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Changed Body 12

Changed Body 12

Chapter 12 – Change(4)

A frog that saw a snake.

That’s exactly what I look like now.

“Hey, I heard you don’t know the real world.”

The eyes that can’t stand it because it’s fun are directed this way.

“I never dreamed that I would see you here.”

I don’t know why that goblin is here.

As far as I know, Shin Yoo-jung must have entered the Hunter Campus of Korea University, but why is she exercising alone in such a shabby place, leaving such good facilities behind?

The look in my eyes, as if I had found an interesting toy in a bored car, tightens my body.

Her memories of being beaten by her and her friends become ropes that entangle her whole body.

“You’re here to exercise, aren’t you?”

When I managed to answer by shaking her head, her eyes moved up and down to scan my body.

A smile that deepens.

“Come to think of it, you said you became an Awakener.”

I must have heard from the aunt.

“Damn it, did you finish your life?”

Shin Yoo-jeong, who was looking down from above, squatted down and met her at eye level with me.

“So, what are the characteristics?”

I don’t have it.

If you tell the truth, it’s obvious that you’ll be damned about where in the world there are Awoken without characteristics.

I just have to get around it moderately.

“Magic… , Seems to be a related trait. It’s like being able to handle magic a little better….”

As soon as I answered, her eyes widened slightly.

“… Isn’t it Gura?”

It’s an expression of disbelief.

Well, it was only natural that she couldn’t believe it right away, since only a few of her awakened ones displayed the qualities of a mage.

“It’s true….”

She curls up one corner of her mouth.

“What if there is no authentication?”

Do you want me to show you something to prove what I said?

Whether this little devil believes or not is irrelevant to me.

If I don’t show anything, I’ll be damned again, so I have no choice but to show it in moderation.


Attracts the surrounding mana and adds change.

What you want is fire.

It wasn’t the light from the lighter that I used to light on my finger every day, but a sphere made of magical energy.

Magic Missile, a non-attribute magic and the foundation of magic.

Fire Missile, the basis of attribute magic created by adding attributes to it.

I can’t understand the thoughts of wizards at all.

Why was the name Missile attached to magic that was only basic, even in the form of a sphere?

The thing that was born in the palm of my hand, I thrust it right in front of his eyes.

“Ruler… , Right?”

I answered bluntly without even realizing it.

Can not help it.

Because I used up almost all of my mana just to make this, the remaining mana in my body is barely there.

If I used it a little longer, I would have collapsed again from magical exhaustion.

Shin Yoo-jung is staring at the fire missile built on my palm.


The sphere floating on the palm of my hand slowly shrank and then completely disappeared.

Can not help it.

Even after completing magic, a small amount of mana is consumed to maintain it.

I felt like I would collapse if I kept it any longer, so I quickly got rid of it.

“This is enough.”
“Uh? Uh….”

The guy’s condition got a little weird.

As if he was a little stunned, his mouth had been open for a while, but it didn’t close.

Maybe this is an opportunity.

Even in this situation, time continues to flow.

I have a lot of things to do in my day, but I have no time to waste here.

“Then I’ll go exercise….”

I gave a hint to Shin Yoo-jeong, who was lost in her mind, and turned around.

By the way.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Hand on my shoulder.


Just disappear without a word

Turned back again


I was a little annoyed.

You lose weight only when you continue to exercise when you gain momentum, but because of this, my body, which I worked hard on the treadmill for, is cooling down.

Sensing my annoyance, Shin Yoo-jung’s face turned grim.

“Are you mad at me now?”


“Oh, isn’t it?”

Words that are the exact opposite of what is inside come out.

Then the boy’s face returned to normal.

“Is not it? Isn’t it?”
“… Sure.”

I’m never the type to stop like this anywhere, but when I stand in front of him, my body naturally shrinks.

Is this the PTSD you’ve only heard about or something you’re doing?

At first glance, the guy with a pretty smile puts his arm around my shoulder.

“My pig, do you want to lose weight?”
“I wrote heartily. This older sister will teach you how to exercise!”

Oh shit really

* * *

Hehehehe… !”

The lungs, which had enough lung capacity in their own way, clamored.

Give me some more breath!

Sorry, this is the limit….

“Me, over there. I’m really dying… Huh, it seems, it seems….”
“Yeah~ No, people don’t die that easily.”

To tell you the conclusion.

“Hey, one more!”
“Oh, from before… , Cool! I said just one more….”
“Then just one more.”

Exercising with Shin Yoo-jung was not bad.

Kids teach better than you think.

Even if I sound a little tough, I still squeeze my limits, saying I can do it.

“Wow! Cool cool!”

I just get nauseous.

If I ate too much, I might have vomited on the spot.

“Oh, pig.”

There is a bit of pride in Shin Yoo-jung’s eyes as she looks down at me, who is stretched out with a big ruler.

“You’re quite determined, aren’t you?”

It seems that he was very proud of himself for following his lead.

In fact, half of them were compulsorily followed.

Every time Shin Yoo-jung lowered her voice tone with a stern expression, this timid body felt a sense of crisis and squeezed out even the strength she hadn’t had.

“Hey, drink this.”

Shin Yoo-jung handing me a plastic bottle as I collapsed.

From what I’ve seen, it looks like a protein shake.

“I’ll have a good drink….”

Mmm, it tastes like bananas.

A hungry body neatly empties a bucket.

“Is it delicious?”
“Uh? Yes.”

He returned the plastic container to his outstretched hand.

“Hey, wake up.”

Shin Yoo-jung forcibly raises my half-stretched body.

Holding on to my sweaty clothes, I was led to the front of the weight scale in the corner of the gym.

“Come up.”

As I climbed up cautiously, the relay needle swayed relentlessly like my belly fat.

The weight floats on the electronic panel below.


Obviously, when I came to the gym, I weighed 113kg, but when I worked hard, I lost 1kg.

“Wow… , You’re a real pig, you.”

Shin Yoo-jung, who checks her weight next to her, flies into her chest.

Shit, I have nothing to say

At this height and this weight, anyone can say that he is a pig.

“I remembered my weight now. If you weigh yourself on the scale tomorrow, if it’s higher than this, you’ll fall behind. Okay?”
“… Tomorrow?”

What is he saying now

When I look at him incomprehensibly, he widens his eyes.

“Why, did you try not to come out today?”
“That’s not it….”

Exercise is something I plan on doing every day.

“I’ll teach you tomorrow too… ?”

Let’s ask indirectly.

“Don’t you like it?”
“No, it’s me, but….”

This is sincere.

This guy teaches exercise well.

When I’m doing it alone, my willpower is bound to break, thinking, “If it’s difficult, I should stop now,” But since there is someone next to me who strongly supports me, that doesn’t happen.

“Aren’t you busy?”

Korea University Hunter Campus.

The only hunter training institution in Korea.

Shin Yoo-jung is also a college student studying there.

As far as I know, the curriculum there is quite strict, but isn’t this guy busy?

“I’m not busy tomorrow.”
“Oh, I see.”

Yes, but can you?

It’s me, it’s enough to say good-bye and eat rice cakes.


“100 million!”

As I slip under the scale, he slaps me on the back with a refreshing smile.

“Give me 15 minutes. Wash up quickly and come out go home.”

Oh, he’s going in the same direction as me.

I give generously in my own way.

I dragged her exhausted body into the locker room, took off her clothes, and stepped into the shower.

“Ohhh, good.”

It seems that it has been built quite a while, the facility itself is old, but there are advantages due to that.

That there are no people

“Isn’t it ruining here?”

According to what I searched on the Internet, there are only four gyms around here.

Except for this one, all three of them have not been built for a long time, so all the facilities are state-of-the-art.

In fact, it has lost its competitiveness.

If you fail before completing 12 months, will you get your money back?


After washing my body with warm water, the fatigue accumulated in my body seems to go away a little.

After changing into her original clothes with her exhausted body due to the side effects, she leaves the changing room and heads for the exit.

“Are you coming out now?”

Shin Yoo-jung is standing in front of the counter and waiting for me.

What is this.

“I already washed everything… ?”

Doesn’t it usually take longer for women to wash than men?

So he washed it up after 15 minutes and came out. How long did he wash it?

“Routinely, how long does it take to wash off the sweat?”

The guy turns around.

“Let’s go.”

I’m about to follow, but the old man sitting at the counter, no, the director is looking at me with a shocked face.

I tried to ask why you were there.

“Can’t you hurry up and follow me!”
“… Go now!”

I just endured it because I was glaring at the front.

It’s very arbitrary.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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