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Changed Body 13

Changed Body 13

Chapter 13 – Different Dreams

The way back home was awkward.

There was no talking to me from the other side, and of course there was no talking to me from my side.

Perfect silence, stillness!

In addition, they were walking quite far from the street, so if a passer-by saw them, it would be impossible to see that they were going back home together.


Actually, I didn’t care too much.

It’s awkward and nabal.

It was because the closer I got to my house, the more I felt the recoil from the intense exercise.

“Hey, why are you so slow?”

When the distance between the front and back widens considerably, Shin Yoo-jung, unable to stand it, turns around and looks at me as I walk with a hesitant posture.

“Muscle pain….”

Then the boy let out a deep sigh.

“I guess you haven’t really exercised very much.”
“I know….”

Admit that.

The moment you become an Awakener from an ordinary person, the durability of your body increases.

In other words, even if you exercise at the same level, the awakened person’s body is less burdened.

It was for that reason that Shin Yoo-jung pushed me terribly just a moment ago, but this body is weaker than I thought, so my muscle pain is coming.

“If you fall off tomorrow because you have muscle pain… , Know?”

Shin Yoo-jung shows a gesture of slicing her neck with her thumb along with a terrifying voice.

“Of course I have to go….”

No, I was supposed to go, but it feels like I’m going because I’m threatened.

I feel weird, this.

After repeating the distance between him and the guy, I arrived at the house before I knew it.


I am out of breath as I try to climb the stairs with exhausted stamina.

Then Shin Yoo-jeong, who was walking ahead, kicked her tongue.

“Good bye.”

I say hello to Shin Yoo-jung, who is about to enter the house, and I’m about to go up one more floor.

“Hey, wait a minute.”
“…… ?”

Shin Yu-jung grabs me and leaves me at her door, and she goes inside.

Hold on for a while

There is something in the hand of the guy who opened her door and came out.

“Write this.”

It was a hot pack on top of the hand that was reaching out roughly.

Confusion came into my mind.

The stark gap between the actions I see in front of me now and the actions that remain in my memory.

Maybe this is a new way of bullying kids these days.

“What are you doing?”
“Ah, I’ll write well….”

She accidentally received a hot pack.

The lighthearted guy’s hand clenched her fist.

“I did it this far, but it won’t come out tomorrow? At that time, just repeat that you were behind.”
“Yeah, yes.”


The door is closed.

She returned to her room, still feeling bewildered.

“I’ll follow you, really.”

As her body, which had been frozen like a frog in front of her snake, relaxed, the pain returned.

Her eyes go to the hot pack in her hand.

“I don’t even know.”

Yoojung Shin.

One of the group of Iljin who bullied me in high school.

It wasn’t that she took the initiative to bully him.

How to say, should I say he’s the type to help out by giggling when the kids touch him?

It is true that either side is in charge of one axis of trauma.

“Obviously he hated me….”

When I went down to borrow her vacuum cleaner and met her, she was fiercer and rougher than now.

I wondered why it suddenly changed like that.


That’s when

The moment I acquired magic-related properties and proved it.

“Aha, is that it?”


The guy is probably stuck there.

There is a saying in baseball that left-handed fireballers should be brought in from hell.

This means that it is in high demand and a valuable resource.

There is a similar saying in the Hunter world.

It was a word that came from a community that has been booming recently centered on young hunters, but what was it?

“If you’re a wizard, first fuck with friends first, wasn’t it?”

Abbreviation for add friend, chinchu.

Actually, it doesn’t mean adding friends, but when you meet a wizard, it means that you get to know them first.

As mentioned earlier, wizards, like healers, are a highly unbalanced profession with very high demand and extremely low supply.

Shin Yoo-jung’s strange behavior begins to understand one by one.

“I’ll put saliva on it for now, is this it?”

Doesn’t it mean that only he knows the magician’s talent that no one else knows about?

She told her that the probability that I’m going to eat rice cake now is close to 100%, but maybe it’s the stock that only she knows.

That’s enough for her to change her stance and work to improve the relationship.

Teach me a few exercises, and build a deep friendship with the future wizard to the extent of being friendly?

The country will do the same.

“If possible.”

I feel strange.

I wasn’t directly harassed by him, but I do feel some resentment.

Watching this guy change so quickly is both cute and funny.

Shin Yoo-jung emerges from a variety of emotions.

It was very attractive to see him immersed in sports with his short hair dyed blonde.

Her gentle mother seems to resemble her mother, but she also has her own personality.

Feelings about Shin Yoo-jung are changing from time to time.

Meanwhile, there are some things that never change.


As long as the desire is wriggling, so to speak.

“I want to have sex.”

To be a little more direct, I want to eat it.

The head captivated by desire naturally takes a step further and thinks.

How can I have sex with her?

In Shin Yoo-jung, the sense of existence of a human being began to swell.

If I make good use of the current situation where my perception of myself is rapidly changing.

On the contrary, wouldn’t it be possible for me to attack Shin Yoo-jung?

“Maybe… ?”

The relationship between Shin Yoo-jung and I is a vertical relationship with the top and bottom clearly divided.

It’s obvious.

He must be hoping to be in a dominant position where he can hold me and shake me.

If only I could use it appropriately and lead the flow in the direction I want.

Maybe some very interesting things will happen.

My heart swells with anticipation.

At the same time, along with my exhausted body, my cock, which had been drooping, swelled up and began to jerk.

“If tomorrow comes sooner.”

I look forward to the days with Shin Yoo-jung.

* * *

“Fuck, it hurts so much.”

After finishing her class, Shin Yoo-jung changed her clothes in her dressing room and sprayed her body with a paste.

It is always like this on the days when there are actual classes.

Her dream job is to be a tanker.

I had to fend off all sorts of attacks with my body throughout the class.

“I’m the only one suffering because of these assholes.”

There are many dealers in the world.

But among them, real dealers are extremely rare.

In other words, there are very few dealers who can reliably sharpen their swords behind a tanker who blocks the front and deliver a fatal blow to the enemy.

“What if the youngsters who want to become hunters are afraid of monsters?”

In particular, such a phenomenon appeared more prominently in universities where hunter aspirants gathered.

Those who entered the school without any particular resolution, just looking at the money and honor they could get if they became a hunter.

Her parents hurt her every time.

My seniors said that the most difficult occupational group in the first year was the tanker.

The reason was that it took a very long time to catch a monster because the new students who had just entered did not have enough skills as dealers.

She was keenly aware of her words.

As much as the monster was alive and well, she had more attacks to block.

After blocking all of that, my body hurts like this.

“I wonder if it will get better in the second year.”

If you stand out among the first graders, you can join the group of seniors in the senior year and take practical classes.

Her problem was that she wasn’t up to that level.

So can you

There is no choice but to endure until the two-headed dealers who make up the group work hard and grow into dealers who can serve even one person.


It took too long to wash and change clothes because my body was stiff here and there.

She hurriedly left school.

‘Isn’t this bastard not coming out?’

I quickly climb the stairs of an old building.

She opened the door roughly and looked around her, ignoring the manager’s greetings.


“You bastard, I did that… !”

Her eyes widened and she pulled out her smart phone.

She had a knack for calling Kim Do-jin, who had fucked her, and calling him to the gym.

But a problem arose.

“Fuck, I don’t have a number.”

I should have received it yesterday.

But there is no way to find out.

“Mom will know.”

Her own mother, who takes care of Kim Do-jin almost half like her child, would know.

“I’m behind you, Kim Dojin.”

When you are nervously tapping a number.

“What did I do wrong… ?”

A terrified voice came from behind.

When she nervously turned her head around, she saw Kim Do-jin, whom she hadn’t seen before, standing there.

“Where have you been?”
“I came here after changing clothes… ?”

So you didn’t see

A little bit of embarrassing comes.

“… I’m relaxing. I’ll start right away after I change my clothes.”

After catching a glimpse of Kim Do-jin, who waddles her body and begins her stretch, she walks into the dressing room.

She throws her bag into her locker room, takes off her clothes, and changes into a tank top and leggings.

“Baby, I thought you wouldn’t come out, but you did.”

She was sure he wouldn’t be there until she got here.

Kim Do-jin, whom I have seen for the past three years, is a terribly lazy person in the corner of the room.

“It’s ridiculous.”

That made the world even more confusing.

Isn’t the guy who was confined to the corner of the room awakening, and even being given special characteristics for wizards?

The moment he used magic in front of her, she made up her mind.

“You have to hold on to the pasture.”

After improving the relationship by being moderately grown up and appeased, she said that she would put the leash on the leash with proper tightening.

He’s like a magician

Not only damage dealing, but also a versatile job group that can be active in many ways.

Along with Healer, the most popular double-headed carriage!

It would have been better if it had been him, but he still wasn’t too bad.

‘It’s about handling pigs.’

Among the many articles I saw in the Hunter community, there is one article that left an impression.

‘How to make your own little dealer.’

The article is full of the dark and gloomy of the blind man in the corner of the room.

It starts when you first recognize a promising dealer.

A promising dealer with low self-esteem and timidity, but with outstanding characteristics.

Approach him and treat him moderately with kindness, making him consider you a friend.

That’s how you slowly make yourself dependent.

As time goes by, he grows as a dealer, but as a human being, if you make him a fool who can do nothing without himself, and make him depend on him endlessly.

It is the completion of my own small dealer, the so-called ‘Nazak Deal’, as mentioned in the article.


With a fishy smile on her lips, she left the dressing room.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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