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Because I Live in the US 32

Because I Live in the US 32

Chapter 32 – A Shot of Life

It fluctuates depending on the direction of the business and the good news of the market.
If you anticipate it, you can make a lot of money.

CBS− 「KEPCO confirms investment of 54 trillion won for new and renewable power generation by 2030」

And it worked out as expected.
It’s natural as long as you know the future situation.


That’s not to say that stock prices skyrocket.
This is why stocks are inevitably difficult.

─Institution-sama has put an end to the forces-sama’s ant massacre!

Buy the program.
The institution that confirmed the good news came into the purchase of Wigen Energy.

They sell more than that.
The forces intend to lower the stock price.

‘I can’t see it even if my eyes are sour.’

There was a sale before that.
It was determined that the government would not support solar power.

What is this?
A policy worth tens of trillions was finalized, and the stock price really rose.

─The powers have killed the institution!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Forces are throwing the remaining stock.
Intentionally lowering the stock price.

‘Such a small stock.’

It is influenced by people’s psychology.
Why is the stock price going down?

It’s the end
Has been reflected
All sorts of negative thoughts run wild.

Ants not united.
Each other doubts each other and can make stock prices plummet.

─Buy orders have been placed!

‘I have to keep the 2000 won range.’

It is the marginal line both in terms of charts and psychologically.
If this collapses, return to origin.

It was originally a stock that was sideways at 1,000 won.
Imagine going back to those days.

The common imagination of many people soon becomes a reality in the world of stocks.
I must keep it.

『Deposit and Withdrawal Passbook』
Account balance: 0 won


I don’t have a penny of money left.
It’s because I’ve already spent all of my money on buying stocks.

Lack of funds.
I know how cramped the current situation is because I used to roll big money.

─The eldest guest has killed the forces!

If you just bought it together.
I was able to shake the psychology of the ants watching.

‘If only I had 50 million won.’

In order for the water to flow gurgling out, someone has to open the dam.
I need money to open that water.

I have no money.
Having gone out to the outfield, I have no choice but to helplessly watch the state fight.


The doorbell rings.
The courier, no, it might have been Hyeri.

‘I must be busy.’

I would have welcomed it normally.
But now things are complicated.

It was also recommended to Hyeri.
It means to enter Wegen Energy.

Reasonably, you should sell now.
The problem is that if you sell now, the stock price may collapse.

‘I just want to sell, and I have to cut a loss.’

Sometimes you have to compromise with reality.
Outside the front door that I opened with all kinds of thoughts.

“……Is it you?”

There is sora
The dissatisfaction written all over her face seems to have something to say.

‘Why does he want to know so many things?’

Right now I’m having a hard time controlling my body.
Facing various situations, my body loses strength.

“You must be really hard too.”
“I think it would be difficult to live with something like that.”
“Did you turn?”

Become emotional
The joys and sorrows of the heart, which only felt obscene, are understandable at this moment.

‘It’s an airborne giant in the world.’

I wonder why I was so obsessed with money and sexual desire.
People become irresponsible when faced with a situation they cannot do anything about.

Own nothing.
The moment he was about to realize why the court monk had paid billions of royalties to go away.

“Hey! Do you have 8 million won?”
“Yeah? What is it all of a sudden?”
“Are you there!!”
‘Well what…… , But there is.”

Grab Sora’s shoulder and shake it.
There is no time to appreciate the shaking heart.

50 million won is not enough.
I bet everything I could.
If that’s the case, you should bet someone else.

“Wait, I’ll bet your life.”
“In addition?”

Borrowed for a short time

* * *

The power moves the stock price at will.
The ants caught in it are bound to shed bloody tears.

‘No, what the fuck does this make sense!’

It is the world that even those forces cannot move.
Kim Min-goo can’t believe the sudden breaking news.

CBS− 「KEPCO confirms investment of 54 trillion won for new and renewable power generation by 2030」

Policy being reviewed by the government.
It’s because a concrete plan to actually execute came out.

‘Crazy fuck, why put 50 trillion here!!’

Of course I thought I wouldn’t.
Both rationally and scientifically, it is certainly so.
In order to do that, you have to plaster all of the provinces, whether it’s Gyeonggi-do or Chungcheong-do, with solar panels.

‘My country is not a country where the ground rots.’

At the time of the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011.
Kim Min-goo, who traded related stocks, knows the inside story of solar power in great detail.

Lack of technical skills
Prior to that, it was impossible in Korea.
The knowledge that I had in the middle of the day caught my ankle.

CBS− 「Complete Suspension of New Coal-fired Power Plants (Breaking News)」

‘What the fuck is this again?’

Breaking news comes one after another.
No more coal power plants will be built in Korea, and 10 existing ones will be closed.

Along with nuclear power, it is the largest power generation source in Korea.
If we suffocate even coal following nuclear power.

“Unless the electricity price is raised two or three times….”

It feels like being hit in the head with a hammer.
The feeling of being denied common sense.
In the eyes of Min-gu, who was half-conscious.

CBS− 「Watching the movie ‘Pandora’ with the president and his wife. Demonstrates willingness to phase out nuclear power

Another breaking news comes up.
Min-gu, who was somehow holding on to his mentality, also has no choice but to let go of his hand.


It is a disaster movie about a nuclear explosion.
It means a lot that the president watched it.

Have a symbolism
It shows a firm will to practice eco-friendly.
If this is the case, the psychology of ants is now.

─The big customer is going crazy!

Come in with confidence.
That’s not a small ant, but a big hand.


100 million won is scratched at the market price.
An additional 50 million won was scratched, and the buying wall completely collapsed.

The ants who were paying attention too were late, so they chased and bought.
A sharp rise in share price will occur.

‘What a dog#^#@#$@!’

I wiped out all the stock I had.
They even borrowed money to lower the stock price.

Short selling.
As much as she had been playing with Wizen Energy, she was confident.

─Buy orders have been placed!

I got to play with it in reverse.
Short selling is a double-edged sword.
If the stock price does not go down.

‘Give me the stock. Won’t you give it to me?’

I have no choice but to pay more and live.
But who will sell stocks that are skyrocketing?

─The ants are running amok!

There is a small amount accumulated in the order window.
Even that, someone quickly eats it like a crab hiding its eyes.

‘Fuck it, if there’s even a prize…….’

Even the forces that move billions cannot help but tremble in fear at the moment they are bitten.
Min-goo Kim, who has gone through many troubles, makes a decision.

Short squeeze.
It is the act of taking a loss and buying back stock quickly to prevent further losses.

『Wegen Energy』
2960 ▲430 (+17.01%)

As a result.
The stock price, which was stuck at -20%, surges to +17% beyond the positive.
No, I know it will go up.

‘Something Shibure.’

It’s fortunate enough to have recovered at this level.
Of course, it may go even beyond the previous high point.

That’s a breather.
However, it is only out of the immediate crisis, and mistakes due to misjudgment are bound to be painful.

He spat out all the money he earned from the operation.
It is fortunate that I received at least a basic salary, let alone an incentive, this month.

‘What kind of bastard are you? Bastards scraped by the market price.’

It is not a judgment that ordinary ants can make.
The only thing Min-gu could do was curse.

* * *

Risk and return.
It can be said that there is no choice but to be proportional to the logic of the stock world.

“Look at it, it’s going up. Let’s go to horse and beekeeping sex!”

The stock price trend has changed.
The sluggish buying trend is reversed in an instant.

Thanks to sora
Sora, who helped and earned money, brushes her heart.

“Are you done? Then I’ll sell it now.”
“No, why? At least until tomorrow, I feel like I’ll be hurt.”

Is it too big?
Maybe it’s because it’s hard to wear.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 27,520,211
+19,129,697 won (+227.99%)

Credit default.
The special move of the ant on the last train of life is as high as the high risk, and the return is enormous.

“I ate 2,000, but what’s wrong with your expression?”
“I don’t think it matters much because I didn’t earn it with my skills.”
“It’s a good mindset.”

As a result, it is easy to succumb to temptation.
Leverage is used to make up for losses.

‘Nine out of ten ants kicking cans do that.’

That risk.
If you know enough to be able to control yourself even if you earn money, I wonder why you lent it.

“Because the senior looks urgent.”
“Will you vouch for me?”
“It’s because I think I owe it!”

Make a tantrum
He does something extraordinary, so he looks rather cute.

Maybe it’s because of my mood, but it’s different from usual.
The flushed cheeks are bewitching.

“Are you cold?”
“I’m not.”
“Are you excited?”
“It’s not! It’s just that… My heart is exploding.”

If you look closely, the whole thing is hot.
Are you horny?
That wasn’t the reason.

“Senpai would do this often, but this is my first time.”
“What is it that you are not the first?”
“I’m talking about the soaring run!”

Real money moves.
The weight of the stake is incomparable to that of the game.

Even more so, leverage was used.
It’s a shame to win, but if you lose, you might really have to take a lump sum.

‘I have to experience something like this.’

The hardship of the right line only gains the experience of the right line.
It’s something that should be done someday.

I found out about it a bit early.
He told Sora now.
It will be a strange feeling that you can’t figure out if it’s a dream or not.

“I don’t know if I should be really angry or what to do.”
“Even so… That’s right.”

Own cell phone.
I glanced over and the corner of my mouth went up a little.
You’ve probably seen MTS’ account.

I don’t think there’s an investor who doesn’t feel good after seeing profits.’

I try hard to manage my expression, but in the end I fail.
All I can do is turn my head and not look this way.

Then our eyes meet and laughter pours out.
I also find the situation funny.

“What should I do?”
“Can I use this money?”
“It’s your money, you have to spend it.”
“It’s the first time I’ve touched such a large amount of money.”

There are many firsts.
However, it is also true that it is a heavy profit for a college freshman who is just 20 years old.

Spending money is just as important as earning it.
If you just pile it up without meaning, you will only end up like the elderly Japanese.

“What are these? What sunglasses?”
“Let’s go.”
“Where are you?”
“If you make money, you should enjoy the luxury.”

It’s time to flex.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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