo-yeon became healthier as the years went by.

Is that all she did? Not only did she regain her health, but as she even awakened, she added that speed, and she got the ideal body that any hunter would want.

“I didn’t know you would write this to me.”

As I said, this is a secret technique that enhances growth.

I wanted to use it on the body of a grown old man, but I couldn’t do it, but this body is different.

While the growth of ordinary people ends around 20 at the latest, the growth of awakened people continues into their mid-to-late 20s at the longest.

This means that there is still plenty of room for growth.

“I can’t do it on my whole body because I don’t have enough magical power….”

The way to increase growth is simple.

All you have to do is to push your mana deep into the part where you want to boost your growth.

This sounds very simple, but in reality it is not so easy.

There are only two places in the body where mana naturally resides without us being aware of it.

It is the core and heart located below the navel.

If you put magic on other parts, you can stay temporarily, but the moment you withdraw your consciousness, it returns to its place as if it was like that.


That’s why it’s difficult.

This mana must be pushed into a very deep place.

It is not the end of simply pushing it in, but it means that it must be tied together so that it can be involved in growth.

“First, the lungs.”

I chose the lungs as the first part to boost my growth with a rat’s tail.

If you see that you are out of breath even if you move a little, this body not only has physical problems, but the lung function itself is bad.

In order to move more and lose more weight, I had to be less out of breath.

Slowly pump magic into your lungs.

The mana temporarily strengthened the lungs, and the feeling of inhaling became much more comfortable.

However, what I want is not a temporary reinforcement, but an aid to growth.

The mana that surrounds the lungs is forcibly thrust into the lungs.

The lungs load mana into each tissue that makes up the organs, and weave the mana as if tying a knot so that they cannot move.


By the time the magic power was almost exhausted, the procedure was over.

I don’t feel much of a difference now, but this sensitive body feels it.

That the magic power is properly seated in the lungs.

At the same time, a message popped up in front of my eyes.

[The magic power level has decreased by 5.]

The magical power level, which had been raised to 6 at most, dropped to 1 again.

In order for mana to settle in other parts of the body, the inflated source itself must be removed and used while seated in the core.

Otherwise, no matter how much you try to weave it, in a few days the magical power will come out and throw it away.

It took 5 mana levels to compensate for the growth of only one lung.

My daughter had these growth corrections done all over her body.

If I hadn’t lost the mana I lost then, I’d probably have gone up a few steps in the world hunter rankings.

I have no regrets though.

“Although I became an ugly daughter when I grew up.”

She didn’t even know that she had pampered her, and now she’s a daughter who doesn’t even eat with her dad because she says she’s good.

That’s why it’s sad

The days when my daughter was so lovely and pretty.

I think she did everything she could as a father.

She is a daughter who has long since passed away from my hands.

Now you know how to grow up

I only wish from far away that her future will be filled with only good things.

* * *

The diet began to gain momentum.

After boosting the growth power of the lungs, the time it takes to be out of breath began to increase day by day.

In addition to that, this time, he used the accumulated magical power level 5 to increase the growth of the heart.

Circulation of the heart and respiration of the lungs, together, is called cardiorespiratory endurance.

As a result of the growth of the two parts, it came to the point where I thought that walking every morning with my aunt wasn’t enough exercise.

“Is this right?”

So I looked it up on the internet.

The gym with the lowest membership fee in the area.

Walking exercise with the aunt in the morning, gym in the afternoon.

From now on, I plan to exercise twice a day.

An old and shabby building was standing in the place where I went by following the wayfinding function on my smartphone.

“I only eat rice….”

Just by looking at it, you can see why this place is cheap.

When you go up to the third floor where the gym is located, you can see an empty gym through a transparent glass door.

Exercise equipment that looks a little old.

“Um, it doesn’t matter if that’s enough.”

For now, that was enough.

If you can walk, run, or lift anything, that’s enough.

Carefully opened the door and entered.

At the counter right in front of me, I met eyes with a man who looked like he was in his 40s and was full of physical beauty.

Ajae, who was looking me up and down, spit out words.

“Are you registering?”
“What is the purpose?”

He’s a strange person

The purpose of coming to the gym is not exercise, but what is there to ask?

“It’s exercise.”
“Hmm. I say it out of spite, but they won’t give you a refund just because you’re black.”
“Yes? What are you talking about?”

Is there a moment when you get hurt while working out?

I asked because I didn’t know, but he didn’t answer and just kept talking.

“50,000 won a month, 90,000 won for three months, 12 months… , 300,000 won.”

Listening to the price, I feel like I can understand the strangeness of that old man.

“I’ll cut it in 12 months.”

Ajae seemed a little surprised.

It’s the expression that he caught the hogu properly, but that.

As if holding out the card, take it as if taking it away to complete the payment.

“Hey, you’ve been paid.”

Ajae holds out his hand while returning the card.

“As you can tell just by looking at it, I am the curator here. If you don’t know anything while working out, ask me anything.”
“Ah, yes.”

After the payment was over, the old man, no, the director, became kind.

“Are you planning on starting today?”
“Yes, I will.”

They said that the horns were also cut for sweetness.

Starting today, I brought extra clothes and sneakers to wear at the gym.

“You prepared well. That’s the men’s locker room, so change.”

After the conversation, go straight to the changing room and change into the clothes you have prepared.

Nothing special.

Black shorts, shorts.

And I put on the running shoes I bought hastily on the Internet.

I lightly loosen my body and leave the locker room, and a woman is doing a bench press.


The weight attached to the side of the bar is no joke.

That would be at least an Awakener.

“When am I going to be there?”

How long will it take for this body to become like that?

Promising the futureheheads for the treadmill.

“Let’s walk slowly for now.”

I started walking slowly at low speed to warm up.

Through the transparent glass curtain, you can see down clearly.

When you are taking one step at a time while watching people passing by.


Suddenly, a face popped up in front of me.

“100 million!”

The body, startled, did a random tap dance, then was pushed backwards and collapsed on the floor.


As the heavy body falls, the sound is also unique.


When I was rubbing my ankles and hips with all my might, the face that had been pushed in a while ago suddenly appeared again.

“What are you doing here?”

Familiar voice.

I lifted her head and checked her face.

Short golden hair and sharp facial features that are more familiar than his voice.

Shin Yoo-jeong, the nemesis of this body, is looking at her with interest.

As soon as you see it in your eyes, a violent reaction rises from your body.

“… Hey!”

Oh, please.

I wished desperately that it was simply my misunderstanding that the smile on her face when she saw my terrified face grew thicker.

Changed Body

Changed Body

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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