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Because I Live in the US 34

Because I Live in the US 34

Chapter 34 – Investment Travel

Since it was a domestic flight, it flew in the blink of an eye.

“The world is fine.”
“I heard the money.”

Arrive at the airport
Sora seems to have some regretful feelings.

“I think it would cost 100,000 won for a round trip…”
“Such a waste?”
“So it’s Flex.”

You could save money if you booked in advance.
Such concerns are not something to do while traveling.

Wear sunglasses
Today, if possible, enjoy tomorrow as well.

‘The lack of a carrier is the reason for the jade.’

I didn’t bring it with me so as not to show off for 2 days and 1 night.
I can’t taste the fun of dragging.

“The stewardess sisters are pretty. Asiana is the best stewardess.”
“Aren’t you the same age as your senior?”
“Shut up.”

You can try other fun.
It is regrettable to leave a woman out of a travel destination.

The studios.
More than that, I am with a woman who will overflow with more sexiness in the future.

“If you’re pretty, you’re an older sister.”
“So am I your sister?”

Betsy smiles.
I am more moved because I usually get cold rather than laughing.

Hand held naturally.
Anyone who travels becomes open.

“Let’s take a taxi. Oppa will pay for it.”
“Aren’t you overdoing it, senior?”
“It’s Flex.”
“I guess you earned a lot?”
“Would you like to sort things out?”

There are also emotional ones.
If you go bad, everything in the world looks negative, but if you earn money, everything in the world is beautiful.

‘Yes, it’s better to spend money.’

Immediately after returning.
Not only did I have money in my bank account, but my immediate living expenses were also tight.
Such a life can be goodbye now.

“Senior, I’m hungry.”
“Then let’s go eat.”
“Do you know of any good restaurants?”
‘Restaurant? That’s a boring idea.”

A restaurant with good value for money that you can find by tapping your phone all day.
To omit such a cumbersome process.


Humanity spends money.
Arrive by taxi
Gwangju’s commercial district.

In terms of Seoul, it can be said to be Gangnam.
There are also many high-end restaurants in this downtown area.

“It’s just a matter of going to an expensive place.”
“There must be cheap and delicious places…”
“There are delicious restaurants even among cheap ones. But expensive restaurants always have good taste.”

It is a system of capitalist society.
Who buys it at that price?
It saves time for rich people who hate troublesome work.

Such places are usually near the main street.
You have to go to the most crowded and crowded places.


Find a suitable place to go.
There were many guests inside, and the table setting seen through the window was abundant.

“What do you want to eat?”
“Wouldn’t it be nice to have the lunch special? I think it’s good value for money.”
“You still haven’t abandoned the common people’s way of thinking.”

I can only count that much.
After seeing the menu, Sora compromises with reality.

‘The size of the bowl should be bigger.’

I also don’t enjoy it very much.
If you do everything, you will become irresponsible.

But when you do, you have to do it.
If you don’t experience extravagance, you can’t understand the mind of a person who does extravagance.

Lunch special 20.000 won
Galbi Set Meal 20.000 won
Eochan 50,000 won
Sacrament 70,000 won
Delicacies 100,000 won

Say the consumer.
Or hogu.
Why are you paying such a high price for a meal?

“If you do it, you’ll know.”
“May I know?”
“Ma’am, here’s a delicacy for two.”

100,000 won per meal.
I open my wallet to contribute to the revitalization of the Korean economy.


The side dishes come out as if you’ve been waiting for them.
As the course name of the meal, the side dishes are piled up so that the upper legs are broken.

‘Gwangju comes to this taste.’

Seoul is already commercialized, so cost calculations are thorough.
That wasn’t the case 10 years ago.

Human heart.
Even if this kind of cold stuff is annoying, it takes care of it.
A place where such affection remains is a local restaurant.

“Is raw meat just served as a side dish?”
“There’s also a shrimp paste! I like this one.”
“You make a lot of fuss.”

Even if I only eat cold food, I get full.
But I, Lee Chan-wook, are still hungry.

‘This kind of expensive meal is not meant to fill the stomach.’

To fill the heart
Such a sight that makes you rich and warms your heart just by looking at it.

“Let’s eat.”
“How do I eat this? It’s alive!”

The main menu comes up one by one.
The first hit was lobster.
It’s not that it’s boiled well and turned red.

It is brown.
Before being cooked.
No, it is a delicacy enjoyed raw.

‘They always care if the kids who eat well are alive.’

Sora puts the chewy lobster meat into her mouth.
The eye-popping reaction is worth watching.

“Senior, try this, eat it!”
“I’m eating.”

Fine food.
Something you wouldn’t normally eat.
Eating such burdensome food.

‘It’s a side dish to eat when you catch your breath.’

A familiar food.
The statues worn with broken legs have different meanings.


Shrimp paste.
Compared to lobster, the flesh is soft.
It may be because it is pickled in soy sauce, but the sweetness is definitely less.

“You can’t eat lobster and shrimp paste, right?”
“Senior, that one.”
“Yes, eat all of you.”

It kills the last flesh of a lobster.
Hit the next one.
Large barley cuttlefish and steaming white rice.

“Take off the flesh with chopsticks and chew it carefully.”
“Is it delicious?”

A genuinely delicious response.
The umami explodes just by crushing it in the mouth.

‘The Yukhoero that comes with it is incomparable.’

Comparing and eating can make a meal more enjoyable.
Such an expensive table setting arouses fantasy and desire to consume.

Good experience.
Makes the threshold higher.
This is why luxury and pleasure are growing in human society.

Every bit~

For me, it doesn’t matter anyway.
Order a bottle of chilled chamisul and pour it into a glass.

“Do you want a drink?”
“Did you say you can’t drink?”
“Actually, it’s not that I can’t do it, but I think soju doesn’t taste good.”

Restaurant menu board.
There was no alcohol to my liking.
In that case, soju is surprisingly the answer.

‘It’s true that soju is a tasteless drink.’

Diluted soju cannot be called good alcohol even with empty words.
When you drink a lot of alcohol, you realize it.

So, there are some things to know more about.
A drink that has become famous in a region or country must have a reason.

“It’s because you don’t know how to drink soju.”
“Aren’t you just drinking to get drunk?”
“This is why you should learn to drink from an adult.”

Korean food is stimulating.
And the taste is very strong.

‘Because aging and fermentation are almost natural.’

Just looking at kimchi, it is a food that does not exist in the world.
There are cases where vegetables are aged, but there is no case where animal ingredients are added to vegetables.

Fermentation of vegetable + animal ingredients.
It has a strong umami taste enough to cover the main dish with only a side dish.

“Is your mouth salty right now?”
“The oysters are salty.”
“At that time, I wash my mouth with soju.”

Same goes for other foods.
Commonly used soy sauce and soybean paste, as well as garlic, a spice in the West, are treated as ordinary vegetables in Korea.

‘Because the food tastes so strong.’

Soju has developed into a side dish with Korean food.
So-called clean taste!
This is to avoid disturbing the taste of the food.

“Then just one drink.”
“Oh, that’s so damn expensive!”
“Okay. You won’t be able to drink it.”

I also have to push to listen.
Reluctantly accepting the glass, So-ra closes her eyes tightly and turns her head away, emptying the soju glass.

‘It’s just the right amount.’

Distilled spirits are usually over 40 degrees.
Diluting the soju to around 20 degrees is optimized for one-shot.

“Then try your food again.”
“Can you feel the taste clearly?”

The food stuck in the mouth is washed out.
Slight bitterness and sweetness of sweetener.
Reawaken tired taste cells with a strong and complex taste.

‘In that state, I’m going to eat strong-tasting food again.’

There is a reason why adults empty several bottles of soju.
It goes well with Korean food, so if you cycle right in, you’ll keep going.

“One more drink!”
“Yes, drink well.”

Praise makes even monkeys dance.
In Korean society, drinking well is seen as a skill.

Every bit~

I drink half a bottle of soju.
For lunch, this amount is just right.

‘I don’t even know if I’m drunk or not.’

A body that staggers when putting on shoes.
Betsy smiles as if thanking you for holding her waist.

Just go out on the street
To passers-by, anyone would see them as a couple.

A man’s status rises according to the woman he wears.
After money, fame, it’s not like a woman is attached for nothing.

‘There is no fat at all. This doesn’t mean that everything went up.’

I go around showing off the fact that I am my woman.
The tight grip on the waist can’t be that good.

I want to hug you one more time
No, then
Maybe it’s possible on today’s trip.

“Please go to the uncle’s hotel, no, to the mountain over there.”
“Is there anything there?”
“Well, Nasiya, it’s nice to receive money.”

Get in the back seat of a taxi.
Sora is bowing her head towards me, as if she is confused.

‘It’s really like bossam.’

Lower the hand wrapped around your waist a little.
It slopes sharply below the hard pelvic bones.

A real body without a single mulberry.
I’ve hugged many women, but it’s the first time I’ve ever had a superlative feeling just by touch.

‘No, the second time…… ‘

Arrive while enjoying
As the knight uncle said, we are in the middle of a pile of mountains with nothing.

“Here… Where are you?”
“I know when I see it.”

Sora got out of the taxi and looked around.
As much as it’s a trip, you can come to tourist spots.

‘It’s not a good looking place for hiking.’

Undeveloped area.
However, it is not a mountain range where you can feel the magnificent nature.
Not popular with fanatics.

“Do you remember what stocks you made money on?”
“The senior just walked on his own.”
“I know. Isn’t it sunlight?”

Even so, the reason I came is an investment trip.
Just like airlines, there is a substance to solar power.

So, a plan is made, and astronomical money moves.
Where the money was spent

“What is all that?”
“It’s a tree. It’s a mountain.”
“No… They’re all dead.”

Dying, not dying
A sight that can only be seen that way.
Sora may be a bit shocked.

It is a mountain that can be seen anywhere in Korea.
I didn’t specify the destination because it’s the same everywhere I go.

“Why did this happen?”
“Don’t you know that?”
“Of course I don’t know. I didn’t hear anything.”
“Even if you didn’t listen, you invested.”

Sora closed her mouth and admired the mountain.
It’s not because the scenery is impressive, nor is it because you’re drunk.

Because it’s ridiculous
Beautiful trees have been cut down and are scattered like garbage.

‘It’s a bald mountain.’

Where the trees were.
It has become an empty field and is filled with solar panels.
Makes me sober up

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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