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Changed Body 15

Changed Body 15

Chapter 15 – Contingency (2)

The fast-paced lady walks ahead, and I follow her.

Up to this point, the situation is no different from before, but the atmosphere is different.

The lady who usually looked back once in a while and gave words of support is quiet today.

“It’s completely overcooked.”

The horribly ruined atmosphere weighs on your shoulders.

Actually, it’s not a sin to masturbate in your own house, not someone else’s house.

Of course, it’s my fault that I didn’t lock the door properly, but it’s a lady who came in without permission.

Why should I feel so guilty?


When you reach the halfway point along the trail, you will come to a small park.

A place where a lot of grandfathers and fathers who enjoy exercising in the morning gather.

The woman who climbed up first is stretching her arms toward the sky with a pleasant expression.

The thin jumper that came down to the waist goes up along the arm, revealing the inner flesh.

“Auntie, I’m going to go to the bathroom.”
“Ah, yes. Please.”

Leaving behind the woman who laughs awkwardly and shakes her head, she waddles and runs to the bathroom.

I immediately opened the empty cubicle door and went in and sat down on the toilet seat.


I let out a deep breath and leaned against the backrest.


There is no reason for me to feel guilty about masturbating in my house and draining the water.

Rather, it is correct for the lady to say that she is sorry for me.

Even so, there is one reason why I feel such guilt.

It was caused by my cock, which had a lot of strength in my lower leg and made my pants bulge.

“Calm down, Dojin. The opponent is every lady, lady!”

The porn I saw yesterday is a problem.

It seems that he thought of Han Joo-hee when he saw it, but I didn’t.

At first, I just saw it as a work of art, as a means for self-defense, but everything was ruined from the moment the aunt came into the room and showed me.

The face of a porn actor performing passionately began to be covered with an ajumma.

The bulging lower legs are for that reason.

At first, it was a little irritating, but the body began to react again when I saw the woman’s body slowly adapting.

“How are you prettier than the porn actors I’ve seen?”

Most of the porn actors who play married women are young.

At most, in their mid-to-late 20s, at most, maybe in their early 30s.

On the other hand, the ajumma is in her mid-40s.

At an age when even beautiful flowers will wither, Ajumma is still pretty.

When asked whether it is possible or impossible, he shouts out that it is possible without hesitation.

No matter how much I wanted to live as my heart led me, this is not the case.

“I can’t touch a married woman….”

Ajumma has a family, and she is very loyal to that family.

Even if I wanted to, there was no way I would accept it, and I didn’t want to break up someone else’s family.

So you have to suppress it.

Ajumma is someone I am extremely grateful for.

I don’t want to be caught up in a momentary desire and make a mistake with such a person.

“Maha Vanyaparamilda….”

By the time I was slowly calming down my angry cock while reciting Buddhist scriptures as they came into my head.

A loud noise started coming from outside the bathroom.



I kicked the locked cubicle door and went out of the bathroom.

What unfolded in front of my eyes was a mayhem.

The people who just a moment ago were sitting on benches with relaxed faces or banging their backs on trees are running away in different directions in a panic.

Whatever happened, it must have happened.

As I stand still watching them, Uncle Wen grabs my shoulder while running.

“Ha, student! Hurry up, run away!”
“What is it?”
“Mo, mo, monster! A monster has appeared! So hurry… !”

The moment I heard that, I shook off the hand of the man who ran to me worried about me even while running away.

“Your uncle, go first.”
“Ha, student! Where! This, this… !”

Neither the monster that made everyone run away nor the lady show up.

The lady may have already run away, and the monster may be chasing after someone who is running away.

By the way.

“I feel so bad.”

A sticky sensation invades the whole body.

Whenever I feel like this, bad things happen.

So I can’t leave this place.

At least until you realize that this dirty feeling is just a whim.

“Calm down, calm down….”

Soothes the fluttering sensation.

He looked around with a calm gaze.

Footprints of countless people embroidered the dirt floor of the park.

Among them, I found one that was uniquely large and heterogeneous.

A bipedal monster with a foot length of about 300 mm and a width of just under 20 cm.

“It’s an oak.”

Monster difficulty level A to D.

A monster with various variations within a species that can be A or D class depending on its form.

It reminds me of the news delivered by the TV that was turned on by accidentally stepping on the remote control.

Did you say that a monster that appeared in the Mok-dong area escaped the encirclement?

“It’s really shit, you bastards.”

It will take at least two hours to walk from Mok-dong to here, but what the hell were the hunters doing until this guy got here?

“Even if my body didn’t change, all those bastards would have their licenses revoked.”

Thank you (Shin) Siwoo Son for taking my body, kids.

If you walk a little along the direction where your toes are pointing, you will see another footprint.

Between the widely spaced footprints and footprints.

Judging by the wide stride, he must have started running.

Did you chase the people who fled this way?

Another trail came into my field of vision.

A liquid that fell in places and soaked the dirt floor.

“Sniff sniff.”

I scooped up a clod of soil with my fingers and sniffed it.


The smell of orc saliva, which is dozens of times worse than human saliva, causes nausea.

There is only one case where an orc drools on the ground.

“A state of extreme excitement.”

For whatever reason, when an orc becomes extremely aroused, its elongated tusks will cause it to salivate through its rigid snout.

In other words, he’s in a state of excitement over something.


The image of the aunt naturally comes to mind.

Orcs are highly reproductive individuals.

If you are a woman, it’s a race that you look at with a fan, but they cover what they want to cover in their own way.

Do you see the face? Not.

What they see is the body shape.

A strong woman with a wide pelvis.

A woman with a body type that can give birth to a child of her own will not be able to use it.

My aunt has a wide pelvis.

If you wear a gray dress that exposes your body or leggings, the curves will come to life and stimulate men’s appetite.

“How can this dog-like sense not be wrong?”

I took out my smartphone and dialed 911.

“The orcs you missed are here, so come quickly and catch them.”

I tried to speak nicely, but I couldn’t do it, so I said it a little thicker and hung up the phone.

If you do this, they will track my location and come right back.

Although she reported it, she has no intention of just sucking her finger while waiting for the hunters to come.

I started running along where the orc ran.

“Whoa, whoa… !”

This low-quality body catches my ankle again.

I haven’t even run in a while, but if I’m already out of breath, what am I going to do?

The speed keeps getting slower.

But it didn’t stop.

“Just a little bit, hoouk, more… !”

The stride is getting narrower little by little.

That would mean that the guy’s steps started to stop slowly.

Went into the mountains

“Cool, cool!”

Even as he coughed out his breath up to the tip of his chin, his eyes did not stop scanning the ground.

In addition to the orc’s footprints, another footprint can be seen.

Compared to the Orc, it is small and compact in size.

Human, and also female.

The footsteps of the woman who had gone ahead passed through the mountains.

Quake! Kkuik!

From a place not too far away, the angry cry of an orc can be heard.

Roughly predictable.

The woman he had been chasing so long had disappeared somewhere in the woods.

Orcs are scouring the surroundings to find it.

“Yet… , Whoa! There is time.”

I catch my breath and move to the place where the roar came from.



As he wandered through the woods, he began to see an orc pounding a tree with his fist.

I must have been so angry that my back muscles were twitching.


The voice is not as deep as expected.

Her skin color is also much lighter than expected.

“He is young.”

To say I’m young is a bit of an understatement.

Should I call it a less ripe object?

The darker the color of the orc’s skin, the tougher and harder the hide.
His skin is green, close to light green.

This meant that the fighting power was not very high.

The grade that was calculated in this way is D grade.

Among them, it was only the extremity.

Being the weakest of the Orcs is fortunate out of misfortune, but in fact, there is nothing very fortunate about it.

“You’re still stronger than me.”

No matter how weak he is, he is dozens of times stronger than this body that has just begun to quench.

What I have to do is determined.

Rather than finding a woman hiding here somewhere, run away.

“Let’s focus, focus.”

I walked up slowly, following the direction of the woman’s footsteps.

Dense trees located at a slight deviation from the direction the orcs were plowing through.

You can see the hem of the clothes slightly sticking out there.

I went up a little faster and looked there, and I saw a familiar backside.

The woman hiding behind a large tree and observing the dynamics of an orc who was screaming from a little distance away was a woman.

I tried to run straight away, but I suppressed the sound of my footsteps as much as possible.

If she screamed when I called from behind, everything would be over.

She slowly approached and reached out her aunt’s hand to cover her aunt’s mouth.


I hurriedly turned her aunt behind her so that she could see my face.

“Auntie, it’s me.”

Her breasts bouncing up and down as if they were going to pop out at any moment show how surprised the auntie was in a brief moment.

“You can’t scream.”

Auntie nodded her head.

He removed her hand that was covering her mouth and apologized to her.

“I’m sorry. I’m afraid she’ll scream in surprise.”
“Okay, it’s okay. More than that, Do-jin, why are you here?”

Auntie brushed her surprised chest and asked her me.

“I didn’t see her, so I came to look for her.”
“Are you crazy? Monsters are running around and she should have run away… !”

He slaps my shoulder lightly and reproaches me, but a faint smile is drawn on his lips.

I feel good in my heart.

“If I had disappeared, I think the lady would have found me too.”

A person with a lot of recognition.

Well worth the risk to help.

“While he’s searching for a strict place, he escapes in the opposite direction.”
“Yeah, yes.”

Gently wrapping her aunt’s shoulders, she raised herself up to get away from her guy.

The woman who raised her body from her sloppy posture sits down again.

“Oh, what should I do? Her leg is loose….”

It became a problem that he was extremely nervous, but when he met me, he relaxed a little.

She grabbed her aunt’s weak legs, stretched them out, and began kneading them with her hands.

“Do, Dojin-ah.”
“If you knead it like this, you’ll feel better.”

He kneads her legs, moving back and forth from her thighs to her calves.

“Yes… !”

Her pleasant moans tickled her ears.

“Aww… !”

It’s not something I would do in a situation where if I did something wrong, I’d get caught by an orc and lose my life.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been exercising for a long time, but my thighs are really tight.

After a moderate kneading, she looked at her aunt hiding her regret.

Although her face was a little red, her expression was much better than before.

“Can you get up now?”
“Yes. I think it’s possible.”

She raises her body more easily than before.

“Then let’s go.”

The distance between him and the boy got shorter than before.

Although the Orc’s intelligence is infinitely low, his animal senses cannot be ignored.

We cannot rule out the possibility that our location will be discovered by his keen sense of smell if we get a little closer.


When I heard another tree crackling, I left my original spot and started running towards the other side of the guy.

“Huh, heh… !”

I ran out of breath quickly because I used up too much stamina to run to this place.

She is breathing much harder than usual, perhaps because of the tension that tightens her whole body.

I don’t think I can run much longer, but that’s okay.

If you go a little farther away, you’ll be far enough away from him.

Just when I thought the threat in my heart was slowly receding.

I have a problem.


My foot caught on the roots of a tree sticking out of the dirt floor.

The massive body that lost its shape floats in the air for a moment and then rolls down the mountain slope.

“Do, Dojin! Fine… , Suck!”

Surprised, the woman came down screaming and covered her mouth.


I heard his roar.


The direction the roar was heading was exactly this way.

I must have heard her voice.

“Ah… !”

A woman who covers my mouth and sighs.

She saw the man running from a distance and raised her wounded body from here to there.

“This is not the time, ma’am.”
“Do, Dojin-ah. I’m sorry, aunty, I’m really sorry….”

Tears welled up in her big eyes.

She must have thought we were dying here because of her screaming.

Well, that’s right.

The odds of dying are very high.

However, I have not lived a life that is so hard that I would die quietly just because I was cornered.

“Listen to me, auntie.”

At my sincere voice, the lady also looks at me, wiping away the tears she had shed.

Running away sucks.

He would be many times faster than us, so it was clear that he would be caught quickly.

Then there is only one answer.

“That orc, we have to catch it.”

I have to catch it myself.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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