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Because I Live in the US 33

Because I Live in the US 33

Chapter 33 – Investment Travel

The best thing is that you can relax on the weekends.

‘I’m usually very busy with big money.’

Especially New York.
It is the city where the world’s busiest people live.
In a word, work-life balance was given.

In fact, the United States is the origin of the Korean-style commuting culture, working overtime, working at home, and frequent KakaoTalk.
Korea is a country that has been directly influenced by the United States.

“You don’t know how to decorate? Hangers are obscene, no.”

Are you full of confidence that you are superior?
On Saturday morning, a colder woman appeared in front of the chilly wind.

The person you want to go on a trip with.
Investors who take a good rest on the weekend can go out like this.

‘Yeah, hangers go away from mannequins.’

A tight fitting T-shirt.
The light blue top and dark tone pants contrast.

It’s a plain outfit, but that’s enough.
Because the lines of the body are revealed.

“You wear something that subtly emphasizes the line. You’re surprisingly good?”
“It’s not!”
“What isn’t it?”
“It’s unavoidable.”

Voice creeping in.
It seemed to be true that there was nothing I could do about it.

It’s a plain t-shirt
If Hyeri or Suhyeon wore it.
It became an obscene shirt because the owner was Sora.

‘This is why contemplation is not wrong.’

As the body accumulates experience, it will reveal its innate potential.
Maybe it’s because I’m still young, but I still have innocence.

“Can’t you really hug me just once?”
“No, I earned that way with stocks, so let’s enjoy the joy together as investors.”

Comes to mind
Money with different numbers of units stamped on the bankbook.
Reluctantly, he spreads his arms timidly.

‘This is how it works.’

If you push it, it shows weakness.
After all, the older person should lead.

Hug tightly
You can feel the soft and firm skin behind the thin shirt.

As if wearing a thick bra, the pressure on the chest is great.
It’s very heavy.

“That’s good, isn’t it?”

Sora is also active.
They express their emotions freely as if they are sincerely happy.

Hug me tight with both arms
When Jill and Sara sleep together, my heart is rubbing against my chest.

‘Fuck stood.’

It’s tight.
I knew for sure that I wasn’t the soft and squishy type.

The temperature is also high, as expected.
It’s hot beyond being warm, so there’s no separate stove.

The long hair that tickled the nose and the raw flesh of the nape of the neck.
Blood rushes to her lower body.

“Shall we kiss you too?”
“It crossed the line.”
“Is it?”
He is friendly enough to accept jokes.
I tried to drive it into the atmosphere, but failed.

‘Well, it’s okay.’

Because today isn’t over yet.
Put your hand on your shoulder and escort.

It follows me as if I don’t like it either.
I have prepared something for this day.

“Did you buy a car? It looks expensive.”
“Yes, I pulled out a Benz.”
“You earned that much?!”

It’s so serious that I can’t play it for long.
When I open the passenger side door, Sosogo sits down.

‘It’s a really fresh reaction.’

20’s time.
There was a time when I made a lot of money from stocks and bought a nice car.

There’s nothing like tea when it comes to flirting with women.
When you finish the work, the case is roughly organized.

1. A little bit of a ride
2. Envy
3. Not interested

Kids who have ridden compare different cars.
Benz is like this, BMW is like that, Audi is like that.

The bitches who rode Lamborghini don’t know how upright they are.
I think I level up every time I get into a better car.

‘Actually, he doesn’t have money in his bank account, let alone own car.’

It is good to listen to the envious children.
If you put your mind to it, a one night stand is a good thing.

“How do you feel about boarding?”
“It’s a gold spoon, so you don’t mind a Benz?”
“Dad’s car is domestic.”

And 3 times.
Surprisingly the easiest.
You’re pretending not to be interested, it’s not that you’re not really interested.

‘If you take them around, give them some drinks, and create a mood, they’ll do it on their own.’

There is no girl who is not interested in cars and luxuries.
But it is very rare.

Conversation does not follow
I look at the scenery outside the window with my chin resting as if my eyes are growing more.

‘Well, not this one.’

Little finger.
Still, it makes me feel good.
When traveling, you need to take a woman with you.

“But where are you going?”
“Didn’t you tell me?”
“I heard you were going to play…”

Especially when there is a long way to go.
The air between the peppers and the female peppers are different.

‘It’s sweet.’

It seems that the inside of the rental car, which was dull, has become an air purifier.
You won’t be bored all the way along the way.

“Busan is fine too. I’m going to take a flight from Gimpo, so tell me where you want to go.”

Long eyebrows twitch.
You seem to be thinking which one is better.

‘Pretending to give me a choice like this.’

Either way, the purpose of the trip can be achieved.
The choice was given to confuse.

This is a basic fraudulent tactic.
It seems to choose according to the will of the target, but in reality, it is played by the target.

The real purpose is long-distance travel.
If the night is late, it can naturally become a one-night, two-day schedule.

“I think Gwangju will fly.”
“There is no specific standard, but if you have to, what about food?”
“That’s right.”

Gastronomic city.
Even if it’s not such rhetoric, basically Jeolla-do food is delicious.

Food is an indispensable part of travel.
I’m going with a pleasant imagination.


A car that has been driving for a long time.
Holding the steering wheel is formidable.
Sora is watching the scenery outside the window.

“You really don’t notice.”
“Why are you fighting all of a sudden!”
“Ha, there is such a thing.”

It’s frustrating.
Even though I wouldn’t peel a tangerine and put it in my mouth.

‘At least I have to let her touch her thighs.’

90% of the reason men drive is because it lets them touch their thighs.
You don’t know that simple reason.

“Ah, senior, I have something to ask you.”
“Are you going to ask?”

Better if you ask.
Of course, I wouldn’t ask about the 19gold part.

“I’ve been to the community you talked about, haven’t you?”
“Korea Stock Gallery.”
“It seems like a strange place.”
“It’s not strange.”

A disgruntled expression.
The situation of borrowing a life for a while made it fussy, but I can guess the cause.

‘Ordinary people are shocked when they enter.’

Wording is strong.
Topics covered are also not common.
So, there is a perception that it is a bad site.

“Writings that hate women…”
“Isn’t your brother also on a site like that?”

That actually sounds right
Most of the weird stuff on the internet has been poisoned on the disk.

“I was sarcastic saying that solar energy, which was so high yesterday, is an absolutely no-go business?”
“Honestly, I think there are only psychopaths.”
“It’s not like that.”

Inconvenient topics are often brought up.
It’s not as deep as the deep web, but it’s true that it’s a deep site.

‘Why should I feel like I’ve been caught by my mother?’

That’s what stock investors need.
Joy and sorrow.
Honest human emotions come up without filtering.

“Do you do other stock sites?”
“There are a few places to refer to.”
“What would you say if the stock market crashed there?”
“Po, crash?”

Sober type.
Even so, there is a word that PTSD comes from.

‘The intense memories of first love are unforgettable.’

I was pierced by a large dark stick in the black type.
It’s even weirder if there’s no trauma.

“I don’t usually talk about it, and I think it’s rude to do it.”
“That’s it.”

Is Sora the only person who has made money in the stock market?
No, Sora is a medicine man.

A story you’ve heard
Families break up, houses fly away, all of them are based on true stories.

‘I try to avoid sensitive topics.’

That’s what a social person looks like.
In a way, it is a line that must be followed, of course.

“Such a pretense.”
“Is it a pretense to be careful with your words?”
“Yes. It’s unnecessary in the stock market.”

In particular, the Korean stock market is sensitive.
It is to the point where securities companies cannot give a sell opinion when they issue a report.

‘I eat a lot of swearing on the inside.’

Popular stocks like Ohsung Electronics are paralyzed by protest calls.
So I have no choice but to say good things.

Even bad news is conveyed as indirectly as possible.
That’s never a good thing.

“People are so ecstatic that they stop listening to negative news.”
“Are you really going down right now?”

Such things come directly to DC.
In fact, you can come across a variety of opinions regardless of whether you are right or wrong.

‘I need something like that.’

The stock market is a battle of the mind.
It is not necessary to avoid the theory of collapse, but to analyze it objectively.

It can be uncomfortable at first.
However, if you continue to face it, you can recognize it as one piece of information and use it as an investment idea.

“It’s kind of like that. When you have sex, you’re nervous and excited at first, but then you enjoy it like a sport. Do you like sports?”
“Fuck you.”

Sora may not have been able to form a consensus.
The day will come when you will understand.


Arrive in the midst of small talk.
Gimpo International Airport.
It is the best airport for domestic flights.

“Didn’t I ask if you’re going to crash or not?”
“Look. There are a lot of people. The real economy is proof that it’s great.”

Inside the airport.
It forms a phosphoric acid causation with people.
You have to be careful not to bump your shoulders.

‘On the contrary, if you look only at the collapse theory, it’s one of the good things to make a mistake.’

It means judging the world from the corner of the room.
A lot of people travel!
Lots of Starbucks people!

The world is going back without a problem.
Traveling and spending money like this are part of studying economics.

“The rental car is also a Benz, and I rented it quite cheaply. Used cars are cheap. Did you know that used cars are one of the factors that have the greatest impact on inflation data? In other words, a healthy economy with little inflation.”
“I see…….”
“You can get a lot of investment ideas in real life too. Look, here at the airport.”

Companies we invest in.
Of course, these are real companies.
It is also important to see what kind of place those companies are.

Todok, tok!

Flight booking.
Most of the airlines listed on the site are listed on the stock exchange.

What is the business structure of this airline?
There’s no better way to know than to ride it yourself.

“Let’s get on the LCC.”
“Is it okay? Can I not get on the Korean Air Puckle?”
“I’m not that kind of bourgeois, right? I want to spend the money I’ve earned.”

Make a peculiar sound
Short for low cost airline.

It is surprisingly cheap compared to major airlines such as Korean Air and Asiana.
But there are downsides as well.

“Isn’t it narrow?”
“I see.”
“What do you think of when you ride?”
“Do you feel like you’ll make good money if you fill it up like this?”

I board T’way Air, one of the LCC airlines.
It’s great to see the narrow interior and focus on cost performance.

’50 points.’

Fixed costs such as labor costs are incurred.
Enjoy special discounts during the peak travel season when multiple deals are available.

Conversely, off-season.
Doesn’t make much money
Besides, when a crisis hits the company.

“LCC is bound to shake up the company’s operation.”
“I guess so.”
“The stock price moves sensitively to the real economy.

Also, the plane itself is small.
When carrying passengers, I somehow pack it in, but if the situation comes when I have to transport cargo.

‘So, unlike large airlines that switched to cargo transportation during the corona, LCC airlines suffered a huge blow.’

These information.
If you have been on an airplane yourself, you can prevent it in advance.
Go on an investment trip with Sora.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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