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Changed Body 14

Changed Body 14

Chapter 14 – Contingency (1)

“Hmmmm! My, did you do well?”

Today, too, it’s been overcooked.

I was convinced when I saw Shin Yoo-jeong, who taught me how to exercise in detail while changing her time.

That my predictions were not wrong.

Look at it now

The answer comes out when you throw out the word that you did pretty well, which doesn’t suit you.

“Forcibly praised.”

Did you know that I would be happy to hear you say that?

“Hmmmm, maybe not bad.”

I won’t deny the fact.

Still, I can’t help but feel a little better when a pretty girl compliments me.

I washed off my sweat and went outside.

Just in time, Shin Yoo-jung came out of the women’s locker room without drying her hair properly.

“Can I not dry my hair?”
“You can go home and dry it.”


Maybe with that short hair?

The reason why I am valued by Shin Yoo-jung is because I am a lumber to become a wizard.

So I need to prove my worth to him once in a while.

So that you don’t lose interest in me.

“Wait a minute.”

A wizard is not a job that is loved only by hunters.

In addition to attack magic, there are also magic that is useful in real life.

One of them is dry magic.

Magic that sucks moisture from wet clothes or hair.

The magic itself wasn’t difficult, but it was even easier for me.

It’s enough to pull all the moisture from her hair around her.

“Hey you….”

After all, this is a performance to show her.

He pulled the magical powers clinging to her hair and manipulated them to unite in front of her eyes.

A rather large drop of water was formed in this way.

“I learned drying magic yesterday, and it’s just as useful.”

After appropriately hitting her ball once, Shin Yoo-jung runs the water droplets in front of her eyes into the water purifier tray placed next to the counter.

“Let’s go now.”

Saying that, I glanced at Shin Yoo-jung, who was making a slightly bewildered expression, and neatly turned around.

Ok, that’s fucking cool

… It really wouldn’t have been cool.

Let’s play tricks with this body.

It doesn’t matter.

You can tell just by looking at her expression.

At least the proof of my worth was once again convincingly successful.
She stopped for a moment and looked back at her.

“I’m not going… ?”
“Uh? Uh, let’s go.”

Shin Yoo-jung erases her blank expression and follows her with a faint smile.

He’s probably taking the fact that I dried my hair with magic as a positive sign.

You’d think the carrot-and-stick strategy was working.

Let’s see who will be wearing the leash at the end.

* * *

It is impossible for a person to train his body all the time he is awake.

It may be possible to do it, but the efficiency is very low compared to the amount of time spent.

“But what are you doing to rest?”

When I thought about how I rested when I was Son Si-woo, I spent most of my time drinking.

Have a drink alone in the living room, or have a drink at a private bar operated by members.

It was a bit tempting, but I endured it.

“It is a sin, a sin, to drink with this body.”

If you drink alcohol and eat snacks, the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose will quickly come back.

So, alcohol is prohibited until the diet is successful.


I look around the narrow room.

The only things I can see are middle and high school yearbooks, as if I have built a wall with books.

Then TV and computer.

I remembered something to do.

I sat down on a chair I bought for a fairly expensive price and turned on the computer with my toes.

“One computer is fine.”

Of the few properties this body possesses, the most expensive is this computer.

There was a moment when Dojin Kim saved money for the only time in his life, and it was to buy this computer.

After that, I didn’t want to buy anything more, I only used it for eating.

“Let’s see….”

Go through your memory and press the folders one by one.

D drive… , Secret folder… , Jikbakguri… , Kim Do-jin’s colorful collection inside.

There are three folders.

One is porn, one is a 19-karat gold doujinshi, and the last one is a 19-karat gold anime.

“Whoa… , I tried to be patient.”

The first time I rubbed a cock with my 20-year-old body, I decided that it was time to have sex with a woman.

It is almost impossible to wish to have sex with a woman with this body.

In the meantime, even though I am 20 years old, my libido is rising steadily every day.

Now, just looking at the back of her leggings as she walks ahead of dawn makes her erect.

“If you don’t take it off, there will be a big accident.”

If I keep going like this, it seems that my cock will jump out of nowhere.

If you do, you might cross a river of no return.

So, it’s a pity, but I thought it would be good in many ways to take off at least one foot by masturbating.

So turned on

“What do you want to hear….”

It immediately comes to mind that there is pornography here, but I have no idea what the contents are.

The feeling of being locked in your memory, as if someone had locked it tight.

You just have to go in and check it out yourself.

“First of all, animation is not my taste.”

How bad would it be if only anime was bad?

“Manga… A live-action version would be better than , after all.”

Doujinshi was a choice I was drawn to, but I still prefer live action.

When you double-click the porn folder to enter, you can see the titles neatly organized.

Most of them consist of situational dramas.

“A married woman who is corrupted by the big cock of a man she does not know… , A wife who degenerates while her husband goes on a business trip… ?”

Words in every title.

Married woman or wife.

“This kid is really….”

You’re a kid with a certain taste.

Maybe every time I see this, I masturbate while thinking about something else.

“Tsuttuk, you shouldn’t have done it as a porn.”

Rather than taking my body away, it would have been more likely to grow up and commit an affair with that body.

My wife is already not interested in a human named Son Si-woo.

“Devil… , No, minutes.”

After giving him a heartfelt consolation, he began to ponder in front of numerous files.

Then I suddenly realized.

“… Is there any meaning in worrying?”

Only the actors appearing are different, but the content is mostly the same.

The content of a married woman being captured and corrupted by the cock of a man other than her husband.

“Hey, let’s see something.”

I roughly rolled the mouse wheel and double-clicked the file where it stopped.

The scene of a happy family is roughly skipped over, and the scene of being penetrated by a stranger is played.

Put on the headphones placed on the desk and take a moment to listen.

“Hey… , These days, porn is amazing.”

Admiration came out of nowhere.

An intense and flamboyant movement unique to Japan, which has been called Seongjin-guk since I was young.

Why is the image quality so clear? It seems that every pore can be seen.

Thanks to the experience of visiting Japan several times, I can hear Japanese roughly.

Falling in love with this, I grabbed the tissue paper I had released earlier and took off my pants.

-Ah, Yamete… ! Oh no!

The face that says no with his mouth, but the face that is released in pleasure is a masterpiece.

This actor does a good job

I hold a tissue paper on one side and shake the hard cock.

“I have to grow this next time….”

It’s 20 years old, so it’s solid, but it’s smaller than I thought.

The size of a man’s pride.

With the mana I am gathering this time, I should start by raising the growth power of my cock.

Leaving behind a bit of regret, I gradually increase the speed of shaking my cock.

By the time the sense of ejaculation that had slowly risen from the bottom reached its climax.

There is a vibration as if something is falling to the ground.


Take your eyes off the screen for a moment and turn your head.

Auntie is standing

While covering his reddened face with both hands.

At that moment, a strong voice hit the ears.

– Lead, lead!

Oh, no.

The sense of ejaculation that has reached the end finishes takeoff and prepares for launch.

I hurriedly tried to block it with my hand holding a tissue, but….


Push! Push shot!

The semen that has been stored for two weeks rises vigorously and flies through the air.

Falls and bombings soon begin.

Tuduk! Took!

Some of the semen dyes the gray dress, the signature of the lady, a darker color.

“Me, Me, I’m sorry!”

The lady who hurriedly turns around and runs away.

She later reached out her hand, but she couldn’t reach it.

A box of side dishes fell on the gruesome scene where semen was scattered all over the place.

Apparently, the lady came to fill her side dishes.


I guess it’s kind of fucked up.

* * *

Bah- bah- bah bah bah….

Turn off the loud wake-up alarm.

There was no need for an alarm in the first place.

“… You leaked me.”

Because I stayed up all night with my eyes open.

Last night, when she saw me masturbating, she hurriedly ran out.

“You won’t come.”

I saw something like that, but she would go out with me to exercise at dawn as if nothing was wrong.

“Let’s go to sleep….”

You can’t ruin the whole day.

Even now, I have to go to bed early and wake up, do gymnastics in the afternoon, and gather up my mana.

When you’re pushing your body deep into the futon to force yourself to sleep.


Someone knocked on the door

“… What.”

The only person who can knock on the door at this hour is the lady.

“Do, Dojin-ah. Are you not ready yet… ?”

Every lady

Unknowingly, I jumped up and screamed.

“Hey, wait!”

I can’t hear an answer, but my body moves quickly.

The sense of crisis that if I don’t go out now, my relationship with the auntie might be completely destroyed made my body go faster.

I hurriedly put on my pants and stepped down on her foot, stepping on something on her.

[Breaking news.]

Was it a remote control?

[One of the monsters that appeared near Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu has not been caught yet, causing confusion in the area….]

It seemed that one of the monsters had succeeded in escaping through the hunters’ encirclement.

What the hell are kids these days so lax, Won.

There was nothing like that in my time.

The anchorman turned off the TV that was talking loudly and went straight to the door.

“Hey, did you sleep well?”

An awkward greeting.

Even before she starts her workout, her face is already red.

No matter who sees it, it must be the influence of the previous day.

“That… , Yes….”

With a sinner’s heart, he bows his head and answers.

Then the aunt smiled awkwardly and waved her hand.

“So, shall we go?”
“… Yep.”

The dawn exercise with the aunt began in a disastrous situation.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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