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Because I Live in the US 29

Because I Live in the US 29

Chapter 29 – Themaju

Talent supply.
There are reasons to pay attention to a well-known and well-established company.

‘For example, Sungkyunkwan University of Ohsung Electronics.’

Pohang University of Science and Technology.
Chung-Ang University Tucson Group.
Yeonam Institute of Technology Helgi Electronics.

Each large company has at least one school that they directly run or sponsor.
It is to develop the best talent for the company.

It’s impossible for me right now.
I don’t have the money, and I don’t have the heart to do it in the first place.

‘Quality over quantity.’

Even at this moment, tens of thousands of idiots with only good education are produced.
It is a country that has one of the best education in the world.

Nevertheless, Korea is a financially backward country.
It is also not irrelevant to the fact that adults live with the sound that the family will be disgraced when stocks are played.

“Your brother was so nice.”
“I liked it too.”
“I think I’m addicted to sex♡ Oh, what should I do?”

Hyeri’s quality is also good.
Except for the fact that it is so narrow that it hurts so much, it is the best feeling of use.

‘This is why women are gangsters when they’re older.’

Sometimes he comes to my room to play.
The purpose, of course, is to roll around like a monkey.

He buried his face in my chest and screamed.
Such a fresh reaction is also fresh.

“Stocks are trending in the department as well.”
“I fanned it from the side. Did you do well?”

Kill two birds with one stone.
Hyeri is working hard at the task entrusted to her.
Stock is something you have to do after all.

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work” – Thomas Edison

It was said to emphasize the talent of the 1%, not hard work.
However, it is also true that it cannot be established without 99% effort.

Stock exclusion in Korean society.
I think this is the biggest reason why famous investors are not coming out in Korea.

‘Well, because it’s Korea University.’

One talent comes from proven talents.
If you only accumulate experience, you will be able to develop good employees.

Along with delay and blood ties, it is the most sticky connection.
If done well, Hankuk University can be made a stable source of talent.

“Except for Sora.”
“Isn’t there Sora?”
“I think they deliberately ignore the kids’ stocks. Isn’t that a bad bitch?”

With Hyeri’s help, I plan to gradually achieve it.
If possible, even really talented people.

‘He’ll take care of it.’

I experienced so much in a short period of time.
It is not strange that the so-called wise man time comes.


I am coming too.
After one act, they play around.
Originally, if it were me before returning, I would have stretched out because it was difficult.

But a young body.
And a fresh woman.
Twenty is the golden age that will never come again in life.

‘It’s fucking delicious, really.’

Fit the mouth
He forcibly takes out his tongue, which he doesn’t yet know about intense kissing, and plays with it.

The salivary glands, which secrete as if out of order, are natural juices.
Bite and suck until your chin tingles.

“It was tasty.”
“Me too.”
“I’ll pick out a recommended stock and send it to you.”
“Thank you. But more than that, I want to be with you♡”

A body that has been eaten and burned.
Vigorously strokes Hyeri’s bobbed hair, which she doesn’t want to go back to.

Unfortunately, I am also busy.
Give her a hug and see you out the door.

‘It worked out so much better than I thought.’

That’s right, a freshman in college.
In other words, the 5th job advancement fell to the beginner hunting ground where squirrels appeared.

And this is not limited to college life.
No, my main field is, of course, stocks.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Seeds sown are known only after time has passed.
Whether it be porridge or rice, the results will come out and you will know.

‘Um~ this event is suspicious.’

I focus on my bottom line
Although raising people is the main purpose, everything cannot be established without money.

They are mainly dealing in dog stock.
To be precise, it is to buy stocks that can be operated.

No matter how well you read the chart, it is not easy.
No, even if you find it, will the stock really go up?

‘Because it depends on the mind of the forces.’

Very limited
Eating too much is impossible.
It’s because the forces never leave it behind.

〈 Introducing the latest policy of the Blue House, nuclear power plant! 〉

I have one more card.
It is the fact that you know the future information.

‘Yes, this happened.’

In the stock market, future information is surprisingly common.
It’s even coming out on the news that’s playing right now.

No, rice cakes have been around for years.
This is a promise made in the 2012 presidential election.

〈By combining human strength and intellectual superiority, the ultimate solution to the nuclear threat was born!〉

Everyone knew
He said that if he becomes president, he will push ahead with eco-friendly policies.

‘The question is, are you really going to do that? That’s it.’

You won’t know until you look at it.
It is not uncommon to cancel a promise after making a promise.

Or, it may be significantly reduced or modified differently from the existing one.
Even more so, the promise of denuclearization.

‘Honestly, from a rational point of view, this is a policy that should never be done.’

Green policy.
Sounds good to hear.
There will be no one who hates eco-friendliness itself.

The question is feasibility.
There are so many technical and practical gaps in doing this.

〈 Some people will hesitate to see the cost of closing nuclear power plants. But let me ask. Would you like to save money for your loved ones?〉

The reason why we can use electricity cheaply is because of nuclear power.
In particular, Korea is highly dependent on nuclear power.

‘It’s actually an island country.’

The nuclear phase-out trend is not unique to Korea.
Even in Europe, nuclear power plants are being shut down and replaced with eco-friendly energy.

But Korea is different from Europe.
Natural energy such as hydropower and wind is in short supply, and natural gas is also imported at a very high cost.

It is liquefied, transported by ship, and re-vaporized for use.
There is a huge difference in price from Europe, which is directly received through gas pipelines.

〈 Solar, Offshore Wind, Natural Gas. Nuclear power plant symbolizes the unstoppable eco-friendliness of the Blue House!〉

That’s why solar power and offshore wind power were improvised.
However, many experts believe that even this is a stopgap measure.

1. South Korea’s Low Sunlight
2. Low and irregular customs in Korea
3. Uncertainty due to natural disasters such as typhoons
4. Inefficiencies caused by #1/2
5. To overcome 1/2, nature must be destroyed

There is no natural environment to do it.
It has to be developed forcibly, but nature is destroyed in the process.

Money is spent as it is, and nature is also sick and giving medicine.
There are reasons why experts are against it.

‘Eco-friendly policies are mankind’s goals that must be achieved slowly over time.’

It is not a ‘commitment’ that can be realized in a short period of time.
This is something that science and technology have yet to support.

In addition, Korea has top-tier nuclear power technology.
In other words, there is little possibility that the side effects of nuclear power plants will explode.

Whether it’s safety, money, or the environment, the answer is clear.
By the way, is it possible to phase out nuclear power?

〈 Nuclear power generation is an irresistible trend of the times! It was the president’s speech.〉

Who would have imagined that I would do it for real?’

The money is not one or two pennies, but tens of trillions.
The stagnation of nuclear power technology also causes potential damage.

At the review stage, the policy will be reduced or abolished.
It is rational and rationally derived as such.

‘What makes that possible is the power of politics.’

National policy is sometimes carried out ignoring efficiency or rationality.
And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There are two representative precedents.
It is President Park’s 8-lane highway and President Kim’s national high-speed Internet network.

8-lane roads in developing countries?
Right after IMF, no money?
Considering the common sense of the time, it is surprising.

Indeed, it met with great opposition.
However, all Koreans know what kind of evaluation they receive over time.

It would have been nice if the current government’s eco-friendly policy had been like that.
What will happen, I came to see the future answer.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Regardless of success, tens of trillions of money poured into the stock market.

I eat that blind money.
There is also an environment for that.

『Deposit and Withdrawal Passbook』
Account Balance: KRW 6,103,892

I said goodbye to the past, where I was worried about the immediate cost of living.

There is enough spare money.
It is even more so if you use the kaiwangken with credit and attempt.

‘I also found stocks that look suspicious.’

Korea is the country with the most dogs in the world.
What sport was shot and when.

It is impossible to remember everything from 20 years ago.
But I have my abilities.

And chart.
If you do the reverse calculation, you can see the approximate flow.
Find the best operatives.

* * *

Crown Capital.

‘I have to explode one soon.’

Deputy manager Kim Min-goo has been in a mixed mood lately.
This is because incentives have been greatly reduced.

Proportional to the operating profit.
It is the aftermath of the collapse of one of the operations they were aiming for.

‘It would have been perfect if I had shot the communication bar now. The time to accumulate has passed and there is nothing we can do about it.’

Omega Information and Communications.
I was thinking of giving a shot by grouping it into 5G business-related stocks.

It is based on the great material of policy.
Business in the country is big.

Receives great interest.
It was a sport that could eat more than five times as much.

‘Well, it’s okay.’

But the policy is not one.
There is no need to regret the fish you have already missed.

Next operation week.
It is related to eco-friendly policies that have been appearing on TV recently.

The president is pushing.
The sector itself has also gone unnoticed for several years.

‘Was it during the Fukushima incident? For some absurd reason, the fuck went up.’

The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
An accident at a nuclear power plant exposed radiation.

Isn’t nuclear power a problem?
Solar energy has been attracting attention as an alternative energy for some time.

But there is no business feasibility.
The ability of solar power generation to produce electricity was too weak.

‘Even now, in fact, there is not much difference.’

From this point on, it is Naburang, a stock broker.
The operation is not for anyone.
I know the level of experts in half.

We’ve only made some technological advances.
The unit price is still high, and the power generation efficiency is low, especially in Korea.

It is not something that can be done on a national scale.
Even taking that into account, it’s worth considering.

‘It’s just a matter of sucking it up and passing it on.’

Stocks move with ‘expectation psychology’.
There will surely be ants who think that technology has advanced and are mistaken.

Such an asshole business.
There’s really nothing to do.
All you have to do is to suck up issues in the proper line.

The media will figure it out.
Kim Min-gu starts to accumulate solar power-related stocks.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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