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Because I Live in the US 31

Because I Live in the US 31

Chapter 31 – One Shot of Life

『Sunlight theme』Future Energy Solution KRW 26,900 +4.2%
SCM KRW 127,500 +10.2%

Solar power related stocks.
Thanks to the new government’s eco-friendly policies, stock prices are rising rapidly.

[Event Discussion Room− SCM]
─As expected, SCM is the leader in solar energy!
─Hey, you are a shareholder of the solution. Why did this place almost double?
─I’m happy every day these dayshaha
─I am a shareholder who has been inherited for 6 years……

It refers to the stock with the most active trading volume among the theme stocks.

Leading by the captain, SCM, he shows a good figure.
Although each individual state is different.

─You are a shareholder ofhahae Solution, why did this place almost double?
Ours went up by 20%……

└ If you are a stock person, I will never buy it.
└ I learned that I am not buying stocks with a future.
└ Oh, the solutionhaha
└Ride the SCM now

Everything has risen
The difference between eating less and eating more remains the same.

The solar sector deserves attention.
But shareholders are still hungry.

─I am a shareholder who has been inherited for 6 years……
I bought it during the solar craze in 2011.
I forgot that I would go up someday, but can I finally see the light?

└ 600,000 won 6 years ago
└At that time, I was honestly lacking in technology. Now that we have the technology and the government support is great, we will recover quickly.
└Did you buy it in Fukushima?
└It’s okay to be alive

7 years ago.
There was an event that shocked the world.
The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in Japan.

It is also linked to the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.
As a result, solar power has emerged as an alternative energy source.

─The future is unconditionally solar
The energy the sun produces in one second is equivalent to exploding 657 million tons of hydrogen.
Even if only 1% of these are energized……
No, even 0.01% is enough.
Although the technology is still lacking, the more the technology is developed one by one, the more potential it is.
I am investing with the idea of ​​looking into the future 10 years from now.

└ Solar power is free, but it is energyhaha
└You can say that it is almost infinite power.
└ This is where you invest
└ I am a shareholder who was at the peak of 6 years ago, and I really hope that will happen.

Lack of technical skills
It wasn’t something you could do at the time.
It only became an issue and was buried again.

But what about modern technology?
It is inevitable that a large number of ants will come.

“3, 2…, 1! Do you live?”
“No, what is that? These days, programs do everything.”

I’ve been waiting for this moment
Firewood thrown by the state.
As soon as the self-made flame starts to burn, the whole nation’s attention is focused.

‘What did I say~.’

Kim Min-goo gradually acquired Wegen Energy.
And recently, I finally collected a satisfactory amount.

WeGen Energy│2,103,269 shares│+3.29%

A total of 2.1 million shares.
The reason why the stock price goes up is to sell this many stocks.

The ants attach a reason only after the price rises.
Forces use that psychology.

Fact News− 「[Feature stock] Wigen Energy, holding solar power patents in 12 countries rises to the fore」
The Korea Times− 「[Feature stock] Wigen Energy, strong in reviewing Saemangeum floating solar power investment of 4.6 trillion won」

Post an article
It informs that the hottest solar power-related stocks are here.

‘Trade is ON.’

And deadly.
Stock prices do not go up simply because interest is gathered.

You need a fire starter.
The power controls the stock price through ‘trade’.

─Sell order has been executed!
Your sell order has been filled!
Your sell order has been filled!
Your sell order has been filled!
Your sell order has been filled!

─Buy orders have been placed!
Your buy order has been filled!
Your buy order has been filled!
Your buy order has been filled!
Your buy order has been filled!

As soon as Mingu places a sell order, a notice of execution flows out.
A notification pops up on the computer right next to it saying that I bought it.

‘Okay, the timing is correct.’

The buyer buys as much as the quantity raised by the seller.
Through a series of actions, the stock price can rise rapidly.

While maintaining 2.1 million shares.
Min-gu’s stock is transferred to his junior employee’s account.

─Buy orders have been placed!
Your buy order has been filled!
Your buy order has been filled!
Your buy order has been filled!
Your buy order has been filled!

─Sell order has been executed!
Your sell order has been filled!
Your sell order has been filled!
Your sell order has been filled!
Your sell order has been filled!

Repeat a series of actions.
When the atmosphere is not serious, the ants chase and buy, and the stock price goes up to Andromeda.

『Wegen Energy』
1585 ▲270 (+21.20%)

Increases by +20% in an instant.
The article must have spread enough to spread, so more ants will stick to it.

─Sell order has been executed!

It’s not like I’ve done it once or twice.
He understands the psychology of ants better than anyone else.

‘I have to shake it here.’

What stock is this stock?
There’s no way the ants who just came in would know it properly.

I get anxious when the stock price suddenly goes down.
You throw away the amount you are holding.

“In this case, you can just collect it again~!”
“As expected, senior! But… Can I smoke a cigarette?”
“If you have time to pile up, spread them out, you bastard.”

Raise the price again.
You’ve been tricked!
The ants who want to give up come to repurchase with a break-even mentality.

‘If I hit the prize, I can’t wait to buy it.’

5 years old.
The stock price will rise to the maximum in the next 5 days.
From then on, he gave a euphemism and handed over the quantity to the ants little by little.

It is the basic method of ‘Operation’.
However, ants without the ability to learn are beaten once, and even if they are beaten twice, they continue to be beaten.

* * *

─Sell order has been executed!

A watchful operator.
As expected, the stock price rose sharply and made huge profits.

‘The problem starts here.’

Opportunity trading is divided into two main categories.
One is to notice the purchase and collect the stock together.

The second is the timing of the sale.
The forces slowly hand over the amount they collected to the ants.

─Ants have been attacked!
Enemy double kill!

Ants who bought stocks only after seeing the recent rise.
She rushes at the stock price because it has gone down a little, and then sheds bloody tears.

It really makes a loss of tears.
However, it is now that the real pleasure of ‘Operation’ begins.

‘It’s different from Omega Information and Communication.’

The forces were determined and gathered.
Even if the number of holdings is not enough, it will be close to 2 million shares.

Turn this all at once?
They think the company is doomed and shake it up and down because no one will buy it.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Is Wizen Energy 〈〈 Amish’s company bankrupt?
─Is there anyone who has been bitten by WeGen Energyhaha
─Sunlight itself is Chewscam in the first place
─Ah, I got into scalping and it’s fucked up

Especially the operator.
It has risen above the original value of the company’.
The more rational the investor, the greater the fear.

‘But that reason.’

Humans are never rational animals.
It’s a fact that you realize when you do stock.

─The faction has killed the enemy!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Stock price rises again
Then, the public opinion of the community also changes in real time.

-Are there any black cows that have been robbed of ants?
─It’s just the asshole who couldn’t eat WeGen Energyhaha
─Ah, Wizen, is that going again?
─I was really going to buy it when it came down ㅅㅅ

You will never be fooled!
It is the same as if such a person is more likely to fall for scammers.

You know the fact that you are the owner of the operation.
But when you jump in, you can’t even stand on your own body and are swept away by the current.

─Sell order has been executed!

Way of those forces.
It is the daily life of a full-time investor to reap profits by using it in reverse.

‘I’m reading the flow chart.’

It’s a very dangerous thing.
No matter how much it is, the country will not do it unless it is urgent to copy money right away.

Why did you jump into this mess anyway?

─The Force-sama has put an end to the ant slaughter by foreigners!

This is because you have to dive in to know if the current is strong or not.
This stock is not dead yet.

‘There is a buying force.’

The ants come in without stopping.
Forces also failed to rob the stock.

It gets noticed while trading volume is so active.
In the Korean stock market.

─Is WeGen Energy worth fighting for?
First of all, the average is 2,000 won.
Because the government is pushing to phase out nuclear power now.
If you continue to support solar power, I think it’s worth a long shot.

└I envy the critics
└ But at first glance, it’s a strategy, so maybe it’s better to just shake it off……
Author− That’s why I said that the decision is made based on the government’s support.
└ Long coat on a dog chew cam like solar powerhaha

The stock price has not been confirmed yet.
There is a lot of controversy going on in the community as well.

‘Is solar power really trending?’

Comes from the news
The president is pushing.
Right now, the stock price soars.

Then you will come to your senses.
Will there really be a lot of money invested in solar?

─Sunlight itself is Chewscam in the first place
[U.S. Environmental group report.Jpg]
I do solar power in places like Europe where there are many fields and nature is quiet.
It’s not like Korea, where there are only mountains and typhoons every year.
If the review goes in, the plan is destined to be ruined.

└ Oh, so you didn’t buy solar powerhaha
└ Oh yeah!
Author− Shut up, speculators, you guys are kicking a can after investing so ignorantly
└Kids who say this are kicked firsthaha

Think about it seriously.
There is a lot of negative information, and the stock price went forward too early.

‘That’s why adjustments come in.’

Those who saw the profit go out.
The stock price falls, fear sales come out and more fall.

This is called ‘uncertainty’.
This is the best time to buy stocks in the market.

‘I can go half in half.’

Once the interest in a ‘theme’ that has caught fire is lost, it goes down as if people’s blood is dried.
Not a month or two, but a year or two.

The more you know, the more you know the fear.
So, even if you lose money, you lose money.
That’s what living in fear is like.

* * *

Tak, Tak!

According to the operation.
Kim Min-gu smiles with a repentant smile.

‘A chewed goal is thrown right below.’

Long-second gap rises after 5 years of play.
I tried to nail it right off the top.

If everything went according to plan, I saw a profit of more than 1 billion won.
It’s a little shaved off

─Sell order has been executed!

‘Well, it’s okay.’

The solar sector continues to receive attention.
The ants who will accept the supply instead are overflowing.

Currently, there are 900,000 shares left.
One big shot right before the upcoming showdown.

CBS− 「KEPCO is reviewing ‘injecting 54 trillion won’ into new and renewable power generation by 2030」

On the date the policy being reviewed is published.
It aims at the ants that have flocked to it with that anticipation.

Then hand over all the stock.
And as expected, when the government’s policy was overturned.

‘When you guys drink soju, I drink whiskey.’

Kim Min-goo’s plan was obviously perfect.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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