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Because I Live in the US 30

Because I Live in the US 30

Chapter 30 – Themaju

Nuclear power plant policy.
Among them, the sector worth targeting is solar energy.

‘Offshore wind is definitely.’

Stock is the value of the company, of course it is important, but in the end there must be people who will buy it.
What is not well known is of little interest.

There’s probably no one who hasn’t seen it hanging from the roof of a house.
On the other hand, not many people know what offshore wind is.

‘That’s why the psychology of ordinary forces.’

It is targeting sectors where the supply and demand of ants are likely to be concentrated.
Once launched like that, the public’s attention is focused.

I didn’t eat
There are ants who regret it.
Then, it is a method of raising offshore wind power secondly.

─Buy order has been placed

Solar for now.
Large-cap stocks have already entered into short-term supply and demand.

『Sunlight theme』Future Energy Solution KRW 23,200 +3.9%
OCI KRW 89,000 +7.2%

However, it is not a huge deal for a ship that has been hit by the wind of national policy.
This is the start.

‘Dog owners, no, even buying small stocks.’

Large-cap stocks need to eat a lot to double.
Small-cap stocks show the rate of upside that is capable of so-called life reversals.

If you hold the line well, that is.
I’m using all kinds of indicators to find the best small-cap stocks.


The doorbell rings.
It looks like Hyeri is back.
Did you leave something behind?

‘I’m a bit less attractive.’

It may be that the afterglow did not go.
I suppressed the laughter that leaked out and opened the door.

“What is it.”
“Why are you laughing so badly?”

Sora stands there with a puzzled expression.
At eye level with Hyeri, there is only her chest.

‘Only my chest grew bigger.’

Conversely, Sora had little contact.
Although he appears in the club, he has never had a private conversation.

“Doesn’t the room smell strange? An unpleasant smell.”
“What’s the smell? The pot knows.”
“He said that when he had nothing to say.”

‘Anyway, I guess I’ll find out about the map later.’

If you come in with a frown, you’ll think I’ve done something bad.
I just made friends with my juniors.


Open the window at will.
After ventilating the air, he looked back with satisfaction.

“Senior, there is something I want to talk to you about.”
“What is it? You’re busy, so summarize it in 3 words.”
“Three letters is too short.”

Beige Polati.
It’s a dry, monochromatic color, but the hangers are art.
The line starting from the big breasts emphasizes the overall curvature.

‘I really want to grab it just once.’

If you hold her thin waist with one hand and squeeze her contrasting breasts tightly, you might feel cold with just that.

“Oh so what!”
“If I had to sum it up, that’s… First love.”

‘I ended up making another woman cry.’

Maybe that opportunity has come.
Sora’s gaze doesn’t leave me.

It ages like whiskey, and some people open up their taste like wine.

A man just like me is like that.
A man like me. A man like that.
They sounded self-congratulations that the peak of their popularity had arrived.

“Yes, I am responsible as your first love.”
“What bullshit. It’s about stocks.”

Got it a bit wrong
However, in the big picture, the result will be the same.


The first stock Sora bought after quitting her jerking.
It came off her loss, but not her PTSD.

I guess I’ve been thinking about it ever since.
What did she do wrong and what was the right thing to do?

“I think I bought at the peak after hearing too much positive news.”
“Yes, you have to lose money to see something.”
“I’m trading again, reminding myself of my mistake.”

There is no way the answer will come out.
It’s not a world where you can easily level up once you’ve experienced it.

‘I have to roll a lot.’

Even though Hyeri had a boyfriend, she was no different.
First love is just the beginning.

“Very good grades…”
“Aww, you messed up again.
“I didn’t do much! I’m doing it with the mindset of learning now.”

It seems that a new rationalization logic has emerged.
It’s meaningless to follow Ada and toss and turn between this man and that man.

‘Thinking of it like that makes me ugly.’

Not a bad choice in the world of stocks.
Experience is a prerequisite for all growth.

“How about it? Isn’t this a good place to buy?”
“You still don’t know anything.”

Don’t have that experience
Sora, who shows an innocent reaction, sits down in front of her computer.

Turn on her HTS.
Take a look at the stocks you recently bought.

“Why do you buy these dog slobbers?”
“They are large companies with a market capitalization of over 5 trillion won.”
“But what can I do? Who buys stocks like this these days?”

Just as expected.
It trades mainly large-cap stocks with high market capitalization and recognition.

‘This can be happen.’

And that’s not to say it’s wrong.
Large-cap stocks are heavy, but just as safe.

Unscrupulous company.
If you know how to calculate only that part, you won’t fail much.

“Still, I think it’s worth buying because it’s an undervalued section compared to the fundamentals.”
“His fundamentals are.”
“Yeah~ You don’t know fundamentals, but you know heavy metal.”
“I like that.”

However, if it was only that much, everyone in the world would have become rich with stocks.
The hardest part remains.

“It’s unfortunate.”
“Senior buys only strange dog stocks that don’t even make money, but I don’t make any money even if I buy well-paid, undervalued stocks.”

Sora could have pouted his lips.
I don’t understand it well in common sense line.

That common sense.
It is common sense to the general public.
You don’t understand the physiology of the stock market.

‘If women don’t figure out their menstrual days, they’ll be fucked.’

Same goes for stocks.
No matter how good a stock is, there is a reason why the stock price doesn’t go up.

“For example, when you’re chewing.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“No, imagine that there are many restaurants in the neighborhood.”

Sora frowns at her.
Even if I try to listen to an easy-to-understand analogy, he refuses.

‘Ah, why do I have to stop talking!’

It looks wholesome, like some kind of vegan diet.
Body is the most obscene subject in school.

“Are the number of customers entering each restaurant the same?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Wouldn’t people flock to restaurants that are delicious, have a pretty interior, and are reasonably priced? I think I will too.”

That’s the answer.
Principles of capitalism.
Even if you don’t think about such a headache, it’s natural.

“Then what about the rest of the restaurant?”
“That’s right, it will be weeded out. Unless the restaurant owner puts more effort into it.”
“Yeah, that’s it.”

The stock market is no different.
The principle that goes back to the world applies the same.

‘Because there are many companies in Korea.’

5 to 10 times that of Germany and Switzerland.
There are so many restaurants, no, I can’t know each stock.

Therefore, the domestic stock market is often dominated by theme stocks.
Grouping similar sectors together.

A builder is a builder.
Airlines are airlines.
Steel stocks are steel stocks.
On average, they rise and fall together.

“No matter how good a stock you buy, if the theme is depressed, the stock price will go down as well.”
“By the way.”
“Isn’t that theme wine bad?”

As a result, excessive fighting spirit is concentrated.
If it is tied to a popular theme, the stock price soars for no reason.

Fact News− “[Theme check] Goku, a mask theme without a mask… “Never produced”

If bitten incorrectly, escape is impossible for the rest of one’s life.
This is why people say not to buy theme stock.

“The theme itself is a concept that must be mastered.”
“I see…….”
“Analyzing individual stocks is important, but if you can’t read the flow of the theme, you can’t be called a true trader.”

Conversely, you can make a lot of money.
This is because when people pay attention, the stock price rises above the value of the company.

That’s what I’m aiming for too.
Among the stocks that can be tied to the solar theme, find the biggest shooter.

“Where can I learn such a flow?”
“Are you a criminal to the core?”
“Then what… What should I do?”
“You have to learn how the world works.”


It is different from the usual image.
The more knowledge you have in economics, the more experience you need.

The naive Sora especially had to roll here and there.
To the extent that she doesn’t show off her virginity anywhere.

“Do Korean Stock Gallery.”
“Don’t you know DC? Should I put a link on it?”
“Isn’t that a bad site?”

The way the world goes.
What other people care about.
In today’s world, it’s just a few clicks away.

‘That’s why it’s more of a problem.’

You can get caught up in preconceived notions.
Unknowingly, you have a biased way of thinking.

So what you have to do is dis.
As Sora said, it is true that there are some notorious galleries.

If it is limited to stocks, the story is different.
It’s the only community where you can freely express your opinion.

* * *

May 2017.
News that will change Korea is spread.

〈 The permanent shutdown of Kori Unit 1 is the start of a nuclear-free country. It is a great transition to a safe Republic of Korea.〉

Closure of South Korea’s first nuclear power plant.
And suspension of construction on Shin-Kori 5 and 6.

The signal flare of nuclear power plant has been shot up.
Although that monumental speech is underway.

〈We will establish an eco-friendly energy policy along with a roadmap to phase out nuclear power and coal!〉

Nuclear 26.8%.
Coal 43.1%.
Natural gas 22.8%.
It is the amount of power generation by energy source in Korea.

The existing ecosystem is shaken along with the new government’s eco-friendly policies.
Energy that accounts for 70% of nuclear power + coal must be replaced elsewhere.

[Discussion Room hahae Solution]
─The spring day is finally here
─Is a solar power plant being built instead of a nuclear power plant in the future?
─Renewable energy comes to the top of the front page of the articlehaha
─Environmental groups in the U.S., “Please reconsider nuclear phase-out” Letter

Why is there so much interest in solar energy?
This is because it has the highest potential for substituting green energy.

─Is a solar power plant being built instead of a nuclear power plant in the future?
So, the investment in related facilities is likely to be significant.
Hey, the solution will benefit, right?

└Is it only nuclear power plants? It also replaces coal power plants.
└ At least 50 trillion won
└ Nuclear power generation is an irresistible trend of the times.
└You know

The aftermath also affects the stock market.
Related theme stocks such ashahao Solution are on the rise.

Solar power plant.
They are excited about the expectation that they will benefit from a huge amount of orders if they build it.

─Environmental groups in the U.S., “Please reconsider nuclear phase-out” Letter
US scientists and environmentalists have publicly called for a rethinking of the nuclear phase-out policy.
If Korea wants to replace all nuclear power plants with photovoltaic power plants, it needs to build a solar power plant five times the size of Seoul, and in the case of wind power, it needs 14.5 times the size of Seoul.
“Over the past 20 years, South Korea has earned a worldwide reputation for its ability to build reliable and cost-effective nuclear power plants,” He added.

└ It has been confirmed in Fukushima and Chernobyl that nuclear power plants are destroying nature. What are the Americans saying?
└ If a nuclear power plant explodes, are you responsible?
└ The president will take care of it
└ In case it’s not a country that fired two nuclear weapons, I love nuclear weapons so much.

Of course, it’s not just public opinion in favor.
Authoritative experts in academia are expressing their concerns.

Can’t you?
It’s practically impossible and shouldn’t be done.
But those facts.

‘It will be known only after the operation is over.’

As expected.
Kim Min-goo can’t hide his disdain.
The government is really promoting an eco-friendly policy.

There is a lot of material that is enough to raise the operation column.
Because people believe in it.

Articles pour in.
It also spreads to the community.
A huge flow will be created.

Everyone says yes, but no one can say no.
Even if there is diarrhea, it is buried.

‘If everyone believes it, it will soon become true.’

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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